Let me say at the outset I am not an economic guru and don’t play one on television, but then neither are most of the politicians.  Albeit, they do tend to play something on television or to the cameras that they do not have the credentials to pretend to be. That does not prevent them or the myriad of Leftists in all sectors from insisting their ideas are of ‘expert’ quality. 

What is at stake in this Presidential and All Elections this year?  There are several things and one of the most critical is the Supreme Court.  I am thankful that President Trump was able to appoint and secure the confirmation of two justices.  One of them appears to be solidly conservative and desirous of following Original Intent and the other more inclined that direction that Chief Justice Roberts.  

If the Democrats win the presidency, keep the House of Representatives, and gain the Senate the court would be almost immediately transformed.  The normal change through retirements or deaths would likely be scrapped and there would be an immediate pursuit of increasing the number of justices would ensue.  They have already affirmed that it is on their horizon and an integral part of their agenda. 

If they gain control of the White House, Congress, and the Courts most of our liberties and freedoms will be in serious jeopardy.  The 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments will be in danger as will other provisions of our Constitution.  Religious liberty will face some serious challenges as will freedom of speech for any conservative of dissenting view to the liberal agenda.  The right to ‘keep and bear arms’ will immediately become a prime target. 

If the Democrats win in November, the economy will be in grave danger of reverting to the Obama economy and taxation will go through the roof.  Joe Biden and the Democrats have vowed to repeal the Trump tax cuts and if the plans include some of the views of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, we will see the tax rates for everyone ascend to the highest in our history. 

Small businesses will become an endangered species because many would be unable to function.  Universal government-run healthcare will become a reality.  Those things will result in a dramatic escalation in joblessness and wages would plummet.  If the mandated a $15 or $20 minimum wage the number of jobs will be reduced by such a hefty percentage the Great Depression will look like an economic boom.    

If the Democrats win in November, our American history will be completely rewritten to fit the toxic narrative of the Woke Adherents and the PC Police will operate with a Gestapo type power and authority.  Law and Order will become a thing of the past and securing the services of qualified and good police officers will become a distant memory.  Who would want to place themselves in the position of having to follow the demands and edicts of the followers of the toxic liberal idea of fairness and equality?  They would not only be risking their lives each day but their freedom from the very governments who hired them.  One false move and they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars for doing their jobs. 

I am supportive of sensible police reform and finding a means of weeding out the bad cops and giving all cops the needed tools and training to professional and efficiently do their jobs.  I am adamantly opposed to lumping the police or any segment of society into a stereotypical basket and target them because of a few rotten apples. 

If I had a barrel of apples, I would not throw out the entire barrel because of a few bad apples.  I would thoroughly go through my apple barrel and when I found a bad apple, I would discard it and keep the good apples.  However, the process in today’s politically correct, snowflake, woke world the anarchist is demanding that ALL cops are bad, and ALL cops must be discarded.  Lawlessness is not a solution to ‘equal justice’ under the law.  You do not achieve ‘equal justice’ with ‘lawlessness,’ which results in no justice and endangers everyone, especially those prone to obey the law. 

If the Democrats win in November, our borders will be erased, and the prize of American citizenship will become a doormat without value.  There will be no reason for anyone to go through the lengthy and often difficult process of immigrating to America legally and becoming a citizen.  Our electoral process will be destroyed, and we will never see another legitimate election or one that we could have any reasonable sense of confidence it was valid.  The political machines will, once again, rule the American scene and the days of mafia dominance and prohibition where lawlessness was the norm will be experienced with the more sophisticated and technological tools available. 

If the Democrats win in November, abortion on demand will likely evolve into legal genocide where the infirmed, elderly, and handicapped will likely be viewed as excess baggage and too costly to care for.  That will produce a Nazi-like pursuit of a superior race.  If the life in the womb is not considered a life and deemed merely ‘a choice’ of the host carrying that baby in the womb, what is to prevent other lives from being deemed without value? 

During the Obama administration racial tensions escalated not because he was half-white and half-black but identified as black, but because of the racism advanced by his agenda and administration.  We will see Sharia Compliant Zones in our major cities increase, and that scene will spread across the country. There will be severe restrictions placed on Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues.  There will be an attempt to force everyone to cast aside their core convictions and religious beliefs and embrace the lifestyles considered violations of their conscience. 

If the Democrats win in November, the Constitution will become meaningless.  They will ignore it, have the Supreme Court to back their views, Congress to write the laws and a president that would joyfully sign them into law.  America, as the Free Constitutional Republic will be no more. 

Let me state that I am as mad as the proverbial ‘wet hen’ over the debt and deficit.  I was opposed to the stimulus relief packages imposed on us.  I am opposed to the insane spending that is being pursued.  I am a Constitutional and fiscal conservative.  I am a Christian that believes that caring for the poor and needy is not the job of the government nor is it allowed by the constitution. 

I believe that charity must begin at home, in the church, and the community.  It is not the responsibility of the federal government.  I believe that our rights come from God and are unimpeachable and should never be infringed.  I believe that if we want to keep our Republic, we must set aside our personal preferences and vote to prevent the toxic liberal agenda of the progressive socialistic globalism of the Democrats from regaining power.  That is true on the local level, the state level, and the national level.

I am not concerned with what anyone thinks of me.  You may hate the president enough you are willing to risk the republic to defeat him.  That deeply troubles me because Freedom is more valuable than personal preference.  We know what the Democrats want, and we have watched President Trump become the only thing standing in the way of their desired ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.  I am not willing to passively afford them the opportunity to fulfill their mission.  I am voting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in November!

God bless you and God bless America!

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