BLOG POST 1 - Democrats 1

I realize that if any Democrats read this, I will likely be a bane to them and someone they would like to inflict severe pain and misery upon.  I wondered for eight years what America could have possibly been thinking in electing Barack Obama not once but twice.  The first time, I could somewhat understand the FEAR and even DESIRE of some, to project to the world they were not racist and to demonstrate an inclusiveness and openness that, in their minds, would be lauded as almost saintly.  I had some tell me, before the first election, “I cannot vote against the first black president without being called a racist.”  My argument has always been that politics, in today’s world, is not about race but ideology and agenda.  That fell on deaf ears because many of them worked in places of employment where the political climate was toxic and any suggestion of not voting for Obama would result in ostracization and create a very hostile work environment.  So, rather than risk their livelihood, the either quietly voted Republican and pretended to vote Democrat or they caved and voted for someone who stood for something they did not believe in or desire.  THAT IS TRAGIC!

I’ve heard the word “Transference” and “Projectionism” bandied about as explanations of Obama’s most recent political rants against Donald Trump and either directly or indirectly the millions who voted for him.  Transference is defined as the ability to take your faults and ascribe them to others.  Projectionism is much the same and either or both fit the latest Obama diatribe and rhetoric.  I had to laugh when I heard part of his speech and listened as he “attacked” or “accused” President Trump for fomenting paranoia and division.  I then grew angry, not so much at Mr. Obama, because I’ve learned that is who he is, but toward the millions who believe his maniacal raving.  Have we reached the point in our American Society that we allow HATE to transcend REASON?  Well, probably not reached but exposed what has largely been there all along. 

To Hillary Clinton, those of us who opposed her, and the Leftist Agenda were DEPLORABLE.  Her insinuation and inference were that we were all a bunch of ignorant red-neck hillbillies not having sense enough to come in out of the rain.  Her complete lack of ability to grasp the reality that some of us might not agree with their self-perceived greatness and saintliness.  It would appear, that THINKING might be a crime in the minds of those embracing the toxicity of liberalism and now Socialism that is the face of their party.  In her mind, Obama’s mind, and the minds of the MSM, and the National Democrats because we dissent we are the problem.  We, to them, are the cause of division, we are resentful and vengeful, we are paranoid and in need of being housed in padded cells.  Clearly, to them, we must be deranged or severely mentally challenged else we would buy their Snake Oil and Dance to their Drummer.

One of the many incidents in which former President Obama spoke without the facts, a charge he has leveled at President Trump, was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Remember Harvard Professor Harry Louis Gates and the police incident at his home?  The police were investigation reported burglaries in the area and responded as any rational law enforcement representative would only to have Gates become belligerent and immediately leveling the charge of racism.  Obama jumped on that bandwagon and deemed it a problem of Systemic Police Racism against blacks in America.  No facts, just hyperbole.  He did the same in the Travon Martin case, and in Ferguson, Missouri and encouraged the false narrative of Black Lives Matter and in many ways encouraged violence and chaos.

Mr. Obama has openly trashed our military, law enforcement, and those who want a Secure Border, and a strong national security with an immigration policy that screens potential terrorist such as those following fundamental Islam.  In his mind, accepting Islam is simply religious tolerance but woe be unto the Christian baker who refuses to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage because it violates his religious convictions.  He has frequently attempted to tie the Crusades to everything and thereby justify the offenses of Islamic Terrorism and the hatred in the hearts of some blacks regarding the history of slavery in America.  By and large, the national Democrats parrot his words because that is their ideological mindset.

The brazen attempt to rewrite history regarding his administration’s failure in Benghazi and to do a little CYA for both Obama and Hillary he insists that Benghazi was more of a conspiracy theory than body bags.  MR. OBAMA, wild conspiracy theories do not produce body bags and Benghazi did.  I was encouraged when Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the heroes who witnessed, first hand, the slaughter of his friends and comrades in arms die came forth immediately.  Kris tweeted that the words of the former president were disgusting, and he was right.  He tweeted: “Benghazi is a conspiracy @BarackObama?! How bout we do this, let’s put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies & shoot rpg’s & Ak47’s at you while terrorists lob 81mm mortars killing 2 of your buddies all while waiting for US support that you never sent.”  He used language I avoid but the sentiments of one who was there are understandable and praiseworthy.  The facts have long supported Mr. Paronto’s assertions and arguments about the help that Hillary and Obama refused to send.  WHY?  I wish we could get a complete and truthful answer from them, but we never will.

Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party have long asserted that there was no “magic wand” to jumpstart the economy and now that it has been jumpstarted seek to claim that Obama laid the foundation for it to happen.  NO, Mr. O and all you Leftists, the economy was put into high-gear by some basic economic principles and removal of some of the stifling restrictions and regulations imposed by the Obama administration.  It was pretty simple, and many of us had been calling for just that for years.  No magic wand, just simple and reasonable government action.  Now, I ask the Democrats, “since President Trump has shown you how to do it will you move from your New Socialism Position?”  The answer is NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!  They appear more willing to go into extinction than move to the center or the right.

We have people like Maxine Waters doubling down on her call for violence and disruption vowing that SHE WILL GET HIM, meaning President Trump.  If anyone on the Right had made that claim or proposed that pathway they would have been ridden out of town on a rail or might be in jail.  Former Special Prosecutor, Ken Starr acknowledged that he had considered perjury charges against Hillary Clinton during the Bill Clinton investigation for her outlandish and obviously false testimony.  She had no fear of lying to the prosecutor because she knew that her back was covered by the Democrats in Congress and should Bill be removed from office by Al Gore who would then become president and she was covered.  The history of the Democrats has been to do whatever it takes to win and eliminate anyone who stands in your way.

The voter fraud that has been exposed is, in my view, the tip of the iceberg and it is largely committed by those on the Donkey side of the ledger.  America we are faced with a crisis in America and if we allow the Corruption of the Liberal Leftist Socialist Democrats to reclaim power, we will have signed off on the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  CAN YOU DO THAT?  That is the question for November.  I realize that some will contend, “We will make it just fine, it will only be another bump in the road.”  I warn IT WILL NOT!  The dangers for the Republic are greater than we have ever experienced.  SO, PLEASE, please, please get out the Vote and Vote to Stop the Leftists in November!

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - What Is New

It is exactly as I suspected and deeply disheartening.  What are you referring to Roy?  The political diatribe and vitriol over the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, allegations, accusations, along with the vile statements from various sources.  This American is disgusted with the state of politics in America and can now understand how some would define politics as “poli” meaning many and “tics” meaning blood-sucking parasites.  We seem to have reached a new low in American politics and hopefully, people (voters) on both sides of the aisle will share my disdain for what is happening.

I am in 100% agreement that if a person makes a claim of sexual assault they should be heard.  Is there a degree to which this should be regulated?  Of course, like any other charge, there needs to be corroborating evidence, credible evidence, to determine the extent and duration of the investigation.  It cannot become “he said – she said” without any other substantiation.  That would effectively destroy our entire political and judicial system if not destroy our social order.  If there are false allegations made those must be dealt with using the appropriate leverage of the law to guarantee that a person making an allegation (of any kind) understands the penalty for making false claims.

I was disturbed by the circus in the Senate Judiciary and saw things that disturbed me from all sides.  I saw tactics used by the Democrats that attempted to uses uncorroborated and unsubstantiated claims as fact and that, in my view, is a direct violation of our judicial system and code of moral sanity.  None of us, not you, no me, not anyone would want unsubstantiated allegations to be allowed to destroy our lives.  Sadly, if an event actually transpired and there are no witnesses to corroborate or evidence to substantiate our claims we cannot expect the justice system to just take our word over the word of another.  Reverse that and place yourself on the receiving end of an allegation and I believe you will agree.

What is equally if not more disturbing is the vitriolic language and assertions by those on the Left in the time leading up to the testimonies of both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford.  The door has been swung wide for full-blown violence and rioting in the streets and that is more than tragic it is a clear and present danger that threatens us all.  Alyssa Milano said on MSNBC that “sexual abuse has been institutionalized in America.”  She went further and justified the arguments that a woman’s declaration of truth must be accepted saying that women have had a hard time and if now men have a hard time because of unsupported allegations, they just need to deal with it.  THAT IS LUDICROUS!  No one, a woman or a man should have to follow that prescription.

Sunny Hostin of the View demanded, “Since when is a woman’s truth not enough?”  What Ms. Hostin is a ‘woman’s truth’?  Are we talking about corroborated allegations or simply making a claim and because it was a woman it must be accepted and believed?  If it is the latter that is beyond disgusting and dangerous.  Whoopi chimed in and demanded that “women must be believed.”  They must IF and that is the key IF what they are claiming is substantiated.  If a woman makes a charge against a man and there is evidence to support that claim that man MUST be dealt with to the full extent of the law, regardless of who he is.  I have no issue with that, but I do have an issue with simply taking a woman or a man’s word at face value allowing a ‘he said – she said’ situation to be anything more than that.

This has been taken to the next level by Georgetown Professor, Christine Fair (nothing fair about her).  She is an associate professor at the university’s School of Foreign Service and tweeted: “Look at the chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.”  No, she was not talking about Bill Clinton or any of the Democrats.  She continued, “All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminist laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to the swine? Yes.”   THAT IS HORRIFIC and smacks of INSANITY and assuredly a level of hate that cannot be bridged in a civil society.  HOW LOW HAVE WE SUNK?

Planned Parenthood has threatened any Senator who votes to approve or confirm Judge Kavanaugh saying, “We’re coming for you.”   There was a tweet from that organization that read: “Roses are red violets are blue Vote NO on #Kavanaugh or else we’re coming for you.” This is an organization that has been determined to be more than an abortion mill and one that has harvested body parts of those aborted infants.  This is an organization that receives government funds and they are threatening elected officials.  THEIR FUNDS MUST END TODAY!

It seems that allegations or claims of sexual abuse, rape, harassment against Democrats are swept under the rug as with Keith Ellison where there are doctor’s reports and what appears to be substantial evidence, but the Minneapolis Police are punting to allow the DNC to investigate.  WHAT?  Since when did the DNC become a Law Enforcement Agency?  The Democrats including Joe Biden and Diane Feinstein would not even read the deposition of Juanita Broaddrick regarding being raped by Bill Clinton.  John Kerry insisted that the Chappaquiddick incident with Ted Kennedy was okay because in Kerry’s words, “He owned up.”  WHAT?  That was apparently an insinuation that if Kavanaugh were to admit his guilt, even if he is not guilty, all would be forgiven.  NO, IT WOULD NOT!  Also, the Kennedy scandal is not okay, but it was swept under the rug because of who he was.  THAT IS TRAGIC! 

I don’t want anyone on the Left or Right stooping to vitriolic language in this or any other incident.  If we do not find a way to address issues appropriately, with a least a modicum of decency and civility we are in deep trouble in our Republic.  It is okay to disagree, but disagreement does not give license to engage in violence and character assignation.  You may like cherry pie and I prefer pecan that does not mean we have to square off for fisticuffs or a duel at twenty-paces.  I know some wonderful people who vote Democrat.  We disagree deeply on some moral, social, political, economic, and spiritual grounds but they, in my view, want America to prosper.  Some of them have voiced their deep concern about the level of vitriol in today’s politics.  Will it change their vote, probably not because of some deep-seated beliefs about Republicans?  Some of them are troubled over abortion, border security and other issues but still pull the lever and vote for the Democrat.  People find a way to justify their actions and until we reach a place that we honestly examine every word, thought, and deed we will continue to be divided even when deep down we agree.  THAT IS A TRAGEDY of the highest order.

The past few months and years have placed the agenda of the Left on display and I pray that, although the Republicans are far from perfect, we will not allow the Left to regain power in Congress.  I also pray that the Republicans will not view this as a mandate to do anything but fulfill their promises rather than simply a means of solidifying their positions of power and their personal purses.  I am deeply concerned for America! 

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 5 - Preachers

I write this possibly for my benefit alone, but hopefully, it will be of some benefit to others.  Over the past few years, I have been actively engaged in the political discussion as I have watched what I believe is a determined attempt to shift our Republic toward Socialism and Globalism.  I see it as a direct assault on our American Constitution, our inalienable rights including Freedom of Speech, the Right of Self Defense, and even our right to worship freely without governmental restraint or interference.  Some take exception to my being as vocal as I am, and I’ve been told more than once, “Preachers have no business being involved in politics, just preach Christ and leave the politics to the politicians.”  I always respond, “That’s how we got in the mess, leaving politics to politicians.”

I have had preacher friends that I’ve known for many years disassociate with me on Social Media and although most have never told me why I have wondered.  As I have contemplated their possible reasons, I can only conclude that surely it is not my devotionals and biblical posts, for those views are consistent with what I know they have preached and hopefully still preach.  Could it be the humor I have used?  I do not believe they are offended at my use of cartoons and jokes to bring smiles to people’s faces and try to help people make it through the difficult times of life.  However, I have had Christians tell me that I needed to stop telling jokes and be more serious.  After I reviewed the things that I do and post on various Social Media sites I have concluded that the only logical explanation is my involvement in the political discussion.  I know some believe me to be too vocal and others believe that I am mandated by the Bible to NEVER speak negatively about our leaders.  I respect their beliefs but believe that I am mandated by the Bible to warn when I see danger and to identify things in government that violate the very tenets of Scripture and morality.  If you disagree, that is your choice.

As I review history, I find that dating back to the Revolutionary War, preachers in America have been involved in politics and even war.  The Black Robed Regiment of the Revolutionary War identified by the British as BRR for the clergy who took courageous patriotic stances for Freedom.  Those pastors stood boldly in their pulpits and preached LIFE through the Word of God and identified Life as touching everything including the political. They fearlessly spoke of everything from a biblical perspective and encouraged their parishioners to become involved.  From the Revolutionary War to modern day we have had members of the clergy deeply involved and invested in those wars.  Were they wrong to be involved?  Should they have ignored the political, moral, social, economic, and spiritual threats facing the nation and the world and restrained themselves by silence on political matters?  I hope you do not say, YES but are grateful for the courageous members of the clergy who gave themselves to the cause of Life, Liberty, and the opportunity for people to pursue Happiness.

I write this not as in indictment against anyone and will pose my questions in the first person.  If you find it objectionable that I and other ministers are vocal on politics and believe we should be silent, that is your right.  I respect that right.  However, if my involvement offends you because you believe I should not be involved would it be acceptable for me to be offended that you are not?  If I am unkind or cruel in something I say and that is brought to my attention, I take it to prayer and if I was truly unkind or cruel I repent and seek forgiveness of both God and those offended.  However, to simply charge me with bigotry, racism, hate, vitriol, xenophobia, homophobia, or any other phobia because you disagree will not result in me recanting my position.  I know my heart and know that I am none of those things and my purpose is not to inflame or divide but to preserve the Republic and our Freedoms.  I recognize the incredibly wonderful way the gospel of our Lord Jesus can be sent around the world from a Free America.  I realize how much more difficult it would be if we were to succumb to the intent and agenda of those who would ‘fundamentally transform’ America, restricting our Freedom of Speech, and placing restrictions on Christians and ministers to preach, teach, and live according to their faith.

I am concerned for America.  I am concerned that we who are members of the clergy have allowed ourselves to be censored and silenced when we should have been vocal.  We have allowed the educational system which is largely controlled by the government to shape the views of our children.  The fruit of several generations of that abdication by parents and the church has produced a Progressive, Liberal, mindset that embraces Socialism, Abortion, and Self dangerously.  I am no longer a pastor in a local congregation but believe that any influence I might have on others I must cautiously and carefully guard and seek to lead in right paths.  My first love is God and in loving God I want to see people (all people) FREE.  I use the platforms available to me to proclaim TRUTH.  You may believe that I am wrong in what I believe and that is your right.  I try to formulate my opinions based on the Whole of Scripture and the Teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I still preach and teach the gospel message to churches whenever possible and as the door opens.  I still witness and share my faith with those in the public, in homes, hospitals, etc.  I still pray for the Lost and the Harvest to have laborers sent into it and pray that none be lost.  That is a passion of my heart to see the believers equipped for the work of ministry and the lost come to salvation.  THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!

Yet, in doing what I believe God has called me to do, I must WATCH and PRAY.  I believe I am mandated by Scripture and the Lord to “Sound the Alarm” when I see danger.  In that calling, there is of necessity the calling out of wrong politics and policies. I do not compare myself to the disciples of the New Testament who stood before religious and political authorities and declared, “Whom shall we obey, God or man?” but I believe that I am under the same directive.  Therefore, if my being vocal on politics is not something you can tolerate I understand.  I ask that you pray for me in the ministry I have been given and I will pray for you in yours.  I love God, America, my Family, and my Freedom.  I love you!

God bless you and God bless America!



I realize that what I am asking and will say, may irritate some, not go far enough for others, and may place a target on my back, but I feel compelled to address this issue.  When what?  In this case what I’m referring to is the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh by President Trump to become the newest justice on the Supreme Court.  His confirmation hearings went through the Judiciary Committee and prior to the public interrogation many Democrats have refused to meet with him deeming him UNQUALIFIED.  However, their ‘gold standard’ for all nominees has been the endorsement or rating by the American Bar Association (ABA).  Their dilemma is, the ABA has given Judge Brett Kavanaugh their highest possible rating calling him “Well Qualified.”  What do they do with that?  Before you move past that rating you must realize that the ABA is a ‘left-wing organization’, frequently taking the liberal side of issues including the 2nd Amendment, LGBT’s agenda, national sovereignty, immigration, and more.  Basically, it has been and is an extension of Democrat Policies, Ideologies, and Agendas.  That is problematic for the Democrats in Congress.  Their own organization or an organization that they depend on in promoting their policies and agendas has stamped a man they hate as WELL QUALIFIED.

Former Presidents, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama virtually NEVER nominated anyone the ABA did not endorse or rate as QUALIFIED or WELL QUALIFIED.  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) are on record as declaring that the ABA ratings are “the Gold Standard by which judicial candidates are judged.”  NOW, WHAT?  Are they now going to disregard the ABA’s ratings and continue their assault on Judge Kavanaugh simply because he was appointed by their mortal enemy?  The ABA has often given conservatives a lower rating than their records indicates is justified simply because of politics.  With that in mind, this is almost shocking that the ABA would give Judge Kavanaugh their highest rating, WELL QUALIFIED. 

I have no doubt they will continue their NEGATIVE approach to this nominee because he is deemed a threat to their agenda and ascension to power.  They are attempting to use their resistance to his confirmation to fan the flames of hate and engender excitement in their base.  They want to use this nomination process as a means to GET OUT THE VOTE in November.  CNN’s broadcast some days ago, “At This Hour” hosted Demand Justice Executive Director and former Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon.  In that interview, Mr. Fallon declared that any Democrat that voted for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, “is risking suppressing the historic level of enthusiasm we’re seeing right now from Democratic voters.”  He went on to say that, “Brett Kavanaugh is the most unpopular nominee in the last 35 years.”  Who might have been the most unpopular before Kavanaugh, in their minds?  Think about that for a moment.

The troubling allegations and accusations resulted in a second hearing where Judge Kavanaugh and one of his accusers Dr. Ford were on display for the world to see as the politics played out.  I wish I could say that this was devoted to the discovery of truth but when one side or the other could say BEFORE hearing either’s under-oath testimony they believed or disbelieved one or the other.  That suggested to me that TRUTH was not the objective but POLITICS.  I came away from the grueling and painful event with an even more deeply rooted belief that was exactly the intent.  The demand for a one-week delay and an FBI investigation into the allegations was granted and immediately the Democrats began to cry ARBITRARY and UNFAIR.  They got what they asked but it was not sufficient suggesting that this is likely less about truth than delay.  Now that the FBI has virtually concluded its investigation everyone awaits their report, and should it give no corroborating evidence to suggest guilt on the part of Judge Kavanaugh, what then?  Many on the left declared even before his being named they would not support Trump’s pick. Can that be deemed anything other than politics?  It is about Roe v Wade, the Second-Amendment, and other liberties.  I desire an Originalist, a Judge that will rule based on the Original Intent and the wording of the Constitution, not one that is a political activist and seeks to legislate from the bench and rewrite or erase portions of our American Constitution.

Turn back the pages of time and history to Ronald Reagan’s nominating to the Supreme Court a judge who was sitting on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, where Kavanaugh now sits.  Do you remember who that was?  It was Judge Robert Bork and surely you remember the vilification that ensued over his nomination and the victory by the Democrats led by the infamous Senator Ted Kennedy.  Kennedy argued that Bork could not be confirmed because he was “outside the mainstream.”  That was completely illogical and insidious, but the demagogic attack was launched.  President Reagan had carried 49 of the 50 States and Bork’s views were embraced by President Reagan, so how in the name of sanity could Bork’s views be outside the mainstream?  Senator Kennedy argued that Judge Bork’s willingness to fire Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox was “sufficient by itself” to DISQUALIFY him.

It is déjà vu all over again and the Democrats now focus on Judge Kavanaugh’s views on the firing of special prosecutors.  It makes no difference if the prosecutors are rogue agents of unconstitutional agendas.  His views, to many of us, would make him squarely within the mainstream, but to the Leftist and those following the views of Toxic Liberalism and Anti-Americanism, HE MUST GO.  They argue as they did with Judge Bork that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, women will be relegated to ‘back alley abortions’, and that blacks will once again be ‘enslaved’ by rogue police and racist Republicans.  They argue that women, gays, and virtually everyone in the Leftist mainstream will be endangered and seek to fan the flames of hate, mistrust, and discord.

Judge Bork’s defeat was a “watershed event in judicial politics.”  It defeated a conservative realignment of the Supreme Court and in his place, we got Justice Anthony Kennedy who became the Swing Vote that too often voted with the liberal left.  Some have argued that Bork was defeated by a party-line vote but remember six Republicans voted with them.  The question this time is how many Democrats, if any, will cross over and vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation should the FBI report offer nothing of significance?  The next question is how many Republicans will side with the Democrats and bring us another fiasco such as we witnessed with Judge Robert Bork?  I will watch both carefully and pray that the Republicans, I pray that you will STAND FIRM and that some Democrats will examine their hearts and heed the desire of 60% of Americans who desire that the Judge is confirmed if there is nothing damning in the FBI’s report.

The Supreme Court is an incredibly important part of the direction America will take in the foreseeable future.  I ask that each of you PRAY earnestly, WORK diligently, and CONTACT your Senators and let them know how you feel about this nominee and vote. The Constitutional Republic may well be hanging by that vote, so it is critically important.  I would hope that the Senators and all Americans will realize that unless the FBI provides damning corroboration against Judge Kavanaugh this is a “He said, She said” situation and in America, we MUST remain “innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.”  Would you now want the same for yourselves, your husband or wife, son or daughter, father or mother?  Of course, you would, so it is important that we, as much as is possible, lay aside politics and look at qualifications.

God bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 1 - Never Satisfied

There was a saying that I heard often when I grew up regarding someone that was never satisfied, “They’d complain if they were hung with a new rope.”  Not exactly a desirable position and I do believe that I’d complain regardless of the newness of the rope.  But, the point was, some people are never satisfied no matter what happens.  If they don’t have they want they want more and if they have what they demand, they want more or something different.  If you agree with them and agree to their demands they demand more.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:20, “Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.”  Also, in Proverbs 20:15b-19, “There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say ‘Enough!’: the grave, the barren womb, land, which is never satisfied with water and fire, which never says, ‘Enough!’”  Israel was not satisfied in the wilderness, even though God gave them manna, sent in quails, and provided water from the rock.  Time and again, they revealed that no matter what they had, it was never going to be enough.  That is the condition of too many in today’s world, and especially true among those following the ideology of Toxic Liberalism.

There is nothing that President Donald Trump could do short of dying that would please them and I suspect that even then they’d complain that it was not painful enough or not soon enough.  I am convinced that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full body of Democrats in Washington will not be satisfied with an FBI investigation regardless of its revelation or lack thereof regarding Brett Kavanaugh.  Immediately upon the Senate Republicans and the President agreeing to conduct a supplemental investigation on Judge Kavanaugh following the guidelines requested, they complained.  It was not too limited, but it was what they asked.  They immediately demanded that any new allegations should be investigated which would open the door for the endless accusers to come forward regardless of how baseless and uncorroborated their stories might be.  An investigation was not their purpose.  Finding out the truth was not their purpose.  If it were, I could applaud their demands and give them the benefit of the doubt as to their motivations.  But, we are now seeing that is not the case.  They have already determined their idea of truth and which version they are willing to accept.  Anything short of the FBI referring the investigation to the Maryland authorities for investigation, indictment, and trial will not satisfy them and even that might not.

I do not know if Dr. Ford was assaulted when she was 15, 16, 17 or any other year.  I don’t know and neither does anyone else but Dr. Ford.  I can tell you something happened to me but that does not make it a factual reality.  I might tell it enough to believe it, but that does not make it a factual reality.  Judge Kavanaugh could have had a memory lapse and honestly not remember the incident, but when Dr. Ford’s close friend says she does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no memory of being at a party with him, that is powerful and even more powerful than the Judge’s two male friends who also deny the event or any memory of the event.  Most of Judge Kavanaugh’s friends have denied knowing Dr. Ford as a teenager or she was so unremarkable to them they do not remember her.  After listening to her, I came away with the thought, that her story had some believability to it, although the other evidence suggests that if she was attacked it likely was not Brett Kavanaugh.  The insistence that her telling her therapist about the incident validates it and shows no political motive would be powerful were it not for her husband’s previous statement that in 2012 she brought it up because she knew that Mitt Romney had Brett Kavanaugh on his list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court.  That is a bit troubling.  I would have to ask why the concern for the SCOTUS and not the appellate courts?  Was this strictly because of the fear of how he might rule on Roe v Wade?  I don’t know and neither does anyone else, except Dr. Ford.

But, the Democrats demanded an FBI investigation of these charges and a week delay.  Charges that would not be considered by most law enforcement agencies because of the lack of dates, times, locations, and other corroborating information.  However, in a move to satisfy the Republicans that are on the fence and the Democrats who are in states where Trump won heavily, the GOP agreed to the limited scope and time investigation.  That does not and will never satisfy the Democrats.  This seems to be more of a shot across the bow to warn the President and the Republicans in the Senate that even if they hold serve in the mid-terms they can expect this type of assault on ANY NOMINEE.  What is their desire, “Cede Power to Us” and we will take it from here?  If the Republicans in the Senate cave to their demands or the President is swayed to take a much more modified approach the backlash in November and beyond for the Republicans will be catastrophic.  You can’t satisfy those who are not satisfiable!  That would be like trying to make a non-aggression pact with the devil and believing he would back off.  A sheep cannot vote with wolves about what to have for lunch and not expect to be lunch.

I will continue to pray for our government, Judge Kavanaugh and his family as well as Dr. Ford and her family.  I pray for our government that sanity will rule, the constitution will be observed, and that the toxicity of leftist liberalism will not prevail.  I pray for Judge Kavanaugh that God helps him and his family in this time of difficulty.  If he has something to hide I pray that he finds the courage and determination to confess his sins and if he has not that God will vindicate him.  I pray for Dr. Ford and her family and help her in this time of trouble.  If she was truly sexually abused I pray for healing.  If she is mistaken about who the perpetrator was she will be somehow enlightened and with true courage acknowledger her mistake.  I am asking the LORD to pull back the covers and expose what needs to be exposed. 

 I find it remarkable that Hillary Clinton would have the audacity to demand that any woman making such a claim be heard.  They should, but her memory must be incredibly short based on her history regarding the women that accused Bill Clinton.  I find it remarkable that the Democrats are not demanding an immediate FBI investigation into the sexual allegations and abuse claims made against several Democrats in the House and Senate.  If truth were the motive for Washington, D.C. we might never get anything else done but dealing with the various investigations.  If every allegation regardless of its merits, credibility, and corroboration is to receive a public hearing we are finished as a Republic.  I am not saying that charges of sexual harassment or abuse are not to be heard, they are!  I am not saying we should not carefully listen to the women or men who bring such charges, we should!  I am saying that the process for handling these allegations should be done discretely and confidentially using the tools available to Congress.  If the Kavanaugh situation were not a political ploy that is exactly what would have happened.  It did not and even if it was not a last-ditch effort to derail is appears that way and Perception is Reality to many people.

I only hope that all my fellow Americans take this to heart in November and realize that some people will never be satisfied with anything.  I pray that we will understand that you cannot cave to bullying, you cannot give in to the demands of the unsatisfiable.  I pray that America will realize that the direction and purpose desired by those following the toxic ideology of liberalism, socialism, and globalism will destroy America and do not believe they only want a few minor restrictions to our liberties, THEY WANT THEM ALL!  

God bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 3 - Unremembered

I’m going to step back from the current hoopla in DC and talk about something entirely different and largely unrelated.  I want to refer back to the recent death and much ado over the memorial services and discussions of the Left and Right over Senator John McCain, former Navy POW in Vietnam brought to mind some of our forgotten or unremembered heroes of late.  I write this not to speak derogatorily of Senator McCain, that would serve no real productive purpose.  I did not like Senator McCain’s politics and there are conflicting reports of his time in Hanoi Prisons, but I will leave that to history and to God.  He is gone and now someone will take his seat and either continue his brand of politics or chart a different course for Arizona and the nation politically.  Time will tell how that will unfold.

What I want to do is identify a man who also served in the United States Senate and was given little recognition for his POW status, his sufferings, or his leadership.  He attended the Naval Academy, was a Navy aviator flying combat missions over hostile enemy territory, and spent years confined in Vietnamese prisons, endured torture and beatings and maintained his honor and dignity through it all.  One would think that such a man would have had national recognition at his passing, but he did not.  This man was retired Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton who served as a Senator from Alabama. 

He was a contemporary of George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.  He excelled academically earning a master’s in international relations from George Washington University and won the Naval War College’s award for best thesis.  He was a respected thinker and an honorable man.  He was one of America’s oldest active American pilots during Vietnam, serving at age 41 and was shot down over North Vietnam in 1965.  He spent almost 8 years as a POW and was known for outwitting his captors by sending the Code letters, T-O-R-T-U-R-E blinking his eyes in Morse Code as he answered the questions on video.  He achieved the rank of Rear Admiral after his release from the Vietnamese and was a part of the Moral Majority.  In 1979 he ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Alabama and as a noted underdog surprised the Republican establishment by winning the primary.  He ran on a platform of Pro-Life, Pro-Family and won the general election as Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter. 

Senator Denton was welcomed to Washington by the MSM with the same sort of respect they have given Donald J. Trump and others who do not fit their mode and follow their ideology. His first big piece of legislation, the Adolescent Family Life Act, was mocked by the media.  The media demonstrated their bias by attacking his legislation which was an adaptation and modification of existing legislation and sponsored by none other than the Democratic favorite, Ted Kennedy.  He worked successfully behind the scenes to achieve bipartisan support on key conservative measures and stood true to his principles and ideological beliefs.  Although he ran what appeared to be a half-hearted and complacent campaign in 1986, he still almost won.  He was defeated in the wave to remove Republicans that swept the country and was replaced by a Democrat who later switched parties, Richard Shelby.  He fought for the preservation of Western Civilization, the permanence of our American Constitution, the Rights of the Unborn, and was very Pro-God and Pro-Family personally and politically.

His service to our country both as a former POW and as an elected public servant should be remembered, but when he died at the age of 89 there was not national notice. He was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery in 2014 but there was no television coverage, no preempting of the daily soaps, sitcoms, or sporting events and his pallbearers did not include prominent Hollywood figures or political icons.  He served quietly, faithfully, and loyally and almost no one remembered.  The failure to remember him and others like him was and is a tragedy!

Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) was also a POW in Vietnam and flew missions in both Korea and Vietnam before being shot down.  He spent nearly 7 years as a captive and for 2 ½ years was in leg irons and 72 days had his feet in stocks.  When he returned to Texas in 1973 after his release he weighed 140 pounds.  He always declared that he would never let his physical wounds hold him back in life or in spirit.  He reminded everyone in his plea for funding and respect for our military during Obama’s first term reminding everyone that while he and his fellow POWs were imprisoned Washington cut the funding for Vietnam.  He recalled the horror that the Anti-War sentiment and the actions of Congress brought upon people like himself.  His captors were emboldened and considered America a weak-willed paper tiger.

As he stood before Congress he said these chilling words and words that should cause every patriot to rise in defense.  He said, “Our troops, our families, want, need and deserve the full support of the country and Congress.”  He also reminded Congress and the world that, “Debating non-binding resolutions aimed at earning political points only destroys morale, stymies success, and emboldens the enemy.”  That is a truth that cannot be evaded.  He said that when he and his fellow prisoners returned home they vowed to stop “griping about how the government ran the war and do something positive about it.”  He was and is an American Patriot and a hero.

A true American patriot and War Hero is not one that is created for political purposes but one who has or is serving his country with honor.  A true American hero is a man or woman who places duty to country above his personal safety or enrichment.  A true America hero is not someone who self-aggrandizes, self-promotes, and seeks personal gain over the duty to serve the constituents, the country, and protect and defend the constitution.  There are many members of Congress past and present who have served in the United States Military in both parties.  There are those who have demonstrated anything but a dedication to the ideals and founding principles of the Republic and there are those who have and do.  I have no problem with a veteran writing a book about his/her experiences, that is an individual right.  I don’t talk about my time in Vietnam largely because I see no benefit in remembering and being reminded of a dark time in my life.  I will, however, fight to the death to defend the memories of those with whom I served and all who served, especially those who never came home.  If I can help a fellow veteran or their family with an accounting of my time there, I will do it, but otherwise, don’t ask because I choose not to discuss it.  God set me free from the memories and nightmares and gratefully I will continue to move forward toward the finish line of life with victory.

Just because a man or a woman was or is deemed a military hero does not mean they are always on the right side of any political or life issue.  They are still members of the human family and flawed vessels.  I do not vote for a candidate simply because he or she served but because of their policies.  Just because they are veterans, POWs, or decorated does not automatically afford them license to practice destructive politics.  Their service earns my respect and I will never trash their service, but I may reject their policies.  What am I saying?  Sometimes, I wonder if a class of American Hero that is forgotten might be the Voter who looks beyond the hype and refuses to be beaten into submission by the attempted guilt of not voting for a War Hero, a particular ethnicity or gender and votes FOR AMERICA!  Maybe what I’ve said is simply, Roy Beaird being troubled by the state of American politics and maybe it resonates with you.  If it does, thank you for your service and thank you for standing with those of us who want to see the American Constitutional Republic protected, preserved, and restored.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Line in the Sand

When I think of drawing a line in the sand, I think of William Barret Travis at the Alamo.  His was a declaration that he would fight to the death defending the Alamo to buy precious time for General Sam Houston in Texas’ fight for Freedom from Mexico.  It was a line of commitment!  When I say, “This is where I draw the line in the sand,” I am laying down a definitive point or limit beyond which I refuse to go or allow.  In today’s America, there are numerous reasons for all Lovers of Freedom to “Draw Lines in the Sand.”  What is the point or event that stirs your heart so intensely and challenges your conscience so deeply that you “Draw a Line in the Sand?”  Maybe I should ask, is there a point that will elicit that response?

I believe that our current condition morally, socially, ideologically, spiritually, and politically goes far beyond Democrat and Republican and typifies the reality of the war between good and evil.  Don’t knee-jerk and assume that I am calling Democrats evil and Republicans good for there is enough evil in both parties to make any such assertion a fallacy.  Rather I am recalling the reality that through apathy, lack of awareness, and deception we have failed to “Draw the needed Line in the Sand,” and “Say No More!”  Is there a place that we say, NO MORE or THIS FAR and NO FURTHER?  Our complacency and compliance to the erosions and infringements upon our liberties suggests that place, event, or condition appears not to have been reached or does not exist.  That is both troubling and frightening!

In a great measure, we have been the proverbial frog in the pan of water, allowing the slow increase in temperature to camouflage the dangers bringing us to the brink of destruction.  We have been the rock upon with droplets of water have continually dripped wearing holes in our Constitutional Liberties and moorings to the point of infringement.  We have been the sheep voting on what to have for lunch with a pack of wolves not sensing the danger or not feeling sufficiently threatened to recognize the danger and damage.

Those who are followers of Christ and seek to be obedient to the directives of the Bible have too frequently adopted a passivity toward politics that has allowed strongholds to be established which are enemies of Constitutional Freedom and Liberty.  Regardless of whether it has been the result of misguided interpretations of Scripture or the Constitution, apathy, complacency, cowardice, or a feeling of helplessness the damage has been and is being done.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “What can one man or woman do?”  Declaring, “I’m just one voice or one vote,” as a justification for silence or inaction has perpetuated this problem and ushered us into our present state.  What must transpire before we “Draw our Line in the Sand” and say NO MORE?

The deadly idea, as presented in today’s politics, of Separation of Church and State has created a State Church, in principle.  Those who argue that there must be a “wall of separation” between the Church have allowed the State to penetrate that wall and virtually create a State Church.  How so, you may ask?  If the Government and the Courts can issue interpretations of the Constitution that infringe upon any person’s or group of people’s religious convictions demanding compliance and embrace is that not a violation of the 1st Amendment?  Does it not create a State Interpretation of the Bible when the government can demand under penalty of law that anyone violate their religious convictions to accommodate another?  I need only cite abortion and same-sex marriage to complete my argument.  No, the government is not, at this juncture, forcing women to have an abortion but it is demanding that everyone regardless of their religious conviction accept and embrace that practice as a legitimate of a woman’s right to choose while disregarding the undefended right to life of the unborn. We are called haters of women if we object!  The government and the courts have demanded that Christian Bakers violate their religious convictions and accommodate same-sex couples in some measure.  If the Wall of Separation demanded by the liberal ideology can be penetrated in that manner can it not be penetrated in other areas?

It is my view that the sovereignty of the United States of America is threatened by disregarding our laws and the Constitutional prescription for acquiring citizenship and allowing and even rewarding ILLEGAL entry into this nation.  When criminals can transgress our laws and after being deported multiple times because of both illegal entry and violation of other laws are then afforded Sanctuary we endanger Americans.  They then commit murder, rape, or theft and that is or should be cause for alarm and action!  That should be enough to draw the line in the sand for all patriots and lovers of freedom and liberty, but is it?  The sex education courses and discussions in public schools without parental consent and oversight should be cause for concern because it infringes on the biblical, moral, and even constitutional right of parents regarding their children.

I was disturbed when the government and the courts banned prayer from our schools, insisted that we not recite the pledge of allegiance in the classroom and stripped our texts from any mention of creationism while allowing the theory of evolution to be taught as a scientific fact.  I fought in legal and civil ways, I questioned my elected officials, and challenged school boards and state education agencies but often found I was “one man” fighting alone in my community.  I have drawn some lines in the sand politically and resist the ideology of big government and believe that we have inalienable rights that come from God our Creator not the government.  I stand staunchly against the idea and current push toward socialism, which uses the entitlement promises of politicians as a bribe to achieve its implementation.

In today’s politics and much of society truth, integrity, and honesty are deemed weaknesses and bullying, threatening, bringing false allegations and accusations to achieve an end has become a norm and acceptable.  We need to “Draw a Line in the Sand,” and as a united people demand a return to Constitutional principles.  We need to demand a return to personal accountability and responsibility. We need to make the commitment, individually and nationally to strip power from the hands of those who would infringe upon our Inalienable Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  We need to “Draw a Line in the Sand,” and say NO MORE to the attempts to alter our Republic from its Original Constitutional System of Government into an anti-God, anti-family, and anti-individual liberty system.  We are reaping the fruit of what has been sown over multiple decades and generations and unless we DRAW a LINE in the SAND as those in 1776 or at the Alamo we will witness our destruction.  We must determine that we will defend to the death those moral and constitutional principles, precepts, and guidelines our Founders and the Framers established.  These mid-term elections are an opportunity to DRAW SUCH A LINE!  The cost is high for not doing so and potentially high if we do.  It could cost us dearly to take a definitive stand for America aligning ourselves with those who stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Where is your Line in the Sand?  Do you have a line in the sand?

God bless you and God bless America!