My title is ambiguous and requires further expounding to have any meaning.  Before I plunge into the deep cold waters of doubt and questions regarding the federal government and governmental actions and antics, let me say I believe God!  I believe God, not the government.  I believe God, not the purveyors of theories.  I believe God’s Word to be the Inspired Word of God and not only profitable but vital. My motive is to cause everyone to think for themselves not to be controversial.

Now, what do I have questions regarding?  Many things, but what I am focused on is the COVID mandates, treatments, or lack thereof, and the motivations behind the reports, hidden data, and actions during the past two-plus years.  Ancient history for many but painfully prevalent for others. There are far more questions for me than answers.  I do not care which side of the vaxx or not vaxx issue you stand on. That is not where my concern lies.

My concern is not only the information we have been privy to but the failure to disclose the whole gamut of the demands, mandates, lockdowns, information, and misinformation.  My questions arise out of the disagreement in the medical and scientific communities.  My questions arise from the draconian tyrannical actions of Little Napoleons from the local to national levels of government.  My questions arise from the infringement upon our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights, Privileges, and Liberties. 

I have read doctors’ reports on both sides of the coronavirus issue.  There is a plethora of documents that both support the mandates and that decry them as fraudulent, deceptive overreaches that cost lives and diminish freedom.  Who is right, and who is wrong?  I suspect there is a middle ground in which the real truth lies, but most of us outside the loop will never fully know, except as revealed by God Himself. 

Medicine, like the other sciences, is supposed to involve critical thinking and deductive reasoning.  In science and medicine, a hypothesis is always created to explain the myriad complexities of the healthy and diseased.  Each hypothesis is to be tested with the new information and insights that arise.  This results in knowledge about any disease or condition being nudged in one direction. 

Unfortunately, in the COVID-19 pandemic and paranoia, there seems to be a reluctance to allow new information or proven treatments to shift the hypothesis first issued. The information presented was to gain control on many fronts.  There are intellectually curious physicians becoming vocal in questioning the validity of the original mandates, diagnosis, and treatment or non-treatment plan pursued by the CDC and government-run health organizations and physicians.  That raises questions.

There was a time when leeches were used in bloodletting to cure diseases.  That practice is now known to be fallacious but was in place until the late 19th century. Incredible as it sounds, supposedly intelligent scientists believed in the somewhat superstitious practice rooted in anything but medicine.  We have now embraced practices that God instructed the nation of Israel to do as He delivered them from Egyptian bondage.  In the so-called pre-educated era of Moses, Israel applied wisdom in contrast to the superstitious practices of other nations. 

Until recently, Vioxx was considered a safe painkiller until it was discovered that it caused heart attacks and strokes.  The ‘safe and effective’ drug was found to be other than ‘safe.’  We have seen the danger of Oxycontin, marketed as a non-addictive pain killer. It destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, through its highly addictive nature.

My physician said, “I took the Hippocratic Oath and promised to Do No Harm.”  He said that seems to be a forgotten thing in much of the medical community today as government mandates push us toward abandoning that oath.   He said I promised not to be ashamed to say, “I do not know when I do not know, and I also refuse to play God.”  I trust my doctor, and he willingly listens and seeks answers if I have questions. 

He was disturbed by Dr. Fauci and others in the limelight during the height of COVID and insisted that no doctor, scientist, preacher, politician, or person knows everything.  My doctor believes we should be open to new information and reach our conclusion regarding any hypothesis using the compiled data available.  Any doctor or scientist that declares, “I am the science,” is attempting to replace God as the supreme and should not be trusted.

In America, we are told that at least 80% of the population received one dose of the vaccine, and at least 68% received two doses.  The incredible thing is that there is no end to COVID infections after almost three years.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has not declared that a new variant will be the most transmittable yet coming.  We are told that hospitalizations have been rising since Thanksgiving. 

It is evident that the vaccines did little, if anything, to prevent COVID infection. They may help to prevent hospitalizations, but that seems questionable based on new reports.  The rise in cardiac issues in young men and the rise in people dying from extraneous things at a much higher rate than pre-vaccine is concerning.  Are those things connected? What will happen in ten years post-vaccine? Have we opened pandora’s box and created something that will have repercussions well into the future?  We do not fully know, but it should cause us to ask questions.

In the beginning, we were told by the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and the WHO that vaccinated people did not carry the virus.  That was wrong. Few physicians questioned the original assertion. The CDC has or has had on its website that the vaccines are ‘safe and effective.’  If that is true, why is COVID still around, especially among those vaccinated and boosted? 

Physicians are concerned about the rise in myocarditis.  VAERS data reports that there have been 25,000 cases post-vaccine.  Steve Kirsch calculated that the VAERS underreporting rate is a factor of 41, which indicates that there could be as many as one million cases.  That is concerning! The recent incident by the NFL player Damar Hamlin has reignited questions and should. 

Young and healthy athletes can and do suffer cardiac arrest playing their sport.  In the past decade, there have been about 30-60 per year, but post-vaccine, many have transpired each month.  Is there a connection? We need answers!

One more thing before I conclude was the disturbing report by Steve Kirsch that sudden death was the Number One cause of death among those under 65 who received the COVID vaccine.  Also, over 260 athletes and former athletes in the USA died from cardiac arrest and other severe issues after receiving the vaccine.  Is there a connection? We need some definitive answers.

A Rasmussen Report suggested that almost one-half of Americans believe that COVID-19 vaccines are to blame for the unexpected and unexplained deaths.  More than twenty-five percent claim to know someone who could be included in those statistics.  If the non-medical populace is curious, should physicians not be extremely curious and determined to discover answers? 

I am not trying to write pro or con on the vaccine, only that I have questions, and the deceptiveness and failure to disclose information by the CDC and government fully cause me concern.  It leads to more distrust, which is not a good place because it could cause us to be trepidatious about everything, even the good things presented to us in the future.   We need answers, not fodder, for more questions.  Again, I declare I trust God!

America, we need to insist that our politicians, government, and scientific community be forthcoming and honest with us.  Hiding things and having fabrications exposed will only increase the divide between ideologies in America and the world.  We need honesty, and we need to become involved in our government.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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