I want to share what I see coming to America and you can receive it, reject it, dismiss it, ignore it, or whatever suits your fancy, but it is what I see in my heart and with my eyes.  It is not what I want, but what I see and therefore I am sounding the alarm. I declare, unashamedly, that I am a Christian, American patriot, and Vietnam veteran.  I am a lover of freedom and believe that life, all life is precious, and every person is an eternal spirit that deserves our effort to reach them with God’s Truth and Love. 

When I have made statements like that in the past, I have been attacked vehemently by those who disagree and insist that I am anything but a Christian because a Christian would or would not do this or that.  I do not base my Christianity on political ideology, I base my political ideology on the Bible and my understanding of the teachings of God’s Word and our Lord Jesus Christ.  I, like most people, have an opinion and some of my opinions are etched in stone.  In that sense, I can be quite stubborn when asked to give up my beliefs.  However, I always try to listen and allow the opposing view to present its case.

I see a War coming to America that will destroy us if we allow it to transpire.  I have been told by friends and fellow lovers of freedom that we do not have to worry because we have the military on our side.  I am a veteran and staunch defender of our troops, but I do not hold that view.  I believe the make-up of our modern armed forces suggests that is may not be the case and the military like America, is deeply divided.  That is evidenced in the incidences of the national guard and police kneeling in support of the protests, the words of men like General Mathis, and the systematic purging of the command level under Barack Obama. 

I have had those who largely agree with my views politically and even biblically insist that because there are millions of citizens with guns, we do not have to fear because we can quell any uprising.  I disagree because many of the gun owners are not supporters of our Constitutional America but sympathetic to the Leftist views, the protests, and embrace ‘white guilt’ or ‘guilt’ of some kind.  I fear that we are not sufficiently united and without being united and organized, we can only delay the outcome not necessarily defeat it.

Over 20 years ago, standing in my backyard, I saw something in my spirit that has troubled me since.  I saw cities in shambles. What I saw looked like WWII Europe.  As I viewed what I was seeing I realized that I was seeing Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and other major cities in America, not WWII Europe.  I saw tanks in the streets and uniformed combatants that were not wearing the uniforms of our U.S. military.  I was deeply troubled and have been praying against that for over 20 years.  I shared it and since it has been more than two decades, many have discounted what I saw and sensed as coming to America. 

Today there are rallying cries to ‘defund’ the police departments in our cities and turn to other groups to provide security.  There is the European, Islamic driven idea of ‘community policing’ where the police do not enter certain sectors of the city.  The incredibly thin line between civility and mass chaos would be erased and lawlessness would endanger everyone.  It would likely result in the absolute necessity of martial law being imposed and policing done by the military or national guard.  That would further erode our liberties, weaken our relationships, and endanger us externally as well as internally.

The flames of hate have been fanned to a height that it may not be within our capacity to overcome.  There is generational hate on both sides of the race issue and that is being exploited by those who want to transform America into a totalitarian state where the oligarchy of elitists rule and usher in global governance.  It is my view that without divine intervention we will see War become a reality in America and it will spread like wildfire and thousands if not millions of innocent people will be harmed or killed.  Our Republic will be forever transformed and never be restored to the Constitutional Republic our Founders established.

My heart is crying out for what is embodied in 2 Chronicles 7:14. I now speak to God’s people, meaning those who believe in Him and desire to follow Him and live according to His Word, Will, and Way.  We must humble ourselves.  We need to examine our hearts and repent of anything and everything contrary to His Word.  We must repent individually, repent collectively, and repent nationally for our sins and failures.  We dare not deny that they exist but must honestly address them and ask for God’s mercy.

There are churches, pastors, politicians, and citizens who have embraced the fallacious idea that we must show sympathy to the lawless who are being called protesters, trying to appease the hate and somehow coexist.  Those engineering these outburst, protests, and riots are not interested in coexistence, it is not on the agenda.  They desire compliance, surrender, and even eradication of those who are not of their community or ideological position.  There is no coexistence with evil we must overcome evil with good, but good that stands strong in truth and moral rightness.  War is coming and we stop it or fight it properly.

We need to pray!  I believe that we have come to the place that we need to gather in groups, not in protest or as antagonists, but as humble, repentant individuals who want to see revival, renewal, and restoration. We want peace!  We want God’s love to be manifest and instilled in hearts!  We want to see the fulfillment of the objective of our Declaration of Independence, “All are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

We need to gather at the seats of authority in our cities, towns, and communities.  We need to pray humbly, peaceably, reverently, but fervently and with the authority of God’s Word and Spirit.  The victory that Jesus won on the Cross, in His sinless life, death, resurrection, and ascension is complete.  Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me.”  He also said, that He has given us that authority and through Him, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the finished work of Jesus we have authority.  It is time that we exercise that authority in the spirit realm and call on God for an outpouring of His love and mercy.  We need His divine intervention. 

I am not suggesting that we gather as a political rally but a spiritual one.  We need to gather not to argue but to pray.  We need to gather not to fight in the natural but with the spiritual weapons we have been given.  We can do more in one hour on our knees than we can in five lifetimes fighting in the natural.  We, the people of God, are vessels in which the Love of God is housed and if we will allow that Love to flow out of us, we can achieve victory.

In the days to come, I will reach out to those in my area and attempt to organize, initiate, and encourage efforts to take prayer to the streets in our cities and communities.  I will reach out to pastors, leaders, and churches made up of all ethnicities.  Some will reject my appeal, some will be responsive, and if we do this across America, we can see the needed divine intervention. 

I do not want War!  I hear some say, “Bring it on, we are ready!”  We need to be ready, but we also need to realize that the fruit of war will bring about the destruction of our Republic.  If we want to Save America, 2 Chronicles 7:14 is our key and God is our answer. 

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Steve Burr says:

    It’s impossible to dispute your views — scripturally, they appear to be very timely to that which has been prophesized…. Just how close ARWE WE to that time ???

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