I am going to, in a somewhat limited fashion, address numerous things regarding gender and sexual preference.  Yes, I said ‘sexual preference’ because that is what it is as defined by real science, medicine, and the Bible.  You can deem me reprehensible if you please, but when I stand before God, I will not have to hang my head on this issue.  I may on others, but not this one. 

You may be totally sincere in your views but being sincere does not make one right or wrong, it makes them sincere.  The Bible is not silent regarding genders, sexual preference, marriage, family, and the home.  God is the CREATOR and even though there are those who insist He blew it when He created some of us.  What do I mean by that?  Those who insist that they are a man or a woman trapped inside the body of the opposite sex can only make that claim if they truly believe that God failed.  I cannot fathom standing before Him on that day and attempting to inform Him of His gross error in design. 

Acronyms amuse me and in today’s politically correct world we now have LGBTQIA+.  That refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, with the + standing in for any other designation deemed needed or beneficial.  Where does it end?  It does not! The depravity and distortion of the scientific, medical, and biblical identification of ‘two genders’, male and female are made vague.  That leads to incredible confusion and has done incredible harm to the minds of the young and continues to cause mental, emotional, and physical stress in adulthood of many. 

I suggest that we consider Genesis 1:26-31 at the outset of our discussion.  It is here that the Bible gives us the record of God creating, blessing, and commanding humanity as ‘male and female.’  One of the purposes of God in creating us male and female was reproduction.  That is only possible through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.  It is not possible when two men or two women engage in sexual activity.  The Bible has a term for that, but I’ll get to that later.

Science informs us that human beings are born with 43 chromosomes in 23 pairs.  The X and Y chromosomes determine a person’s sex or gender.  Most women have 46 XX and most men have 46 XY chromosomes.  The formation or development, in the womb of the male or female genitalia, is unmistakable.  There are effeminate men and masculine women and those traits could be attributed to many factors including the relationship the child has with the parents.  Whether a person is a male or a female with tendencies that are more akin to the opposite sex is not a scientific or biblical basis to allow identification as one of the now hundreds of genders claimed.  I stand with the Bible that God created us ‘male and female’ and there are only two genders.

I ask that you consider Psalm 139:13-16 and the fact that it clearly states that God, the Creator, while we were in the womb – ‘knitted or formed our inward parts.’  God gave us the physical characteristics as well as the chromosomal makeup we possess.  It was predetermined and not left to a matter of preference or self-identification.  God made the decision.  In fact, in those passages, we are informed that God has a book in which our unformed substance was registered.  Everything about us was in God’s heart and mind and He formed us in the womb either male or female, man or woman. 

I take comfort in the words of John 3:17, “Jesus did not come into the world to condemn/judge the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”  The love of God is unconditional and beyond our ability to fully comprehend.  However, He does have some requirements and considers some things a direct affront to His person, purpose, nature, character, and creation.  God has given us life with parameters and requirements He will not ignore. 

He did not make us male and female to restrict us but to bless us.  Whatever gender we are should be embraced and celebrated.  The move in the United States over the past few decades has been to diminish the value and importance of heterosexuality, marriage, and family.  Marriage was instituted by God and one of the blessings and responsibilities of that union was reproduction.  The children born into the home were to be nurtured and developed to become representations of God in the earth and perpetuate the race.  That is only possible in marriages between one man and one woman. 

Homosexuality is not normal.  I know that will possibly open me up to vile attacks and immediately brand me a homophobe and hater of those who practice that lifestyle.  I believe that God loves everyone, and it is mandatory that I do as well.  However, God does not love all actions, acts, lifestyles, and practices in which we engage. 

I have had genuinely sincere Christians and others insist that the biblical declarations regarding homosexuality and heterosexuality are archaic and were presented from ignorant and biased views.  If I accept that then I toss my Bible aside and never read it again.  For me, it is either the “Inspired Word of God” or it is a Book of Opinions, Superstitions, and Fables.  If it is the latter, I cannot trust it and dare not use it as my guide for life.  I would be unable to trust the promise of Salvation, the reality of Creation, or Eternity.  How would I know?   For me, 2 Timothy 3:16 is genuine and factual or it is not.  There is no middle ground. 

We are told that man is becoming more ‘enlightened’ and ‘accepting’ of scientific facts that the Bible was wrong about.  I dare not adopt that view and I have studied, extensively, the record of the Bible on matters of medicine and science and watched how hundreds and even thousands of years later science affirmed those practices. 

The biblical position on homosexuality and heterosexuality never wavered from the Old to the New Testaments.  I believe it is a matter of preference or choice.  I do not contend that many mitigating factors may be involved that helped to sway or encourage the embracing of that lifestyle, but I contend, as does the Bible that it is not God’s norm. 

I will not quote them in full but let me offer numerous passages for you to consider and if you disagree your argument is not with me but the author of the Bible, God.  Leviticus 20:13 calls sexual intercourse between two males or two females a detestable act.  1 Corinthians 6:9-10 lists categories that will not inherit the kingdom of God and calls those acts or actions unrighteousness.  It includes idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, homosexuals, thieves, etc.  In 1 Timothy 1:9-10, the apostle Paul describes specific offenses for which civil laws are instituted.  He said that the law was not made for the righteous but the lawless and rebellious.  Among the offenders were liars, murderers, kidnappers, and homosexuals.  Sorry, that is God’s Word, and if you disagree you need to take it up with God.

The Book of Romans in 1:18, 26-27 speaks of the wrath of God against ungodliness and informed us that God permitted people to plunge into the depths of depravity due to their rebellion against His truth.  Some were given over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way, also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts.

I have not adequately addressed these issues but conclude with this:  The Bible clearly states that adultery (sex with someone other than the wife or husband) is wrong.  It declares unequivocally that fornication (sex outside of marriage, before marriage) is wrong.  Sex with animals or bestiality is wrong.  Also, it clearly identifies that homosexuality is wrong.  The last two are sins against the laws of nature.  Why would I say that homosexuality is a sin against the law of nature?  Because, if it were practiced by the entire species, it would lead to our extinction.  Just because I can do with my body whatever I please does not make it right.

If you are a homosexual or believe God made a person that way, please know that I do not hate you.  I believe God can and will help you become who He truly made you to be and no matter what sin or wrong any of us commits, there is hope for forgiveness.  You may say, I don’t want to change. That is between you and God, but to ignore the reality of two genders and the teachings of the Bible and the reasons behind those teachings is to live dangerously if not in rebellion against the love, mercy, grace, and character of God.

I am deeply concerned with the confusion being imposed in the hearts and minds of children and the dangers of the direction we are taking in insisting there are multiple genders and the demand for acceptance of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle and a result of God’s design.

I have little doubt that I am now fully persona non grata to some and accept their right to disagree.  However, I will not tolerate personal attacks and vile language.  I believe what the Bible teaches and truly believe that God loves the sinner but not the sin.  I believe that if we repent and confess, we will be forgiven. 

God bless you and God bless America.

2 comments on “I AM ALREADY PERSONA NON GRATA, So Let’s Dig a Deeper Hole…

  1. amen sir what can’t reproduce dies out, satan has twisted and tried to mess up everything that God made good, all the twisting starts with those Watcher angels who took daughters of men for wifes in Gen 6:2, and from that came forth giants, and an evil that had sex with animals, and God judged those angels, its in the books of Enoch under THE WATCHERS, they went to Enoch to get him to petition God for them, because they could no longer even look up t9o heaven, and God sent Enoch back saying they would not be for given because he made women for men, and the Angels left there immortal state, and he said further more you will watch your sons die, and their spirits will roam the earth seeking rest and finding none, until the ened of days, and you will be put under the desert with great rocks over your face until the end, but go forward and you find those disembodied spirits in the book of Act spirits roaming seek a place when they come out of a man. They are dealing with demonic Spirits that control there minds, making them think they are something else when there body tells them what they are, its there mind being controlled by an evil perverted spirit, and it happens because so called daddys and uncles, abuse little girls and boys sexuaslly, over powering there will causing demons to take over, and they pass them on to the next generation if not delivered, sins of the fathers, remember it says your sin will find you out, it make take a generaton or two but it will come out, I studied this and resurched it out, because my uncle married a woman who her and her sister had been done that way as children, because as christians we said they can’t be born that way, because they said God don’t make you that way, well true, but God don’t make people any more, he only made two, Adam and Eve, and gave them reproductive orgins, so your parents made you, and they also passed down there inquities upon you, if the curse of what they did was not broken, so getting back to people trying to say they are not born that way, a guy said to me my son is tryinbg to now say he is gay, since birth and God don’t make them that way, and I sarted to say no they are not born that way, and the Lord stopped me and said, THROUGH GENERATIONAIL CURSES THEY ARE BORN THAT WAY, so oh man did every preacher every where jump me, but I studied and found out go back in there family tree and you will find some child was abused, which is why the Church must get back on fire, and get a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, because people can’t get rid of this evil by them selves, they have to be delivered, man and satan messed all this up by there sins, and angels were involved here because all sexual perversion came from those angels taking daughters of men for wifes. theres a lot even going right up to Jesus’s blood line they were so close to contamanating it, but if I tell what I know and what God has revealed some preachers go nuts because he didn’t tell them, so I will stop there, but it is perversion and people have to get delivered and the Church has to have the power of God to do it, so time we get hooked back in to the p[ower of God. bless you sir good word

  2. Tammy Logan says:

    Bro. Roy one of your calling is writing And speaking!!! We love you and Ms. Bonnie so much keep on keeping on!!!!
    Love Matthew and Tammy!!!!

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