Tuesday, November 8, 2022, is election day in the United States.  Many have already voted via early voting in person or via mail-in ballot.  There are many concerns regarding the integrity of this election due to the shenanigans in the last election.  If those in politics were genuinely interested in election integrity and one person-one vote the election judges and ballot counters would be balanced.  Sadly, that is not the case and in virtually every precinct there is a horrific imbalance slanted to one side or the other.

But, putting all that aside and hoping that there will be enough whistleblowers and enough boots on the ground, and eyes scanning the process we will have a reasonably legitimate election.  I do not like saying, reasonably legitimate, because that means it is anything but.  I am not settling but facing the facts and praying for divine oversight as well as political courage by those involved to do what is right.

I do not like losing and that includes politics.  However, if the election is fair, legitimate, without fraud, ballot stuffing, and fraught with any illegal votes, then if my candidate or party loses, I can accept that.  I will continue to speak out if I see things that are detrimental to our Republican form of government and our free market system of economics.  I will speak out when edicts, actions, or legislation tramples on our inalienable rights, biblical precepts, and our constitution.  I would expect that from any freedom-loving American.

We are voting in this election to determine which party controls the House and Senate.  The party in control of those houses of congress will determine if there is to be and can be any resistance to the agenda of destruction and transformation pushed by the party in power in the White House.  I do not consider Joe Biden the true leader of his party, but a figurehead and often an extremely incoherent one.  He reads what is on the teleprompter and frequently even the directions his handlers give him.

We have watched, during these past two years, our economy reduced to ashes, many of our freedoms infringed, and various bureaus of the federal government weaponized.  That should disturb those on the Left and the Right.  A rogue CIA, FBI, NSA, and IRS are dangers to the Republic and freedom.  If any of those entities amass enough power or form a cohesive coalition, they could launch a coup to take over our government.  When you add to that mix the continual revision of our military you should see a clear and present danger.

I do not believe that the Republican Leadership in Washington is significantly different than the Democratic side of the aisle.   However, I do believe there are enough races with candidates who are proving to be brave enough to be vocal and draw lines in the sand to prevent the continuation of our metamorphosis toward Socialism or Marxism.  If we can elect a sufficient number of those individuals, we can alter the power structure in Washington and move a step closer to the restoration of the Constitution and our Liberties.

We are voting on inflation.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of the House and Senate, we are voting for hyperinflation, stagflation, and the continued destruction of our economy.  We are voting to allow small businesses to be strangled with stifling regulations and mandates and to be forced out of business due to the ever-increasing costs of goods and services.  If we want to see a return to normalcy we must vote no on the Democrats, because they have proven they are willing to vote down the party line, regardless of the issue.

We are voting on Religious Freedom.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of the House and Senate, we are voting to allow the continued infringement upon our religious freedoms and our freedom of speech.  If we believe that churches and individuals should be allowed, as the Constitution asserts, to worship as their heart’s decree and follow biblical principles we must vote no on the Democrats.  They have demonstrated not only a willingness but a propensity to trample on our religious liberties.

We are voting on Border Security.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of both houses of Congress, we are voting to strip America of her sovereignty and make her a member state of the global government proposed and desired by the left.  If we want to see America secure, safe, sovereign, and able to defend itself we must vote no on the Democrats.  Their actions regarding illegal immigration, and border security, make our military a participant in the WOKE mentality and their actions reveal their intent.  If we want the America of yesterday and the America of our Founding, we must vote no on the Democrats.

We are voting on our Children.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of Congress, we are voting to expose our children to pedophiles, place them on the altar to Baal and offer them up to Molech as sacrifices.  We are voting to allow their pliable young minds to be molded to embrace the Revisionist, WOKE ideology, and force them to experience confusion as to who and what they are.  If we believe that parents should have the final say in the education and training of their children, we must vote No on the Democrats. They have demonstrated a willingness and desire to force our children into a state of confusion as to gender as well as sexual preference as a lifestyle. 

Children, who are not old enough to be responsible for themselves should not be exposed to the blatant confusion being pressed upon them by the groomers and toxic liberals.  We must fight for the children who are born and the children who are yet to be born.  We are fighting for Life. 

We are voting on America.  If we allow the Democrats to maintain control of the House and Senate, we may not have an America to vote on in 2024.  The course they are charting for America will radically move us toward a totalitarian despotism where Socialism replaces Capitalism and inalienable rights will be replaced with government rights.  We will find ourselves less free and more subservient to the federal government which sees itself as our benevolent benefactor.

What the federal or state government funds it controls.  If we allow ourselves to become dependent upon the government for our subsistence, we will be surrendering our freedoms, right, and liberties to those in control of the government.  We are voting on Life, Liberty, and the right to pursue Happiness.  We are voting on the American Dream.  We are voting on personal property rights and all our inalienable and constitutional rights.

We are voting on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and all the Amendments.  How we vote will determine how far they will go to strip us of our rights.  Our vote matters and if we can evict enough of them and replace them with constitutionalists we have hope politically. 

Just in case you wonder how I have voted; I voted NO on the toxic liberal agenda.  Will I be faced with some difficult choices in voting?  Assuredly, but I will pursue the path that I believe best affords America and my home state of Texas to maintain freedom and liberty.  You can agree or disagree with me, that is your right, prerogative, and privilege.  I will defend that right. 

I pray that all of us have carefully vetted the candidates and the political parties they represent.  I pray that each of us has earnestly sought the mind of God in this election.  I pray that each of us will do our civic duty and vote!  When a small percentage of the electorate vote, we are allowing the few to determine what the whole should have with regard to government and individual liberties.  If I do not vote, I have no legitimate right to voice objections later.  I will cast my ballot and then resume my position of Watching from the Wall and sounding the alarm when I see the danger.

God bless you and God bless America!

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