Are there incidences of racism by the police or other institutions? I would never suggest that does not exist or happen. Racism is unjustifiable and is not confined to whites being the only perpetrators of that evil.  I was told by a group of black men that only whites could be racist because of slavery.  None of them had been slaves, most of them were too young to have lived through segregation and earlier periods of racial injustice.  None of them could identify any of their ancestors as being slaves, but the fact of slavery in American history was justification for a black person hating any white person.  I was appalled and so were some older black men in that gathering. 

That is a view that embraces the idea that ‘two wrongs make a right’ rather than the converse.  That is destructive and creates a chasm difficult if not impossible to span.  The resurgence of that mentality has escalated over the past 12 years and took a gargantuan leap during the Obama administration. There were various incidences where he and his subordinates quickly interjected race into an issue.  Frequently that insertion and charge were before the facts were in that debunked the charge.  Nevertheless, it was announced, and millions bought it because it was what they wanted to hear.

The George Floyd incident, in Minneapolis, is not a new phenomenon, we have seen it before and its aftermath.  We may not have seen it on the scale of this, but we have seen it and it is the product of decades of the Leftists trashing American values and institutions.  In these ‘protests’ which have rapidly become exhibitions of barbarism. This is anarchy and reveals a mentality that insists that there is justification in stealing, destroying property, and doing physical harm to those deemed the enemy.  The actions of many national figures who should be decrying this and calling for it to cease has been an incentive for it to continue. 

When local law enforcement and governmental authorities are unwilling or incapable of quelling the riots, looting, and violence the rioters are encouraged to continue and expand.  When businesses of whites, blacks, and other ethnicities are destroyed, how can that be deemed the fruit of a peaceful protest? That is what the mainstream media and activists are attempting to argue! Theft and barbaric behavior are being glorified on the news and it is fuel for the fire.  When, the thieves run out of businesses with their stolen merchandise and stuff their booty into large SUVs, often with the license plates removed, it can not be deemed a spontaneous protest but an organized act of terrorism and crime.  Many of them wear masks, not in obedience to COVID-19 mandates, but to avoid being identified by facial recognition software. 

I would like to argue that America has not become a third-world nation given to barbarism, mayhem, and destruction, but this makes that argument difficult. When we watch thousands of people revealing they have zero allegiance to law and order, no respect for their families, neighbors, or society, how can we claim to be different than some of the war-torn nations living in continual internal strife rioting and looting?  What is different about this than what happens in those nations? 

The media is throwing their support behind the rioting marauders roaming our cities and leaving in their wake carnage and destruction.  Why?  Ratings are the first thought. However, I believe it goes far beyond that and is part of the DNA which forces them to believe that America is an example of institutional and systematic racism.  The world of academia, politicians, Hollywood elitists, the media, and activists have preached for over 50 years that America is evil and must pay for her sins.  Therefore, they justify the looters and claim moral justification for what they are doing.  Justifying theft and lawlessness exacerbates the problem it does nothing to quell it or heal the nation. 

The elitists living in their Ivory Towers, amassing their fortunes, and living behind their protective barriers have no compassion or empathy for the victims in this melee.  It is an end to a means and the end is America’s destruction to bring about a Globalists World Government.  Unfortunately, many of the voices supporting this behavior and the politics behind it believe they will be part of the ruling power. I suggest they will have a rude awakening and discover they too are destined for destruction.  They have been and continue to be useful idiots in the diabolical agenda to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.

Some of the looters are young and I wonder if their parents endorse their behavior.  Do they take their stolen goods to their parent’s homes?  This kind of insanity was a factor in the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 and if enough Americans are negatively impacted by this carnage, it may help him in 2020.  That would be the opposite of what the powers engineering this and the government officials allowing it to continue are hoping. 

I continue to be hopeful that the American people will awaken to reality. I pray that most will see through the inane and insane attempts to appease and justify criminality.  Some of the things transpiring are not just criminal but cruel, and evil to the core.  I would be sympathetic to any group who believes that the death of George Floyd was an example of a nationwide problem that needs to be addressed if they protested civilly and peacefully.  I whole-heartedly support weeding out bad cops, bad politicians, bad media types, and bad citizens and holding them accountable.  By weeding out, I do not mean eradicating them as in execution but in giving them jail time, or termination, as is appropriate. 

I acknowledge that the looters are from all ethnicities and walks of life.  This is assuredly a ‘heart issue’ not a race issue!  This is the fruit of decades of race-baiting and racism embodied in the insistence that all people of certain ethnic backgrounds are Victims.  This is the product of an entitlement mentality that is pervasive in today’s America.

If one becomes a Victim it is a mindset and encourages attitudes and behaviors that are destructive. It is an attitude that insists, they are ‘entitled’ to reparation and are justified in stealing, destroying, and doing harm to those who they believe are responsible for their being victimized.  Becoming a Victim is a choice!  I have been victimized but will not allow myself to become a victim.  Becoming a victim gives power to those victimizing me and I refuse to do that.  I will be in control of my attitude, with God’s help, and rise above it.

Please stop justifying lawlessness and theft!  Please stop justifying the marauding hordes of destroyers are doing.  The rioting and looting are not about George Floyd or any perceived social injustice.  It is the product of a mentality that says, “I am above the law and entitled to do whatever I want.”  That can and will destroy us.  My contention is not to be deemed, in any way, a justification of any wrong by law enforcement or public officials.  It is a condemnation of the lawlessness. It is a condemnation of any complicity or enablement by government officials allowing it to continue. This kind of behavior hurts us all!

I am weeping for America and praying that we will return to our moral moorings, see the restoration of sanity, and pursue the declared objectives of our Declaration of Independence. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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