OCTOBER SURPRISE – Weaponized FBI and More…

The infamous October Surprise that is always forthcoming during any election year seems to have been multiple things.  I am sure each person has their own view of what it was, even if it was not truly a surprise.  My thoughts on this matter have caused me to ask the question, “Is This America?”  What happened to the America of our Founding Fathers and the America of our fathers and grandfathers?

In 1908, the United States of America’s population had exploded, and it now stretched from ocean to ocean and Canada to Mexico.  We had inventions like the telephone and the telegraph making communications easier than ever.  Railroads had shrunk the enormous expanse from California to New York and America was wealthier than ever.  We had become a World Power thanks to our naval victory over Spain. 

Our growth and expansion had produced more than one hundred cities with populations over 50,000.  That seems insignificant today, but that was near the turn of the century, and with it came the ever-increasing problem of crime.  Organized crime through the mafia along with the terrible conditions for the poor in those cities presented a sizeable problem.  Those in government were hearing the pleas of citizens for something to be done.

Strikes and clashes between workers and corporations were becoming deadly and the growing power of Union Bosses often tied to the mafia was becoming a major concern. Political machines were becoming entrenched in power as was witnessed in the corrupt political machine of Tammany Hall.  Illegal monopolies were rising and with the growth of our population, the increasing size of our cities, and the corruption in politics, business, and the problem of organized crime, something was needed to bring a sense of safety to the citizens.

In 1908 there was no systematic method of enforcing the law across the vast American landscape.  What was to be done?  Many states and local communities had their own law enforcement agencies and often those were not well-trained or equipped.  The problem was growing and the call for action had reached a crescendo.  Anarchy was raising its ugly head, as the first modern-day domestic terrorists began to unite and create problems nationwide.

The shooting of President McKinley occurred in 1901 and Vice President Teddy Roosevelt was in the oval office.  He was a staunch advocate of the rising “Progressive Movement” and believed that the federal government had to become the guiding hand in law enforcement and oversight of the industrial complex.  He had served six years as Civil Service Commissioner in Washington and proudly declared, “we stirred things up.”  He served two years as the New York Police Department’s head. 

It was through President Teddy Roosevelt that the FBI would get its start.  He appointed a like-minded reformer as his second Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte.  It did not take long for Bonaparte to realize that his hands were tied in dealing with the rising tide of crime and corruption.  He had no team of investigators to call upon except for a handful of special agents.  With Congress rejecting Roosevelt’s quest for more power in the use of the Secret Service Bonaparte deemed it necessary to create his own force of investigators.  In June 1908, he quietly hired nine of the Secret Service investigators previously borrowed and combined them with twenty-five of his own men to form a special agent force. 

Congress did not object to this special unit and his successor George W. Wickersham, gave this band of agents their first name – The Bureau of Investigation.  For fifteen years operated under that name and although not powerful enough to withstand the influence of outside money and corruption, it continued.  New agents were poorly trained.

The FBI’s initial purpose was to investigate and prosecute criminals who evaded prosecution by crossing state lines.  In a few short years, the handful of agents had become more than three hundred and by the end of World War I, it was given the responsibility of investigating draft resisters, violators of the Espionage Act of 1917, and immigrants suspected of radicalism.

J. Edgar Hoover joined the DOJ in 1917 and in a brief time became special assistant to Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer.  He became the face of federal law enforcement during the “Red Scare” of 1919-1920.  He established a card index system listing every radical leader, organization, and publication in the United States and by 1921 had amassed over 450,000 files.  He had more than 10,000 suspected communists on his list.  The AG was criticized for abuse of power, but Hoover came out smelling like a rose, unscathed. 

In the 1920s with Congressional approval Hoover dramatically restructured and expanded the Bureau of Investigation.  It could be argued that he built an effective crime-fighting machine, but he also created an emerging monster with incredible power and authority.  The Bureau was initially created to fight crime and stem the rising tide of corruption in the United States. 

Today, that Bureau has become a politicized arm of the Leftist agenda and is out of control.  Among the many excesses and questionable activities of this federal agency transpired in March 2021.  Most Americans are probably unaware of how the FBI failed to disclose to the judge granting their warrant their intent to permanently seize valuables from citizens.  In that raid, they seized more than $86 million in cash, jewelry, and gold from 1,400 safe deposit boxes in a raid of a Beverly Hills vault company. 

The company pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to launder drug money.  However, there were hundreds of private citizens whose assets were also seized and who were not suspected of any crimes, by the FBI.  That is according to court documents, yet their valuables are still being held illegally by the FBI.  They failed to tell the magistrate Judge Steve Kim, that they intended to keep all the assets in every safe deposit box containing more than $5,000 in cash or valuables.

We are all aware of the move against former President Donald Trump and regardless of what you think of him, you should be concerned about that raid, how it was conducted, and the apparent overreach involved.  Then, they went after Trump supporters in raids and confiscated phones, etc.  But it has not stopped there. 

The Pennsylvania pro-life activist’s arrest should raise eyebrows and concerns about the Gestapo-type tactics of overly dramatic actions and the targeting of individuals who do not follow the politically correct script.  They seem to be unconcerned about the escalation of attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers and violence against anti-abortion activists.  But are laser-focused on anyone supporting the Make America Great Again political ideology and who is pro-life?

Attorney General Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray have weaponized the FBI and federal law enforcement to persecute, harass and prosecute political adversaries and protect their fellow political partisans.  They ignore the threats toward Supreme Court Justices and allow those who commit acts of violence in the name of liberal activism to go unscathed. 

The October Surprise that I believe that the Left launched and that which we have only seen the tip of the iceberg is the rogue FBI.  What will come in November and during the elections and counting the ballots?  What overt action will transpire to keep power in the hands of the toxic liberal ideologist?  America, we are at war, and the war’s roots go far beyond the political into the spiritual.  We are fighting principalities and powers of darkness seeking to destroy this nation. 

It is time to fall on our faces before God and cry out for Him to send forth His light and expose the darkness.  It is time to return to our moral moorings and begin to invest and involve ourselves in the oversight of our government.  Freedom is hanging in the balance!

God bless you and God bless America!

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