I address this touchy subject because I have been challenged by fellow Christians and preachers over my political views and my being vocal about the ills and dangers I see.  Some of them believe that the Bible mandates Bible that I must passively comply and relegate my opposition to the prayer closet.  It is not my desire or intent to attack them.  I believe that they believe their position is solidly biblical.  However, I believe they are not accurate in their interpretation.

I believe that we are to “Pray” for the leaders, religious and civic.  I pray for them daily as do millions of other believers.  When Barack Obama was president, I prayed for him.  I did not pray he would succeed in his objectives.  I considered his political ideology and agenda bad for America.  I considered them a threat to our constitutional republic, but I prayed for him.  I prayed for his soul and still do. I prayed he would have advisers that would give him godly and right advice.  I prayed that he would have an epiphany and do the right thing.  I do not know how effective my prayers were, but I prayed daily for him and America.  I still do!

When I examine the proper Christian response to government, I turn to numerous Bible directives.  I examine what I believe I have been directed to do by the Heavenly Father.  It is from those that I pursue the pathway that I pursue.  You may disagree with my understanding and believe I heard what I wanted to hear not God, in my pursuit of my purpose and responsibility.  That is your right.  It does not mean you are right, but it is your right to have your own opinion, just as it is mine to have mine.

When I view the directive of God to Ezekiel, I have difficulty remaining silent sounding no warnings. Some consider my warnings nothing more than criticisms.  If I see danger, and much that is happening in American politics and throughout the world, can only be deemed dangerous, and I remain silent, am I obeying God’s directives?  I think not.  God directed Ezekiel to sound the alarm when he saw danger coming.  He informed the prophet that if he saw danger and did not sound the alarm, the blood of those destroyed would be on his hands. 

When I consider the matter of abortion, as a believer, I find it impossible to sit in silence.  When I see politicians endorsing, embracing, advocating, and lauding the destruction of unborn babies as a good thing and a right, I cannot sit in silence.  If I consider the directive of God through James that the person that knows to do good and does not do it commits sin, how can I sit in silence when I see things like abortion and other things that the Bible deems abominations? 

The politicians and political parties that endorse multiple genders, same-sex marriage, lifestyles that are anathema to the Bible are dangers for the easily deceived.  If I simply pray and do not sound the alarm, am I obeying the directive of God?  I think not, but you may disagree. 

We have politicians and political parties in today’s world that seek to ban God and everything of God from the public square.  They insist that there must be a wall of separation between all things Christian and the political.  I say, all things Christian, and not simply all things religious, because they do not seek to ban some religions only the Judeo-Christian view and our Christian Bible. 

The former president, Barack Obama, lauded Islam while blasting Christianity numerous times.  He claimed to be a Christian but sat in a church for 20 years led by a racist, an anti-Semite, hater of America.  His view of our individual freedoms and liberties was in direct contrast to the view of the Founding Fathers as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Would I have been right to ignore the dangers embodied in those views?  I think not, but you may disagree.

When the disciples of Jesus were called on the carpet by the religious hierarchy and the demand issued that they cease preaching Jesus, they refused.  Should they have complied and “prayed for the leaders?”  When Elijah challenged Ahab and criticized his governance and person, was he in violation of the supposed edict to “Pray and Comply?”  How could we say that when it was God that told him to say what he said and do what he did? 

When John the Baptist challenged Herod and his adulterous relationship with his sister-in-law as well as other things, was he in violation?  I think not.  It cost him his life and the easy road would have been to say, “Well, I can’t speak out on political matters or direct criticism toward leaders, I must just pray for them.”  He could not because of the fire burning in his heart.  He understood that God demands, holiness, and calls for us to ‘come out from among them and be separate.’  I believe that one of the reasons we are in the condition morally, politically, and religiously we are in America is due to the silence of the churches on too many things.

I am 100% convinced that what we need in America are not more laws seeking to legislate morality.  What we need is a change in the hearts of people.  We need a change in our attitude.  I believe it is imperative that we pray and spread the Word of Christ in the Gospel message.  I believe that what we need in America is a change of attitude.  When I realize that millions only get their information, news, or supposed factual data from sources such as CNN, MSNBC, or the other major media outlets, I see incredible danger.  If the Christians and Christian preachers do not identify the dangers and expose those endorsing and advancing those dangers blood will be on their hands.

I heard an illustration years ago about a soldier and chaplain in WWII.  The soldier was not a Christian and he went to the Chaplain troubled in his heart.  The Chaplain gave him a generic directive and said, “God bless you.”  The soldier looked at the chaplain and asked, “Chaplain do you believe in God?”   The chaplain was shocked and was insulted.  The soldier then asked, “Chaplain do you believe in heaven and hell?”  The chaplain was bordering on fury at the questions.  The soldier then asked, “Do you believe that people who do not accept Jesus as their savior will go to hell?”  The chaplain said, “Yes, I do.”  The soldier, with tears in his eyes, said, “Chaplain, if I believe that, though England was covered with glass I would crawl on my hands and knees to warn them of the dangers and tell them of the hope you claim exists.  You, sir, are telling no one, so I do not believe you believe what you are saying.”

If I believe there is danger and lives can be destroyed by the bad actions of government and government officials and I say nothing, what am I saying?  Let me reveal what it says to me personally.  It says that I do not believe God, I do not believe I am responsible for warning against danger.  It says, to me, that I do not believe the lives of those in danger are worth my daring to sound the alarm.  I would be declaring that I believe I have no responsibility to watch for others and that would, in my mind, make me incredibly selfish and self-centered.  I do not say that is how you should feel, but how I feel after prayer, studying God’s Word, and sensing what my purpose and responsibility is.  Therefore, I will shout from the rooftops the dangers I see and hope to prevent destruction.

You must follow your heart and the balancing of my Faith and my Politics is not always easy, but something I believe is mandated for me. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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