It is my conviction and that of others of the same mind as I that when any person organization, political party, or entity proves themselves to be abusive and/or irresponsible with power they are UNQUALIFIED to have power.  I believe it becomes the duty of the populace to take whatever steps are required to guarantee that that person or those people are no longer entrusted with power.  That rejection must continue until they have demonstrated a change of heart, mind, and attitude that is conducive to service, not abuse. 

Some will say, “Yep, that’s Trump and he has to go.”  Trump is not who I am talking about but the Democratic Party on a national level.  I believe that over the past four years and beyond they have demonstrated they are both abusive and irresponsible in the use of the power afforded them as legislators, judges, and media members.  The escalation of that abuse and irresponsibility was exponential in the wake of the 2016 election.  They are so committed to destroying Trump and our Constitutional Republic they have become our prime constitutional enemy and pose our greatest threat.

From our beginning, Americans have spilled their blood to liberate America and much of the world from the tyranny of fascism, Marxism, socialism, and communism.  The oppressive ideology they have embraced which includes a virtual if not a literal war on faith and freedom cannot be overlooked.  We have endured over six months of pandemic paranoia and now rioting is prevalent throughout this republic.  That causes me to argue that the natural bent of the Leftists is not freedom but tyranny.  They want to control and are willing to use any means to attain that lofty perch of rulership. 

America is no longer facing a difference in the ideology of two political parties.  It is no longer policy differences, but a war for freedom.  We are no longer enduring political cycles where one political party controls for a time and then another rises to governance.  We are in a literal War for Freedom!  This election is the most critical we have ever faced and may determine whether we will see another.  This election will determine whether we have any hope of returning to constitutional governance or will descend into the abyss of Soviet-Style communism and the tyranny of Nazism.  That threat is not being posed by Trump or the Republicans but by the Leftists now in control of the Democratic Party.

The Leftists have successfully pitted Americans against Americans and even family members and neighbors against each other.  If you protest the mandates of the Leftists, you are deemed so deplorable you are unworthy of any tolerance and must be silenced.  The paranoia and tyrannical actions witnessed in various states and cities is a precursor to our total loss of liberty and freedom.  I often wonder how far martial law is from being enacted and enforced. 

Over the past two or three decades, the Democratic Party has offered nothing more than lip service to loving America.  I’m sorry, but I no longer believe the rulers in the ruling class of Leftists love America.  I believe they love Power and the only acceptable America to them is the one in which they make the rules and rule.  They have co-opted the media, or the media has co-opted them, whichever is accurate reveals the depth of the problem.  The assault on our religious liberties, the censorship of free speech, and the demand that we passively and sheepishly comply reveals their view of the public.  We are tools for them to achieve their purposes, not fellow citizens who are the true owners of government.

The founding fathers used incredible wisdom in creating the electoral college system and the Democratic Party has declared war on that protection for all States and citizens.  The Democratic Party has launched a stealth movement called “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.”  That movement would force, by rule of law, the state electors to reject their own states’ popular vote in favor of the national popular vote and become ‘faithless electors’

The Democratic Party touts the idea that they are the party of equality and unity and yet have deviously sought to impede the equality of many and destroy the unity of this republic.  They fear the 2nd Amendment knowing that allowing citizens to remain armed poses an impediment to their agenda of control.  The founders understood the need to be armed for self-protection, hunting, and even against a rogue government.  That right must not be relinquished but if we allow the Unqualified Leftists to remain in Power, we will have to fight to the death to keep that right.

The Democratic Party insists that Trump and Republicans are bullies but use bully tactics to silence citizens, shame us into the shadows, and project their flaws upon us.  They forced Obamacare upon an American citizenry that did not want it and laughed at us for our protests.  Now, they want to resurrect it and put it on steroids. 

The Democratic Party has, through their actions and policies, declared war on godliness and faith.  If you remember, they are the party that booed God during the 2012 Democratic Convention.  That transpired when the question was posed of placing God on their platform.  They wanted no part of God or religion.  They have now deemed churches ‘non-essential’ during this pandemic pandemonium lockdown but abortion clinics essential and other entities needed.  God is unnecessary to them and in direct contradiction to the guarantees of the Constitution shut churches down.  Some have expressed a desire and intent to make it permanent.

The House and the Senate, as well as the President all, take the oath of office that commits them to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  They promise to defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.  But the Leftists have transitioned from that oath into waging war against legal American citizens and defending those who are here illegally.

Their desire is clear that demoralizing our people will give them a window of opportunity to gain total control.  Therefore, I insist that it is the duty and responsibility Constitutionally, morally, ethically, and biblically to resist and take power from them. 

How do we do that?  Short of a shooting revolution, we do that through intercessory prayer, total commitment to freedom and the constitution, and go to the polls in droves and un-elect them.  We DEFEAT THEM!  We must not only do this in this election but every election that follows UNTIL they return to a mindset that embraces our Republic and our Constitution.  I do not see that happening so I believe that it must be a permanent banishment from power for them.

You may find my views impossible for you to embrace.  I hope you will honestly consider what has been transpiring and listen to their policies and proposals not just their rhetoric.  If you do you will likely find that my views are not far-fetched but worthy of consideration.

God bless you and God bless America!


Regardless of what you have been told and have chosen to believe, slavery did not originate in the United States of America or Colonial America.  It has been around virtually since the beginning of man’s existence on the planet and it is not likely to go away anytime soon.  The United States outlawed slavery but that did not end slavery in the world.  Our Founding Fathers nor Christopher Columbus originated slavery and slavery has not been the exclusive sin of whites. 

The misinformation, intentional distortion regarding the matter by the followers of the progressive movement, and the splinter groups are destructive and dishonest.  In today’s world we are consumed with the issue of race, tribalism, and hate for our founding.  I believe that the real intent is not truth but power.  The rhetoric, spin, and brainwashing that has been transpiring for generations have at its core the desire to ‘divide and conquer.’  The presentation of a Utopia as achievable in society is poisonous and makes coexistence with differing ideologies impossible or incredibly difficult.

I agree with an assertion I heard some time ago, “Racism is not our Achilles Heel.  It is the ubiquitous manipulation and exploitation of race and racism that threatens our way of life.  Political operatives masquerading as journalists feed the hate 24/7.”  I believe columnist Robert Wedge said that in early August.  I believe he is correct. 

I have contended that the book and miniseries “Roots” was far more detrimental to understanding and finding peace and harmony that it was beneficial.  Alex Haley said, when confronted about his lack of historical accuracy, “I tried to give my people a myth to live by.”  What?  The intent was not truth but the presentation of a myth that would inflame and cause anger and hate.  It was rekindling the flames of hurt that we had been working to put out and heal.  That is not beneficial it is destructive.

Dr. Thomas Sowell offered a counter view in his book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.”  Dr. Sowell, unlike Haley, sought to provide historical accuracy and face truth honestly not seek to slant his presentation toward a particular ideological view or desire.  Dr. Sowell and history, honestly viewed, reveals that slavery has been a part of every culture on every inhabited continent throughout history.  Africans conquered other Africans, enslaved them, and sold them for profit.  Slavery existed in Western indigenous peoples for centuries before Columbus arrived.  Slavery was considered a fact of life until the 17th century when Christians attacked it as being immoral. 

We know from documented history that at the peak of the Atlantic slave trade, Africans retained more slaves for themselves than they sold to the West.  Yet, if you listen to the rhetoric of today and the presentation of the liberal leftists you would assume that our Founding fathers originated the practice of slavery.  Please understand, I detest the idea of enslaving anyone!  However, if we ignore historical reality, we only present a “myth” that people can become inflamed over and the anger will produce physical violence and intolerance.

The Founding Fathers were born into a world where slavery existed, they did not create it.  They were born into a world where large agricultural estates included slaves as property.  We know from their writings that Washington, Jefferson, and Madison all detested slavery as an institution.  Washington freed his slaves upon the death of his wife.  His will stipulated that those who were infirm or disabled were to be cared for by his estate.  That is not the view of Washington being presented by the history revisionist and those seeking to divide and conquer.

The Founding fathers sought to abolish slavery long before the Civil War but faced mountains of issues that prevented them from achieving that objective.  One of the many issues was the problem of an uneducated population that would not likely become assimilated into society.  That gave rise to the concern of a race riot like the 1791 Santo Domingo Rebellion. 

Jefferson is targeted unfairly, and history reveals that he was relentless in his search for a vehicle to end slavery short of war.  His first draft of the Declaration of Independence included mocking King George III for enslaving Africans and disallowing emancipation.  That language was removed to enable a union of all 13 colonies to enable America to pursue Independence.  In 1778 Jefferson introduced a bill in the Virginia House to stop further importation of salves.  It was approved.  Were you taught that in school?

Both the United States and Great Britain diligently sought to eliminate the slave trade.  For several decades England made the interdiction of slave ships a naval priority.  They even entered Brazilian waters in 1849 to destroy Brazilian slave ships that ignored their cease and desist orders.  Being the Captain of a slave ship was a capital offense in America.  Finally, the Civil War and one of the results was the emancipation of slaves in the United States of America.

I was intrigued by the revelations that came from reading the works of Frederick Douglass.  He had been convinced by abolitionists that our Founding was corrupted by slavery.  He sought to discover the truth for himself and after reading our founding documents he changed his view of America and her founding.  He no longer believed as he was told by the abolitionists that the Constitution was a pro-slavery document.  He said, “it is a slander upon the memory of the Farmers to so charge.  The Constitution interpreted as it should be is a glorious document of liberty and will be found to contain principles and purposes entirely hostile to the existence of slavery.”  Were you taught that in school?

I read that Bob Woodson, civil rights activist in the ’60s and head of the Woodson Center/ 1776 Project said that the term, “institutional racism or systemic racism” has no meaning.  He said, “It is a ruse! It is a distraction from the real issue; white liberals and black leaders have betrayed the people they represent over the past 60 years.”  The media will never tell you that and claim it is a distortion.  However, facts are facts and very stubborn things.

Is America a racist nation?  Before you issue the standard answer and charge let me ask, “If we are then why are Americans from India and East Asia the most successful demographics?”  We are all created by God and that makes us members of the same family and same race.  You can split hairs if you choose, but if we are going to resolve the issue and find any semblance of peace and tolerance that is a view we must embrace. 

Consider men such as Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams, and a myriad of others and then tell me that blacks cannot succeed.  What has happened to the detriment of the black community is that the federal government has, under the Democrats, waged war on the two-parent family.  The Great Society of LBJ was incredibly racist in its objective and actions. 

If we continue pursuing the Marxist agenda and allow the power-hungry to have total control, we will NEVER find peace and will never overcome the stigma of slavery.  Slavery is reprehensible but was not the cause of America’s societal struggles, it was a product of the condition of the world.  We have moved forward but men like Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama have impeded our progress.  Wake up America!  Wake up Black America and Wake up White America, we can overcome!  We can unite as people under God and as a nation!

These are some of the reasons I continue to reject the agenda and rhetoric of the Democrats and why I cannot fathom the animus of the Never Trump consortium.  America’s continued freedom is the goal for which we all should strive. I keep praying for the Love of God to flood the hearts of people and put out the fires of hate that are burning in the hearts today.

God bless you and God bless America!


A Dhimmi is a Christian or Jew living in a region controlled by a Muslim conquest and been given protected status in exchange for a poll tax (Jizya) and allowed to retain their original faith.  Well, somewhat.  Some of what I am about to address stems from the reading of an Arabic book, “We Will Never Live as Dhimmis (lan naish zimieen)”, written by a Lebanese Christian, Amin Naji in 1979.

I have been watching the stealth move of Islam in America and became keenly aware of it and the inherent dangers during the 8-year reign of Barack Hussein Obama.  He advanced the cause of the jihadis, the press toward sharia-compliant communities, and the exemption of the followers of Islam from many requirements imposed on Christians, Jews, and other Americans.  You may disagree and call my statement unfounded, but I believe it is based on what I have seen and been able to uncover in research.  It is a real threat!

            I do not desire to attempt a history lesson regarding Lebanon or any other country, but Lebanon was established after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI in 1923.  Lebanon was comprised of a majority who were Christians quite unlike most of the Middle East.  On April 13, 1975, a civil war erupted in a conflict over the rights and privileges of Christians and Muslims.  The Muslims had become a majority and sought to impose a Dhimmi status on Christians.

Among the many things or means whereby the followers of Islam attempted to bring about this Dhimmitude was the ‘revision of history’ as Arabization and a complete distortion of reality.  The plan was to change the national identity and reshape the culture.  That is being attempted in America.  The insistence for tolerance pressed beyond measure and political correctness is facilitating the revision of history in America.  It is not just the view of Islam that is the focus of the revisionist but cultural change to embrace a globalist agenda. 

Fortunately, the followers of Islam and those desiring to impose sharia law on America do not have the political clout to carry out their desires.  Yet, they are infiltrating our culture and with the aid of people like Barack Obama, there is the insistence that Muslims have long been key contributors to our American heritage. 

There is a PBS program produced that is directed toward the advancement of that narrative.  It is called “History Detectives.”  It fallaciously claims that it is unclear when Muslims came to America.  The most factual assertions by historians have them coming from the Senegambian region in Africa in the early 14th century.  But the PBS claim is that when Columbus came, he had with him a book written by Portuguese Muslims who had come here in the 12th century. 

The historical record reveals that the first wave of Muslims in America were African slaves and found it difficult to maintain their religion.  There are suggestions that Thomas Jefferson relied on the Quran as his source of inspiration and ideas of governance.  That flies in the face of his writings and dealings with what he called the Mohammedans.  His war with the Muslim pirates indicates anything but appreciation for their views or approach to governance. 

There are many in politics and political activists as well as educators today who are actively engaged in historical negationism or historical revisionism.  They distort the record and rewrite history to fit their narrative.  Facts are inconsequential and with the appalling practice of many in the media of failing to vet and investigate we are told that the information they are presenting is truth.  However, it is ‘their truth’ not THE TRUTH! 

I recall the dangerous words of presidential hopeful Joe Biden at the Des Moines fairgrounds in a campaign speech said, “We choose truth over facts.”  What?  Would not truth demand facts to support it and would not facts support truth.  I guess not if it “your truth” rather than THE TRUTH!

That has been the approach to attacking President Trump and the Republicans for some time.  That is the methodology employed by the former president regarding Islam and the way we are directed to think about things that violate reason and do not stand up under the lens of empirical evidence. 

Truth needs no one to defend it, it bears up under the weight of examination.  A lie requires the revision of facts to accommodate the narrative to enable the lie to gain a foundation for acceptance.  Biden’s full quote was, “Everybody knows who Donald Trump is.  Even his supporters know who he is.  We got to let him know who we are.  We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction.  We choose truth over facts.”  Wow! 

We had the threat of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding what she identified as “Muslim Hate Speech.”  She insisted she would prosecute anyone engaging in what she or they determined to be ‘hate speech’.  There was not the same threat or devotion to justice regarding hate being hurled toward Christians and Jews.  If one stood by their religious convictions regarding alternate lifestyles, they were targeted but a follower of Islam defending their views was acceptable.  It is far more than a double standard it was and is a designed plan to ‘shift cultural views’ in favor of Islam.

As expressed by the followers of Islam and Obama’s assertion, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” we see the desire.  I do not mean to attack every Muslim and insist they are desirous of destroying America.  However, the leaders of that religion or system of government are.  The American organizations advancing the idea that Islam is altogether peaceful and only wants to do good are abetting the push toward Dhimmitude. 

This is America and in the words of former president Theodore Roosevelt in 1907.  He said, “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

We are supposed to have certain inalienable rights in America and the 1st of them recognized by the Founding Fathers was Freedom of Speech and in that Religion.  We are to be a tolerant people be we must never be a divided people else we become a conquered people. 

I will bow to no god but Jehovah, the one true and Living God of the Bible.  I will not bow to the government, man, or any religion.  I bow to the Lord Jesus Christ!  There is a desire and plan to make all Christians and Jews Dhimmis.  If we allow the Leftists to have full power, that may become a reality of law and is assuredly a threat to our way of life.  I SAY NO!

God bless you and God bless America!


We have come to a place and should have been there all along where we must reject fear and become fearless!  We must reject panic and paranoia and be filled with faith and courage!  This is not time to be a ‘silent support’ of Liberty and Freedom.  This is a time to be ‘bold as lions’ and ‘fearless in the pursuit of Truth, Liberty, and Freedom.’  That will mean you put yourself out there and become a target for the HATERS of today.  You will become the target for the PC Police and called every vile name imaginable, but you must not HIDE!

I have reached the place that I no longer give much consideration to what people think of me.  I don’t want to be offensive, abusive, or abrasive, but I love God and America too much to let the opinion of men dampen my willingness to declare the truth and give the needed warnings.  I would love to spend all my time promoting the Gospel of the Kingdom and leave politics to the politicians but doing the latter is what produced the mess we are in.  Politicians have corrupted politics and systematically eroded our founding principles and the ability to remain the Free Constitutional Republic. 

The more I talk to people, even in my part of Texas where conservatism is high and support for Trump strong, I find many who are fearful of expressing their views politically.  They are concerned for the safety of their family, the security of their jobs, and seek to avoid the incessant attacks launched at everyone who speaks positively for this administration.  In short, they want ease and because of the politically correct mindset of many today, they want to remain anonymous.  It is like being a Secret Service Christian, which I believe is an impossible position to defend.

Jesus said, in Matthew and Luke that if we are ashamed of Him and His words, He would be ashamed of us before the Father.  I never want that condition to be the definition of my relationship with God.  I am confident there were millions of silent supporters who voted for Trump in 2016 and pushed him over the top in victory.  I appreciate the support and help but I believe we are in a time when we need more and more Americans to be bold in their declaration of support for America.  We endured 8 years of anti-American sentiment and Biden was a part of the consortium.  He is willing to consort with whoever will help him gain power.  That is not good for America.

The Cato Institute conducted a poll of 2,000 Americans in a national survey and discovered that 62% of Americans say that the political climate of today prevents them from saying what they believe.  Many of them were fearful of being offensive and some were fearful of harm.  That is tragic!  We are supposed to be a republic that embraces Freedom of Speech which includes Freedom of Thought and Expression.  In 2017 that percentage was 58% and indicates that we are becoming more and more volatile politically in America.  That is not good for America!

It seems that the only people who feel completely at liberty to express their views appear to be the staunch Ultra Left-Wing Liberals.  They don’t care if anyone is offended but no none dare offend them.  It was interesting that the survey indicated that 65% of Latin Americans, 65% of Asian Americans, 64% of white Americans, 49% of Blacks said they felt uneasy sharing their political views.  Men recorded 65% self-censorship and 59% of women felt unable to voice their true views. 

Over a third of those polled feared their jobs or careers being negatively impacted if they shared their support of conservatism or the president.  Over 60% of Republicans and 49% of Independents with post-graduate degrees feared being penalized for their conservative views.  The more educated a person is the more they tend to worry about the political ramifications for going against the grain of political correctness.

Those views are not unfounded because the Liberal Left has voiced a desire to purge the ranks of all corporations, etc. of any ideological view that is contrary to the mantra and rhetoric of the Left.  It is reported that 50% of Progressives believe that if a person supports, votes for, or donates to Trump they should be fired.  Sadly, there are apparently about 22% of those on the Conservative side that believe any Biden supporter should be fired.  We are reaching a very ugly place in America and a condition is being given life that is making our reconciliation and restoration more and more difficult.

The ‘Cancel Culture’ has been seen before, just not as prolific or as violent and vehement as today.  In 1940, Albert Einstein in his essay “On Freedom” argued that scientific progress depended upon open discourse.  He said, “laws alone cannot secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be a spirit of tolerance.”  Mr. Einstein, that ship has sailed, and America is headed for the rocks of destruction with the politically correct insanity pervasive in today’s America. 

In the 1970s there was a survey called “General Social Survey” and it reported that 60% of Americans supported firing a college professor who was a communist.  I doubt that percentage is anywhere near that today.  The report was that 52% supported firing an “anti-religionist” professor, and 48% thought a gay professor should be prevented from teaching.  Those views were almost equally shared by Democrats and Republicans.  Today, you are far more likely to be fired if you are not a supporter of the communist ideology, anti-religion, and openly gay or supportive of that lifestyle. 

Bigotry is reprehensible.  The desire to silence anyone who disagrees with the liberal leftist views and is unsupportive of the Cancel Culture is driven by hate not tolerance or desire for equality or equal treatment.  It is not justice but control that is desired.  The PC Police and Cancel Culture of today, largely embodied in the Democratic Party desire to signal the acceptable speech or thought.  Disagree and you pay the price in your career and possibly your physical person.  It is stifling and contrary to the ideal expressed and embodied in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  It is anathema to the Bible as well.

If we are not allowed to have open back and forth discussions, the misunderstanding and stereotyping will become permanent.  We may change our views but because we are not heard or are fearful of expressing our views, we remain squarely embedded in the stereotype imposed on us.  I reject that!  I have changed my views on many things in my 73 years on the planet. 

However, my views of God and the Bible in the core foundational principles remain the same.  I believe God is the Creator of All Things.  I believe that All people are created in His image and therefore there is only one race, the Human Race.  I believe that Life is precious to God.  I believe that He gives us Inalienable Rights that no man or government has the right or authority to infringe. 

I refuse to be fearful of expressing my views because I love God, my family, God, and Freedom too much.  I believe that I have been charged by God to ‘sound the alarm’ in the areas I see danger.  I would feel that I had sinned against God were I to become silent and go into hiding.  I am unashamed of my faith and unashamed of my views politically.  I do not want to be intolerant of anyone and am willing to defend their right to believe and say what they believe.  However, I also want to be allowed to express my views without penalty.  My views are my views and a right I have as a human being.  Remember that in November when you consider what is at stake!

God bless you and God bless America.


My title is far from proper English but it is something that we need to consider on all political fronts in 2020.  Some of the most tragic political results in history has been as a result of making alliances with the wrong allies and having them destroy you. 

I believe that the Democratic Party is on the threshold of that now and the Republican Party may have ceded all sanity and become willing to become misguided allies of the Democrats.  America is in the throes of some very dark times politically, civilly, and spiritually.  The only question is will we awaken from the stupor and realize before we become the proverbial frog in the pan?  I hope yes but am growing increasingly skeptical.

The American Democratic Party was formed in 1820 and has a sordid history regarding race, power, politics, and republicanism (system of government).  Someone said, “They have been the most pernicious and schizophrenic entity in American politics.”  In many ways, I agree with that assessment.  Both major political parties have long been controlled by the political elite.  There was a crack in that wall for the Republicans when Donald Trump won, what was to them, an inconceivable victory.  They have not awakened to the dangers but intensified their quest to reclaim control of the Party since and 2020 exemplifies that in a very ugly fashion.

Anyone observing and studying politics for the past few decades should realize that the parties, especially the Democratic side, has been dominated by the ultra-rich beneficiaries of capitalism, a system they decry as evil and the sanctimonious college-educated elitist.  They form what could be called the political ruling class.  Today there is a new factor in the equation, and it is growing in strength, support, influence, and power.  The faction that embraces the Marxist ideology and agenda who call themselves Democratic Socialist.  They need each other but the latter will, as did Hitler’s Nazi Party, devour the old guard and the Party will become a Marxist driven force in America. 

The AOCs of the Party along with the Bernie Sanders contingent are paying close attention to the nominee Joe Biden.  I do not believe they don’t care that Joe is at the top of the ticket, they know he will not run the show.  They are far more interested in the #2 because, unless that person is one of them, they may revolt in November.  The Old Guard cannot risk that, so they will, as did the Germany Establishment, acquiesce and the Old Democratic Elitist will find themselves on the outside looking in.  I don’t think they believe that, but I see the handwriting on the wall. Is Kamala Harris a satisfactory choice for them? Time will tell…

It would be humorous, like the tale of the Scorpion and the Frog, if it were not so serious.  You know the story where the Scorpion was riding on the Frog’s back to cross the stream and the Scorpion stung the frog to death.  The Scorpion stung the frog halfway across the stream and the Frog asked, “Why?” The Scorpion said, “It’s my nature.”  That is what is happening in politics today.  Evil is evil and as the old saying, “A leopard does not change it’s spots” the Marxist will destroy everything to achieve their objective.  It is their nature.  That is what we have been witnessing in a greater measure than we have seen it in the past. 

Hitler rose to power, not because he had a political majority but because he made enough noise and demonstrated the resolve to fight to the end to achieve his objectives.  That is what is happening by groups like ANTIFA, BLM, and other Leftists groups.  They have a resolve that is unmatched by anything I have seen in modern politics.  We are told they represent 2% but that 2% seeks to and in many ways is controlling the 98% because of lack of resolve and awareness.  Many on both sides think they can control this faction and hope to use them. 

We have corporate executives jumping on the bandwagon hoping to earn brownie points from a group that hates them as deeply as they love themselves.  The Republican Elitist and those who identify as ‘Never Trumpers’ are so intent on destroying and defeating Trump, they appear to be overlooking the obvious dangers of allowing the other side to reclaim power.  I hear sanctimony from all sides, but little rational reason and little genuine awareness of the dangers America is facing.

The legitimate question for the Leftists, the Republican Elitists and “Never Never Crowd” is this. Is the objective of investing everything in defeating Trump in November because you perceive him evil worth the potential destruction?  Before you argue that he has destroyed America, you might want to check the facts and realize that it is not he but the Establishment and the Leftists that have been roadblocks in the restoration of our lost liberties and freedoms. 

I find it amazing as I’ve watched Trump over the past 4 years fight for the promised agenda.  Most presidents fight against the opposition, but he has had to overcome the roadblocks presented by the nefarious Democrats who have pulled out all stops to destroy him, but his own party as well. 

If you think that those have burned our cities, looted our stores, harmed and killed our citizens will be satisfied with the Democratic Establishment reclaiming power, you are wrong!  You are very wrong!  The mayhem, destruction, and chaos that we have witnessed is a precursor to what could be coming if they are not given total control.  Is risking the Republic worth attaining your objective of defeating Trump?  I voted for him in 2016 and will do so again in 2020.  Why?  Many reasons but one of the most prominent is – LIBERTY and FREEDOM!  I know what Obama wanted, the Democrats are demanding, and the milquetoast Republican Establishment offer. 

Churches, Pastors, and Believers you are in their crosshairs.  Our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights are hanging in the balance.  If you think what has transpired during COVID will be forgotten by those in power, you are wrong.  They found power they did not know they could exercise, and we allowed them to tyrannize us.  They imposed sanctions on us and took the opportunity to restrict religious freedom prolifically and they will not cease.  They spent money (that we do not have) like it grew on trees and now they will want to pay for it with our money via the avenue of increased taxation.  Is that what you want? 

We have defunded much of our needed police force and achieved no real reform.  We have attempted to appease terrorists and hostage-takers with no reciprocation.  We have allowed the seeds of our own destruction to begin to bear fruit.  We either stop this NOW or we lose the Republic!  I do not believe we have until November to end it, but in November WE MUST NOT LOSE!

God bless you and God bless America!


As I grew up in the middle of the last century and went to high school in the 1960’s I would have found it impossible to envision a condition such as exists today in America.  I grew up in rural East Texas and although some were somewhat anti-establishment no one that I knew wanted America to cease being America.  That is not true today!  There apparently are millions living in this great nation who view it as an evil empire that needs to be destroyed, revised, and reconstructed.  That is troubling to me on many levels.

Through the years I have read and listened to prognostications regarding the direction and condition of America in the future.  One such event was in 1984 when the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov declared in intricate and disturbing detail the conditions that would exist in America in the coming years.  He revealed that the KGB was not primarily involved in espionage, but in an activity, he called, “ideological subversion.”  That got my attention, but in 1984 it did not move me enough to become actively engaged in fighting and seeing to reveal that danger.  Today, hindsight is 20/20 and then foresight was almost blindness. 

I have discovered that time and again, we have been warned by those who had inside information regarding the schemes, plans, agendas, and desires of those who desire the destruction of our Republic.  As the world paid little attention to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, we have failed to adequately heed the warnings and revelations.  In modern times the Left has increasingly revealed their agenda and there are millions who believe their desire is impossible in America.  Those who hate the current president believe that politics is cyclical, and this is just another of the cycles we go through and it is not alarmingly dangerous, just bothersome.  THEY ARE WRONG!

Back to the revelations of Mr. Bezmenov and the clear and present danger for America today.  He said that the objective of the KGB was to take down America slowly.  He was not the only Soviet to reveal the plans and there were American haters who openly declared that, but he offered a warning that we smiled and winked at and paid too little attention. 

The objective and agenda of the KGB, according to Mr. Bezmenov, was to indoctrinate American students with Marxist-Leninist thoughts, views, and ideologies.  The plan was to prevent the counterbalancing of those views with American/capitalistic and moral values.  That has become a visible reality and the harvest is being reaped in America today.  He reminded us that the children of the 1960s now adults, and in positions of power and influence are unteachable.  He said, “you are stuck with them, you cannot get rid of them, you cannot change their minds even with the presence of facts, even if you show them black is black and white is white.” 

As I recall that reporting from the former Soviet defector, I realized that a man was listening that took it to heart.  That man was Ronald Reagan and he took the warnings to heart and stepped on the scene to fight for America and helped preserve this republic for a season.  I tremble when I think of what America would have been had Carter won a 2nd term and had Walter Mondale succeeded him and plunged us into total ideological destruction.  Mr. Bezmenov warned that Mondale was an ideologue who would offer a plethora of ‘freebies’ knowing he could not deliver to buy the support of the susceptible.  Is that not a picture of us today?  We are what they were on steroids in American Liberal Politics.

Mr. Bezmenov warned that unless America awakened, we only had a few years before the fruit of the agenda would be realized and America would become something other than America!  Ronald Reagan understood the threat unlike George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush.  They were all globalists as is Barack Obama and more concerned with things that were detrimental in the pursuit of the preservation of our Constitutional Republic.  We watched our manufacturing outsourced, and even watched Obama make a world tour apologizing for America and kowtowing to the Islamists of the world. 

For almost three decades after Reagan, we had administration after administration that put America 2nd and the rest of the world first.  The nuts and bolts of their agendas, policies, plans, ideologies, and actions were different but the endgame was the same, Globalism. 

We have observed the media continue the downward spiral into the abyss of liberalism, the politicians erode our liberties and freedoms, and political correctness become the Law of the Day.  Our institutions of higher education have become indoctrination centers producing an anti-American sentiment.  Facts have become inconsequential and those pursuing the ideology of fundamental transformation are locked into their views and refuse to consider facts.  They are like the man that said, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.”

In 2016 we had a man who had been paying attention since the 1980s and like Reagan understood the threat and what America was and should be.  Yes, that man was Donald J. Trump, a billionaire.  He had no need or reason to seek the presidency, but I am convinced that he saw the danger and realized that we had no politician willing, capable, or able to take up the gauntlet and fight for freedom and America. 

President Trump won a victory deemed impossible and even a miracle and became president.  Rather than his party rallying around the agenda and promises, the detractors opposed him, sided with the Left, and allowed the anchors of globalism and the Deep State to impede our progress.  We have accomplished some astounding things in the four years of Trump despite the opposition from Republicans and Democrats.  Today, we face the continued objective of those who want to destroy America and we face a choice that should be easy.

Not since Reagan have, we had a president that understood what it takes for America to be America and thrive.  He is crusty, sometimes crude, and grating in style and personality but in his heart he loves America and through the pursuit of his promises he has achieved some significant benefits for all Americans. I believe he loves America and wants all to enjoy the liberties, freedoms, and benefits of our Republic.

Today we do not face the Soviet KGB or some form of it, but China, Iran, and North Korea.  We fact the desired destruction and fundamental transformation by ANTIFA, and the Democratic Party.  We face the agenda of the Globalists who want our Republic to cease to exist in its present Constitutional form.  They want CONTROL and if they win the White House, keep the House and reclaim the Senate they will DESTROY America.

The saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is the mantra of the Democrats and Never Trumpers today.  America, we are facing the death of a nation unless we wake up and we discover the answer to the question, “America or What?”  I pray that we will wake up and say, “America the beautiful, the constitutional, the free, and the republic that embraces the ideology of all being created by God and afforded inalienable rights from Him.”  May find the courage and insight to keep America free by defeating the Leftists this November.

God bless you and God bless America!


Well not revealed but my view of what they plan by what they are doing and have done exposed.  You may agree or disagree, and I accept that.  I believe that everyone has an inalienable right to think what they choose, believe what they decide, and even the right to say it aloud or in print.  In my view, that is part of the guarantee of our 1st Amendment and God-given Inalienable right. 

I would laugh at their tactics were they not so serious.  I would laugh were there not many on the Left and some on the Right who not only believe the loads of horse manure being spread but are echoing it.  We are a divided nation.  Those seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ America as was promised by Barack Hussein Obama are deadly serious, deeply deceived, or deranged and dangerous.  They are active and adamant about achieving their objective.

There are many elements in their agenda and plays in the playbook but two of the things I want to address are the projectionism and virtue signaling that they have been and are engaged in.  In simple language, they are projecting on Trump, Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians the evil the Democrats themselves are engaged in.  The pretend piousness of the Left is repulsive demeaning and dangerous.  Yet, there are thousands if not millions who believe it and repeat it as though it were fact and reality. 

I talked to a clinical psychologist who said that those who engage in Projectionism are usually those who have low self-esteem and feel inferior.  They use it as a defense mechanism to hide their own flaws and convince others to side with them.  That pretty much sums up what is happening by the political Left today.  He said, “People who can accept their failures and weaknesses and are comfortable who and what they truly feel no need to project.  They are able to tolerate differences and tend to excel and achieve through their own efforts not through attempting to build themselves up by tearing someone else down.” 

In the past four years what I have witnessed by the Left and some on the Right is disturbing. It is the demonstrated inability to tolerate, the lack of concrete ideas to advance the cause of America, and resort to projecting their weaknesses on Trump, Conservatives, Republicans, and Christians.  The Democrats offer no viable solutions to America’s problems and need rather they base their entire political campaigns on “We Are Other Than Trump.”  Their number one Campaign Slogan is “Trump is Bad and We Hate Trump.”  That resonates with those who want to hate him.

The Democrats are pushing ‘vote by mail’ and rather than acknowledge the reported and factual dangers in the massive shift to that method they insist that Trump is trying to steal the election.  The truth is that those who resist to massive ‘vote by mail’ are trying to protect the election not, steal it.  We are seeking to prevent it from being stolen and provide a legitimate election based on honest and legal votes.  But the virtual signaling that they are pious and Trump evil abounds.  The projectionism of ‘Electoral Theft’, which they are attempting is being leveled at Trump.  Wake Up America!  You are not that dense!

The media has made massive efforts to taint anyone connected with Trump especially those who have run afoul of the law or have been charged with a crime.  However, they ignore the confessions, indictments, and charges against the Left.  Isn’t that a wee bit hypocritical?  No, it is more than a little hypocritical it is diabolical.

The declassified documents from the FBI revealed that the upper echelon of the agency wanted the Clinton campaign debriefed on the foreign country trying to help her and any potential dirt they had on Trump.  Did they do the same for Trump?  Nope! The number of irregularities that transpired and the involvement of people in the Democratic Party, all the way to the former President are visible.  Do the Democrats acknowledge their complicity and failures?  Nope! They say it is Trump that colluded and Trump that is attempting to steal the election. 

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer along with a plethora of Leftists have attempted to hold America hostage seeking to project on Trump and the Republicans what they themselves are doing.  America if we would use that organ inside our cranium for something other than collecting trivia we could readily see through the charade and be compelled to reject their fertilizer.

I saw a cartoon where a woman was in a meat shop and she said, “In preparation for the Republican Convention I need a pound of bologna.”  I thought, “Had I watched the Democratic Convention I would have needed to order a truckload of manure to prepare.”  That truckload would have smelled better than what was presented by the devious demagogues. 

Michelle and Barack Obama both used their bully pulpits even a funeral service to project on Trump what and who they are.  The continual misrepresentations and distortions by the Left leave me with a nagging hole inside and a cry to God for His help.  I understand that people do not like Donald John Trump, the man.  I get it. 

I understand that his abrasive personality and his shoving when pushed grates on some people.  I understand how some would make it a major issue that reportedly Trump’s sister when secretly recorded said, that He could not be trusted.  However, are we to ignore all the distortions, fabrications, misrepresentations, and even plagiarism by Biden?  Are we to ignore the hate and corruption of the Obamas and Clintons?  Are we to ignore the myriad of failures by the Left?  I guess we are!

This is not a personality contest.  We are not voting on who is or is not a Christian.  We are not voting on the morals of the candidates.  Maybe we should be, but we are not and have not in the past.  We are voting on the person or more directly the platform of the two parties.  I take my Bible and then the platforms of the two parties I seek to determine which more closely aligns with God’s Word and Purposes and more closely aligns with my faith.  Once I did that, I came away with the opinion that I could vote no other way than Republican when given the binary choice of Democrat or Republican. 

You may argue that the choice is not binary, and in the broad spectrum, it is not.  However, no other party or candidate has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidency so that makes it a binary choice if we want to pick which more closely aligns with our belief system if we are Christians, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, and Patriots.  I will vote my conscience and my conscience says, “Choose the candidate and party that more closely aligns with God’s Word.”  You do what you believe best.

God bless you and God bless America!


That is a very serious and important question for each politician and American to ask in this election cycle.  I believe that the future of the Republic is literally hanging in the balance.  I realize that some will call that being hyper and engaging in alarmism, but I believe we are on the precipice of destruction in America and what we decide in this election will determine the fate and future of America.  

Like many Americans, I am concerned about the infringement of our 2nd Amendment Rights and the ability to protect myself, my family, my home, and my property.  Based on the rhetoric and promises or threats of the Democratic nominee and his VP choice, our 2nd Gun Rights are squarely in the crosshairs of their political ambitions.  Biden has made so many ridiculous statements regarding firearms that no one can know what he really things and Kamala Harris is opposed to not only the so-called assault rifles like the AR-15 but would endorse taking all our guns.  That should get your attention.

I was encouraged by the very left-leaning Ninth Circuit recently. They produced a ruling that was in line with the Constitution.  California had decreed that they would ban high capacity magazines and this court, amazingly, ruled that violated citizen’s rights under the 2nd Amendment.  Hallelujah for a small ray of sunlight in a terribly dark world. I love it when law and reality intersect on the highway of life. 

The reality, that many citizens are becoming aware of, is that a single bullet might not stop an assailant.  One of the reasons they are awakening is the footage from police body cams.  The person attempting to stop the assailant may miss or the individual might be so strung out on drugs or mentally incapacitated that a single bullet might not do the job.  I love what a former Navy Seal declared when asked how many bullets you needed.  He said, “One more than the bad guy.” 

Donald Trump and Mike Pence support the 2nd Amendment whereas Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support gun control and confiscation.  The 2nd Amendment may be the most important right we have because without it we will easily lose our other rights.  The founding fathers understood the seriousness of this and powerfully sought to protect the right of the citizen for self-defense and defense against a rogue government or other predators.

Who can miss the reality that the Democrats including Biden and Harris do not support the Police and are in favor of defunding or redirecting funding purposed for them?  Trump and Pence are staunch supporters of the men and women in blue and the need for Law and Order.  The New York City Police Union has resoundingly endorsed President Donald Trump over Biden.  That should speak volumes.  Police reform, yes – Abolishment of them or defunding them, no!

The Police Union president, Patrick Lynch said, “I cannot remember when we’ve ever endorsed for the president of the United States until now. That’s how important this is. …. Mr. President, we’re fighting for our lives out there we don’t want this to spread to the country, we need your strong voice across the country.”

Do you remember Obama’s declaration, “If you like your doctor and insurance plan, you can keep it?”  That was a fabrication of epic proportions and I say, “If you like your Country, the only way you can keep it is to defeat the Democratic ticket in November.”

I was interested in a recent poll that indicated a majority of the undecided voters see immigration as a labor issue and important in their decision.  A Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that 53% of the undecided voters support “stopping illegal immigration to prevent the drain of American jobs and the drain on our economy.”

Is the election over and Biden the presumptive winner as the Left and Media want us to believe?  I don’t think so because like 2016 there are many variables yet unaddressed.  Like 2016, the undecided and ethnic vote will be a factor.  It is reported that if President Trump wins 20% of the black vote he wins easily.  Will he get that percentage?  I don’t know but I am hopeful and prayerful.  I was encouraged by indications that 40% of blacks give President Trump a job approval rating of 40%.  Will that translate into votes?  I don’t know but I continue to pray and hope.

We are being told by the media and spin machines that Biden and Harris are a pragmatic, middle of the road, moderate team.  I laughed so hard I almost choked on my coffee when I heard that.  They are, in my view, the dynamic duo of demagoguery.  I would argue that it is a toss-up between the two which has lied the most in their speeches.  Biden has offered so many it is almost impossible to list, and one was that President Trump praised the ‘white supremacist’ at Charlottesville.  That was a malignant lie and Biden knew it and so does the media, yet the masses who drink their offering of ‘news’ believe it because they want to believe it.

Biden and Harris have both targeted religious views and place the Church in a position of serious jeopardy if they win.  Biden revealed that he was willing to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their faith and Harris said that mere membership in the Knights of Columbus was enough to disqualify from the judiciary.

Biden-Harris are staunch abortionists and they are attempting to claim that Trump inherited a great economy from Obama.  WHAT?  They blame the decline during COVID-19 on Trump rather than on the events that transpired largely at the decree and directive of the Democratic Mayors and Governors.  That is hypocrisy, but this moderate team, knows no hypocrisy they do not embrace.  They both support the AOC “New Green Deal” and are vowing to destroy the fossil fuel industry and thereby destroy our economy and our republic.

America, we either wake up and realize that if the Democrats reclaim the White House, keep the House of Representatives, and somehow win the Senate our taxes will skyrocket, the Supreme Court will be forever altered toward liberal activist jurists, and our borders will be erased.  If they win, there will never again be a legitimate, free, and fair election because cheating will be the rule of the day.  Our 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 4th Amendment Rights will be infringed and possibly taken from us.  That would produce a fight, but it might be a fight that the lovers of freedom cannot win.

Why do I say that?  Because of the significant purging of the upper echelon of the military by Obama, the defunding of the police, the willingness of the Democrats to take a year or two to imposed more and more restrictions upon us to prevent us from having the ability to resist as would be needed. 

You may hate Trump enough you are willing to take the risk; I am not!  I appreciate what he has tried to do and often with no help from either party.  America, I am voting No on the Democrats and Yes for Faith, Family, and Freedom! This election is not about personalities but policies so inform yourself as to the truth!

God bless you and God bless America!


There is a gospel song of a few years ago that uses the melody of a Kenny Rogers song.  The song is “I Have Decided” and it is based familiar because of the country song, “The Gambler.”  Amy Grant’s rendition and that of others inspired me greatly and although some of the lyrics might seem problematic to some, there is an incredible truth embodied in that song.

Recently, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart of hearts and impress upon me that I was to make a choice about how I was going to live.  The question in my heart was, “Are you going to live like a believer or are you going to live in turmoil and fear?”  I thought, “LORD, that is no option, of course, I want to live like a believer.”  The next thought that came to my mind and my heart was, “I know you want to live that way, but will you?”  That is a dramatically different question.  One only requires desire and the other commitment.

The song begins, “I have decided, I’m gonna live like a believer, turn my back on the deceiver, I’m gonna live what I believe.”  The second verse is one that causes some Christians pause.  It says, “I have decided, being good is just a fable, I just can’t ‘cause I’m not able.  I’m gonna leave it to the Lord.”  I sang that song once and had a member of the church tell me that it was scripturally inaccurate and that we could be good.  He insisted that we are to ‘work out our own salvation and determine by our will-power to live godly.’  I don’t disagree but I also have learned that it is Christ in me, and He lives His life through me rather than me exercising will-power and achieving holiness.  I am His and totally dependent upon Him.

This article was not intended to be a theological discussion but an expression of a decision of my heart as an American, a Christian, a Patriot, and a Lover of Freedom.  But, as I have stated on many occasions, I cannot divest what I believe and my faith from every other aspect of my life.  IT IS MY LIFE! 

America is in a terrible state and the ominous cloud of destruction is hanging over this nation like never before witnessed in my lifetime.  Hate has so permeated our society and culture, politics, and interpersonal and interracial relations War is virtually unavoidable.  Over the past few years, we have made a few strides forward only to take several strides backward as politicians attempt to manipulate the people and conditions for their own ambitions.  We are being destroyed and, for the first time in my lifetime, I can see the possibility of the demise of our Republic.  That is deeply troubling for me.

I have decided to live like a believer and turn my back on the deceiver and live what I believe.  I have decided that I will ‘seek first’ the Kingdom of God and His righteousness above and before everything else.  Each of us has the choice to live in fear and allow the turmoil of our world to cause us to live in paranoia and panic or we can choose to live what we believe. 

As many know, my wife has been in a 3 plus year battle with Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to the liver as well as the bones.  Her pain level has been off the charts from time to time yet we are confident in the Promises of God, His Word, and Grace. 

I am often tempted to abandon my perch on the Wall of Watching for America and the Church and focus solely on her and her needs, but I keep being drawn back by the conviction that I must not allow evil to win.  The destruction would be so catastrophic, and the loss of lives and souls would be impossible for me to defend my stepping back.  Freedom is never Free nor is it Easy to Obtain or Maintain.  It requires investment and involvement.

However, I can say that I have decided that I will live in Faith and Confidence in God.  Our world has become volatile and dangerous.  It is filled with violence, hate, selfishness, and is being divided into sects, groups, and camps alarmingly and dangerously.  That is not surprising for the Bible predicted that thousands of years ago and we are witnessing the fulfillment of biblical prophecies and warnings.  Reading portions of the Bible is like reading the paper or watching the news. 

I have been praying that the LORD will help me develop a mentality, commitment, and confidence that I can be as the three Hebrew Children in Babylon.  In Daniel 3, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego responded to the edict of Nebuchadnezzar that they bow before his image and worship him in a manner that guaranteed their death.  They said, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to give you an answer concerning this matter.  If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king.  But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image you have set up.” 

The political climate in America is rapidly becoming one in which those who oppose the politically correct view and agenda are deemed expendable, deplorable, and unworthy of living. 

I find it difficult to comprehend how Christians, those who love America and our Freedom and claim to respect and honor the Constitution could allow the Liberal Left to regain power.  The track record of those politicians and ideologues makes it impossible to miss the objective of TOTAL CONTROL desired.  They do not view our Constitutional Rights as granted by God but by the government.  Therefore, they believe they are the arbiters of rights and can decide what rights we can have and what rights we cannot.  That is anathema to my view of America and my faith.

Will I stop speaking out and sounding the alarm on things I see happening and their dangers?  NO!  Will I pull back and go into hiding in paranoia and fear?  NO!  Will I panic if the Left regains control of the government?  NO!  Will I resist the tyranny even and face the probable persecution and possible imprisonment or execution?  THAT IS MY PRAYER and DESIRE.  That is what I have decided.  I have decided to Live FREE!  Free in my mind and free in my heart!  I may be stripped of my freedom physically, but no chain can imprison my mind and heart if I totally trust God and Live What I Believe.

I won’t attempt to detail why the Democrats are the opposite of the principles of both the Bible and our American founding, but I believe the national agenda is.  As a believer, I could never vote for a candidate that supports the destruction of the unborn.  I could never vote for a candidate that wants to strip me of my inalienable rights of Freedom of Speech, Religion, Thought, and my right to protect myself and my family.  I could never vote for a candidate that wants to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America and allow the free ingress and egress of people regardless of origin and intent.  I could never vote for a candidate that wants to tax me into oblivion and impose total control over my life.  I AM A FREE MAN and those things are contradictory to my freedom and my faith.

You must decide what you are going to do, but as I pull back from time to time to minister to my wife, I am not abandoning the fight only redirecting my focus temporarily.  If I fail to speak on an issue it is because the check-in my heart is that I am to leave it in the hands of God and allow Him to do what He does best without my interference.  If I speak it is because I see danger and feel compelled to sound the alarm.  I Love America and I Love God.   Vote your conscience and determine that Fear will not overpower you, but Faith will prevail in your hearts!

God bless you and God bless America!


I keep hearing Democrats, Leftists, Globalists, Marxists, and Never Trumpers insist that Trump lies all the time and has told thousands of lies.  However, those same people offer no genuine factual defense of their charge.  They offer no preponderance of evidence to convict, but excuse or ignore the lies of the Democrats including Biden and Harris.  Obama was given a ‘Lie Free’ card by the media, the Democrats, and far too many on the other side of the political aisle. 

I don’t like lies no matter where or from whom they come.  In my view, when someone lies to me, they are disrespecting me on many levels.  Jesus told the Pharisees in John 8, that they belonged to their father, the devil, and their desire was to carry out his desires and schemes.  Jesus continued that the devil was a murderer from the beginning and there was not even a smidgen of truth in him.  The devil is a liar and the father of all lies.  Therefore, when someone lies, they are being inspired by the devil and evil, not God and good. 

I have had people tell me that there were situations where it was better to tell a little ‘white lie’ than to hurt someone with the truth.  I disagree because the Bible teaches that true freedom comes from the Truth.  In Proverbs 27:6 we read, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.”  In Proverbs 11:3 we are given a powerful revelation about character, integrity, and interpersonal interactions.  It says, “The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.” 

During the 2016 primaries and before Donald Trump became the nominee, he was not my 1st choice.  There were things about his personality that troubled this East Texas country boy, a preacher.  He was from New York and I from East Texas and it seemed that we lived in two totally different worlds, and we did. 

However, once I began listening to him, I heard someone speaking of a fight that I could embrace and an ideology that was deeply rooted in my heart, I began to investigate the man and the platform.  A number of things occurred in that process and brought me to the place I could throw my support behind the GOP Nominee, Donald J. Trump for President in 2016.

As always, I began to compare apples to apples or candidates to candidates, and platforms to platforms.  I made a choice in the primaries and my 1st choice fell by the way and then I began to compare the Democrats to the Republicans.  I examined their history, their rhetoric, their proposals, and their agendas.  The more I have viewed the charges of lies against Trump the more I realized that there has been a double standard being applied. I could not overlook the blatant and willful ignoring of fabrications by the Democrats.  I found that distasteful and realized that it was designed to sway public opinion with innuendo rather than substantive proof. 

I wish I could tell you that Trump never lies, I cannot, he probably has and probably does in some things.  However, I also cannot tell you that Biden, Clinton, Obama, Harris, or any Democrats are without falsehood in what they say and do.  I would suggest that most politicians, if not all politicians lie.  The sad thing in that is the lies are often believed and spun in such a manner as to achieve an agenda.  That encourages a continuation of that behavior and practice. 

Unfortunately, I know preachers who speak as it is ridiculously called, ‘evangelistically.’  In East Texas vernacular that means THEY LIE!  They would call it an embellishment of the truth for impact, but I suspect God views it as a negative not a positive.  God does not need, nor do we need, fabrications to advance our cause.  It if is worthwhile, beneficial, and worthy of support a clear presentation of the facts and explanation of the benefits should suffice.  Unfortunately, Hollywood, television, media, business, and politics have conditioned us to desire the juicy tidbits of rumor, innuendo, gossip, and slander. 

It is a sad realization that our voting populace appears to be willing to fall prey to the tactic of denigrating another to elevate the candidate. I would prefer that they articulated their proposals and allowed them to stand or fall on their own merit. When we take that path we are revealing a terrible sickness in our political souls.  That is the current state of American politics.  It is mud, mud, and more mud.  It is real mud, fake mud, distorted mud, and created mud, but it is MUD! 

I have longed for a politician that could, as Ronald Reagan did, articulate the values and benefits of conservatism and constitutionalism.  His economic plan was called ‘Voodoo Economics‘ by none other than the man who would join him on the ticket.  That is eerily similar to the situation with Biden and Harris.  She called him vile names and even said that his female accusers should be believed. That is, she felt that way UNTIL there was an opportunity to prostitute herself ideologically and become the 2nd on the ticket. 

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, and countless other Democrats have told lie after lie and distorted comments of Trump and Republicans with impunity.  Those lies are then used to attack the Republicans and Trump and project on him and us as guilty of the very things they are doing and saying.  Are we that incapable of discernment in America?  Are we that willing to hate to the point that we regurgitate the talking points because it makes us feel good about our continued support of that brand of dirty politics?  If so, then the Soul of America needs Saving and may not be salvageable. 

I find it amazing that even when politicians tell us the truth about their agenda many ignore that factual declaration and believe the spin put on it by the media spinners and political activists.  Politicians, like Adolf Hitler and other despots, would sometimes reveal their true intent and yet, people seemed to embrace such bias and prejudice against the other side or a candidate that they ignored the warnings.  Germany, the Jews, and the world paid for that mistake and willingness to overlook the declared warnings issued by the deranged would be World Dictator.

I am concerned that we are in that condition in today’s America.  I talk to people who detest the Democratic Agenda but detest Trump even more.  They have such an unbendable bias against him that they are willing to risk the republic to see him defeated.  That is beyond dangerous it is deadly!  I detest racism, sexism, bigotry, hate, and lies and want to find the best pathway for America to overcome those issues.  I am realistic enough to know that the human heart cannot be changed through legislation, mandates, or enforcement of politically correct agendas.  It will take a move of God. 

If we want to return to the progress we were making before Barack Obama’s eight years, we must hold all politicians accountable for their distortions, fabrications, embellishments, and LIES!  We need to demand that they fulfill or do all they can to keep their promises, rather than tell us what they think we want to hear to secure our vote.  If we ‘unelected’ enough of them over that very thing, we just might see a move toward honesty in politics.  Unfortunately, I suspect that politics has devolved to the place that those pursuing political careers believe the benefit of that pathway outweighs the negatives.  They suffer no consequences and are thereby emboldened and encouraged to continue. 

God help us to wake up and reclaim our Republic.  You may not like Donald J. Trump as a person but if you consider the objective of the left, you must see that he is our best hope of keeping America Free and give us an opportunity to be restored.  If not, then do what you feel you must.  I will vote for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!