In his book “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” Hank Green said, “They tell you power corrupts. They never tell you how quickly.”  That is not an endorsement of his book or him, but his statement is germane to the discussion of political power and the insatiableness of the power-hungry in politics.  The Russian revolutionary anarchist Mikhail Bakunin rightly said, “He who is given power will inevitably become an oppressor and exploiter of society.”

John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton (Lord Acton) offered the infamous remark in his letter to an Anglican bishop, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Great men are almost always bad men…”  Some will take those quotes an apply them to President Trump while others will choose various members of Congress for their angst.  However, my concern extends far beyond Congress or any President to the entirety of society. 

I believe that one of the many things we have witnessed in this pandemic of panic has been how quickly the hunger of those seeking power has proven to be insatiable.  I have heard all my life, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.”  In this current situation, that seems apropos at all levels of government.  I have been amazed at how local, state, and national political operatives have reached and overreached for power.  I am more frightened by their willingness and openness to pursue ultimate power than I am the invisible plague of COVID-19. 

Politico was almost gleeful in their reporting of President Trump’s conference call with Wall Street some time back.  Politico insisted that the movers and shakers of Wall Street, the primary funders of the Democratic Machine in America pushed back on the President’s desire and plan to reopen our economy.  They suggested that America not be reopened UNTIL.  Until what?  Until no one was concerned about getting the coronavirus.  WHAT?  When would that be?  NEVER! 

People are fearful of the flu although they have numerous vaccines that will supposedly prevent one from getting it or diminish its impact.  People are fearful of many diseases and viruses and will ever be.  Therefore, to suggest that we stay locked down and the economy totally destroyed leaving no life to return to for millions if not everyone, UNTIL there is no more concern or fear of contracting the disease is INSANE if not DIABOLICAL.  Yes, I put those two words in caps because of the utter insanity of the suggestion.  If those people are the best and brightest, we are in trouble because the institution is being run by the patients. 

I keep hearing those on the Left and in the Media suggest that American deaths are acceptable if not desirable by Trump and the Republicans.  That is beyond ridiculous.  No deaths are acceptable, but some are inevitable.  How many die each year from the flu, suicide, opioids, drunk drivers, etc.?  How many innocent babies are destroyed in the womb?  How many of those lives are acceptable?  NONE to me, but seem acceptable to those on the Left! 

We have witnessed the megalomania of the media in their attempt to manipulate America using fraudulent video footage and reporting false information.  CBS used a video from a crowded Italian hospital treating patients for COVID-19 and reported it as being New York City.  They did it not once, but twice and millions bought it hook line and sinker. That’s not the first time the media has manipulated and won’t be the last.  They are seeking power and seeking to solidify power for those leading their side of the political fight.  That is disgusting and shows the insatiability of the hunger for power and ultimate power. 

The power-hungry politicians have demonstrated a desire to use this pandemic of fear to ‘alter the mindset and behavior’ of Americans.  They know that if we lose our sense of security many will voluntarily relinquish their freedoms hoping for safety and sustenance.  We appear willing to sell our Freedom (birthright) for a bowl of porridge using a biblical example from the Old Testament. 

They know that if they can shift the attitudes from a pro-America view to an anti-America view, they can manipulate and solidify their power.  Imagine fearing being arrested for playing in your own yard with your child.  Imagine fearing being arrested for not wearing a mask that even the CDC has suggested is not truly beneficial for most.  Imagine fearing being arrested for going to church but being allowed to go to Walmart with far more people than many church gatherings.  Imagine having the police show up at your door because your neighbor was enticed by the mini tyrants in power to ‘snitch’ on their neighbors who did not follow the edicts to the letter.  Well, that is where we are!

The power to manipulate people is exhilarating to the power-crazed.  Through the years I have observed husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, employers, etc. thrive on their ability to manipulate others.  Life becomes a literal hell for the one being manipulated but fear drives them to submit.  The fear of being alone, no job, etc. becomes more powerful than freedom.  The manipulator becomes diabolical and sadistic and the more they can control the more they want to control.

In government, the hunger for power is one of the most dangerous threats to our republic and way of life.  When governors can issue edicts telling Christians whether or not they can take communion or how they can take it, that is dangerous.  Our freedoms are being systematically stolen from us and because of fear we are becoming docile sheep complying because we want to be safe and keep everyone else safe.  That sounds noble, but it is impossible.  We cannot keep everyone safe nor can we keep ourselves 100% safe.  Death comes to us all, it is just a matter of when and how.

Nancy Pelosi advanced her power-grab and revealed the insatiableness of her hunger for power in her 1400-page shopping list of socialistic desires she tried to include in the Senate relief bill in March.  She and the Left have now created an even more diabolical and dangerous relief package. The new package includes guaranteed income for illegals. WHAT?

In the first package, she did not care that her delays and power reach harmed millions of Americans.  Power was the goal, not America or Americans.  Majority Whip, Representative James Clyburn told his caucus that the relief measure was their “opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  It was, in his mind, an opportunity to gain POWER!

The power-hungry elitists, largely in the Democratic Party, have a god complex. They believe that we should all grovel at their feeding troughs and bow before their images grateful for the crumbs they toss us.  I serve no god but The Almighty Living God of the Bible.  I will call them out and resist them and in the words of Queen Esther in the Bible, “if I perish, I perish.”

America, we must recognize the power-crazed in politics and help them find other lines of work.  It is time that we clean house in Washington and I frankly don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat if they are not working for us, they are working against us and we need them replaced. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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