The title may be eye-catching and attention-getting but truthfully, I do not believe our choices in November are between which poison we will die from as a republic.  I believe that one path is toward the restoration of a more constitutional form of governance and the other toward anarchy and totalitarianism.  I won’t tell you, which is which just yet, but I suspect you know what I think.

I am not sure there are any ‘Moderate Democrats’ in America today.  I do believe there were some in the past that could have been described as such, but that ship has sailed.  I will not argue that, at one time, Joe Biden might have been more moderate in the mode of possibly, JFK, but he is no longer.  In his attempt to remain relevant to the Democrats and win the nomination he had to make a discernable shift to the left and in some ways to the ‘radical left.’  That is important but only limitedly because we all know that if Biden reaches the White House, he will not be calling the shots.

We have all seen polls like the Zogby poll that revealed that 55% of Americans believe it is more likely that Biden is in the early stages of the horrible disease dementia.  I don’t know how anyone could argue that he is not suffering from reduced mental acuity and has severe cognitive decline, but they do.  I believe that his mental fitness is noticeably less today than it was when he launched his current bid to become the nominee.  If you disagree, that’s your prerogative.

I have watched, with more than limited interest, who he might select as his running mate.  At the time of this writing, he has not made the final decision but by the time I post it, he may have.  Today’s options appear to be between Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Stacy Abrams, Susan Rice, and others.  I suspect that he will select someone that is a woman of color who holds radical leftist views, but I could be wrong.  That is not my focus.  Regardless of who he picks, neither he nor the VP is likely going to be running the show.  I believe that the powers behind the scenes, those now orchestrating the campaign, and ensuring the needed funding will be the ‘think tank consortium’ that makes the decisions. 

We know that people such as Nancy Pelosi, Susan Rice, Sally Yates, John Kerry, and even Michael Bloomberg would have significant sway on the policies and agenda.  I do not doubt that the organizations funded and formulated by George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Obama would be powerful voices in all decisions.  All United States policy both domestic and foreign would be filtered through those progressives and the Republic would be in jeopardy.  Our Constitution would be meaningless if Biden wins, they keep the House of Representatives and were able to flip the Senate. 

The Socialist Globalist Marxist agenda would be rammed through Congress and the token signature of Biden attached and as it was with Obamacare, we would be force-fed a new America.  We could complain all we wanted, but we would have no sway with Congress, the Courts, or the Media.  Nothing short of a 1776 style revolution would change anything and while I am not calling for that, I acknowledge it may eventually become a reality. 

Sadly, we are perilously near the tipping point where a majority of voting Americans are aligning themselves with the Leftists.  Some of them because of their deep hatred from President Trump, some because of their ideology, and some due to historic ignorance.  Strange bedfellows where those claiming to be constitutional conservatives and radical leftists unite.  What amazes me is that some who would normally oppose the leftists either cannot see the danger or do not believe it as dire as it will prove to be.

What would America look like under Barack Obama Part Two?  Look around at what you have seen in the pandemic lockdowns, the rioting, and the 4 years of intense coup attempts to overturn the 2016 election and you get a glimpse.  Unfortunately, it would be worse than those conditions because they would feel no restraint or constraint.  The absence of religious leaders stepping up and speaking against the destruction has hamstrung America more significantly than what the Leftists have been doing. 

The calls for reduced, defunded, or diminished police presence would endanger everyone and all property.  Our borders would finally be erased as they have been wanting for years.  Abortion would not only be expanded but would be funded largely by tax-payer funds and there would be no more restrictions on that genocide.  We would see the fossil fuel industry decimated and the AOC Green Deal in some form would be rammed down our throats.  That would usher in a dark period in our America as costs would escalate for everything and travel and transportation would become highly restrictive or cost-prohibitive.

Those would be bad enough but would not be the extent of the damage.  Joe Biden and the Democrats have vowed to rescind all the Trump Tax Cuts and that would result in all of us paying more taxes.  Well, those of us that pay taxes would pay more.  Many small businesses would be destroyed and find it impossible to operate causing the jobless rates to soar.  They would pursue their highly touted goal of free college, eradicating student loan debt, and many would become wards of the state.  We would not be able to sustain that fiscally so a bankrupt America or one that through debt would belong to foreign entities.

Our electoral system would be forever altered and the possibility of a fair election in which a conservative or Republican could hope to win would become virtually impossible.  Voter Identification would be a dinosaur and the electoral college would become a casualty, the Supreme Court would be expanded and packed with liberal activist jurist.  Government regulations would become so numerous that it would be virtually impossible to survive in the private sector.  Nations such as China would become incredibly powerful and dangerous and in a large measure would ‘own’ America. 

When you add that list things like a complete revision of American history, the removal of all our memorials, statues, and reminders of our founding would be eliminated.  Some get their panties in a wad over Trump’s tweets and Biden’s mental state and that becomes the subject of their stump speeches and rants.  We are missing the point if we make it about Biden or Trump.  It is about much more than either of those men, it is about the Republic.  It is about having a Constitutional Republic or plunging into a state of chaos and anarchy that will lead to a totalitarian state. 

I agree with Victory Davis Hanson that this is about Civilization or the loss thereof.  He said, “It is an existential question, a Manichean choice between whether you want civilization and believe that America doesn’t have to be perfect to be good…and we are not, in its third century going to destroy all that people died for, or [whether] you feel it was inherently flawed with a cancer and we have to use radiation, chemotherapy and kill the host to kill the cancer.  And that’s the choice we are looking at.” 

I agree and I too will be voting for Civilization in November and pray that America will awaken, reject the personal bias and hate, and stop the assault on our republic that has been launched on multiple fronts.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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