In his book “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” Hank Green said, “They tell you power corrupts. They never tell you how quickly.”  That is not an endorsement of his book or him, but his statement is germane to the discussion of political power and the insatiableness of the power-hungry in politics.  The Russian revolutionary anarchist Mikhail Bakunin rightly said, “He who is given power will inevitably become an oppressor and exploiter of society.”

John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton (Lord Acton) offered the infamous remark in his letter to an Anglican bishop, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Great men are almost always bad men…”  Some will take those quotes an apply them to President Trump while others will choose various members of Congress for their angst.  However, my concern extends far beyond Congress or any President to the entirety of society. 

I believe that one of the many things we have witnessed in this pandemic of panic has been how quickly the hunger of those seeking power has proven to be insatiable.  I have heard all my life, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.”  In this current situation, that seems apropos at all levels of government.  I have been amazed at how local, state, and national political operatives have reached and overreached for power.  I am more frightened by their willingness and openness to pursue ultimate power than I am the invisible plague of COVID-19. 

Politico was almost gleeful in their reporting of President Trump’s conference call with Wall Street some time back.  Politico insisted that the movers and shakers of Wall Street, the primary funders of the Democratic Machine in America pushed back on the President’s desire and plan to reopen our economy.  They suggested that America not be reopened UNTIL.  Until what?  Until no one was concerned about getting the coronavirus.  WHAT?  When would that be?  NEVER! 

People are fearful of the flu although they have numerous vaccines that will supposedly prevent one from getting it or diminish its impact.  People are fearful of many diseases and viruses and will ever be.  Therefore, to suggest that we stay locked down and the economy totally destroyed leaving no life to return to for millions if not everyone, UNTIL there is no more concern or fear of contracting the disease is INSANE if not DIABOLICAL.  Yes, I put those two words in caps because of the utter insanity of the suggestion.  If those people are the best and brightest, we are in trouble because the institution is being run by the patients. 

I keep hearing those on the Left and in the Media suggest that American deaths are acceptable if not desirable by Trump and the Republicans.  That is beyond ridiculous.  No deaths are acceptable, but some are inevitable.  How many die each year from the flu, suicide, opioids, drunk drivers, etc.?  How many innocent babies are destroyed in the womb?  How many of those lives are acceptable?  NONE to me, but seem acceptable to those on the Left! 

We have witnessed the megalomania of the media in their attempt to manipulate America using fraudulent video footage and reporting false information.  CBS used a video from a crowded Italian hospital treating patients for COVID-19 and reported it as being New York City.  They did it not once, but twice and millions bought it hook line and sinker. That’s not the first time the media has manipulated and won’t be the last.  They are seeking power and seeking to solidify power for those leading their side of the political fight.  That is disgusting and shows the insatiability of the hunger for power and ultimate power. 

The power-hungry politicians have demonstrated a desire to use this pandemic of fear to ‘alter the mindset and behavior’ of Americans.  They know that if we lose our sense of security many will voluntarily relinquish their freedoms hoping for safety and sustenance.  We appear willing to sell our Freedom (birthright) for a bowl of porridge using a biblical example from the Old Testament. 

They know that if they can shift the attitudes from a pro-America view to an anti-America view, they can manipulate and solidify their power.  Imagine fearing being arrested for playing in your own yard with your child.  Imagine fearing being arrested for not wearing a mask that even the CDC has suggested is not truly beneficial for most.  Imagine fearing being arrested for going to church but being allowed to go to Walmart with far more people than many church gatherings.  Imagine having the police show up at your door because your neighbor was enticed by the mini tyrants in power to ‘snitch’ on their neighbors who did not follow the edicts to the letter.  Well, that is where we are!

The power to manipulate people is exhilarating to the power-crazed.  Through the years I have observed husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, employers, etc. thrive on their ability to manipulate others.  Life becomes a literal hell for the one being manipulated but fear drives them to submit.  The fear of being alone, no job, etc. becomes more powerful than freedom.  The manipulator becomes diabolical and sadistic and the more they can control the more they want to control.

In government, the hunger for power is one of the most dangerous threats to our republic and way of life.  When governors can issue edicts telling Christians whether or not they can take communion or how they can take it, that is dangerous.  Our freedoms are being systematically stolen from us and because of fear we are becoming docile sheep complying because we want to be safe and keep everyone else safe.  That sounds noble, but it is impossible.  We cannot keep everyone safe nor can we keep ourselves 100% safe.  Death comes to us all, it is just a matter of when and how.

Nancy Pelosi advanced her power-grab and revealed the insatiableness of her hunger for power in her 1400-page shopping list of socialistic desires she tried to include in the Senate relief bill in March.  She and the Left have now created an even more diabolical and dangerous relief package. The new package includes guaranteed income for illegals. WHAT?

In the first package, she did not care that her delays and power reach harmed millions of Americans.  Power was the goal, not America or Americans.  Majority Whip, Representative James Clyburn told his caucus that the relief measure was their “opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  It was, in his mind, an opportunity to gain POWER!

The power-hungry elitists, largely in the Democratic Party, have a god complex. They believe that we should all grovel at their feeding troughs and bow before their images grateful for the crumbs they toss us.  I serve no god but The Almighty Living God of the Bible.  I will call them out and resist them and in the words of Queen Esther in the Bible, “if I perish, I perish.”

America, we must recognize the power-crazed in politics and help them find other lines of work.  It is time that we clean house in Washington and I frankly don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat if they are not working for us, they are working against us and we need them replaced. 

God bless you and God bless America!


In America, we have acted in a manner that I would never have believed possible just a decade ago.  America has, for whatever reason, chosen to allow the bureaucrats to decide what businesses are important or essential and which are not.  We have submitted to virtual ‘house arrest’ with little more than grumbling.  People now believe it is their duty to inform on their neighbors and other family members.  We have accepted the impending fate of thousands if not millions going bankrupt because of government edicts.  That is a serious situation that can and likely will affect far into the future allowing the power-hunger to gain more power.

We have ignored the reality that those in power issuing their edicts and lockdown orders are ignoring the dangers other than the virus in their edicts. We now have documented evidence of the psychological dangers as well as some ignored health risks as people try to comply.  The spike in addiction, the increase of those falling off the wagon in their fight to stay sober, the increased hunger, bankruptcy, depression, and domestic violence are inconsequential to the authoritarians.  I am not saying, the virus does not impose a threat, but at what cost do we fight this virus and overlook the other dangers embodied in the edicts of the government?

I have read the reports of the World Food Programme who suggested that as a result of COVID-19 it is likely that 130 MILLION people in the world will be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020.  That is staggering!  That is ‘as a result of COVID-19’.  If that does not get your attention, what will?

What will it take for the bureaucrats to give us back our lives in America?  How flat will the curve have to be for them to restore our freedoms and liberties?  Frankly, I do not believe we could ever achieve a level that would result in them fully restoring our liberties and freedoms. Freedoms we have willingly surrendered.  Freedom lost is never regained, at least not fully.  When those in power, who are power-hunger elitists, achieve a surrender of liberties they never relinquish their control.  It is a means to an end for them and having us under their thumbs is part of the overall objective and endgame.

History is replete with examples of Tyrants and Despots gaining or grabbing power and many of the earmarks are visible in the COVID-19 pandemic action and reaction.  I am stunned at the willingness with which people have surrendered their liberties and lives to the government.  I would never have envisioned this day in America, but alas that is a picture of modern America in 2020.

We have created a situation, through fear and a genuine desire to be safe, that has allowed the elected officials and unelected bureaucrats to define essential and non-essential.  Thereby, defining whose lives are valuable and whose are not.  Before you protest and argue that I am overstating the situation, I ask that you consider a few pertinent examples from history.

In the throes of Bolshevism under Stalin and National Socialism under Hitler, there is an incredible similarity in what we have witnessed.  When the tyrants, who posed as benevolent leaders, gained unlimited leeway in how they managed or manipulated the populace, freedom was lost.  In the book by Hanna Arendt, “Origins of Totalitarianism” she details how this transpired and result.  The outcome, as we know, was not a pleasant ending for most of the citizenry.

She presented an arresting reality that “from day to day it was impossible to predict what new canard or atrocity might transpire from the slack given the leaders.”  It seems that the vaguer the objective, coupled with the fear of the public, the leaders gained more and more power and took more control.  Control they never relinquished.

Leo Trotsky, commander in chief of the Red Army in Russia could have been speaking to the leaders of this lockdown in America and the world. He was not talking about a pandemic and containing it but control but it applies.  Saving lives was the last thing on his mind.  To him, like most tyrants and despots, human lives were dispensable commodities and the greater cause of the tyrant makes human life valueless. 

What he had to say, echoes in the actions of the drivers of this mandated lockdown.  The focus was not life or liberty and that was echoed in the words of the New Jersey governor who said, “I was not thinking of the Bill of Rights in my actions.”  Why not?  Because he and the would-be, lords, and ladies of government do not deem the Constitution or the Bill of Rights their guides.  They believe they are the overlords with all power.

The motive of tyrants and despots in history has been having control, not lives, or the needs of humanity.  I keep asking, “Have the leaders overstepped their constitutional bounds and inflicted a form of servitude on the citizens?”  Yes, that is a very serious question and charge, but one I feel driven to ask and keep asking.  Some governors and mayors have opted to view the needs of the people overall rather than simply focusing on unachievable total protection and eradication of this or any virus. 

It seems that many government officials hold the view of utilitarianism espoused by J.S. Mill and J. Bentham, that “Liberty may go so far and no farther.”  They seem to believe they are duty-bound to deprive people of liberty in an attempt to protect society.  Wasn’t that what Benjamin Franklin addressed?  We are told and many if not most seem to agree that the lockdown is good, moral, and right.  After all, if it saves one life, right? 

My concern is where is the line of demarcation between saving human lives and allowing bureaucrats to rule with an iron fist?  I don’t know how many lives our massive lockdown has saved, but I can calculate the lives destroyed.  I can see the danger of government officials becoming dictatorial in their governance. 

How many lives are lost every year through various health-related issues?  In the three months of COVID-19, we have had roughly 60,000 deaths and almost half of those in the New York metropolitan area.  Then compare that to the reality that in any given month we have 157,000 deaths from various health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, etc.  That would equate to 471,000 in three months compared to approximately 60,000.  Is a 60/471 ratio a proportional justification for what we have done?   That demands we ask what is different about this.

We have over 30 million people whose livelihoods have been massively altered if not destroyed.  We were initially told that to fail to take the steps we have taken would result in millions of Americans dying and if we did still upwards of a million would die.  That has not been the reality.  Has this been a massive power-grab as well as an effort to save lives?  I think yes.

We have Bill Gates, Mr. Vaccine who wants to reduce the size of the world’s population, Jeff Bezos, and others insisting that reopening before a vaccine and the cure is found is too soon.  When will the level of safety and cure they insist we achieve transpire?  NEVER!  They have none of the financial concerns most of us do.  They are part of the establishment government essential people, most of us are not.  Is this a forerunner to a total take over by the federal government?  I do not know, but I am concerned. 

I am concerned about lives and want no life lost.  However, I want no life lost through abortion.  I want no life lost because some politicians have stripped citizens of their ability for self-defense.  I want no life lost because people are so distraught and destroyed by the loss of their livelihood, businesses, future, and hope.  We cannot save everyone and must act reasonably when trying to save whomever we can.  Have we?  You and you alone can answer that and that will largely determine how you vote in November.

I trust God, not the government.  I will not live in fear although it may sound like I am fearful because of what I have said.  I believe that the American spirit and determination can and will prevail.  It will be a long road, providing we do not further relinquish our liberties to those on the Left who want Total Control. 

God bless you and God bless America.  We must not lose!


I asked that question when talking to a couple of Democrats.  I was interested in their take on Biden and how enthusiastically or unenthusiastically they were supporting him.  They were supporting, but then if my dog Blue was the nominee, they’d support him too.  I was curious to examine the scenario and hypothetical or not so hypothetical that Biden could be ditched or forced out of the race before the real campaign begins. 

Both said, “Yes, he will.”  Then after a brief pause, one of them said, “Unless…”  His voice trailed into silence and he did not complete the unless.  I tried to press the issue and could elicit no real response from either of them.  Then, I offered some thoughts of my own and some scenarios I had been hearing from others.  They would not discuss it with me, but their body language suggested I might not be too far off in my thoughts. 

I have had an inkling in my mind, for some time, that the most recent endorsements coming very late from the former President Obama, Sanders, and Warren to mention a few had a specific target.  I have a feeling that those endorsements, although far less than enthusiastic were expressly hoping to bolster Biden’s appeal.  I have a feeling that if those endorsements do not spark enthusiasm in the Democratic voters there will be something transpire to force Biden from the race.  I do not suggest that I know what tool they will use, but they have a warehouse full of possibilities concerning him.

I have viewed, with an element of disgust, the way the media has handled the sexual misconduct leveled against Joe Biden.  That disgust has been directed toward the double-standard and hypocrisy of the way they handled this and the way they approached Dr. Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.  I was not surprised, but there are several interesting things involved that make me wonder if this is not part of a CYA and a Plan B, should it be deemed necessary to force Biden from the race. 

Someone suggested that the Washington Post and New York Times breaking the story of the accusations by Tara Reade against Biden were because they were two highly ethical news sources and felt it their duty to report it.  It took about ten minutes for me to stop laughing at that assertion and I began to think about why they would report it, even soft-pedal it.  Why?  What could be their motivation other than hoping to undermine the story and provide some immunity for Joe down the road? 

Then, I asked myself, “Could this be an ace in the hole to oust Biden if it becomes apparent that he cannot win?”  I believe that they hope to strip from these allegations any teeth and inoculate Biden in the general election campaign.  However, I also believe they wanted a ‘Plan B’ should the enthusiasm for him not grow sufficiently to support his continuing as the presumptive candidate.  I believe that is why Obama, Warren, and even Sanders have endorsed Biden.  They are grasping for straws trying to recreate him and build a fire under their base.  If that fails, this could be their ace in the hole, and he could be forced to step aside.

The talk is that Governor Andrew Cuomo is more popular and sparks more enthusiasm among Democratic voters. That is not without substance.  The press would have a solid cover to claim that they reported it in the beginning and therefore they are lauded for their journalism.  Biden would be forced, to step aside, probably quietly claiming some health issue rather than depart under the cloud of shame.  They do protect their own even when they destroy them.

Joe Biden continually demonstrates a mental or medical condition that is frightening when you consider that he could occupy the Oval Office.  I seriously doubt that the Establishment Democrats truly believe they can convince the American people to support a man that has difficulty stringing three sentences together coherently. 

Stephen Green of PJ Media transcribed the incredible incoherence of Joe Biden in his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show.  It is incredible and I quote the transcription verbatim.  “I sat with a guy on, on a telephone and he’s telling me, he said, “I don’t always,” he said, “Look, I, I, I, I, I, I’m, I, I worked at the hospital.” And he said, “Then I, I got, I got myself a position where I got the virus, so they quarantined me and, and they put me in the hospital, and I made it out and so I’m out [slurp]. But they don’t want me with my family. I’m on the third floor. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with them saying,’ he said, ‘I have a three-year-old and a four-year-old. They come to the door outside and they just knock on the door and say ‘Daddy, Daddy, can I see you, Daddy, can I see you, Daddy?’’”

So, we spent time going through it [slurp], I used to do with my kids when they were little, and I couldn’t see them, and we’d play games. I said, “Knock, make up a game, knock, knock on the door and say this is, you know [slurp].” [incomprehensible] This is practical things, the guy’s scared to death. And he’s worried about his children, he’s worried about his wie [sic]. I mean, these are practical things. And the president talks about this like, “OK, it’s gonna be OK. We’re gonna open… tomorrow. We’re gonna do this.”

I mean, it just, I must tell you, it drives me crazy. I don’t know what he doesn’t understand.”

What in the world is he saying?  He cannot even toss himself a softball or a football and not drop it, butcher it, and make himself look like a person suffering from a serious mental disorder.  As I watched it struck me that the look on his wife’s face is one of horror, wondering what he might say or do next.  She knows the media knows, the Establishment knows, most of us know, but do the Democratic voters know or care?  That is the real issue. 

I have a feeling that Joe Biden may not be the person on the ballot running against Donald Trump in November.  However, if he is and the American people elect him, we will have witnessed a total departure from reality by the voters.  If the Republican base and those who do not want to return to the destructive policies of Obama fail to unite and ensure that Biden and the Democrats are defeated, we may well deserve what we get. 

America, how valuable is our Freedom and our Republic?  Donald Trump is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  He has a huge ego, as do all those running for office on a national level.  He craves recognition and credit, as do all of those running for office on a national level.  But he has weathered an incredible storm and demonstrated a desire to fight for us.  You may disagree and hate him so much you would risk the destruction of the republic to defeat him.  I hope not, but if that is your position, I hope you fail. 

Someone insisted that no Christian could vote for Trump.  I ask, what Christian can vote for the Democrats with abortion on demand, embracing of lifestyles that are anathema to the Christian faith and Bible, and the elevation of government to the position of God?  There are many more reasons to reject them. I cannot and will not vote for anyone on the Left, my Freedom, my Faith, and my Country are too important to do that.

God bless you and God bless America!


I am not suggesting that COVID-19 or the coronavirus is not serious.  That is not my focus. I am focused on something that is a byproduct, or the product of this national and international quarantine.  Yes, I called it a quarantine because in many parts of America and the world that is exactly what it is. 

This is the first time, to my knowledge, we have quarantined healthy people.  Was it justified?  That is a debate that will never be satisfactorily settled, but that is not my focus.  My focus is on the seeds of tyranny and the evidence of the ‘silencing’ of America.  That is far more troubling for this American than the threat of the virus.  I realize that people have and will die from the virus, but the rate of death is incredibly low compared to other things that we have endured.  That raises some serious red flags in my mind and demands that I consider other factors in this incredible move by the federal, state, and local governments.

Let me state at the outset, that most of the local governments have simply followed suit and done what they were told rather than engaging in an organized tyrannical agenda.  Most of the states have done much the same thing, although some of them are deeply embedded in the desire to nationalize and control.  The federal government, on the other hand, is not so pristine. 

Let me offer a view that may or may not be accurate, but one that I hold at this time.  I believe that President Trump, a man who has fought the system in a significant fashion in his 3 ½ years, was given information, factual or false that convinced him he had to pursue this path.  I do not believe that some of the advisors were deceived but are themselves deceivers and part of a much more dangerous agenda.  That makes the tightrope that the President is walking incredibly precarious and dangerous for us all.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social mediums and information sources have engaged in expanded and overt censorship as a result of this pandemic.  I truly believe they have taken this path not in the interest of saving lives but ‘silencing’ dissenting voices speaking against the prescribed and accepted rhetoric of the establishment and globalists. 

Two California doctors questioned the ‘shelter-in-place lockdown’ in their state and the nation based on their medical knowledge.  Those doctors were Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi.  Dr. Erickson cited data from 2017 and 2018 of the numbers infected by the seasonal flu.  The data indicates that we had 50-60 million people in America infected.  That resulted in 43,545 people dying from the flu.  Each year we have 37,000-60,000 die from the flu.  There is no pandemic, no shutting down the nation.  Why?  What is different in this?  I keep asking, but nobody from the CDC or other health organizations can or will answer my plea for information.

YouTube took down the video with the standard disclaimer that it ‘violated their community standards.’  Dr. Erickson said what other doctors have claimed that there was pressure on him to include COVID in the death notice.  If that is true, there is something very sinister afoot in this pandemic.  But his claims are not my focus, my focus is the censorship by YouTube and other social media, the News Outlets, and politicians. 

I am concerned with the massive overreach of various elected and unelected officials regarding our freedoms.  The First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees and recognizes our God-given right of “speech” and in that “opinion.”  We are supposed to be a nation that allows differing views to be expressed, debated, and discussed.  Before the current pandemic, the Freedom of Speech was being attacked on college campuses and other sources.  The labeling of dissenting speech as ‘hate speech’ is more than a little troubling. 

The Constitution makes no provision for silencing what is called ‘hate speech.’  The policing of those views was largely a community responsibility, not an allowance for the government to decide what we could and could not say publicly.  In the tyrannies of history, each of them has sought to gain control of speech and publication of views.  Those not adhering to the company line or the agenda and rhetoric of the tyrannical powers were silenced or eliminated.  We are moving dangerously in that direction in allowing our Freedom of Speech and other Freedoms to be restricted and stripped from us.

You can call me whatever you please and charge that I am fear-mongering but drops of water that fall over a long time on a massive rock will bore a hole in it.  What one generation allows in moderation another will pursue in excess.  The old saying, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” is historically accurate regarding tyrannical regimes. 

I thought that America would never willingly submit to censorship and relinquish our rights and freedoms, but that has changed.  This pandemic and panic have revealed a sheep-like attitude in the masses and the fear of infection and death has motivated this nation to surrender without a fight.  Agreeing or disagreeing with the need to ‘shelter in place’ is not my major concern.  We have already done that, so that is history.

When government or outlets of information are allowed to censor any ideas that disagree with their political or ideological views, we weaken the pillars of freedom.  I am concerned that America has been ‘silenced’ sufficiently that we will never reclaim our freedoms and will witness far more egregious infringements on our liberties in the days to come.

If all dissent is silenced and the only voice that is heard is the voice of the purveyors of the authorized version the result is a brainwashed society.  It takes at least two if not three generations to eradicate a body of thought and replace it with the desired ideological view.  We have witnessed that in education, the media, and even medicine. 

Government has become more and more powerful.  We have seen the mandates by government and the courts that we must comply with them or suffer the brunt of the law.  Our religious convictions are inconsequential.  Our constitutional freedoms are negated.  The basic fabric of our Republic has been eroded and we are terrified to disagree publicly fearing becoming targets. 

America, we are witnessing the silencing of our voices and becoming more like Communist China than the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders envisioned and established.  In Tyrannical nations, the people are not allowed to voice their dissent and in America, any view that does not embrace the authorized leftist view is in the cross-hairs.  Nobody likes to be viewed as intolerant, bigoted, racist, or any of the labels hurled at all dissent and disagreement with the Deep State and Swamp Globalist agenda. 

I pray that we will awaken from this slumber or stupor and demand from our elected official, before it is too late, that they ‘cease and desist.’  We can comply with medical restrictions but must never allow the ‘silencing’ of our voices with questions and disagreement. 

I am praying for America and the world.  I am praying for the President and the ‘experts.‘  I am praying for Congress, State, and local officials.  I am praying for health for the nation in every respect, but I will resist docility and continue to contend for our right to disagree and voice that disagreement. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Yes, the questions, “Are the Waters Being Tested?” is a conspiratorial question.  However, if we listen to what the ‘experts’ are declaring are we not forced to ask questions that appear conspiratorial? If every ‘expert’, medical or otherwise is devotedly trying to protect Americans and save lives with no nefarious or underlying objective, then bad ideas or just bad ideas, right?  Hardly, even if they are all truly dedicated to finding a solution and protecting lives, some bad ideas are incredibly dangerous.  The reality is, some bad ideas become tools for the more devious to advance their agenda.  Is that what is happening or is there something more sinister in the works?  I wish I knew for certain but am concerned.

One of the more recent ideas being floated came from Dr. Fauci, is eerily like an idea that has been advanced by Bill Gates in the past.  Gate’s idea is not benign and is part of his expressed belief that we must have systematic and widespread ‘population reduction’ to save the planet.  Dr. Fauci’s idea sent chills down my spine.  Part of the reason it was so disconcerting is my view of Bible prophecy and the events predicted by the Bible regarding the Last Days and the Man of Sin, the coming World Government. 

That may have sent some to the exit but if you are still reading please allow me to continue and explain why I am concerned about Dr. Fauci’s suggestion that we adopt mandatory ‘Coronavirus Immunity ID Cards’.  Some international agencies are working in conjunction with the Gates Foundation have been actively pursuing a National Health ID.  This is not a new idea.  It is the work of ID2020, an organization that has the support of Accenture, the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, and others.  Not to be omitted are the Gavi and the Vaccine Alliance all who support the idea of ID2020. 

This is the work of globalists who want to issue global ID cards or digital tracking devices in every person on the planet.  I am concerned that these actions and the witting or unwitting involvement by Dr. Fauci is a first step to condition people to accept this kind of idea.  It is the outworking of the philosophy, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  It is opportunism seizing upon people’s misery to achieve a globalist objective. 

Dr. Fauci’s expressed idea is that this would enable the government to ensure that everyone is identified as having recovered, been tested, or vaccinated.  His thoughts may be a desire to promote health.  However, those working to bring this kind of thing into reality are not benign.  At what point do we relinquish our freedoms and liberties in the interest of presumed safety?  How much liberty are we willing to trade for the hope of safety?  I did not say safety but the hope of it, because all their ideas are presumptive, not guarantees of a cure.

To Dr. Fauci’s credit, he has not fully endorsed this but suggested it is an idea of merit and worthy of further consideration.  Tragically that deposits the idea in the minds of those who trust the government and the ‘experts’ to be receptive to it.  Bill Gates, on the other hand, has openly acknowledged his desire for some type of digital certificate to show who has recovered, been tested, or vaccinated.  He said, “Eventually we will have this.”  He is the man who suggested a vaccine to euthanize a portion of the population in the interest of saving the planet. 

The idea advanced by Gates and those pushing for a universal ID is tied to their globalist worldview and the advancing of the New World Order.  Call that a conspiracy if you please.  But if you do your research you will quickly discover the views of Gates, Soros, and others of that ilk.  Their agenda is not people or freedom friendly.  Gates has been involved in efforts such as the one at MIT to encode health and identity data into a quantum-dot based system that is embedded in the skin.  All Christians who believe the Book of Revelation and the warnings of the Bible regarding the Last Days should cringe at that revelation.

The research published in Science Translational Medicine journal acknowledged that they had developed an “approach to encode medical history on a patient using the spatial distribution of biocompatible, near-infrared dots (NIR QDs) in the dermis.  Those are invisible to the naked eye yet detectable when exposed to NIR light.”  That is frightening!  I am thankful for technology, but I am more than a little concerned with this kind of plan.  If we reach the place in our world, and we either have or will, that in the interest of presumed and hoped for safety we will surrender our independence, we will forever lose our freedom.  I am not willing to passively do that. 

Dr. Fauci and the NIAID have a long history of working with the Gates Foundation on the idea of worldwide vaccination programs.  In 2010 the World Health Organization launched it’s, “Global Vaccine Action Plan.”  The idea was to facilitate the discovery, development, and delivery of ‘lifesaving vaccines.’  If you, like me are skeptical of vaccines, you find that claim overly arbitrary and quite capricious.  Ben Franklin’s warning echoes in my mind, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  That is an arresting warning from over 200 years ago but apropos in today’s climate.

I am concerned that some of the actions in this present COVID-19 pandemic are first-steps in the New World Order agenda of the globalists.  The idea of mandatory vaccines opens a portal for a vaccine that would systematically target specific segments of the world population for reduction. 

When we are overcome with the fear of some invisible disease and that fear, outweighs our desire for liberty and freedom, we consent to things we would otherwise resist.  When we invest our hopes in the wisdom or so-called wisdom of the ‘experts’ we open ourselves to things we would normally resist.  When we believe that an action is in our best interest and will ‘save lives’ and possibly ‘the world,’ we consent even with reservations.  It is a slow systematic action designed to condition us to accept what we are told is in our best interest, even if it is ultimately destructive.  We see reality too late to reverse the damage.  Is that where we are or where we are heading?

Gates has declared, “We’ve got a population problem.  The world has about 6.8 billion people and headed toward 9 billion.  If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”  WHAT?  I thought the vaccines were to ‘save lives’ but that seems to indicate it is designed to save some lives but provide a vehicle for the overall reduction of the world’s population.  That is not a plan I want can embrace and I do believe that even if some jumping on the ideas of Immunity IDs are doing so out of a desire to save lives, the powers behind the movement are not. 

As a Christian, I am sounding the alarm that this is not something we need to endorse.  On the surface, it might seem benign but at its core, and in its final state it would be diabolical and deadly to millions.  The Democrats are endorsing this kind of idea and so are some Republicans, I am adamantly opposed to it for many reasons, religious and constitutional.  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am going to question the extreme measures we have taken as we hoped to prevent the spread and achieve the ‘mitigation’ of the virus.  I will state at the outset, I am not a medical scientist, epidemiologist, or financial guru.  However, I have a brain and it does more than fill the cavity in my head, I think!  Sometimes, I think rightly and sometimes wrongly, but I think. In thinking I ask questions, evaluate the action, and compare it to the need.  I do that before acting, during the action, and at the conclusion.  Naturally, my hindsight is perfect, my mid-stream sight reasonable, and my foresight is never 100%. 

Therefore, I suggest that everyone take what I am going to say with a grain of salt. But before you toss it on the trash heap and declare me ‘persona non grata’ please consider my observations and form your own opinion.  I am not suggesting that you violate your conscience, disregard the warnings, and throw caution to the wind.  That would be foolish.  You know your health risks, medical condition, strength, and weakness of your immune system.  My wife is in a weakened immune state due to cancer and therefore was cautious before this pandemic and double so now.  I understand and agree with her desires.  Protecting her is extremely important to us.

Yet, I ask, “Did we take measures beyond what was needed or should have been pursued?”  Did we ‘lock down’ the nation, destroy the economy, and lives in the process at a level not justified by the real dangers of the virus?  I’m not sure anyone can answer in the affirmative or negative with absolute certainty, but it is a question that needs to be asked.  Did President Trump, the experts, Congress, Governors, Mayors, and County Officials overreact?  What people decide will be telling in November and beyond.

Brit Hume of Fox News voiced the concern expressed by millions of Americans.  He said, “I think it is time to consider the possibility…that this lockdown, as opposed to the more moderate mitigation efforts…is a colossal public policy calamity.”  Before you blast him, let’s examine some of the things we now know.  Again, we are dealing with hindsight, foresight, and mid-sight, so what we think now might be quite different than what was assumed at the beginning. 

Economist Scott Grannis quantified what we have done in the lockdown and it is staggering.  He said, “almost overnight, we have wiped out all the net job gains of the past 14 years.”  That is beyond staggering it is terrifying.  I refuse to succumb to fear because my faith demands that I reject fear. But from an economic standpoint, it is frightening or deeply troubling or should be.  He observed and everyone knows, “it isn’t over yet.”  By that I mean, not the virus but the loss of jobs and the devastation to the economy.  Some are gleeful at the prospects of November coming with a destroyed economy.  They see that as a sure defeat for President Trump.  The cost to America and Americans seems inconsequential to those people.  I find that disgusting.

We willingly inflicted a wound on our economy that may never be repaired.  The extent of this has never been witnessed in American history and likely human history.  It is beyond anything anyone could have envisioned and so extreme that the prospects of millions becoming totally dependent upon the government is more than a possibility. 

We not only willingly destroyed our economy, erased the financial gains of millions, costing some everything but we have continued to give up liberty and freedom beyond what we can calculate.  I’m not sure we know what we have done and how far the power-hungry elitist of the political ruling class will expand this.  We try not to think about it because that would plunge us over the cliff into the abyss of depression that would be double destructive. 

The epidemiological models were the basis of the lockdown.  The ‘experts’ went to the president with the unimaginable potential loss of American lives and left him little choice as to what to do.  He was damned if he shut down the economy and pursued the ‘mitigation’ desired and damned if he did not.  He could not win, so he did a reasonable person would have done.  He followed the advice of the ‘experts.’  After all, they were ‘experts.’   Yet we continue to hear the lie that he never listens. That went out the window, as it does each time a false accusation is hurled his direction.

The models have been proven wrong time and again and the longer this lasts the more we find that they ‘experts’ were following computer models that were based on flawed data.  Garbage in, garbage out would possibly and apt descriptor. Again, please know I am not dismissing the dangers of the virus.  I believe it is real and dangerous, but I do wonder if we needed to go to the extremes we have.  Of course, now what has been done forces those in power to follow through.  Why?  Because, if even one of the models turns out to be right and they abandon the extreme measures, they will be crucified.  Politicians NEVER volunteer for the Cross!

The models were not only wrong, but they promoted and fueled the paranoia, panic, terror, and gave a sense of certitude that was not true.  I am reminded of the words of economist Friedrich Hayek, “I confess that I prefer true but imperfect knowledge, to a pretense of exact knowledge that is likely to be false.”  Is that what happened with the ‘expert’ advice given to the president and America? 

It would be less concerning to me had this been the result of America being convinced to act in the extreme manner we have.  However, in many cases, it has not been a convinced populace but a government edict with the threat of jail and/or fine if we did not comply.  If we lose the principle of Republicanism where ‘we the people’ give consent and we are forced to comply with government edicts we destroy the soul of the Republic.  I fear that we are standing on the brink of that possibility.

In Sweden, a far different approach was pursued.  They opted to allow some exposure to the virus hoping to build immunity among the general population.  They took defined measures to protect the high-risk groups especially the elderly and those with known weakened immune systems.  That seems to have paid off for them and they have not endured the economic devastation we have in America. 

The ‘experts’ are all pushing for a vaccine and have declared they hope ‘behavioral change’ will occur and people will be more open to a vaccine going forward.  Dr. Fauci who has worked with Bill Gates for a decade or more is pushing the Gates mantra of lockdown and vaccination. 

What virus vaccine do we now have that provides total immunity or safety?  I know of none.  Gates has openly declared his desire to see the world population reduced by at least 15% and believes that vaccines will facilitate that result.  Yet, he and they tell us that vaccines are a life-saving approach.  If it reduces the overall population would that not suggest that it would be a euthanasia move for some to save others?  I don’t see them volunteering to be euthanized. 

My concern is, the numbers do not justify the extreme mitigation measures we have taken.  Unless there is something we do not know and there is a danger we are not being told, it seems that we may have moved far beyond what was required, justified, needed, or in the best interest of the Republic on every level.  Yes, people have died and will die.  One state has reduced the number of COVID-19 deaths because they determined that there were other mitigating circumstances, not the virus that likely caused the deaths.  Statistics and data can be amassed to prove virtually anything. 

I am concerned about what we have done, what we are doing, and what the result will be.  I want no one to suffer or die from the virus or because they have lost everything trying to achieve safety.  There must be a balance between safety and liberty.  If we relinquish our inalienable rights to the nefarious, they will never give those rights back without a revolution.  None should want that.  I only ask that you consider what has been lost and what has been gained and decide.  If you believe we have over-reacted contact your elected officials and articulate your case.  If you believe we have acted rightly, then sit passively for the storm to pass.

God bless you and God bless America!


Enough what?  Enough of the inane and insane political wrangling using death and suffering as a springboard.  Enough of the willingness to destroy America, our economy, our system of government, or electoral process, and sink our fiscal ship.  Enough of the hate and petty bickering.  Enough, already! 

Of course, I am concerned about the November election and the future of America.  If you have read anything, I’ve written over the past decade you must know that.  I reject the idea of Socialism for America.  I reject the idea that abortion is about women’s health and as I have been informed a governor declared, “abortion is a life-saving measure.”  That is beyond ludicrous.  Destroying or ending the life of an unborn child is not lifesaving it is life-taking.  The context of the governor’s comments appears to be regarding defending a ‘woman’s right to choose’ and calling insisting that it allows the woman to choose her path of life.  I cannot ignore the nagging question in my heart, “What about that unborn babies right to life?”

I am not trying to start a war and will not respond to negative criticism of what I am saying.  I am not afraid to or unable to counter the arguments I most frequently hear. But enough, already.  I am a Christian, and although I’ve been told that no Christian could possibly vote for Donald Trump, I did and will again.  If that flips your switch, please flip it off again and accept that we have a difference of opinion. 

I asked the person arguing that “How they could vote for abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, making government a virtual god, stripping people of their inalienable rights, and infringing upon our freedom of speech and freedom to practice our religion peaceable?”  I had many more things to insert but let those suffice.  They called me names and claimed they were a Real Christian and I was a fraud.  Sounded Christlike to me, right?  (Tongue firmly planted in cheek).

America is in a crisis like none we have seen in a very long time, if ever.  I do not say that because I necessarily think COVID-19 or the coronavirus is direr than anything we have faced, but because of the reaction to it.  The massive and almost unimaginable ease at which America and the world ‘shut down’ in obedience to the governmental edicts issued is troubling.  With the numbers being what they were and are, I would have expected massive push-back and resistance but saw little.

Almost immediately, the partisan wars began, and the Political Ruling Class stormed into action.  I have watched as County Judges become would-be tyrants and dictators, mayors threatening to ‘hunt people down’ who fail to comply, and governors threatening religious groups with permanent closure.  I never thought I would see that day, although I knew that from the Bible’s prediction of what is called the “Last Days” it could and would become a reality at some point.  I guess, I either thought or hoped we had more time, but it seems we do not.

We have been told by the ‘experts’ that not only must we social distance into the foreseeable future we must allow our way of life to totally evaporate leaving not to return to after we survive.  Is that living?  A common theme advanced by many of the medical experts almost sounds like a script written by Bill Gates who has long been advocating a reduction in world population by 15% or more.  He has expressed that vaccines are the vehicle to achieve that objective.  Now he, and they tell us that vaccines will save lives.  I must ask, “Do you mean save some lives by ending others?”

Vaccines have not eradicated or other viruses.  We have flu vaccines and many who take the vaccine still come down with the flu.  Yes, we have advanced medically in a profound manner and achieved some incredible accomplishments, but we have not and will not eradicate disease or death.  Unfortunately, death is part of the package and a hazard we all face. 

If we are not endangered by disease we are endangered by travel, violence, accidents, etc.  Death is a part of life’s process and we all die.  I don’t mean to be morbid and suggest that we ignore health threats, heaven’s no.  I do suggest that we practice prudent measures that help keep us safe.  Good hygiene should be practiced by everyone all the time, not just during the threat of a virus such as this one.

The ‘experts’ informed President Trump that America would suffer 2.2 million deaths if we did nothing.  They were wrong! They suggested that if we destroyed our economy by locking down the country that would be cut in half.  They revised that down to less than 200,000 and now even lower.

In the shutdown edicts imposed all over America, one governor was asked what his authority to nullify the Bill of Rights was.  He said, “I wasn’t thinking of the bill of Rights when we did this…we looked at all the data and science and it says people have to stay away from each other.”  

Governor, if we destroy the Constitution in an attempt to save ‘a life or lives’ what do we open ourselves up to in the future?  I keep hearing the same argument as was used about gun control, “If It saves one life.”  At the risk of sounding unfeeling, without empathy, and insensitive, can we truly justify saving one life by destroying the way of life of 330 million?  It would be impossible to truly say that these measures saved that life.

I have strayed far from my intended statement, so let me return and hopefully, you will hear my heart.  I am a Christian and I am praying for everyone. I am praying for those who love me and those who hate me.  I am praying for Democrats and Republicans.  I am praying for Congress, the members of the Media, and every other facet of our American economy.  I am praying for those who worship as I do and those who consider my God and way of worship heresy. 

I am overflowing with disgust at the inability of people to set aside their biases and seek to restore America and help our fellow man.  I have been guilty, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit is heavy on my heart as I write.  I want to demonstrate love not hate and be a help, not a hindrance.

I have no confidence that those in Congress will be anything but power-hungry, power-grabbing, political animals.  I have no confidence that the Democrats and Republicans in Washington will find common ground and focus on America rather than weaponizing this crisis, pandemic, pandemonium, or whatever it is. 

Those who want total control appear totally devoted to pursuing that objective. Those locked away in their homes long for contact with others, the ability to work, attend worship services, enjoy the beach, get a haircut, go to a movie, or out to dinner.  We feel abused and the psychological damage will possibly prove to be more destructive and dangerous than the pandemic.

So, politicians and Americans, I say, Enough Already!  I encourage you to maintain your political views and vote your conscience, but could we tap the brakes on the personal attacks?  I am not suggesting that you ignore the obvious or the dangers.  I am not suggesting that you become a docile sheep and just do what you are told.  I am suggesting that you realize, what many of us have been arguing for decades, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  An opinion does not make the evil, the enemy, or someone that must be destroyed.  It is a God-given right and is a constitutional guarantee. 

You may consider my rant a failure and even hypocritical.  If you do, I regret that, but you have that right.  I simply ask, “America, let’s realize that everyone is struggling, and rather than viciously attack every opinion not agreeing with ours, let’s disagree civilly and charitably.”  Will everyone do that?  No, but if more and more of us do, we can impact those filled with anger and hate positively. Love me or hate me, that is my heart’s cry. 

God bless you and God bless America!