I believe that we too easily become distracted with personalities and side issues in our elections and that opens the door for the destructive policies of the transformers to become entrenched.  We focus on individual races rather than the Republic to our own hurt. 

I understand that it is in the individual races that we are able to cast our ballots for those we choose to represent us in Washington.  I do not mean to diminish that.  I also understand that we cannot vote in all the elections nationwide.  However, we can focus on the overall objective of the candidates and political parties and work through the means available to support or expose candidates and political agendas. 

I believe that dating back to the statement by Benjamin Franklin when asked at the constitutional convention, “Dr. Franklin, what kind of government do we have?”  He said, “A Republic, madam if you can keep it.”  The “if you can” is the decisive factor and sadly, we have too frequently lost sight of what we are to keep, how we are to keep it, and why it is imperative that we maintain oversight in our government.

Our national bureaucracy has been infiltrated by statists, globalists, and political activists seeking ideological agendas that are counter-republicanism.  They are anti-everything our founders proposed, established, and warned of the ease with which it could be dismantled.  We are voting for the Republic, Inalienable Rights, and Freedom.  I am soberly serious in that declaration.  Our individual and national freedom is hanging in the balance.

Under the current administration, we have watched our economy be reduced to ashes.  We have watched the mandates and restrictions based on incomplete and often inaccurate information regarding the pandemic caused by the Wuhan Virus (COVID-19).  We have watched from the national down to the local level politicians and bureaucrats seize the opportunity to impose their brand of totalitarianism and revoke our liberties.  They have infringed upon our constitutional rights and, initially, we sat in silence and complied like docile sheep. 

Over time, many that were seeking to be compliant began to realize that maybe, just maybe we had not been given full disclosure.  Many began to realize that the economy was needlessly shuttered.  As people began to feel the pinch at the pump for gasoline to power their automobiles enabling them to live their lives, work, and earn a living, they began to question their actions. 

We have observed the growing shortages in the healthcare industry, airline pilots, teachers, and a myriad of other occupations.  We have experienced the escalating prices of energy, food, clothing, and virtually every good and service we need to continue as a sovereign nation and individuals.  Virtually none of it was necessary and virtually every action was rooted in a political agenda and ideology that was the antithesis of freedom. 

I have heard the moans, complaints, criticisms, and vitriolic language in reaction to our current state.  I hear people gripe and lambast politicians from one party or the other without focusing on the root problem and the prime objective we should be voting on in November.

Yes, the power needs to be stripped from any politician or party that runs amok in an escalating push to fundamentally transform America.  Yes, to defeat as many of those as possible.  Yes, we need to focus on individual statewide races, governorships, legislators, and local politicians as well.  Yes, to all those.  If we give control of the House and Senate to the GOP, I am confident that we will see moderate resistance to the destructive policies now being enacted.

I wish I could say, the GOP will drain the swamp, dismantle the Deep State, and slam the brakes on the Biden administration’s trainwreck, but I try not to deal in fantasy.  There are too many establishment types in both parties who are peas in the same pod with different letters after their names. 

However, I do believe that we can send a message to Washington that will cause the career political elitists to take notice.  How?  We can become vocal.  We can become involved.  We can turn out to vote En masse and then volunteer as poll watchers and sound the alarm at every irregularity.  We can begin our campaign to flood the DC switchboard with phone calls.  We can fill the political email boxes with our vocalizations of what we desire and expect.  We can blow up their phones with our texts.

What is our message?  We want the Republicanism of the Founding Fathers restored.  We want the FBI purged of all political activists and agents of liberalism.  We want the IRS depoliticalized and to end the army of new armed agents who are willing to use deadly force on citizens.  We need to demand the restoration of the military to be the fighting force it was designed to be.  We need to demand a return to Constitutionalism. We want God to be honored in our public square.

Will our saying that is what we want, impress them?  Not by itself.  But if we couple that with putting our money where our mouth is and being persistent in our calls, texts, letters, and voting, we will cause a ripple in the political waters they cannot ignore.  We will not achieve our objective in one election.  We must become committed, like those valiant patriots in 1776 to fight to the finish.  We must become smarter than them and learn to listen to not only what they say but watch what they do.

We have been played by politicians and this occupant of the White House and his team have used racial hoaxes to accrue power since the inauguration.  Sadly the Left have weaponized race and their propaganda arms in the MSM parrot the claims that if you are not a Leftist Democrat you are a racist.  The propaganda is never ceasing, and more than two to one press releases have been issued by the DOJ regarding the J-6ers domestic terrorists.  Why?  Because painting all conservatives as insurrectionists is more politically profitable than focusing on real and present threats to our republic.

We have the FBI Swat Teams raiding the homes of Pro-Life citizens and organization leaders in the name of protecting our democracy.  It is a gross overreach of their authority and power and has the blessing if not the direction of the DOJ and the White House.  We have become a nation, like the despotic totalitarian regimes of communist and third-world nations, where our law enforcement, military, and bureaucracies are weaponized against the opposition of the party in power.  That is what we are voting on next Tuesday! 

Sadly, many in the religious world have joined forces with the Leftists and either misinterpret the Bible, the value of the home and family, and the moral fiber needed to survive as a republic, or they ignore those precepts.  We recently had the U.S. Catholic Bishops celebrating illegal immigration.  Some religious authorities are insisting that the Bible supports abortion when the Bible and virtually all ancient Jewish history reveal that abortion was considered murder and anathema to God’s commandments.

I know that some will take umbrage at my usage of the Bible, but it is the core of my personal beliefs, and I will not run from my beliefs.  I believe that God values life and freedom.  I believe that America was founded on principles embodied in the Ten Commandments and the biblical precepts regarding government and law.  If you disagree that is your privilege.

We are voting for the Republicanism of the Founding Fathers in this and every election.  I pray that you will become inspired, emboldened, and committed to the cause of preserving the United States of America and returning our culture to its moral moorings, which would be to return to God.

God bless you and God bless America!

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