I am becoming increasingly convinced that the motto of the globalist, leftists, socialists, anti-Trump advocates largely in the ranks of the Democratic Party has adopted the motto, “At All Costs” politically.  I am convinced that the objective is ‘do whatever is necessary’ to stop, defeat, and destroy Trump and his vision of America.  If that means we the people suffer, that is inconsequential to them. 

We could focus solely on the pandemic in America and how our various freedoms and liberties are being infringed and that would be worthy of note.  We could focus solely on the economic damage that has been, is being, and will be done by the pandemic and edicts of the federal, various state and local governments and that would be a valid consideration.  We could focus solely, on the health concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic and that would be worthwhile. However, I want to bring one more element to the discussion, National Security.

It has been said, and rightly, that people often vote with their pocketbooks or based on their personal economic situation.  The objective of the MSM is to paint President Trump as a nincompoop ignoramus who is incapable of seeing the gravity of what is happening.  Imagine that, when they have their presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, fills that bill.  Rather than address Biden’s ineptitude and mental issues they project his shortcomings on Trump.  The hate for the president is so deeply ingrained in the psyche of millions they blame him for everything even when the facts demand they not. 

I am not suggesting that China purposefully launched this virus on America and the world in an act of biological terrorism, they may have.  If they did, they opened a pandora’s box that even they could not contain.  I believe it has been far more destructive in China than we are being allowed to know.  However, I am convinced that they and our enemies in other regions of the world are carefully watching what is happening.  We know that some of the Islamic terrorists have openly sought for biological weapons to launch at America and Israel.  Therefore, failure to believe they have a keen interest in our reaction, and the devastation would be to engage in a dangerous naivety.

China has apparently repressed all global efforts to research the coronavirus in their country.  One of the major reasons is to control the narrative but it could be more nefarious and part of a long-range plan or desire for global dominance.  Would a nation such as China use biological weapons against humanity including their own people?  I believe they would.

We know that the Chinese government deleted previously published academic research regarding the origin of the coronavirus.  The Fudan University and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) had posts that were erased from all online caches.  If that was not the government’s attempt to prevent the world from knowing what they know, then the Universities are engaging in a coverup with no apparent motive or benefit. 

I believe that the Chinese government has attempted to prevent the world from knowing what they knew when they knew it, and why they failed to alert the world of the danger.  Is that simply self-serving hoping to garner sympathy for their plight as the origin of the virus or is it more devious.  I doubt that we will ever truly know the answer, but it is of concern regarding our National Interest and National Security. 

The failure of any government to present pertinent information of a hazardous situation is, in a manner of speaking, an act of war.  No, this situation does not rise to the level where retaliatory military action is appropriate but the ability to do harm must be noted.  I believe that President Trump and his advisors took note of that and upon learning of the virus and its spread acted responsibly.  Some insisted, he waited months before acting but there is no factual evidence to support those charges.  The fact that he banned travel from China and then other parts of the world was the appropriate action.  He was blasted unmercifully for that and now those that chided him say he did not do it soon enough. 

The ‘lockdown’ did not occur immediately upon notification of the spreading virus that could and would become a pandemic.  Why?  Because virtually no one, including the illustrious Dr. Fauci, thought it was necessary.  Now, it seems the good doctor has suggested had we done so earlier lives would have been saved.  His statements on a national news platform fly in the face of his own recommendations and appears a backhanded attempt to damage the President.  It is partially a CYA on his part to save face at the expense of the president and partially to damage Trump.  Egos do strange things when threatened and his credibility is being threatened.

As late as the last day of February, Dr. Fauci was publicly declaring that the risks were extremely low.  Governor Cuomo was freaking out and DeBlasio threatening to sue the president if he issued a quarantine order for NYC or New York.  The President had zero support from the Media, the Democrats, and the governors to ‘lockdown’ America.  That support did not come until well past the timeline of early January and February.  But, alas, he is dragging his heels and killing Americans. 

National Security is of little concern to the Leftists who want total control. That is evidenced in their willingness to allow the rioting and looting to continue exposing thousands if not millions to the virus. Their willingness to weaken our Republic through insane attempts to defund the police and rewrite history is evidence of their blindness and disdain for America and our Republic. 

What is happening is of no concern to the globalist who want a New World Order.  President Trump has been walking a fine line between protecting Americans, maintaining our national security, and preventing us from plunging into a Great Depression type economic nightmare.  If we fail to note the dangers of allowing open borders, we will see things worse than COVID-19 in the days to come.  If we ignore the need to maintain as much electoral integrity as possible, we will see outside and inside involvement destroy the Republic. 

I can only imagine what would be happening if Hillary Clinton was occupying the Oval Office.  I witnessed the ineptitude and lack of concern for our national security of Barack Hussein Obama, and shudder to think of Joe Biden being in charge.  I support President Trump in his efforts to provide America with the needed guidelines for medical safety, the necessary advancement of our economy, and national security.  We cannot focus solely on the medical or we endanger our Republic economically and weaken our national security to the point of making us easy targets for those who want to destroy us. 

I find it more than a nightmare that any person the Democrats offer becoming president.  I find it more than a little alarming that the Democrats might maintain control of the House of Representatives or gain control of the Senate.  America, we are fighting for our lives in more ways than one, and now is the time to STAND TOGETHER and REJECT the toxicity of the liberal socialist globalist agenda.

KEEP AMERICA GREAT!   God bless you and God bless America!

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