Today, I write in the midst of turmoil, hate, confusion, and destruction and weep.  I weep because, in my view, many have lost the view of the preciousness of life.  Too many seem to be focused on themselves, their causes, their wounds, hurts, bitterness, anger, resentment, and desires rather than LIFE. 

We live in a world filled with hate and hate is, in today’s climate, more visible than love.  That is a tragedy of tragedies.  In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, paranoia, fear, and economic destruction in its wake, life goes on.  In a time of anarchy, violence, riots, mayhem, and destruction, life goes on.  However, because of external stimuli, many have lost God’s intended view of the preciousness of life.  That makes me sad and causes me to weep.

In the middle of all of this, my family has been brought face to face with our own mortality and in that realization, we have developed a new sense of the preciousness of life.  My wife’s battle with Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer we have renewed our desire and drive to savor every moment of life and live it to the fullest possible.  In that, there is no time for hate, envy, greed, avarice, or a desire to exact vengeance on anyone.  That will not make our lives better.  That will not extend our lives one second and possibly could end it prematurely. 

I see the riots in the streets over the claim of Institutional Racism in the Police and the argument that the condition is systemic and universal.  However, real statistics make that argument difficult to sustain.  Factual, statistical data from reliable sources indicate that the claim that a black man is 2 ½ times more likely to be shot by the police than a white man is not true.  Candace Owens reported a staggering statistic that debunks that claim.  The percentage of people killed by the police annually are whites (55%), blacks (27%,), and Hispanics (19%).  That makes Institutional Racism a difficult position to defend.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey, 2018 (Table 14) reported interracial violent crime incidents in 2018.  The numbers were staggering and should trouble everyone, but not in the way the current spin is being presented.  The data indicated that the number of incidences of black on white crime (547,948), black on Hispanic (112,365), white on black (59,772), white on Hispanic (207,104), Hispanic on white (365,299) and Hispanic on black (44,551).  That suggests the rhetoric and spin is factually inaccurate and screams of a problem that is not racial but a mindset and a heart condition.

When I read of the 61 million unborn that has been aborted, I weep and ask, “Did their lives matter?”  When I read of events like George Floyd’s death, I weep and ask, “Does life matter anymore to anyone?”  When I read of the rioters killing innocent civilians in their ‘protest’ of the wrongful death of Mr. Floyd and the aftermath, I weep and ask, “Does life matter anymore?” 

When we value life and embrace the preciousness of it, we live differently, treat others differently, and view each day as a gift.  There are problems in our American society and riots won’t cure them.  There are problems in America and attacking the police or other institutions won’t cure them.  There are problems in our world and hate only exacerbates them it never resolves them.

We are all creations of God and all our lives are valuable.  They are valuable to God and because we are God’s creations and been granted the gift of life, they should be valuable and precious to us. 

Elections matter in the sense they give power to politicians who enact laws that shape our future as a republic.  They matter because they give power to politicians who either protect our liberties or seek to restrict and infringe upon them.  Elections matter, because we are a Republic and those elected are supposed to be our Representatives.  They are people to whom we have consented to govern and if they fail to govern morally, righteously, constitutionally, ethically, and legally we are obligated to vote them out of office in the next election.  Elections matter because Freedom is priceless, and Life is precious. 

Those who insist that these riots and exhibitions of anarchy are necessary to battle the Institutional Racism in America I ask several questions.  First, how does taking the lives of innocent people, destroying property and thereby lives, and looting rectify the wrong you are protesting?  It makes you what you are supposedly protesting.  If there is Institutional Racism in the police how do those protesting and making that argument address the cities where the mayors, city councils, and police departments are headed by black men and women?  Are they racists against blacks?  The problem is not skin color, the problem is the heart, the mind, the attitude.

Too many have been taught to fear and hate.  Have there and are there injustices?  Absolutely.  Can we resolve them?  Yes, but not in the manner we are pursuing it today.  I am a Christian and unashamedly declare that only God can change the heart and until we have a heart change and begin to view life as precious will we see a change in the culture of this nation.

Love me or hate me, that is your choice, but I ask everyone to look deep inside your heart and ask yourself, “Is My Life Precious?”  If you answer yes, and hopefully you will then ask, “Are not all Lives Precious?”  If we adopt that view and realize that we all can trace our ancestry to Adam in the Garden of Eden and certainly to Noah then we will see a change in our interpersonal, international, and interracial dealings.  It is our choice and we need God’s help.

God bless you and God bless America!

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