One can only imagine how the Founding Fathers would react if they stepped on the political scene today and say the massive amounts of money invested in securing political office.  I am convinced they would deem it totally contrary to their desire for a non-professional system of public servants called legislators and Presidents.  I believe they would wonder, as do I, why so much money is willingly poured into securing an office that produces such a paltry amount of income compared to what is being spent. 

I believe they would logically conclude that it has to do with Power, Influence, and Control rather than Public Service and would Irate!  I believe that they would have much the same reaction as Jesus concerning the money changers in the Temple and John the Baptist to the Pharisees who came to him to be baptized.  I believe they would urge the populace to Clean House at least every term or two and send fresh new blood to Washington in hopes of conveying the message that those elected officials responsibility and duty was to represent the people, protect and defend the United States and honor the Constitution.

Today, Political Action Committees (PACs) and an innumerable collection of special interest groups clamor for the attention of all candidates and especially those whom they deem to be likely to be elected.  They seek to create a sense of obligation or gratitude on the part of the candidate so he or she will be favorable to their positions, agendas, and/or goals.  In short, they are buying politicians.  What better way to ensure that you get inside information, favoritism in negotiations, and anchor yourself and your business interests in the good ole boy or cronyism system that is prevalent in DC today.

If you are fed up, as I am, with the current way of doing business in Washington DC and desire to see America restored to her core principles and values then it is time to awaken from our slumber and do our due diligence to determine which candidates are best suited to fulfill that dream.  We have already let that ship sail again and I can only pray we have enough time to awaken and correct our mistake.  We may have to accept lesser individuals initially.  But if we stay the course we can, in a few election cycles, convey the message that We Demand a Return to America’s Roots! 

We must demand that the Constitution be followed.  We must demand that the rule of law be adhered to.  We must demand that life be given the sanctity that God gives it. We must demand that there be no more career politicians in Washington or the State Houses.  We must demand that God be put back in our schools, our churches are allowed to worship freely as guaranteed by the Constitution, and as the Founders, the wisdom of the Bible be sought in making laws and developing policies for this nation.

It seems that the only religion that those arguing for Separation of Church & State ever attacks is the Christian Religion.  We seem to be the only ones that the government believes are guilty of offending others.  We are the targets of their overly aggressive desire to be PC and we’ve been booted out of the Public Schools, Public Buildings, and Public Grounds.  Unfortunately, too many Christians have bought the flawed argument that government must be secular only and the Church dare not engage in anything political.  That is foreign to the Bible and the ideology and actions of the Founders as well as the Constitution.  The First Amendment does not mandate a separation of Church & State it only mandates that the Federal Government WILL NOT establish a National Religion and give it preferential treatment over other religions. 

I am a Christian and an American citizen and I have a LIFE that cannot be compartmentalized into work-life, business life, social life, spiritual life, and political life. I’m not a cat I do not have nine-lives.  I have a life and that life affects everything around me including the political.  That is why I am so driven to educate all I can and seek to see America restored.  I do it for the sake of Freedom and the sake of the Kingdom of God!

As I contemplate the reaction of the Founders and men such as Jefferson, Adams, and Washington, I am convinced they would be saying with Thomas Paine, “Bring it!  Bring it on!  I truly believe if they could somehow arise from the grave and address the nation today, they would say to those wanting to destroy America, “Bring it on.”  Jefferson would call for the watering of the tree of liberty again.  Washington would be incensed at the corruption and Adams would organize another revolution. 

They didn’t back down from the King of England and all his money and military might because they believed in Liberty and Justice for All. They believed in the inalienable rights of human beings and that each of us has the right to pursue Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness as God-given and uninfringeable.  They believed that the Federal Government should be constrained from interfering in the daily lives and business of individuals and States and should provide for the general welfare and defense of the nation not becoming so all-consuming and all-controlling as to dictate to us what we can do, where we can go, how we can live, etc.

That’s why you have so many recorded impassioned speeches by those men that placed their very lives in jeopardy.  They believed in a cause that they perceived as God-inspired and Righteous.  They sought to prohibit the nation from becoming a Welfare Nanny State and believed that people should be industrious and that laziness should never be rewarded. 

They believed that helping the poor & needy was a community, church, and family responsibility not that of the Federal Government.  When I was growing up, we helped our neighbors in time of need by gathering crops, building a barn that had burned or a home.  We provided food, clothing, and shelter to those around us although none of us had much more than what barely met our own needs, and yet none of us went hungry, lacked a place to live, and had clothes to wear.  Those clothes may have been homemade or hand-me-downs, but they were clean and served the purpose.  We didn’t have cell phones, internet, video games, and most of us had not T.V. and we survived and contrary to popular opinion it did not take a community to raise a child it took parents who were willing do discipline and care for them.  It didn’t require the State or the Federal Government to do it.

They wrote the Constitution as much to protect us from the Centralized Federal Government as they did for the Federal Government.  They amended it to further protect our inalienable rights as human beings of God’s creation.  They honored God and sought the counsel of the clergy while encouraging the Bible should be taught in the public schools as well as the Constitution in addition to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, History, Geography, and the Sciences.  They studied devotedly, labored tirelessly, and fought ferociously to give us what we have to do so I believe that if they saw the trampling of the Constitution by this President and the left they would say, “Bring it on!”   They would be publicly crying out from every available source of the atrocities being committed against the people and the founding principles of this nation.  Don’t you think it’s about time that we do the same?

Elections are critical and if we allow even one to slip through our fingers and we will pay dearly but if we have any hope of salvaging the Republic we MUST become and stay engaged.  We can, with the help of God, overcome even that eventuality and send a resounding message to Washington and the world that we are Fed Up and Want Our Country Back and we are Taking It back legitimately and legally without force or violence! 

To do that we must PRAY fervently.  We must WORK diligently.  We must GIVE of ourselves, our time, and lives to offset the deep pockets of the Fundamental Change Machine that is being advanced. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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