I will resist giving only the simplistic but correct answer to that question, “We turned away from God, morality, sensibility, strong families, and Republicanism as a form of government.”  That is the bottom line, but I want to focus on the condition not just how we got into this state as a nation.  I hope that I can articulate this well enough that it will open a few tightly closed eyes.  Although, I realize that I may simply be preaching to the choir.

We have an occupant in the White House ill-equipped mentally, emotionally, and morally to be President, but he is.  It is not the first time that we had an unqualified person occupying a high-level political office, but this is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I do not wonder what our Founding Fathers would say, I believe they would be rattling sabers and calling for immediate action.  I am not calling for armed rebellion, but prayerful consideration of the problem.

The illogical actions of Joe Biden regarding Russia, Ukraine, gender, energy, and the southern border brings to mind an illustration I heard or read.  In that account, a king sent his servant to purchase a fish for the king’s dinner.  The servant’s ineptitude or disregard for the king returned with a rotten fish.  The fish was cooked and after one bite the king began to choke and spat out the rotten offering.  His anger was epic.  He offered the servant three options for punishment.

Those choices were: (A). Pay a steep monetary fine.  (B). Submit to 30 lashes on his back. (C). Eat the fish.  The servant was destitute and had limited pain tolerance, so he opted to eat the fish.  However, after eating half the fish, he became ill and began vomiting uncontrollably.  So, he opted for the lashes but after 20 lashes he could no longer bear the pain and opted for the fine which would take all he had.  In the end, the servant had sustained whippings and eating half a fish he did not need to eat and paid a monetary price that left him penniless.  That is what the Left is doing to America or what their agenda has in store for us.

Someone said that Joe Biden is a zhlub, (an oaf, bumpkin, or simpleton).  Others have insisted that word comes woefully short of describing him and the destruction to our nation.  They view him as a plague of catastrophic proportions.  We are being plagued by his ineptitude, dementia, or willful destruction. He is clearly suffering from a diminished mental capacity, but that does not excuse his actions.

We have an immense problem on our southern border with over one million illegals being encountered in just six short months.  We have surging crime in the inner cities all led by extreme leftist liberal Democrats.  We have the decimation of public education which includes the dangerous CRT, same-sex curricula for children, and more.  We have lost our world leadership in oil and gas energy, going from energy independent to being energy dependent. 

Our foreign policy is a joke.  Our economy is being or has been destroyed by inflation and the supply chain issues are creating economic disaster.  This administration continues to appoint incompetents to high-level offices and the blunders, gaffes, and inane statements and actions by Biden plague us.  Then, we have Hunter Biden and the revelation of deep corruption and illegalities showing that Joe’s connection cannot be ignored.

It is my view that we do not have a real president of the United States.  We have an occupant of the White House and Oval Office that is mentally and morally incapable of leading this nation.  He is supposed to be the CEO of the American government but if a CEO of any corporation were as inept as he, that company would be bankrupt in short order.  He is supposed to set the objectives for the nation, he has failed miserably.  In contrast, President Trump was astute in fulfilling that aspect of the job. 

We have a situation where there is continual denial, diversion, distortion, and outright ignoring of the issues facing this nation.  His actions caused our gas prices to soar and now he pretends to care and is releasing millions of barrels of oil from our Strategic Reserve.  That may help in the short-term regarding prices at the pump but will place us in an incredibly dangerous position long term.  He could open the Keystone Pipeline and allow drilling on federal lands which would be a real solution.  Rather, he opts to ‘wag the dog’ and create the image of giving us relief, which many will praise rather than pursuing any real solution to the problem he created.

The racial discord is growing, and the Left is fanning those flames.  The gender problem allowing biological males to compete in women’s athletics is not healthy.  The federal government pays for sex-change surgery for those who ‘identify’ as another gender.  Allowing biological males in women’s restrooms is inviting incredible abuse and perversion.  The denuding of our military of needed weaponry is a recipe for disaster.

If any of Trump’s children had engaged in the illegal and treasonous activities that Hunter Biden, Joe’s son has, the media, Congress, and the courts would be crying for action 24/7.  But with Hunter and Joe, the crickets of silence are so loud it is deafening. 

Ron Paul made a statement that I agree with.  He said, “The New World Order undermines Liberty.”  I agree!  I believe that our solution to the problem in America is two-fold.  We must return to following the Constitution as it was written and allow no deviations from that guiding document.  Secondly, which is actually first, we must return to following God and allowing His spiritual, moral, ethical, and governmental principles to guide us. 

When former President Trump called for filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when prices were low, Chuck Schumer bragged about stopping him.  How can that be justified?  The Green Energy crowd and Climate Change Alarmists praised Schumer and the Senate Democrats for that action.  How can they justify that action?  They justify actions that harm us long-term and denounce actions that are a means for long-term protection of our economy and our republic.

America, I do not believe that Biden and the Democrats who follow the toxic ideology of liberalism will pivot on the key issues facing America and that do us damage.  I hope their actions will result in a massive victory of ousting many of them from Congress and thereby open the door for some bureaucratic cleansing in our government. 

What issues am I referring to?  The administration’s negative energy policy.  Gas prices were low when Biden was inaugurated but have soared because of his undefendable policies.  Immigration was being addressed positively, but Biden immediately revoked the Trump policies and opened the border to illegals, terrorists, disease, and drugs. 

The ‘defund’ the police movements championed by the Left, the riots and destruction by BLM, and others have escalated due to the policies of handcuffing the police.  Education is a failure under this administration and the agenda being advanced will guarantee that its focus will be brainwashing not education.  Lastly, our foreign policy is an unmitigated disaster, and as Robert Gates stated, “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign and national security issue over the past four decades.”  Gates was the Defense Secretary under Obama. 

America, we can reclaim our republic.  We can, but will we?  Are we willing to take the austere steps required?  Are we willing to follow the directive of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and repent and return to God?  Are we willing to restore the Constitution to its lofty position as our guiding document in America?  Are we willing to forget party labels and vote out those pushing agendas that are detrimental to those objectives?  Are we willing to unite to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom?  If we are we can reclaim America!

God bless you and God bless America!


You may think that a strange title in today’s world, but it seems that those on the Left the followers of toxic liberalism, totalitarian globalism, socialism, the cancel culture…well the Democratic Party and Rhinos supposedly are trying to save us.  That is why I cry out, “LORD, save us from those trying to save us.”  If they succeed, we will not only not be saved, but we will be destroyed.

The utter lunacy of the pandemic lockdowns, and the actions that destroyed our economy and caused more problems than solutions were part of their effort to save us.  We are enduring a man in the White House who lives in a make-believe world and the concocted fantasies in his own mind.  He plagiarizes, fantasizes, fabricates, distorts, and mumbles making it a virtual impossibility to follow him in any cognitive manner.  He is largely incoherent, and every speech requires his handlers to clean up after him to explain away his gaffes or fallacious blurts and claims.  It is impossible to imagine how this group could save us, even if that was their true agenda.

Some of his incredible fabrications include traveling 1.5 million miles on Amtrak claiming that conductor Angelo Negri confirmed.  However, it is interesting to discover that Negri retired in 1993, decades before Biden’s story transpired.  He claimed that the U.S. Government experimented on the Tuskegee Airmen and that was the reason for the Black community’s hesitation to be vaccinated for COVID.  The airmen were not connected to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Then, he was an All-Star Baseball Player hitting a ball 358 feet in his second congressional baseball game.  However, the record reveals that then-freshman Senator Biden went 0-2 in the game. His mind is a plethora of events that never happened.  How could he possibly save us?

The Biden team and the Democrats blasted Trump claiming he did not do enough regarding COVID and doubled down on mandates, requirements, and extensions of restrictions.  Now, we have the ‘Think Tank’ studying the lockdowns telling us that the draconian measures to lock down the world failed to prevent COVID cases or deaths from or by COVID.  This was from the National Bureau of Economic Research, and they cited two states as ineffective in handling COVID, California and New York.  Yet, the Left wants us to believe that they can save us?  Please do not, for your plan to save us will destroy us!

Under the guidance of this group who believes that they have the formula for saving us, we have runaway inflation which is almost if not already hyperinflation.  The prices of goods and services will only continue to soar while wages will not.  Those of us living on fixed incomes are finding the pinch causing us to feel like we have been caught in a bear trap rather than a mere inconvenience.  The Left encourages the FED to print money as if that would be a fix for the problem.  The penchant for the FED to print money and the Left to throw money at everything is the cause not the solution of inflation.  Yet, they believe they have a plan to save us!  The words of Ronald Reagan come to mind, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” 

A recent poll indicated that only 7 percent believe that the nation is doing “very well” under Joe Biden.  I am not sure who they are and question their mental capacity to vote, but alas it is what it is.  Conversely, 33 percent of Americans believe that the country is doing “very badly” under Joe Biden.  How it is that low is a mystery, but again it is what it is.  Those polls indicate that 70 percent of Independents believe Biden is handling the economy badly.  As for handling crime, 66 percent say bad job and immigration 69 percent give him a failing grade.  This is the president and the party that wants to save us!  May God deliver us from their brand of help, we cannot afford it.

The Progressives, Liberals, Leftists, and Democrats trash any Black person that expresses or embraces Constitutional, Conservative, or Christian values.  They call Hershel Walker, Larry Elder, Tim Scott, and the late Walter Williams derogatory names while praising people like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Cori Bush, and Raphael Warnock.  Those who value our Republic and individual liberties are treated badly while those embracing political correctness, socialism, and anti-constitutionalists are praised.  These are the people trying to save us!  If they are allowed to succeed in their agenda, we will not be saved but destroyed. 

Today we have opened the door for classroom activists, groomers, and pedophiles to have open season on our children.  They are supported by the Leftists who seek to destroy all mention of God in public, eradicate two-parent families, strangle freedom of speech other than speech that agrees with their rhetoric, and more.  We have placed our children in harm’s way and are being told that embracing that logic will save us.  God help us to realize the damage and danger and reject their agenda. 

The corruption in the Biden family, and many of the leading Democrats is impossible to hide and they no longer feel the need to hide.  They believe they have the courts, congress, media, Hollywood, and are immune from prosecution or rejection by the voters.  Maxine Waters paid her daughter an additional $24 thousand adding to the $1.2 million already paid.  Those in Washington participate in insider trading with impunity.  Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and family, and a myriad of others have engaged in graft and corruption while burying the average American’s hopes of financial success.  They are the ones telling us they have a plan to save us!  With help like that which they offer we need no other problems; those are sufficient to destroy us.

The proverbial Doomsday Clock has been reset and the alarmists are demanding that we act immediately and embrace the agenda of the globalist, alarmists, and leftists.  The two most serious threats, in their minds, are nuclear war and climate change.  The managers of Doomsday Clock, headed by Rachel Bronson, the president and CEO of the Bulletin are more ideological than scientific.  Her Ph.D. is in soft political science, not hard science.  These are the people with a plan to save us and yet everything they do endangers us more.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have failed on every count.  They want to control us not liberate us!  Rather than embracing freedom of speech, they want to regulate speech designating anything but their rhetoric ‘hate speech.’  They have expanded the racial divide, destroyed the economy, and are waging war on God and the Bible, the Constitution, fossil fuels, and mandating small businesses into oblivion.  Yet, they insist they have a plan to save us.  May God help us to wake up and reject them and their agenda, or else we will discover that their magic elixir is not healing but poisonous.

America, we have a limited number of opportunities to right this ship and alter the course of this republic.  November is one of them and if we fail to rid ourselves of our personal biases and personality preferences uniting to oust the Leftists, Rhinos, and anti-constitutionalist we will facilitate our own destruction.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.  I am able to recognize the difference between Horse Hooey and Truth! It is time to return to God in repentance and pray, pray, and pray for renewal, revival, and restoration politically, socially, and spiritually.

God bless you and God bless America! 


We watched and saw, prior to the 2020 elections and even the 2016 elections, that the Leftists are willing to utilize any governmental bureaucracy or entity to target those who disagree with them.  Donald Trump may be many things, but I believe he loves America and was willing to fight for Americans.  He did not need to run for President, he was not a career politician but a businessman.  He, in my view, was and is a pragmatist, and believed that right would prevail, and he could work with both sides.  He was wrong and the Left and RHINOs proved it.

We might not have known the depth and breadth of the DC swamp had he not run and won the presidency.  I suspect that it has a much broader scope of influence than any of us truly see.  The tentacles of globalism and statism reach far beyond the politicians and our borders.  It is global and the powers, movers, and shakers of the world want total control and they are willing to do anything to seize it.

We watched the FBI and other intelligence agencies target Trump supporters.  We watched the IRS used as a political weapon against anyone and anything conservative or holding to traditional Christian values.  We watched churches cave as they were threatened with the denial or revoking of their 501(c)(3) status.  In contrast, the Muslim Brotherhood, and their American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), as well as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), enjoyed tax exemption with no threat to their status. 

We watched as individuals and businesses were targeted for not embracing the LGBTQ agenda and have been inundated with attempts to brainwash our children.  I recall one report where kindergartners at the Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington County, Virginia were subjected to ‘transgender messaging’ on Read Across America Day!  That is beyond ludicrous and should have every parent camping at the door of the Principal or Superintendent of Schools in protest.

The Biden administration following the cue of the Obama administration has labeled anyone opposing BLM, Critical Race Theory, or their many mind-numbing projects as Domestic Terrorist.  Basically, if you are a conservative, ex-military, Christian, and hold the Constitution of the United States as the Law of the Land, you are a Domestic Terrorist to the Leftist. 

In my view, those on the Left and this administration view all who disagree with them as the problem and themselves as the victims.  Hillary Clinton announced many years ago that her view of childcare was that “It takes a village to raise a child.”  She ignored and they continue to ignore the biblical, moral, and needful place of the parents in the home.  The Left has targeted men for decades and especially among Black families they have embarked on a path to eliminate the father from the home. 

Why would they do that?  If they can eliminate the father’s influence, then the educational system and the government can mandate what the child is taught.  By eliminating the father’s role, they have a greater opportunity to make the family dependent upon the entitlements of the government.  Whatever the government subsidies it controls.  The objective is clear, and our needed response is as well.

Joe Biden moved to destroy Religious-Based Childcare in his “Build Back Better” plan.  He has sought to eliminate the Religious-Based Childcare facilities by dumping truckloads of money on the states to build universal prekindergarten and care for children over 6 years of age.  They want to eliminate any funds from organizations that do not comply with their mandates and hold traditional Christian biblical values.  Money talks and sadly, many caved to get the gold. 

Our founding fathers envisioned a Republic that would continue so long as the people, maintained vigilance.  They warned of the dangers of allowing corrupt people to ascend to elected positions.  They knew the dangers of despotism, tyranny, and oligarchies.  They warned and warned but we decided that since we were not affected personally in a significant fashion, we would let the politicians handle the politics.  That has been beyond costly and could mean our demise as a Republic.

The Prophets of the Bible were individuals who spoke for God or from God.  They had a common link their heart was a heart for hearing God.  They received an anointing from Him to impart his message to the people.  It might be a warning of danger, judgment, or a promise of blessing for obedience.  In 2 Peter 1:21 we read, “For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke for God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

I believe we have had at least three American presidents who spoke prophetically.  They may not have understood that was what they were doing, but history reveals the prophetic of their declarations.  Those three, disagree if you choose, are George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan.  The prophetic farewell messages offered by those men offer guidance and counsel for our future as a Republic.

Among the many things Washington encouraged was that people, whether born here or emigrated here should become Americans and espouse the name American.  He warned against factions and divisions within the body politic that would be exploited by those seeking to gain power and control of the government at the expense of the people.  That was prophetic and we are witnessing that very attempt. 

Washington warned that those factions and divisions could and probably would lead to animosity, violence, and unwanted foreign influence.  He encouraged his fellow citizens to be faithful to the constitution and gave a dire warning regarding violations or impromptu changes to that document.  He warned that they might be advantageous in the short term, but that in the overall scheme of things would undermine free government. 

He also embraced Faith in God our Creator and in the Providence of God’s guiding hand that inspired and shaped his career and the birth of the new nation.  That was his constant encouragement and inspiration. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower entreated for the proper use of Military Power.  He stressed the importance of the United States remaining true to its founding ideals of “liberty, dignity, and integrity.”  He, like Washington, urged Americans to always be “strong in our faith.” 

Sadly, his warning about the military-industrial complex went largely unheeded and our remaining strong in the faith diminished with the infringement of the government on our 1st Amendment Rights.

Ronald Reagan urged Americans to maintain a high standard of moral integrity and to demand it from politicians.  He called America a magnet for the world and where freedom is an inspiration to the oppressed of the world.  He reminded us that Freedom must be defended over and over again, and then again.  He identified the need for America to have “an informed patriotism.”  He said, inciteful, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” 

The providence of God gave us the greatest nation to exist and we were warned by our forefathers to preserve our Republic.  Have we failed?  Time will tell.  Will we reclaim that which has been lost?  Time will tell.  Can we recover from this current disaster?  The next two elections will determine our fate. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Benjamin Franklin’s observation resonates powerfully today or should.  He said, “Those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither.”  I would rephrase it to, “Those who give up freedom and inalienable rights thinking the government will make them safe will come to realize they have neither freedom nor safety.”

I know that in a measure I am writing about old news, but I keep wondering where all this may lead. Will the ease with which those in power manipulated and controlled us lead them to even greater infringements upon our liberties in the future? I am concerned that we know the answer to that question. God help us to stand fast in defense and observance of the Constitution and our Inalienable Rights, given by God not the government.

I am still in a state of shock, although I should not be, at how easily the entire world was locked down in this current pandemic of COVID-19.  I would have argued that America and other countries would have resisted the mandate to incur house arrest out of fear, but I was wrong.  With the knowledge of the coming event predicted in the Bible of the Antichrist I would have thought Christians and pastors would have resisted more than they did. 

If locking down the world was this easy based on limited information and based on fear, how many will resist the mandate of the Mark of the Beast?  But that is a topic for another time.  The lockdown’s effectiveness was almost immediately brought into question by scientists and members of the medical community.  As time passes, we keep discovering the ineffectiveness of the lockdowns.  However, the politicalizing of the pandemic and the Hitleresque power grab from the city level to the White House has made it clear that this is not going away soon.  Power grabbed by the power-hungry is never willingly relinquished.

I am 100% for Safety if it is truly Safety!  I am 100% for actions that will save lives if those actions truly save lives!  However, I have watched as the Mass Media has been party to the coverup and censorship of all reports and reporters who would expose the ineffectiveness of the mandates.    If a government action demands the surrender of personal and inalienable rights in the name of safety, I demand that they prove the effectiveness of the actions.  We have had the exact opposite and now it is time for the American people and those in Congress to restore our Rights and Freedoms.  It is time for those in power to admit their failure.

According to a Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis of numerous studies, the lockdowns during the first COVID wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID mortality by 0.2%.  That includes both the United States and Europe.  Point two percent is not a justification for the paranoia, fear, and draconian lockdowns that were imposed. 

The meta-analysis concluded that the lockdowns provided virtually Zero benefits for public health and may have caused significant harm in the long term.  The economic destruction that transpired will take years if not decades to rebuild if they can be.  Some citizens lost their livelihood and dreams due to the government mandates that put them out of business or cost them their jobs.

The analysis also revealed that the ‘Shelter in Place’ mandates was equally ineffective.  Some studies suggested that the ‘Shelter in Place’ mandates reduced COVID-19 mortality by 5.1% but when coupled with the other mandates discovered that the reality was an increase in mortality by 2.8%.  That demands explanation by Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden, and every other politician in Washington.  The American people that the constitution recognizes as the true owners of the Republic demand the Truth!  We can handle the Truth, but the politicians know if we receive it, they are Toast! 

The side effects or peripheral damage done by the lockdowns include an increase in drug overdoses.  Those deaths reflect an increase of 28.5% from May 2020 to April 2021. That is astounding and should cause those behind the lockdowns to incur the ire of the voters.  We also know that domestic violence increased by 8.1% as people virtually went stir crazy not being able to get out of the house.

The report indicated that 97% of the teachers in the United States acknowledged that their students experienced learning loss.  That is not good for the future!  Unemployment soared to almost 15% in April 2020.  It has come back a great deal, but the damage done was catastrophic to millions of Americans.  The side effect of the increase in the welfare rolls and the entitlement mentality will cost us dearly in the years to come.

Senator Rand Paul offered his analysis.  He said, “In the 14th century, the pope surrounded himself with candles because they thought the infection could be burned out of the air to save people,” Paul told Fox News’ “America Reports” on Wednesday. “It was a wrong-handed notion. It took a few centuries – really to the 19th century – to understand the germ theory. Now we have lockdowns, which are not based in science, and really, we know that by and large masks did not work, Plexiglas did not work, and six feet of distance did not work. The one thing we do know that did work is vaccines and natural immunity.” 

I appreciate Senator Paul’s consistent resistance to the overreach by the federal government.  I do not know how effective the vaccines are, since much data suggests their effectiveness may only be making the infected less likely to be hospitalized. 

Numerous Republican-led states resisted the lockdowns and mandates, and the data suggests that those not imposing house arrest were no worse than those that did.  In many cases, they were better off, and their economy did not crater to the same extent as the states that followed the Fauci rule to the letter. 

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana offered his view.  He and other members of Congress are privy to much information that the average citizen is not.  He said, “I remember when government at all levels imposed the first lockdown.  They told us it was only going to be for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t.”   Now after nearly two years of mandates and failed measures by the government we are still facing the pandemic.

Senator Kennedy said, “Did it stop COVID? Doesn’t look to me like it did,” Kennedy said. “Did it gut the American economy like a fish? Yes. Did it set our kids back years in terms of learning and socialization? Yes. Did it lead to neglected health care for people with non-COVID illnesses? Yes. Did it impact the whole world? Yes. When America sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold.”

Therefore, I can only conclude that seeking Safety at all Costs is Costly!  I am horrified that any virus which seems likely to be a manmade biochemical weapon originating in a laboratory in Wuhan, China would exist.  I am grieved deeply over those I know who succumbed to the virus or from complications ignited by the virus due to pre-existing conditions that increased mortality.  I weep over the failure of our government to provide honest answers and allow treatments early that could have saved lives. 

I want everyone to be safe but when we allow ourselves to be willingly enslaved by government mandates, regulations, and restrictions that are, at best minimally effective. That, in my view, is not a good path.  Rather it is a path that will lead to further control and loss of liberty and freedom.  Liberty once lost is never restored short of a revolution.  If they can make us fearful enough many will willingly receive the virtual chains hoping to be safe. 

God help us to return to Him and restore the constitutionally mandated liberties and freedoms to the American people.  If we do not resist, we will watch America become a despotic oligarchy or dictatorship.  I cannot passively watch that transpire!

God bless you and God bless America!


I have asked that question, and the answers I received have been beyond disturbing.  Based on my unscientific and less than a random poll, it would seem that a great many believe that our current political morass is cyclical (much of it is).  They seem to believe that freedoms lost under one administration are easily and usually restored under the next from a different party (that is native).  That might have been true in the past, but I contend that it is far from the truth in the present.

We have been losing freedoms for decades, not just this past year or during the eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and his ‘fundamental transformation’ effort.  We lost freedoms dating back to the turn of the century and even beyond.  However, the cumulative losses do not compare to the current losses and the planned usurpations under the Biden administration.  Slumber with the thieves ransacking the house will result in no house to live in governmentally.

I believe that if you want to see what a War on Freedom looks like you could take this past year as an example, and it would be quite revealing.  However, we also lost freedoms in the last year of Trump.  Not as a result of his desire to strip us of our liberties but because he and his advisers bought the twaddle by Dr. Fauci and the so-called experts. 

There are many ways to defeat an opponent in war and one is monetary.  The policies enacted by the Biden administration and those being pursued have effectively devalued our currency even more.  Inflation is making the dollars we have almost as meaningless as the Deutsche Mark during their period of hyperinflation.  The crisis resulted in the German Mark’s devaluation so that $1 U.S. was equivalent to 3.43 Billion Deutsch Marks by the end of 1923.  That was a significant factor in Hitler’s rising to power.

When the borders are erased, and hordes of illegals are allowed and encouraged to flood the Republic that can be called nothing but an invasion.  I concur that some of those are seeking a better life.  However, many of them hold their allegiance to their former country where they have family remaining.  They will funnel U.S. dollars to those countries and further damage our economy.  They will place an impossible burden on our healthcare, education, and political systems.  Yet, that is what is happening under the Biden administration.

When free elections are tainted to the point that no one could possibly trust our electoral process, the sovereignty and security of the Republic are threatened.  When gerrymandering and redistricting are pursued with abandon making some states virtually devoid of any Republican Congressional seats, that spells disaster for the Republic.  When one party is disallowed from observing and serving as election judges in the balloting and counting in various states, that is a direct assault on the Constitution and the Republic.  Yet, that is what is happening in today’s political world in America.

When there is a blatantly hypocritical position to favor disruption, hate, and criminal activity when conducted by those on the Left but if any protest occurs by those on the Right it is domestic terrorism.  When the educational system is stripped of any semblance of objectivity regarding our history and infiltrated by radical leftists who advance a fallacious history, that is a threat to our Republic.  Our children are being indoctrinated from pre-school to Graduate school and few know America’s true history or the writings of our Founding Fathers.

When the government is a party to fanning the flames of distrust, discord, encouraging hatred based on ethnicity, and stirring up paranoia and fear, that is equivalent to War on the people.  It is a form of manipulation encouraging people to gravitate to a position or mindset of distrust to the point that war is inevitable. 

This is a type of hybrid war being waged against the American people and could result in what Nikita Khrushchev suggested that we could be defeated without the enemy firing a shot.  These actions by the Left and this administration are not only dangerous but highly immoral and diabolical.  America and the American people are not their focus, Power is!

For decades a large percentage of the American voting public has pleaded with our elected officials to secure the border.  Most Americans during the time I grew up and well beyond realized that a country without borders is no country and has no national sovereignty.  We were and are proud Americans and value our Republic.  Sadly, we have not been as diligent as required in addressing the issue with politicians.  We could have prevented this condition, but we decided to let politics be conducted by the politicians.

Those of us who call for a secure border are called a smorgasbord of names including racists and xenophobes.  We see the danger of allowing millions of illegals to enter unrestricted, unrestrained, and unvetted.  That could and will create a parallel nation or nations within this Republic. 

The moral issues of the influx of illicit and dangerous drugs, sex trafficking, human trafficking, terrorism, and criminal activity cannot be ignored.  The catch and release program allowing criminals to be apprehended and then released to commit horrendous crimes could be viewed as a declaration of war on the citizens. 

The weight of the fiscal demand on this nation via the pandering to the illegals, the promises of social welfare, and free relocation services as well as the planned attempt to allow them to vote is dangerous.  There are far more than the suggested 11 million illegals in this country and by the time of the November elections may exceed 40 million.  It would not take all 40 million votes to completely change the outcomes.  It would take a few in strategic locations.

It would not take long for them to form a voting bloc and take over Congress or gain sufficient membership to forever transform our Republic.  Our immigration policy required, encouraged and aided in the assimilation of those emigrants.  Today, we no longer encourage that and allow entire sectors to become “Little Cities” of whatever country they hailed from.

America is under assault and will find that more mandates, restrictions, and limitations on our ability to have “Life, Liberty, and pursue Happiness.”  With each usurpation of liberties, rights, and freedoms come more control and power in the hands of the political class, the modern oligarchy in America. 

It is important in war to know your enemy!  That was a significant problem in Vietnam where the Viet Cong frequently looked like the South Vietnamese.  They did not always dress in a distinguishable manner but were enemies just the same!  In America, the rhetoric of the politicians may sound friendly, but their actions reveal their true colors.  We must become alert and as the men of Issachar who discerned the times and knew what to do, we need God’s help.

God bless you and God bless America!


My title is the truth, and I can and will document some previous events in history, of election fraud, ballot box stuffing, dead people voting, etc.  However, although it is not new it is on steroids today and the Democratic Party seems to have embraced it as a long-lost lover come home. 

They are doing what they are doing in plain sight and do not seem to fear the courts or the public.  The Mass Media has their backs, and too many weak-willed milquetoast Republicans are enabling them and allowing them to not only put their hands in the cookie jar but to steal the jar.  That provides for a nightmare for America, the Free Constitutional Republic, and those who value integrity, honesty, and electoral veracity.  The mantra seems to be “the end justifies the means” and “at all costs.”  They are determined to maintain power and will do anything to achieve that goal.  I believe that nothing even murder is off the table.

When those of us who were concerned about election fraud before the 2020 elections expressed our concerns, we were told that we were anti-democratic.  If by democratic you mean the party, they were right.  But if you mean anti-republicanism, then no we were not and are not.  We desire legitimate honest elections with no shenanigans, ballot stuffing, cemetery balloting, or illegals skewing the process.  We want one legitimate vote per legitimate voter.  We will accept the outcome if that is the case.  We will contest it if it is not.

The Democrats have been spouting off faux outrage that anyone would claim that the 2020 elections were fraudulent.  But now, they are attempting to allow illegals to vote, claiming that the 2022 elections will be stolen by the Republicans.  Why the shift?  Because they see the handwriting on the wall in the various polls for Biden/Harris and the policies of their party.  If those polls are correct and baring massive voter fraud, the Democrats will likely lose the House and the Senate. 

If that occurs then Congress could and might be able to stem the tide of lunacy coming out of the Whitehouse.  If the Republicans and Conservatives were able to gain a veto-proof super-majority, then they could advance some powerful pieces of legislation that would help restore America and benefit the American people. 

But THERE WILL BE MASSIVE FRAUD!  I put that in caps and bold because I need to shout it from the rooftop based on what we saw in 2020 and what we have seen in the attempts during 2021 and into 2022.  They do not care that we know their plans, because they believe they are insulated enough to keep them out of jail and empowered by liberals on various courts including the Supreme Court.

History, for those who actually know it and have studied it, reveals that voter fraud is as old as this country itself.  Even the U.S. Supreme Court noted when it upheld Indiana’s voter identification law, “flagrant examples” of voter fraud “have been documented throughout this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists.”

It would be impossible to speak of voter fraud and not cite the period when New York City’s infamous Tammany Hall was synonymous with political corruption.  In one New York election in 1844, the records reveal that 55,000 votes were cast but there were only 41,000 eligible voters.  Fraud?  How could that be because it was a Democrat-run state and city, and they never cheat, right?

In my home state of Texas, there is much evidence to indicate that Lyndon B. Johnson was elected to his first political office by ballot stuffing where the dead voted for him in significant numbers.  However, the Texas political machine would eliminate anyone daring to spill the beans by spilling their blood.  In one incident where a man’s death was ruled a suicide, he supposedly used a single-shot .22 rifle and shot himself in the back numerous times.  Nothing suspicious there, right?

There are numerous types of election fraud, and each is being implemented in today’s political process.  Impersonation fraud at the polls, where the voter votes in the name of other legitimate voters, deceased voters, voters who have moved, or voters who have lost their right to vote. 

False registrations are prevalent with the use of a phony name or claiming residence in a particular jurisdiction where they do not actually live.  We have cases where dozens of ballots are mailed to the same address.  Duplicate voting comes into play when the voter registers in multiple locations and votes in the same election in more than one jurisdiction or state.

Fraudulent use of absentee ballots was prevalent in the 2020 election and if things continue without rectification, it will be a problem in 2022.  Buying votes is another means as is offering illegal assistance at the polls.  We dare not forget those who vote who are not eligible but are allowed to vote anyway without verification or identification.  Then we must not omit the counting of the ballots and altering the results either electronically or by hand.

Another troubling matter is the extent to which Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want to protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty while orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America via the southern border.  This administration is facilitating the Mexican drug cartels’ people-smuggling operation, at our expense.  Every night the federal government is transporting illegals as rapidly as possible to locations throughout the 50 states. 

In the election audits of various states at least one voting machine company has refused to cooperate.  A Nebraska voting machine company refused to cooperate with a forensic audit of the 2020 general election in Wisconsin.  Why?  If all was up and up and legitimate, it would seem that they would want verification and vindication of the charges or suggestions that corruption occurred. 

Big Tech’s involvement and interference in election fraud cannot be ignored.  The censorship and refusal to comply with data requests and be forthcoming provide sufficient smoke to think there just might be a fire underneath it all.  The censorship, legally questionable intervention by the courts, and infiltration of key election offices by lavishly funded Democratic activists resulted in what can only be deemed as heavy-handed election interference like never seen before in America.  That decisively ‘rigged’ the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden.

I am certain there will be massive voter fraud.  I am certain that we cannot trust the courts, the media, or the politicians to unravel the mess.  However, I am not willing to throw in the towel and surrender.  I am a believer in God and believe that God’s providence enabled the birth of America as the Free Constitutional Republic.  I also believe that, as with ancient Israel, God’s judgment will result in His hand being withdrawn and allowing people to their own devices.  Yet, I believe that if we repent, pray, turn from wickedness, and return to God, He will help us and guide us in our efforts.

We can reclaim America, but not with guns and bullets, insults, and hate, or even simply attempting to get out the vote.  We must have divine help and guidance.  If we, those who believe, will follow the directives of scripture and obey the directives of the Spirit of God, we can WIN.  We do in the end, but I believe we can in the now!

God bless you and God bless America!


The Biden administration is, in my view, shaping up to be the worst presidency in American history and we have had some bad ones.  Few are alive to remember beyond Woodrow Wilson, so we selectively compare modern presidents to other modern presidents and deem them the best or worst in history.  I have no desire to go into the list of American Presidents one by one, but how many failures must we be subjected to before people get buyer’s remorse over voting for Biden?

I cannot fathom how any sane-thinking individual could think that an open or non-existent southern border could be good for America.  It is dangerous to our economy, our health, and healthcare system, our educational system, and our national security.  How many of those unvetted illegals are terrorists or have connections to terrorists?  How many dangerous weapons of destruction have entered with no real knowledge of where they are? 

From strictly a health issue, allowing untested and unvetted illegals to enter our nation is inviting plague after plague.  Some of those, maybe many of those crossing the border are bringing infectious diseases that we had long thought conquered and exposing our people needlessly.  What could be the motivation for doing that?

The motivation is multi-faceted.  One is the constant push and desire of the Leftists to allow illegals to vote or provide them a rapid pathway to citizenship.  They believe, and it appears correct, that those illegals will be so beholding to the Democrats that they will vote for the liberal leftist globalists and provide an insurmountable majority at the polls.  That would be the death knell for the Republic.  A Representative Democracy would be no more, and our Republic would be lost.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recorded more than 2 million encounters will illegals at the southern border in 2021.  Encountered is the operative word, and one must wonder how many came across that they did not encounter?  In those encounters, dangerous drugs such as fentanyl soared to new heights.  Why not allow the drug cartels to flood our country with dangerous and illicit drugs?  That’s a good thing, right?  Only if you are a mindless follower of toxic liberalism and do not care about the ravages of drug abuse. 

Over 44% of those encountered were from beyond Mexico and a year ago that number was 11%.  It is beyond inept and enters the arena of insanity to incentivize unlawful migration into our country.  Yet, that is what Biden has proposed and seeks to do in the many perks, freebies, and turning the eye away from their crimes.  The lunacy of giving illegals separated from their families over $400,000 per person is evil not just dumb.

I saw that Dr. Malone, one of the creators of the vaccine warned that Omicron transmission is likely facilitated by the vaccines.  He warned that if we keep vaccinating, we risk developing a more “Pathogenic Virus.”  That is frightening, but the Biden administration turns to Dr. Anthony Fauci who has flip-flopped, lied, and distorted information so often no one could possibly trust him.  The man that thinks he is science has dirty fingers from dipping into the financial cookie jar of China and other sources. 

Dr. Robert Malone, who helped create the mRNA vaccine warned the Senate: “As I said back before Christmas, that Omicron has such [a] low risk for severe disease and death. However, it’s got a warning sign – and it’s what Geert [Belgian viral expert Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche] has been warning about, and what the FDA has acknowledged in the original documents allowing the Emergency Use Authorization – in which they told the pharmaceutical industry that they desired the pharmaceutical industry would investigate the risks of antibody-dependent enhancement or vaccine enhanced disease. 

If we continue to pursue this universal vaccination strategy in the face of the pandemic, particularly with Omicron now – a much more highly infectious, highly replication-competent virus – what we risk is driving the virus through basic evolution to a state where it may be more pathogenic and more able to elude immune response… in some, I don’t wish to scare, we have had enough fear-porn.”

Let me give you a quote from Mychal Massie, a minister, a conservative, and a black man.  He said, “There is a deadly trypanosomiasis infection that has caused one of the most fatal forms of sleeping sickness in the history of the American political process.”   His contention is that this condition is incurable because, with few exceptions, Americans of today live in a fantasy world controlled by the most godless and demonic siege by Mohocks [one of a gang of aristocratic ruffians who assaulted people in London streets in the early 18th century] in the history of the world.  Even more egregious, the vile self-proclaimed arbiters of aristocracy have worked in league with public schools and mass media, to ensure an abundance of nepenthe.

Remember on Biden’s first day in office when he supposedly laid down the law about treating people nice.  He threatened to fire staffers if they violated that code of civility.  He said, “I am not joking when I say this, if you are ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot.  On the spot, no ifs, ands, or buts.”  Then you remember his trashing of Trump and those of us on the right. 

Now, he has compared every Republican that did not support his disastrous Voting Rights Bill with men like Bull Connor and George Wallace.  He denied saying that, but it is on the record, he said it.  Peter Doocy of Fox News asked, “Do you think inflation will be a political liability ahead of the midterms?”  “That’s a great asset, more inflation,” Biden scowled sarcastically.  “What a stupid son of a b—-.”  Hey, Mr. Biden, are you going to fire yourself.  If Trump did that the media and Democrats called for his head, but Biden gets only crickets or ‘atta boys’.

When we couple the disaster with Iran, Afghanistan, China, Russia, and other nations we are in danger as a nation.  When we see the destruction of the oil and gas industry, we are again dependent upon foreign entities that hate us for our energy.  The supply issues that are only escalating which is resulting in empty shelves of needed food and other goods are destroying us.  Our economy is devastated, our health care system is being depleted, and our people are paying an extreme price for ineptitude, evil agendas, and tyranny.  How Long Lord, How Long?

America, we either wake up and unite returning to our moral moorings and our God or we will watch the Republic disappear and evaporate like water on the sidewalk on a hot summer day.  God will help us, but He won’t do it all for us.  He requires us to walk in obedience to Him.  He was with us in 1776.  He was with us in 1941. He has been with us throughout our history and in those past days, as a whole, America acknowledged Him and His Providence.  Today, we have preachers supporting things the Bible deems abominations and the Christian world is divided against itself. 

God bless you and God bless America, may we see the Light and reclaim our Republic!


Sometimes the diabolical and pathological liars tell the truth unwittingly and unintentionally.  That is happening more and more all the time with the followers of toxic liberalism driven by satanic globalism.  They probably are unaware that they expose themselves, but then, they may not care.  They have succeeded for so long in duping the people and the followers of their rhetoric and diatribe keep electing them, so why worry about exposure, right?

The Biden press conferences have been nothing short of buffoonery and his ineptitude at even reading the teleprompter or regurgitating the words in his ear via electronic devices would be laughable were they not so serious.  What he says is not what he thinks he says, and those with ears to hear, hear the disturbing agenda of those driving that bus.

Putin seems to be concerned that Ukraine will join or be allowed into NATO.  He has issued his demands to that effect, that he be given a guarantee that NATO will not be parked on his doorstep.  Someone rightly said that would be like Mexico falling into the hands of China’s military control.  Ironically, NATO does not want Ukraine because of its historic corruption.  Therefore, this amounts to a bit of international one-upmanship and ego on Putin’s part.  He wants to embarrass Biden and the U.S. while flexing his muscle worldwide.

Amazingly, Joe Biden in his press conference acknowledged that Russia would probably invade Ukraine.  Wow!  What would be our response?  We will not enter into a full-blown war with Russia (a nuclear power) if Russia does a ‘minor incursion’ into Ukraine.  What does that mean, a minor incursion?  Imagine that, Ukraine ostensibly our allies and previously Hunter Biden’s funders are horrified at Biden’s response. Now, Russia has invaded and Biden keeps attempting to rebrand himself as a war president, a wag the dog move but ineptitude continues to be exposed.

That is disturbing and demonstrates weakness on the part of America.  However, something even more disturbing came out of that press conference.  Biden was asked, “Do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly conducted and the results will be legitimate?”  Biden’s response, “It all depends, depends on whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to alter the outcome…”  What does that mean?  Of course, some of this is being set up to alter the outcome.  That was part and parcel of his voting rights or (voter fraud) bill.  It is more wag the dog and watch what happens to COVID before the 2024 election.

Reporter, Zeke Miller, dared to remind Biden of the problems currently facing his administration and Biden flared like a raging bull.  The problems listed were, the economy, COVID, failed bills, the divided nation, etc.  He was asked if he overpromised and underachieved and if he has plans to correct his course?  He snarled and said, “I’ve probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.” 

Outperformed? Well, he has, in one short year, destroyed the American economy, eradicated America’s energy independence, sent inflation to the moon and beyond, erased our southern border, and come within minutes of a land war with Russia.  He has presided over more American deaths than any president in history, so I guess he was telling the truth.  He has done more than anyone thought even though what he has done was virtually all bad.

Then, Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries said, unintentionally I would presume, that the Democrat’s federal elections takeover bill is “inspired by Hugo Chavez…Cesar Chavez.”  Let that sink in.  This man is the fifth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives and heir apparent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy?  He is powerful and dangerous!

Of course, his assertion is utter nonsense since Cesar Chavez was a labor organizer and had little to do with voting rights.  Hugo Chavez, by contrast, is the late Venezuelan dictator who pioneered rigged elections under gaslighting claims, repeated by the American Left, of expanding democracy.  It was anything but democratic and was a means of cementing his position in power. 

He ceased absolute power through his corruption of elections.  He was done politically, but via the pathway of voter fraud, rigged elections, and despotism, he declared himself the victor and assumed absolute power.  That seems to be what the Democrats are seeking to do via their elections bill.  I might ask, if Joe Biden got more votes than anyone in history, then how are votes being suppressed?  If those were legitimate, then there is obviously no suppression unless it is suppression of conservative votes.

If Hugo Chavez is the inspiration of Congressman Jeffries and the Democrats, what does that mean for America?  Chavez left Venezuela a literal hell on earth.  Is that their plan for America?  Jeffries pronounced “Oogo Chavez” incredibly correctly.  That suggests to me that he highly esteemed Hugo Chavez and his policies and practices.  He tried to change it to Cesar Chavez but with his history of not making Freudian slips like Joe Biden, I believe he meant Hugo, not Cesar and that tells us everything we need to know.

Now, to one more thing where they told the truth without fully intending to.  The Biden mandates on businesses with 100 or more employees for either constant testing or vaccinations.  He has moved to impose mandatory vaccines on about 17 million who work for healthcare facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid.  They are using an emergency rule under OSHA, which would apply to about 80 million people.

They literally admitted that the OSHA effort is an attempt to do an end-run around the Constitution.  Nice, huh?  The person that is frequently reported to be the power behind the throne in this administration, Chief of Staff Ron Klain, retweeted MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, who posted, “OSHA doing this vaxx mandate as an emergency workplace rule is the ultimate workaround for the Federal govt to require vaccinations.” 

That is an overreach that is both illegal and dangerous.  It opens the door to all kinds of abuse and illegitimate control over America and Americans.  They know that and are counting on the Supreme Court to do what it has so frequently done, turn a blind eye to their abuses.  However, even when the SCOTUS rules against them, they ignore it.  He is signaling to his base that the party has no regard for the law. 

America, if we do not return to God in repentance for our sins and the nation’s sins and restore our moral moorings we are in for incredibly dark times.  If we do not unite to oust all the followers of toxic liberalism, those pushing this agenda, and the name only Republicans who are siding with them, we will watch our republic crumble.  What a heritage to leave to our posterity.  I do not wish to do that.  Therefore, I will fight for faith, family, and freedom with all I have and all I am.

God bless you and God bless America!


I know that I am on thin ice when I question the current nominee for the Supreme Court.  The reason, no one is allowed to question the validity of the nominee is because of her ethnicity and gender.  However, based on her testimony, I am not sure gender can be used because she, a woman, does not know what a woman is.  In our woke world, I am not sure any of the followers of that toxic ideology know either. 

My comments have nothing to do with the gender or ethnicity of the nominee.  I am appalled at any nominee for the Supreme Court being chosen based on ethnicity or gender.  I desire that the nominee is of exemplary character, which is not always the case, but still my desire.  I desire that the nominee be a student of the Constitution and the Law and blind to personal preferences and a strict constructionist.  That is now always the case but remains my hope.  I oppose any nominee who is a political activist and has a history of making rulings based on their political views and agenda.

I believe that the Republicans are asking legitimate lines of questioning and snarl at the hypocrisy of the Left demanding kids gloves in the handling of this nominee after what they did in the recent past hearings.  The Left was vicious and vitriolic in their attacks and now charge racism and hurl every insult they can dream up at those who ask challenging questions that need to be answered.  They have not challenged her faith or whether she liked beer in college.  They are asking questions that must be answered.

It is important to discover her views on current issues and her involvement in how she has acted judicially and in her personal activism.  She sits on the board of the Washington, DC, private school that has bragged about its commitment to social justice causes and approves the indoctrination of children with the critical race theory.  She pleads ignorant on so many things, I find that questionable in any nominee. 

The school she is a board member of has exposed its students to adult sexual content and pushed them to agitate toward social justice.  Can she put aside her bias and rule fairly based on the Constitution and the law?  I do not know, but I have deep concerns and those concerns have nothing to do with ethnicity or gender.

I agree with those who have suggested that she might be a Trojan Horse.  I am saddened that in 2022, the federal government is still be engaging in advancing people based on their gender, ethnicity, and looks rather than their qualifications.  Joe Biden has participated in filibustering a Black female’s nomination (Judge Janice Rogers Brown) to the U.S. Court of appeals.  He told President Bush that if he dared nominate her to the Supreme Court, he would filibuster.  They did the same with a Hispanic male judge, two other females, and a male of Lebanese descent along with others.  Yet, they claim to be diverse and inclusive.  Seriously?

I find it almost laughable that the most apparent attribute she has in common with Joe Biden is her terrible memory.  The questions by Senator Ted Cruz resulted in her claiming to not know or not remember.  I laughed aloud when I heard her recollection of “staring at the image on the cover of Derrick Bell’s book ‘Faces At The Bottom of the Well’” when she was growing up.  Why laugh at that?  Because she said, ‘growing up’ and the book was published when she was a senior at Harvard.  When did she grow up or has, she grown up?

She has avoided or failed to give concessive or complete answers regarding her rulings on the near-total recidivism rates of pedophiles and sexual offenders.  She has ruled leniently on many of those cases yet is unaware of the information documenting those facts.  She, a graduate of Harvard Law School is unaware of the core arguments in the Dred Scott case.  How can that be?  She cannot define what a woman is because she is not a biologist.  Can she do math since she is not a mathematician?  How could she receive testimony about drugs from those who are not chemists? Her response was ludicrous!

She has demonstrated either a willingness to avoid questions to hide her understanding of the Constitution or is woefully weak in that area of law.  Another frightening and discrediting thing is the number of times her rulings have been overturned.  That is an indictment of both her judgment and understanding or willingness to follow the Constitution. 

I believe she is an activist who will prove to be a Trojan Horse providing ammunition and arms for the progressives in the courts.  I am concerned that she will make her rulings not based on the Constitution and the Rule of Law but through the view of power structure and victimhood.  That is not the right path for the Supreme Court or any Court.  Her terrible rulings regarding the lowest dregs of human society pedophiles and her expressed sympathy for them should be a major red flag.

I believe that she, like other activists, will prove to be other than a seeker of the truth.  Her testimony before Congress was filled with many obfuscations, voids, and outright fabrications attest to my view. 

The many things that are in the pipeline of cases coming before the SCOTUS include gun rights, abortions, gender identity, the role the state may play in the lives and education of our children, government actions that cause the loss of livelihood, defining peaceable assembly, and collectivism via emergency declarations versus individual and state’s rights.  Those are deep concerns to this citizen.

I agree with Keisha Toni Russell, a constitutional lawyer at First Liberty Institute (also a Black woman) that if Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed she would not be able to uphold the constitution if she believes it is racist.  Her support of the CRT points in that direction.  Russell cited the fact that every lawyer and judge promises to protect and defend the Constitution.  She charged that if this nominee believes the constitution is inherently flawed and racist, she could not fulfill that oath. 

To put the lid on my concerns I suggest that we remember how we have been told for the past two years to ‘follow the science.’  Well, her Dan Quale moment when asked the simple question of “What is a woman?”  She said, “I’m not a biologist.”  Seriously?  

I guess if asked what a dog is, the proper answer now will be, “I’m not a veterinarian.”  If I call 911 and tell them that an intruder is a male or a female, will the operator ignore me or challenge me asking If I am a biologist?  This is ridiculous but terribly revealing and is either dangerous double-speak, ignorance, or a classic example of political correctness and woke speech. 

I desire the Supreme Court Justices to devotedly and faithfully adhere to the text of the Constitution and rule based on the Law, not ideological preferences.  I desire that even when their ruling does not jive with my views.  It is imperative that the members of the Supreme Court know the Constitution and discover, as best as possible, the views of the founders on the matters.  Investigate what they said about the various aspects of that document.  We have many of their letters, notes, and statements and therefore it is not difficult to establish their intent.

America, I do not care if the nominee is a female or male.  I do not care about their ethnicity.  I care about their history, their knowledge of the Constitution and Law, and their demonstrated willingness to follow the Constitution.  We need an unbiased Court capable of ruling strictly on constitutionality, not ideology.

That is my view, and you are welcome to yours.  God bless you and God bless America!


Yes, that is a veiled or not so veiled Bible reference to the need to believe God, but it is more than that.  We have been lied to by our Government and many purported scientific and medical experts and organizations.  If we cannot believe our government on COVID, vaccines, herd immunity, and the failures of the vaccines, can we believe them on anything?  Someone said about used car salesmen, “If their mouths are moving, they are lying.”  I wonder if that could more aptly apply to politicians and the would-be tyrants with Napoleonic complexes.

I recently read, and you may have heard it as well, that quadruple-vaxed Israel broke the world record in Coronavirus cases.  What?  How can that be?  When I was a kid, polio and other vaccines were designed to prevent the disease and proved effective.  The COVID vaccines and boosters have not proven to be effective measures.  We hear one thing from one set of doctors and another from another. Who do we believe?

Israel became the number one in new COVID infections per capita.  Their daily rate was 0.6% of the population testing positive.  That is concerning to me.  They were the first to introduce the booster and the first to produce a fourth jab to the over 60s and at-risk population in that wonderful country. 

They adopted what has been called the world’s most aggressive approach to stop the Omicron variant.  In the face of that action, their numbers have soared so high that the Health Ministry’s dashboard crashed, and they stopped counting.  It has become such a problem that they are ceasing the quarantining children exposed to the virus.  Those who test positive will be required to isolate for 5 days but exposure does not require isolation for those children.

Then the CDC released a study that suggested that Natural Immunity beat the vaccination against the Delta variant.  They studied the unvaccinated and previously uninfected as well as the vaccinated and previously infected.  The study found that the natural immunity obtained through recovering from a bout of COVID-19 gave people a much greater degree of protection against the Delta strain than receiving the vaccine.  I am attempting to place before you the information and give you the rational ability to decide for yourself.

If something does not work or works minimally, is there a valid basis for mandating that everyone do it, regardless of their personal desire?  Thus far, most scientists and doctors suggest that the vaccine does not work against the Omicron strain.  With the known potential side effects and unknown long-term effects of the vaccines is it wise to mandate that people take the vaccine?  If you believe it is best for you, I am 100% behind your decision.  But please do not tell everyone to do what you do.  Allow everyone to decide for themselves. 

If we continue the pathway to a mandated vaccine for everyone with Vaxx-Passports required to travel, eat out, buy groceries, and work how is that Freedom?  If you truly believe that everyone is a ticking timebomb and a threat to your safety unless they are vaccinated, then maybe you should try to make plans to isolate yourself.  I am not trying to be caustic but no virus, no mask, no mandate can truly protect everyone from exposure to an airborne virus.  COVID is no less airborne than the Flu or a common cold and there is nothing we can do to prevent exposure to those.  Personal hygiene and using common sense would be a more realistic approach.

I believe that the Wuhan Virus or COVID-19 was biologically developed in a lab in China with the knowledge of people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and potentially others high in our government.  No, I am not attempting to create a conspiracy theory that the U.S. government did this to its own people in some diabolical plot to reduce the population or a segment of our population.  I am saying, we have not been told the truth and therefore should be wary of their suggestions and mandates.

I could envision Joe Biden and his team holding a Press Conference in the summer or early Fall of 2024 and declaring that the pandemic is over.  He would then declare that his administration had successfully defeated the virus and it is now time to get back to normal.  Why would that timing be likely?  Because this thing has been largely a political football from the beginning.  I am not diminishing the deaths of Americans, but I am saying they have used it for control and manipulation far more than focusing on protecting us.

Even the CDC has released statements, not widely disseminated that there is a difference between dying ‘with COVID’ and dying ‘from COVID.’  There has been a shift from focusing on case rates to death rates.  I am quite sure that if the Biden team makes such an announcement, it will be tied to some economic good news, albeit manufactured.  The idea in the minds of the Left would be, “Hey, we freed you so now you must vote for us.”

Am I being sarcastic?  Yes!  I believe that COVID is very real.  I believe that some, no, many have died from or with COVID.  I know families who lost loved ones partly to the virus and it is difficult for them to not follow the company lines demanded by the Left.  They are filled with remorse and fear. 

Politicians are astute at the shell game of politics and the freebies, entitlements, and buying votes game.  I do not believe that more than a handful of those in Washington actually care about what happens to us.  They are concerned about their position and power.  The more control and power they gain the more they want.  If power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

America, I wrote about COVID and the vaccines, but my bottom-line message is not about this or any pandemic we face.  It is about Freedom and resisting the tyrannical and diabolical schemes and regimes trying to fundamentally transform America.  If we want freedom and liberty and desire to keep our Republic, then we must refuse to take anything the politicians say at face value.  We must find a way to vet their statements and examine their platforms.  We must find a way to overcome our differences based on everything but Freedom and unite to reclaim our America!

PS – I too have researched the vaccine and read and listened to the creator of the vaccine and others some supporting and declaring it totally safe and some raising red flags and suggesting there are too many unknowns to make it mandatory.  Each person should be allowed to decide for themselves. 

God bless you and God bless America!