World history is replete with examples of Tyranny being achieved on the heels of massive government and media censorship of all opposing views.  The insincere calls by Joe Biden and the Democrats for ‘unity’ are exposed by their actions.  Actions always speak much louder than words.  The proof is in the pudding and what they seem to mean by ‘unity’ is ‘compliance.’ 

The War on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, and Freedom of Religion is escalating and where it ends is unlikely to be good for America or the American people.  What is it about the truth that the Left fear so much that they are willing to use any means to silence all opposing voices?  If what they are advancing is truth and right, then they have nothing to fear by openly and with civility engaging in debate with dissenting voices. 

I have discovered in my decades on this planet that the followers of toxic liberalism and what could be called Luciferin zealots claiming to be learned and checkers of facts causes them to demand censorship and a redefining of truth and history.  An honest heart does not fear the truth but welcomes it for they know that it is liberating.  I believe that it is only those devoid of truth who feel compelled to censor anything that engages in independent thought.  Rational thought is a threat to those following the toxic brand of liberal ideology of today.  The followers of Democratic Socialism dare not allow people to rationalize and think for if they do, the ideology of the Left would be rejected.

Let me get in trouble at the outset of this presentation and use homosexuality as an example.  If that lifestyle choice were a normal sexual practice, there would be no need to instantly and viciously attack anyone who questions that practice as normal or natural.  I believe, you may not, that according to the Bible homosexuality is a sexual sin that requires repentance and rejection to be acceptable to God.  God calls it an abomination.  If you believe it is normal and natural, the fact that I disagree is not a justification to viciously assault me and call for me to be censored, incarcerated, and charged with a hate crime.  Simply debate the situation using factual, scientific, and moral proofs for your position.

Abortion is, in my view, murder.  It can only be called genocide or infanticide.  When I present my arguments for life I am attacked viciously and called everything but a human being.  In my lifetime I have observed the industrialized systematic attempts to exterminate entire generations via abortion.  When I question the duplicity of people literally begging for funds to save abused animals (a good thing) but openly applauding the slaughter of innocent unborn babies, I am attacked viciously. 

Hillary Clinton sought to silence the women bringing accusations against her husband but demanded that women accusing conservatives must be given a voice and believed.  If Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton are truly strong independent women and role models for women everywhere what should we do with their history?  Why was it necessary for Harris to sleep with a long list of married men to climb the political ladder?  Why would Hillary endure a lifetime of public humiliation for the sake of political expediency?

The truth is a sort of kryptonite to the lies and the liars who spread them.  Therefore, it is mandatory that anyone exposing the fraud, criminality, corruption, and hypocrisy of the liberal socialist globalist ideology and agenda be censored and silenced.  The truth is not to be feared but should be welcomed.  The Bible informs us that, ‘the truth will make us free.’  Fear has torment whereas truth emboldens and liberates.  Truth frees the soul, the heart, and mind from the encumbrances of distortion.  Truth, though sometimes painful is therapeutic and brings healing, peace, and freedom.

Our entire world is living in the paralysis of fear.  We are told by the medical experts that it is mandatory that we wear masks, get vaccines, and practice social distancing to protect ourselves from the virus no sweeping the globe.  Those medical experts who disagree are censored and silenced.  Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets have an objective to silence anything that does not follow the Leftist rhetoric.  When they can shut down a sitting president with impunity, what can they do to the rest of us? America was founded on the belief and vision that ‘all people are created equal.’  Our Declaration of Independence proudly announced that we have the God-given right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

The double standard and hypocrisy of the Left and the Tyrannical will never be seen more clearly than in the comparative responses to what happened on January 6, 2021, at the Capitol and the riots, demonstrations, and protests that have been rampant in America.  Those at the Capitol were called insurrectionists and deemed as domestic terrorists committing and act more treacherously than anything in our history.  Those burning looting and causing mayhem even taking over a section of a city and a police station ‘peaceful protestors.’  That is duplicitous and diabolical. I am not defending the events of January 6th nor the events of the previous year or four years by the rioters.

The wizardly wise Congressman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed, “we came close to nearly half the House dying.”  She made no condemnation of the BLM/Antifa insurrection against federal buildings in Portland, or the call for ‘no USA at all.’  Yet, she deems those at the Capitol white supremacists determined to annihilate all on the Left or of a different ethnicity than they.

She and others have called for the expulsion of Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz for raising objections to the electoral count.  What they did is no different than the Democrats in 2017 and at other times in our history.  It is an allowable provision for Congress but when it is done in opposition or objection to the Tyrannical Liberal Leftists ideology and agenda it is treacherous, treasonous, and demanding of immediate censorship.

The Left, during the Trump presidency, called for people to ‘push back’ against Trump officials if they were met on the streets.  They called for the ‘harassment’ of Trump supporters in restaurants.  There are calls to strip children from parents to deprogram them and indoctrinate them with the Leftist ideological views to save them from conservatism and support for Trump.  Celebrities doing vile things, calling for the rape, sodomization, and murder of Trump family members were not censored.  If anyone who supported the president called them out, those supporters were immediate targets for censorship. 

What we are witnessing is the rise of Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism which is despotic tyranny.  If we do not ensure that our Bill of Rights remains intact and the Constitution restored to its rightful position as the governing guide, we will see Tyranny take control and those who disagree will not only be censored but exterminated.

God bless you and God bless America!

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