I have had enough of the Leftists insistence that voter fraud is non-existent or extremely rare.  It is neither and there are enough documented pieces of information that debunk that claim and reveal the dangers of failing to address it.  I have had enough of milquetoast Republicans who are either Leftists themselves are cowardly not articulating the problem.  I have had enough of the Globalists, Totalitarian Leftists pushing their Socialist agenda pursuing their agenda with the view ‘the end justifies the means.’  Enough already!  There is a danger and it must be addressed and quashed.

Anyone who claims that voter fraud does not exist or is rare is either incredibly deceived or they are part of the diabolical plot to steal the upcoming elections.  The Heritage Foundation has published data listing the 1,285 proven instances of voter fraud.  They included the 1,110 criminal convictions that resulted in action by the states.  Sadly, many states have no interest in investigating voter fraud or prosecuting the criminal activity involved in it.  The fact that a state does not investigate, does not purge the voter rolls, and does not prosecute does not mean the problem is non-existence.  Rather, it indicates they are part of the problem.

There is little media reporting on the criminal cases and incredible violations of our election laws when it comes to Democrats.  The only time the media is interested is if there is a hint that it was a conservative or Republican that engaged in cheating.  If they can find that they make it racist or some other charge rather than seeking to expose all improprieties in our electoral process, i.e. ‘Voter Fraud.’

One example that has been brought to my attention was in the 2016 mayoral election in Gordon, Alabama.  Then mayor Elbert Melton, illegally notarized two ballots, without witnesses present in his reelection bid.  He won the race by 16 votes.  He was convicted of absentee ballot fraud, removed from office, and sentenced to a one-year prison term.  That is one incident.  In my home state Texas, we have had numerous cases and our Attorney General is interested in stamping out voter fraud regardless of party and aggressively pursue cases.  That should be the norm in all states, not the exception.

The Left, follow the mantra of Rohm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  They are following the Saul Alinsky rule, “the end justifies the means.”  They have seized upon the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, fear, and paranoia to insist that it is not safe to go to the polls.  However, it is safe to go to restaurants, bars, grocery stores, abortion clinics, and participate in massive riots and protests but not the polls.  Heaven forbid, a person voting in person, it would seem, is certain to contract the dreaded disease and die or become sick.  Any person with an IQ above freezing knows that it is a sly attempt to cheat.  I am sick of the politicians preying on people’s fears to gain an edge. 

One of the things in our Republic that must be guarded is the ‘ballot box.’  The push that the Democrats are insistent must be enacted for the November elections is ‘mail-in ballots.’  That plan is so fraught with dangers and impossible to adequately police it must be resoundingly rejected.

We have long been able to request absentee ballots that would be mailed in.  That is not new, but the request is supposed to be accompanied or based on a legitimate reason or excuse for not voting in person.  Those who are physically disabled or ill, our troops stationed overseas, and other legitimate reasons allow for limited ‘vote by mail’ to transpire. 

When states like Oregon mail out ballots to every registered voter, at the address they have on record that opens Pandora’s Box and invites voter fraud and ballot harvesting prolifically.  What happens if the person listed at that address has died or moved?  The ballot is left and whoever lives there has the opportunity to illegally and unethically use that ballot or sell it to the devious who want to cheat. 

The lack of policing and purging of voter rolls in various states and municipalities invites voter fraud.  Sadly, whenever there is an attempt to clean up the voter rolls to ensure legitimate elections the liberal activist groups charge to the scene and scream ‘voter suppression and racism.’  The officials frequently cower in the shadows at the fear of those lawsuits of charges and cede to the demands that it not be done, opening the door for continued abuse and fraud.

There has been the suggestion that political operatives be allowed to distribute or collect the ballots.  That would totally delegitimize the process and the ballot would no longer be secret.  There could be and likely would be pressure to vote in a certain manner or the offer to help the person complete their ballot.  Of course, that would present no problems, right?  Watch out for the Unicorn poop as you walk through the yard and dodge the pigs flying overhead. 

 The idea that a person either does not have to register or can register on election day is unthinkable.  It would be impossible for election officials to verify the information presented as being legitimate and would guarantee voter fraud.  The Democrats have been pushing this issue heavily since reclaiming the House of Representatives in 2018 and Speaker Pelosi included it in her 3 Trillion Dollar Democrat Wish Bill.

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation reported that Liberia was able to conduct a legitimate and successful election in 2014 despite the Ebola epidemic.  This year Wisconsin held an election without problems during the COVID-19 pandemic and so did South Korea.  We must preserve our Electoral Integrity and that will not happen if we allow ‘vote by mail’ or ‘cheat by mail’ to become the norm.

There are those in the Democratic Establishment, the Trump haters outside the Democratic Party and some Republicans that believe President Trump is so vile, evil, and bad that he must be defeated at all costs.  They believe, or so it seems, that cheating is acceptable if that is the only way to achieve their objective. I don’t know if they are oblivious to the dangers embodied in the policies of the Left or think those of us warning of those dangers are wrong. The danger is too great to ignore the possibilities! 

America, if we hope to keep our Republic the Free Constitutional Republic we must rise up and demand that our national and regional politicians fight against Voter Fraud.  We must never allow any political party to steal the election by cheating at the ballot box.  Elections have consequences and if we desire to remain Free, we must have legitimate elections.  That is another reason I am voting to Keep America America and voting against the Leftists at all levels.

God bless you and God bless America!

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