I am not attempting to be prophetic in what I am going to write.  If it is, so be it, but it is what I saw and heard in my spirit.  I offer it for your examination and consideration.  If you deem me a ‘kook’ as a result, that is your choice and I can accept your decision.  If it resonates with you, then you might want to consider it, pray about it, and do as I’m doing considering it a call to prayer.

As I sat on my back patio the other day, during my incarceration in Facebook Jail I sensed something.  I was watching our puppy do her business and play, I had a heaviness come over me beyond what I have felt in a very long time.  It was not a spirit of discouragement but a burden and a call to prayer.  I did not feel doom and gloom but sensed that it was a warning of what ‘could be’ and ‘would be’ if the Body of Christ fails to stand in the gap and defeat evil on our knees.

I love America and served in Vietnam. I spent 1967 in that country. I proudly wave the American flag and recite the pledge of allegiance.  I stand for the national anthem and am incensed when anyone trashes this country, tarnishes the flag, and seeks to overthrow our republic that was founded on moral and biblical principles.  I believe that we have been granted by God our Creator inalienable rights that no man, no government, and no religion have a right to tamper with. 

What did I see, sense, feel, and hear in my heart of hearts?  At the risk of sounding a ‘kook’, I saw a casket in the rotunda of the capitol building and a Muslim (Islamic) flag flying over the White House.  I do not know who was in the casket and although it was clearly a part or was a catalyst to the flag that was flying, that was not my focus.  I never heard a name, never saw anyone coming around the casket, and saw no faces in the White House. The flag got my attention and caused me great trepidation and anger welled up inside my being.

I heard in my heart that, if America continues in the direction that is being pushed turning away from God, moral principles, the family, and integrity there would be incredible persecution coming for Christians.  America has been spared the persecution of Christians that other nations have experienced and allowed.  That era is ending if God’s People do not immediately, effectually, fervently, and honestly make 2 Chronicles 7:14 a reality in our hearts, minds, homes, communities, and lives. 


I am not saying that what I saw, sensed or heard was the LORD saying this is going to happen.  Rather, I sensed that it was a WARNING for America and in a sense, the world.  That if we continue the pathway to godlessness and allow those who want to strip us of freedom we will or could see this. 

The Casket I believe represents both a person of significance, but more deeply represented Freedom and the Flag may or may not be literal but will be effectual if we do not reign in the corruption and hold all the guilty accountable.  If we fold our tents and cede to evil, evil will destroy us.  It is time that God’s People and the American Patriots rise up and demand that the government and the courts deal with the corruption.  I do not care what anyone thinks of Trump or Biden.  I do care about what each person thinks about God and America.  I ask the LORD for truth.  I am not asking for my truth or the truth that I desire but TRUTH.  I want God’s Kingdom to Come and His Will to be done, on earth as it is n heaven.  I want LIBERTY!

There are those in state offices that want to further restrict religious gatherings of Christians.  There are those in the federal government who want to censor all freedom of speech and force pastors to submit their sermons beforehand for approval. Some want everything of God, the Bible, and Christianity to be restricted to the confines of the four walls of the local church.  They want to remove us from the airwaves and prevent us from any public gathering or witness.

The pandemic paranoia of COVID-19, the coronavirus, or whatever it is being called provided a pathway for an election to be tarnished if not stolen.  It paved the way for the tyrannical despotic rulership of local, state, and federal politicians to impose a virtual martial law on the citizens infringing upon many of our inalienable rights.  I am not suggesting that the virus is not real nor deadly.  It is!  I do not dispute that.  However, our response to it has been beyond the scope of anything we have ever allowed in the United States of the world.  The incredible fear and willingness to follow the edicts of government, the CDC, the World Health Organization (WHO), etc. was astounding and revealing.

I find no justification in the Bible for allowing the slaughter of the unborn.  I find no justification in the Bible or the Constitution to use taxpayer funds to provide a pathway to that genocide, idleness, and slothfulness.  I find no justification in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or the Bible to allow the destruction of the two-parent family and the value of fathers in the home.  I find no basis for the unsustainable spending that provides ‘freebies’ for everyone willing to take them and thereby engendering a spirit of idleness.  Proverbs warns about slothfulness in 6:6, 13:4, 18:9, 19:15, 20:4, 13, 23:21, 24:30-34, and 31:27. 

There will be Churches and Pastors who are so adamantly anti-Donald John Trump, his promises and agenda who may not suffer the plight that is coming if America continues the pathway of ‘fundamental transformation.’  Why do I say that?  Because there will be those who desire to be politically correct and accepted by the public, and government, they may be willing to recant their faith, modify their positions, or convert to the mandated religion that I see forthcoming.  I cannot do that, and millions like me could become martyrs in the coming days.

If we fail to achieve the spiritual roadblock against this tide of destruction that has been unleashed, we will see an increase in Islamic influence in the federal government, and jihad will transpire through government, not with bullets.  America, I am sounding an alarm and telling you what I saw, heard, sensed, and felt in my heart as I sat and mused on the world, the Kingdom of God, and the times in which we are living. 

I am stunned at the level of deception and the willingness to allow personal animus to propel good people into the delusion that the good done by President Trump was bad and the bad done by President Obama was good.  Memories appear to be incredibly short and either agenda dislike or personality dislike has driven millions of well-meaning believers into an alliance with the forces of darkness.  I am not saying, all those on the other side are evil.  I am saying, I believe they have been deceived. 

This is not a new tactic of evil.  The devil deceived one-third of the angels in heaven, and then Adam and Eve in the Garden.  He has been successfully persuading people for centuries that his way is good and better.  His way is the way of death but the deceived cannot see that reality until it is too late.

America, and Christians, if we fold our tents, we will witness the destruction of the Republic.  I believe, you may not, that the assignment for Donald Trump was two-terms.  I believe that there were things that God desired for America and was allowing us the opportunity to return to our core foundational values and principles morally, spiritually, and societally.  I did not say, Trump was a saint.  He is not but who among us is?

I have some tell me that whatever happens is what God wanted to happen.  I believe that God is the Sovereign Creator of All Things!  I believe that He can do whatever He pleases whenever He pleases!  Yet, from my study of scripture and observation of human history, I believe He gives us choices and those choices determine the outcome.  He comes in by invitation and cooperation not arbitrarily to impose His will on us.  You may adamantly disagree.

I believe that God desires that all be saved, the Bible declares that.  Yet, we know that all are not saved because all do not accept Jesus as their Savior.  I believe that God desires that we love one another, yet we know that we do not all love one another.  God gave Adam and Eve a choice in the Garden of Eden and He gives us a choice.  Whatever happens, is not necessarily God’s will.  God is not to blame for the destruction in nature.  Jesus blessed no storms.  He told none of them to go to another city or region to teach people a lesson.  God is a God of Love and yet He desires our willing obedience and when He gets it, He blesses.

Here is what I am doing and hope that this little snippet of what I saw, heard, felt, and sensed has produced in me and was intended to do.  I am committed to intercessory prayer for America.  My list of priorities in prayer is first the Church and the leaders of the Church.  If we do not get the Church right, we cannot succeed in getting the home right.  My second priority is the Home and Family.  I believe that if we train up the children in the way they should go and make God number one in our hearts and homes we can influence and impact the government.  Thirdly, I am targeting the government of the United States of America.  I am praying for ALL THE CORRUPTION to be exposed unmistakably and undeniably. 

I ask that you pray for the Church, the Home, the Family, and the Country.  I am not asking you to embrace or believe what I saw, sensed, felt, and heard.  If it resonates in your heart you do what you feel with it.  If it does not, then set it aside but consider the warnings I have offered.  I have not been detailed and may later, but I ask all who believe in the One True God and are followers of Jesus Christ to PRAY!

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. I believe men of God see visions, have dreams, prophesy, so the Church, those in Christ and Christ in us, can PRAY and INTERCEDE so it doesn’t have to happen. I believe warning dreams are given so we can pray, not blame and condemn the people, but curse the evil we are shown. We are told before hand so it doesn’t have to happen, like Jonah’s message from God that he was going to destroy Ninevah, but did not because they repented. Thank you for the warning and I will pray all the more for America to come back under God as a godly constitutional Republic! Did you let President Trump know so the prayers start from the Commander in Chief for America, like Ninevah was saved starting with their king? https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ God bless you!

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