BLOG POST 7 - Questions

The Main Stream Media, the Democrats, Leftist, and Activist that are opposed to everything on the Right know how to ask the questions which will, in their minds, prove their point.  It reminds me of my Ordination interview when one of the preachers on the panel asked tried to be funny and asked an impossible question.  He said, “I am going to ask you a Yes or No question.”  I suspected a rat and said, “Okay.”  He asked, “Are you still beating your wife?”  Remember this was to be a Yes or No question and regardless of how you answered that question under those guidelines you were in hot water.  I hesitated a moment and watched the snickering and sly smiles on the faces of the entire panel.  I looked up and said, “I know that was meant to be funny but it is a question designed to embarrass me and therefore I answer it this way, I am not nor have I ever engaged in that kind of behavior.”  His face clouded because I took his fun, at my expense away from him.  That is what is happening to Donald Trump and virtually all conservatives today by the media.

The media asked Donald Trump if he would denounce David Duke and the KKK in the Primaries and during the campaign as many as 15-20 times and each time he denounced them.  He even did so years prior to becoming a candidate.  They did not listen and continue to ask the question for the purpose of framing in the minds of those listening that Trump had not or was reluctant to denounce Racism.  They did not care what he had said in the past and by asking the question again, they believed they would achieve their goal of painting him a racist.  They were right for many.  Today, I hear people recite the talking points of the Left and claim that Trump is pro-white supremacy and therefore racist.  In the Charlottesville situation, he denounced racism and rightly identified that there was violence on both sides.  That, to the Left, is blasphemy because there cannot be violence or racism among those on the Left.  They are evening attempting to relate the Antifa protesters who came in with bats and clubs as being like the WWII soldiers who resisted the Nazis in Germany.  Seriously?  If you believe that nothing I can say will help you remove the veil over your eyes, so I will just shake my head and move.

CBS spent an entire day where there was nothing on the news except the Charlottesville story and largely directed at Donald Trump and their claim that he refused to condemn the supremacist.  They went and found three women who were Trump supporters, two black women, and one white.  All three shattered their narrative and reaffirmed their support for Trump and rejected the claims of racism by the media.  CBS was shocked because they like the rest of the liberal media do not believe that anyone exists that thinks rationally and sees through the false narrative of the Left.  Of course, they were able to find some ‘so-called’ Republicans who would sign on to the racism claim and denounce the Republican Party as being the Party of Segregation and Racism.  History does not support their claims and those claiming to be conservative and Republican were seeking an “Atta boy” from the Media and their moment before the camera nationally.   Everything President Trump does from the pardon of Sheriff Joe to the ending DACA that Obama had illegally and unconstitutionally put in place is considered a sign of racism and an endorsement of bigoted and racist views.  Facts and truth are unimportant to them for those get in the way of their narrative and agenda.

On June 12, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the unveiling of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Statue, in Dallas, Texas made an interesting statement.  He said, “I am very happy to take part in the unveiling of the statue of General Robert E. Lee.  All over the United States, we recognize him as a great leader of men, a great general.  But, also, all over the United States I believe that we recognize him as something much more important than that.  We recognize Robert E. Lee as one of our greatest American Christians and one of our greatest American gentlemen.”  Hold the Fort!  Does that mean that the Antifa crowd and the Leftist Media will now go after FDR and demand that he be purged from history as well?

Hamilton star, Leslie Odom, Jr. is in favor of taking down statues of both Washington and Jefferson because, after all, they were as Barack Obama said, evil White men and they owned slaves.  It does not matter what they did to try to set the stage for the eradication of that blight on our society and nation.  No, their crimes were that they owned slaves and were white males, therefore they are vile and history must not mention them again.  He is joined by many others on the left including a Chicago pastor who wants the name of parks in Chicago to be changed from Washington and Jackson because they are offensive and symbolize racism.  WHERE DOES IT END?

How many are taught that White Nationalism had its roots in the Democratic Party in the Post War South and the KKK was founded by Democrats and the late Senator Robert Byrd was a member of that organization?  Senator Byrd was once elected a top officer – the Exalted Cyclops, whatever that might be in his local Klan unit in the early 1940’s.  He once vowed to never fight in the military with “race mongrels” or “with a Negro by my side.”  Hillary Clinton called him her friend and mentor.  Are they going to go after the statues of Senator Byrd?  Senators Al Gore, Sr. and J. William Fulbright, a man that Bill Clinton dedicated a memorial voted against the Civil Rights Act.  Senator Byrd has the distinction of being the only senator to vote against the only two black Supreme Court Nominees, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas and led a 52-day filibuster against civil rights legislation.  DEMOCRATS have been at the forefront of opposing legislation designed to help blacks.  They have not led the charge to free the slaves, as did Lincoln’s Republicans and have resisted time and again to keep segregation alive.

Donald Trump honestly identified that there was blame on both sides in Charlottesville, unlike Barack Obama who quickly stepped up to castigate the police wrongly and defend Black Lives Matter when they were wrong.  Obama fanned the flames of racism and targeting the police at a memorial for slain police officers.  WHO IS THE RACIST?  WHO IS FANNING THE FLAMES OF DISCORD?  President Donald Trump can answer the question honestly and clearly denounce racism of all kinds but because he is the hated enemy the MSM, the Leftist, Activist, Democrats, and Never Trump Republicans are selectively deaf.  It is a situation where no matter what he says, HE IS CONDEMNED.  I pray that those of us who want what was promised in the campaign and want to see America restored to her rightful constitutional status, the Deep State defeated, and the Swamp drained will not be swayed by the rhetoric and false accusations of the media.  You can accuse me of being a Trump apologist if you choose but what I am an apologist for is TRUTH and what is being reported is not the truth.

God, bless you and God bless America.




BLOG POST 4 - offense

As a Christian, I always try to find a biblical basis for my views and arguments in all areas of life.  I truly want to do and be what God and His Word desires and describes.  Saying anything like that, in the past, has earned me the scorn and rejection of some who believe that nothing of the Christian Religion should be involved in the political and some take exception to my interpretation of the Bible.  If you fall into either of those categories, you probably do not want to read the rest of this article.  However, if you have an open mind I encourage you to read even if, at the end, you are in adamant disagreement with my position.

Jesus warned about being the source of an offense but the Bible also speaks of not being easily offended and one rendering of Proverbs 19:11 says, “Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.”  In Proverbs 18:19 we discover the problem in offended person is they become unyielding and block out all reasonable discussion.  It is when people stop talking and resort to violence or attempts to force their views on everyone else that we reach an impasse that leads to complete separation and often war.  You do not have to agree with the other person or group but should embrace the reality and truth that they have the Constitutional Right and Guarantee of Free Speech which also affords them Freedom of Thought and Belief.

In today’s world, we have become so Politically Correct that no one is to be offended.  If they are, then behavior must be modified according to the mandate of the offended person, party or group.  WAIT!  That is not completely accurate because it is not a blanket mandate that no one is to be offended but rather a mandate that certain groups and sects are not to be offended.  Conservatives are not a protected class and the Left, the MSM, the Activist, and various groups consider it justifiable, legitimate, and perfectly acceptable to offend those of us who consider ourselves Constitutional Conservatives. Our feelings do not count and since they find them offensive we are instructed to change our views.  I was raised to have “tough skin” and not be “easily offended.”  I was raised to believe that everyone had a right to their opinion and therefore being offended was a choice.  I was taught that I did not have to allow myself to TAKE OFFENSE and that is exactly what happens when people are offended.  Some choose to make everything personal, reject the right of others to their own views, and they exhibit a desire to control or police thought and actions of anyone disagreeing with them.  HOW DID WE GET TO THIS POINT?

The push to rid our nation of all symbols of the Confederacy is akin to what is happening by ISIS in the destroying of artifacts and symbols they consider offensive to their particular view of their religion.  However, it is not as much that they are attempting to remove objectional items as they are trying to remove them from the consciousness of the world.  Their destruction of those items is an attempt to REVISE HISTORY and they seem to have the misguided idea that by removing those symbols that view or period did not take place.  Attempting to sanitize history opens the door to repeating those dark times, whereas openly acknowledging them opens the door to discussion and can be preventative.  I find the idea of slavery reprehensible.  That is a standalone statement.  There are those who are offended by Confederate Memorials and demand they be removed.  Because some are offended why must everyone be robbed of that portion of history?  I find the White Supremacy and the KKK reprehensible but I do not want the history of those groups erased from history any more than I want the history of the Weather Underground, the Black or New Black Panthers or any Anti-government and Anti-White groups removed.  Our children need to hear an honest discussion about what took place in the Civil War and if we are honest with history it will not be solely a discussion of slavery but the many other factors that were involved and then some good things that came into being because of that conflict.  We are not allowed to use certain words in today’s Politically Sanitized Society because some are offended. How about those of us who are offended by abortion, the removal of prayer from schools, the removal of references to the Bible in public places, or the banning of Nativity Scenes from public grounds?  Will they be restored because their removal offends us?  NO, THEY WILL NOT!  If you allow something to so offend you that you cannot function the problem is not the objectionable and offensive item but something inside of you.  For me to be offended, I must decide to allow someone or something to take control of my life and I refuse to do that.  I choose to NOT TAKE OFFENSE and even if something is offensive the fact that I find it offensive does not mean that everyone else does.  There must be a melding of my rights with the rights of others and in that, we must learn to accept differences rather than take offense and demand that the PC Police step in and mandate everyone comply with our views.  No person can MAKE ME MAD, if I get angry I made a choice to allow what transpired to take control.

How did we reach the point in our modern society that we allow a few squeaky overly protected and self-indulgent people to mandate what we can or cannot say, can or cannot do, and can or cannot have as symbols in society?  I make the choice as to who I will associate with, what I will watch or listen to and what I will honor.  The concern I have is where does it end?  Who determines what is OFFENSIVE and what is not?  Who determines who it is acceptable to offend and who is protected?  What happened to growing up and understanding that people are different?  What happened to living in a civil society where differences are tolerated rather than the continual behavior modification defined by the Left is the Law of the Land?  WHERE DOES IT END?  It ends in bloodshed and a total separation of segments of society and rather than achieving the stated objective of acceptance and tolerance it does the exact opposite.   Your inalienable right to think what you choose and to speak it in a civil manner must be protected.  What you believe, think, and say may be highly objectionable and even reprehensible but that is not justification for your OFFENSE to supersede their rights.  I will condemn true hate speech and racism anywhere and everywhere I see it and it may be offensive but I will never consider that justification to censor or silence them through a mandated PC Policy that tramples on their rights.  I will simply shun them and denounce what they have said or done.  That is the America our Framers and Founders gave us, let’s return to it and expect people to grow up and realize that there are always going to be differences of opinion.  NO, I do not want to allow people to incite riots or engage in violence.  You may be offended that I eat meat but that does not give you the right to outlaw the eating of meat.

Hopefully, we can move beyond the PC Policing of our Society and allow differences to exist.  I personally am happy there are differences between men and women and viva la difference.  I am happy that everyone does not want the same thing or every man would want my wife.  We are different, think different, believe different and our preference is not justification to demand that everyone complies.

God, bless you and God bless America.



BLOG POST 5 - Facts

What do you do?  If you are honest you change your position but if you are a Man-made Global Warming Climate Change Activist such as Al Gore you LIE, continue your spin using false data and fear mongering.  The liberals in Congress seem to believe that Climate Change or whatever they are calling it today is the greatest threat to the planet.  That extends to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others in various sectors of society.

The facts are, it is cooler now than when Al Gore won the Nobel Prize in 2007.  WHAT?  How can that be since Al the Climate Czar insisted that the planet was warming at an alarming rate and one would think that we’d be wearing shorts in Bismarck, North Dakota in December based on his predictions?  There would be flooding around the world and all the Coastal Cities would be underwater.  In his Oscar-winning documentary in 2006 called, “An Inconvenient Truth” his scenario and predictions were so dire that people became and are still becoming paranoid and living in terror.  Some have even determined that man, human beings (not them) are the problem and the planet cannot survive if we do, therefore…

If you remember Gore assured us back in 2008 that in 5 years the entire North Polar Ice Cap would be gone, melted and massive flooding worldwide would be the result.  Oops.  I’m sure he has modified that prediction now and as I recently heard him he is now claiming that the massive amount of rainfall is one of the unexpected results of Global Warming/Climate Change caused by MAN (not him).  He was wrong and the facts reveal that between 2012 and 2013 the Arctic ice grew by about 29%.  I’m sure you remember the “Inconvenient News Reports” some time back when the Russian ship carrying scientists traveled to the bottom of the globe to document the shrinking ice caps.  How embarrassing it must have been for them and Climate Czar Al when the ship got stuck on ice that was thicker than at any time in recorded history.  They had to be airlifted to safety.  So much for melting ice caps.  But, they ignore facts and continue the spin.

They were blaming hurricanes including Katrina in 2005 and Sandy in 2012 on greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere but when the hurricane season ended in 2013 it was revealed that it was the quietest since 1960.  Another Inconvenient fact they choose to ignore because it is a fly in their ointment and a counter to their argument.  Last year there were only two Category 1 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean last year and they go up to Category 5.  What happened, Al?  Hurricanes, like the rest of the weather, is cyclical and one year we will have massively destructive hurricanes and others years we will not.  Barack Obama enacted regulations on the Coal and Energy Industries crippling many businesses in the name of “Climate Change Proactivity” and that only hurt EVERYONE except the Green Energy businesses that got massive kickbacks and subsidies and managed to contribute heavily to the Democrats.  Interesting how that works.

Is there Climate Change?  Is there an Earth?  Are there differing seasons in the year?  The Climate has been changing since the Earth started spinning and will continue until it stops.  I saw an interesting statistic regarding Earth Temperatures.  It reported that we are about 1.4 degrees warmer than our great grandfathers but 2.7 degrees cooler than the Crusaders, 4.3 degrees cooler than the Romans, and 18 degrees cooler than the dinosaurs.  In fact, most of the warming that has taken place in the last 100 years took place prior to 1940 and the massive industrialization in the aftermath of WWII.  2008 was cooler than 2007, which was cooler than 2006 and the climatic temperatures are cyclical, as most honest scientist will affirm.

Greenhouse gasses account for less than 2% of the atmosphere and Carbon Dioxide about 3.6%.  Humans, we are told contribute about 3.4% of the total CO2 emissions meaning that overall, we (humans) contribute to less than 1% of the total “greenhouse effect.”  Barack Obama stated his objective was to cut human CO2 emissions by 80% and even if the Activist achieve that goal it will have minimal effect on the climate.  That fact is ignored and the war on coal and the oil and gas industry continue.  The regulations desired by the Left would cost us over 2.5 million jobs, send inflation through the roof and increase the cost of gasoline almost 75% and electricity would virtually double. The federal debt would increase by over 25% and the GDP would drop more than $9.6 TRILLION.  All that to have minimal or no effect on the climate.  HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

I believe in being good stewards of our planet and our lives.  I do not believe that we need to allow paranoia that is often nothing more than a manipulative tool of activist and politicians to achieve their goals of Position and Power while inflating their Personal Wealth.  So many things advanced by the Left have a singular target – CONTROL.  When you have a group of people who believe that Government can do everything gain control of Congress and Washington DC, TYRANNY cannot be far behind.  They begin by harvesting the low-hanging fruit and erode then strip us of our inalienable rights and liberties.  I know some reject the direness of the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative but if you examine their objectives you will find things like Climate Change useful tools in their pursuit.  The more Government Can Control the less Freedom we have.  I am a strong proponent of LIMITED GOVERNMENT and ask that everyone remember in 2018 and 2020 the objective to send Constitutionalist to Washington who will seek to Shrink Government Not Grow it and honor the expressed intent of the Framers and founders allowing us to have “Life, Liberty, and the Freedom to Pursue Happiness without government’s overreaching intrusion into our lives.”

God, bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 1 - Please everyone

The MSM Leftist cannot be pleased by Donald J. Trump no matter what he does or does not do.  East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet or should I say Left is Left and Right is Right and where the MSM and Liberals are concerned NEVER and I mean NEVER shall the twain meet.  One of the things that continues to rub me wrong is politicizing a tragedy or disaster namely a hurricane as Texas has endured and Louisiana is beginning to feel.  This is a time, as in any disaster, that Americans should set aside their political differences and help their fellow man.  When people have suffered the loss of a loved one, homes, property, belongings, etc. anyone seeking political advantage disgusts me.  I have friends and relatives in the Houston, South and Central Texas regions and am aware of the pain they feel in what has been happening and will likely continue for days, weeks, and even months with the weather and aftermath of the storm.  They are not and do not care about politics or political jockeying, they care about what they are facing now and in the days to come.  They, as I am appalled when politicians and activist use things like this as a political tool or weapon.

For example, as this horrific storm developed there were those on the Left and some who are supposedly Republican began to maneuver to criticize Donald Trump or find some way to blame him.  No, most of them did not actually accuse him of causing the storm but they laid the foundation to question his every move and thereby blame him for any ensuing problems in the cleanup and rebuilding.  Had the President not come to Texas he would have been called insensitive, uncaring, inept, and many other names far worse and much more hurtful.  However, when he announced he was going on Tuesday there was immediate questioning with MSNBC saying, “He is going too soon.”  Had he delayed until after the storm had completely dissipated they would have said, “He waited too long.”  Therefore, no matter what he does, to them, HE IS WRONG.  Not because what he does or does not do is wrong but because, to them, HE IS WRONG.  Obama could do no wrong and Trump can only do wrong. 

We are witnessing DELEGITIMIZING HATRED.  When a college professor can issue a vitriolic hate-filled tweet that says Texas deserves all the damage Harvey can provide because they voted for Trump he delegitimizes himself and his position.  When a co-founder in the BLM can say that Trump has a plan to systematically kill blacks, she delegitimizes herself and when those of the movement refuse to reject that position their movement is delegitimized.  When, any leftist seeks to deflect any criticism, refuse to answer direct questions about any group having ONLY meetings where only those of their skin color can attend and not admit that is racist they delegitimize themselves and damage their cause.  Today, we are witnessing the insanity of hate and the feeble attempts to legitimize that which delegitimizes itself.  AMERICA, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

In my view, the Leftist, Democrats, Activists, MSM, Hollywood liberals, and Establishment Republicans truly do not know what they are arguing for or against.  They have a hatred for President Trump and that is sufficient, in their minds, to justify their vitriolic diatribe and incessant rhetoric.  The harm done to those easily swayed by the liberal leftist mantra is of no concern to them.  The harm done to the Republic never enters this minds.  They, like a liberal I heard recently insist that the Antifa protesters, rioters, or whatever you might call them are JUSTIFIED because they are committing acts of violence against what they believe to be wrong.  When asked about Obama’s Pardon of a terrorist who killed Americans they quickly dodged that issue and blasted Trump for his pardon of Sheriff Joe.  Some have even gone so far as to insist that the pardon was Trump’s signal to the White Supremacist that they have an immediate “Get out of Jail Free Card”.  That is so dishonest it deserves no response but because of the mindlessness of so many followers of the liberal thought, we must address it.  Sheriff Joe was elected to six terms in his county.  I suppose that must mean that everyone who voted for him is a racist and evil.  That is exactly what the Leftist think about those of us who voted for Donald Trump as opposed to Hillary Clinton.  There is nothing we can do to appease them, even if we rolled over and proclaimed they are right and accepted every demand they make.  They would still blast the President and each of us on the Right.

America, there is no FREE RIDE.  Somebody Pays!  You are not entitled to what someone else has earned or built.  You are not entitled to reparation for what happened 150 years prior.  You are not entitled to live in a world where there is no possibility of being offended.  You are not entitled to have your preferences mandated by law trampling on the rights of others.  You are not entitled to be pleased in everything.  You have the right to LIFE and the kind of life you have is largely connected to your decisions and actions.  You have the right to LIBERTY or FREEDOM to live where you choose (if you can afford it) and go where you desire, believe what you choose, and speak your mind peaceably.  You have the right to PURSUE HAPPINESS but you do not have the right to expect HAPPINESS to be provided for you on a silver platter.  You do not have the right to rob and steal, burn and loot, or create mayhem as you become dissatisfied or disappointed in election outcomes.  You must choose the path you walk and assume accountability for your actions and choices.  If you choose to sit on your behind and refuse to work, I choose to allow you to go hungry and become homeless.  You may consider that mean but the Bible says, that if anyone WOULD NOT WORK (key words) they SHOULD NOT EAT.  If we give them handouts and entitlements, we do them harm not good and become enablers in their bad choices and wrong lifestyles.

What you have earned or built should be yours and I may wish I had what you have I have no right to demand you share it with me.  What I have earned or built is mine and you have no right to it.  If I choose to share it with you that is my choice and your blessing but if I choose not to do so that is my choice.  I believe in giving to the poor and helping my neighbor.  I believe in being charitable offering a hand up and, at times, a handout.  HOWEVER, that is to be my choice not a mandate by the government or any other human being.  Since those who believe they are entitled to what others have and entitled to sit on their fannies doing nothing feel they are justified in stealing or taking it by force I offer this warning.  There are millions of us who will not take that passively, so be warned, your attempt to force us to feed your addiction to entitlements may be costly in many many ways.

Mr. President, it is impossible to please the Leftist or the Establishment Republicans so please focus on your campaign promises, evict from your administration those who are not on board with those promises, and continue doing what you can.  I pray that enough of us will wake up in 2018 to say to those Republicans and Democrats who are taking stances detrimental to the fulfillment of those promises and not in the best interest of the Republic, YOU ARE FIRED!  We can make America Great and Constitutional again.  It will not be easy nor without setbacks but we can IF we refuse to give up or give in.

God, bless you and God bless America again.


EMBRACE OR ERASE – That is the Question…

BLOG POST 3 - Embrace the Past

I tried to sign up for an online course of “Snowflake 101″ but we denied access because I think.  The hoopla, diatribe, rhetoric, and faux moral offense being touted by some national leaders and regurgitated by their followers in the Snowflake Society, Leftist Ideological Advocates, the MSM, and Far Left Hate Groups is troubling.  No, it is a precursor to a Second Civil War if it does not end.  The result of their newest attacks on history will have the same effect as throwing gasoline on an open flame – IGNITION.  I caution those on the Right and on the Left from taking any action that will fan the flames of hate that are erupting into an out of control raging fire with nowhere to go except full-blown war.  I cannot believe that any rational person would desire that so I make my appeal attempting to use reason for the reasonable.

The claim that the memorials and statues of Confederates are immoral because they represent an advocating of slavery is troubling.  No, I am not a defender of slavery.  I detest the very idea of any human being forced into servitude to another human being as slavery is defined or recognized.  The cries of Al Sharpton and others to remove the Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson was a slave owner is misguided.  There have been calls to do the same with anything relating to George Washington for the same reason.  If that is the moral stance of Mr. Sharpton, the Hamilton Star, the MSM, the Democrats, the Elitist in Washington, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers or any other Leftist Group then we must focus on the entire world and make our voices ring to the heavens against any memorial or reminder of slavery, tyranny, or despotism.  Maybe they should target the Democrat Party because of its history regarding slavery, racism, and the fight against civil rights.  It does not matter that we have no right to tell other countries how to celebrate or embrace their history, if it connects to slavery we have a moral obligation to erase if from the earth and thereby sanitize history so we offend no one, do we not?  Yes, I’m going to the extreme but so are they and I do so to show how dangerous this trend can be.

Those in Congress, including some Republicans that want to censor the President because they didn’t like his remarks about the tragedy in Charlottesville need to step back, take a deep breath and THINK.  The argument that the Confederate monuments, memorials, and statues are associated with slavery, tyranny, and oppression needs to be taken to its natural conclusion if it is going to be argued as a basis for sanitizing history.  I saw an article recently that listed 6 Worldwide monuments or memorials that must be targeted if they are going to be consistent and demonstrate they are truly seeking moral clarity.  The list included the Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson owned slaves.  The 130-foot statue of Genghis Kahn in Mongolia the founder of the Mongolian empire that conquered half the known world and brought terror to the hearts of millions.  The Blue Mosque, the crowning achievement of Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan because the Ottoman Empire was a slaver state.  In 1609 it is estimated that 1/5th of the population of Constantinople were slaves.  It is an Islamic Mosque that is associated with past and present slavery.  How about the Chichen Itza in Central America erected by the Mayans.  On the top of that structure, human sacrifices were a regular occurrence.  The Mayans never got around to abolishing the practice and they allowed non-Mayans to be taken as slaves.  Next, we have the Great Wall of China because it is a monument to brutal dictatorship and tyranny.  It has been nicknamed the longest cemetery in the world because as many as 1 million workers died erecting it.  So much for the left caring about the working class.  Then we dare not omit the Pyramids of Giza, the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World.  Most accounts report that they were built using slave labor but regardless we know from the historical record that Ancient Egypt was the original slave-state.

Before you argue that that was a long time ago and we have no right to tell other countries what to do or how to celebrate or embrace their history the morality issue demands we insist on those monuments being removed from the face of the earth.  Let’s send in the special forces with enough explosives to leave nothing but a hole in the ground where they once blighted the earth.  Wait.  There is no need for boots on the ground we can use drones and do so easily or better yet we can send the protesters and activist now running amok in our streets and let them take on those governments. 

We can either embrace our history or attempt to erase it.  By saying embrace I do not mean condone or applaud the events or even the people represented I mean accept that it is part of our history.  Attempting to erase those things from history or remove them from public view because the Snowflakes are offended will not prevent offenses of other kinds of the same kind in the future.  The only way we can avoid repeating history is to know it and learn from it in an honest evaluation.  How much time must transpire before a memorial, monument, or statue no longer offends?  There are things in our human history that we never want to repeat but attempting to protect the Snowflakes from exposure will not enable them or us to learn from past mistakes and move toward a more sensible and sane world.  It will open the door to new offenses from both sides.  When we endorse the Antifa protesters and try to equate them to the soldiers of WWII we do a disservice to history and those brave souls who fought in that struggle for Freedom in the world.  We convey the idea that it is okay to become violent if something offends you rather than embracing the truth that everyone has the right to believe what they believe and peacefully speak their minds.

I am troubled and if I allowed myself to be offended would be offended at what is happening in this push to sanitize history.  If we are morally offended how about the millions of babies aborted each year in America and the world?  If we are morally offended how about taking exception to the calls of some groups to kill the president, kill white men, women, and babies?  If we are morally offended why are we not equally offended by the KKK and the New Black Panthers, both are hate groups?  If we are morally offended why not cry out against Islamic jihadism?  There are many legitimate areas in which we can take a moral stance against something without attempting to force everyone to accept some groups sanitized version of history.  One of the reasons we record history is to provide an example of both the good and bad to enable us to LEARN FROM IT.  The objective should be to repeat and build on that which is good and avoid making the mistakes of the bad.  All Whites are not evil racists any more than all Blacks are.  I pray that we will find a way to become Americans and human beings who can accept differences and work together for the good of ALL mankind.  The color of one’s skin does not make them good or bad it is the character of the heart and the conduct that a man or woman should be judged by.

America, I stand for you and will not be bullied into submission by anyone.  I will continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.   Freedom for Everyone!  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


THE RUSSIAN INVOLVEMENT – Two Trails We Need To Follow…

BLOG POST 2 - Russia

I, like many of you, have brown exhausted by the continual “Russia Did It, Russia Did It” cry of the Left, the MSM, the NEVER TRUMPERS, and Establishment Politicians.  After this long, if there was anything real it would have surfaced and now anything that surfaces will likely be a fabrication or distortion based on innuendo, not fact.  This nightmare should be laid to rest and done so quickly.

However, recently two pieces of information have surfaced and been reported by Politico and The Washington Post that give us two trails that suggest some very important truths not being discussed.  Facts and revelations that will be ignored by the Left, the MSM, and the Establishment Republicans.  What are those two trails?  One is that the Obama administration was warned in 2014 about potential Russian interference or involvement in our political process.  The second is that in early 2016 the Trump team was contacted by the Russians with an offer to help and were rejected.  That leads to the question, “Who really colluded with the Russians?” or “Who created a situation where there could be Russian involvement?”  If you follow those two stories you can conclude only one thing, it was not Donald J. Trump.  That only leaves one other possibility, which will never be acknowledged by the Democrats, the MSM, the Leftist, or the Establishment Republicans and Never Trump Crowd.  It was Barack Hussein Obama.

Why would the Obama administration fail to acknowledge the Russian threat and why would they fail to take any definitive steps to prevent it?  That would be virtually impossible to answer conclusively but I would suggest that then President Obama was terrified of what Russia might do if he acted forcefully and definitively.  Another possibility is that he thought in his narcissistic mind that the Russians would help him and the Democrats.  He and most of those in Washington, DC failed and continue to fail to comprehend that the Russians were not interested in helping either candidate but to damage confidence in our political system and thereby damage our Republic.  That has been a goal of the communist regimes of the world for decades and with Russia or the USSR, it dates back to Nikita Khrushchev and beyond.  It is not a new tactic or desire of those regimes. The deeper question is why Obama would say, “I spoke to Putin and told him to stop it and he did.”  SERIOUSLY?  Who believed that?  Imagine Putin being obedient to the weak American president?  That is beyond laughable.  Beyond that how about the Democrat involvement with the Ukraine elections and seeking help for a foreign government in the elections?  Nobody is dealing with that.  Why?  That is too obvious to need a response but with the Anti-Trump groups, the anything is justifiable if it does harm or insinuates wrong by Donald Trump or his team.

The other shoe that I want to drop, not that it will get any traction outside those who are defenders of the Constitution, is the Washington Post story that Team Trump rejected offers to meet with the Russians in early 2016.  Newly leaked emails reveal that during the Primary the Trump Team rejected offers to meet with Russian officials, citing legality and protocol issues.  It seems that campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos tried to set up some meetings with the Trump Team and Russian officials.  Paul Manafort and others in the Trump Camp immediately rejected those offers.  Sam Clovis and retired Admiral Charles Kubic slammed the door on those meetings.  They cited legal restrictions and the possible violation of the Logan act.  This information lends credibility to the argument that there was NO COLLUSION and NO “back-channels” between Putin and Trump to take down Hillary Clinton.

What is sad about these new media stories is that it will not end the false narrative about Trump and the Russians because the Democrats and the NEVER TRUMPIST cannot accept that Trump won.  They didn’t want him to and therefore he should not have won and because they do not think he should have won, anything is justifiable in their pursuit to ‘take him out’ and ‘remove him from office.’  Also, there will be nothing done regarding Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or the many Democrats whose hands are dirty with corruption, scandal, and nefarious actions.  We have a divided nation and as I heard a person say to a national radio host, “I want Trump impeached,” based on nothing more than this individual didn’t want him to win.

If anyone things Washington DC is a moral high ground, they are delusional.  If anyone thinks that the political establishment of either party is trustworthy, they are living outside the realm of reality.  I don’t mind political parties objecting and trying to get what they want to be enacted in legislation but I do object to participating in the destruction of the Republic, as is now taking place.  Someone said recently, “What Trump is facing is no different than what Obama faced with the Republicans.”  I WISH THEY WERE NOT SERIOUS, but they were.  There is a dramatic difference in that Obama did not have to contend with detractors in his own party as we saw in Obamacare and many other illegal and unconstitutional actions he took.  NOT A HINT OF RESISTANCE FROM THE LEFT.  Today, Donald Trump is dealing with a Democrat Party that has vowed REFUSAL TO NEGOTIATE with Trump but insists that he negotiate with North Korea.  He is dealing with a Democrat Party that has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop his agenda and impeach him.  If it were just the minority party resisting and obstructing I could overlook it but some of the Republicans are joining in the opposition and that makes what President Trump is facing dramatically different from what President Obama faced.

If you are fed up with the Obstructionism and the Phony Investigations I urge you to begin a letter writing, email, phone call campaign to your elected officials and the leadership in the House and Senate notifying them of your displeasure and put them on notice that WE ARE STILL AWAKE and WE ARE STILL ANGRY.

God, bless you and God bless America!





BLOG POST 1 - End Is Near

The end of what?  The Republic as the Framers and Founders established and we have enjoyed for over 200 years, that’s what.  That is if the Republicans continue to do what they have been and are doing in Washington the Republic is in grave danger.  GOP, we gave you the House and you fumbled the ball.  We gave you the Senate too, and you retreated into the shadows claiming you were powerless because of the occupant of the White House.  We gave you the White House to go along with the House and Senate and now you are revealing that you did not mean what you had been saying and are not truly Constitutional or Conservative.  In fact, you resemble the Democrats more than you resemble your base, those of us who desire and are now demanding a return to Constitutionalism in America.  We have not abandoned you, but you have abandoned us and because of your treachery, if it continues, The Republic is doomed. 

Some may immediately discount my warning calling me a ‘fear monger’, ‘conspiracy theorist’ or something worse and tell me just wait it will be okay.  I might have believed that before Barack Obama became president but after watching the systematic dismantling of the Republic over the past 8 years I no longer believe that we can simply wait it out.  I am grateful that Hillary Clinton was not elected because, in my view, that would have been the certain destruction of any semblance of our precious Republic.  However, with the present state of affairs, I would call the development of ‘strange bedfellows’ or ‘collusion’ between the Democrats, MSM, Activist, Leftist, Never Trumpist, and Establishment Republicans I no longer believe that just sitting back and waiting will produce a positive result.  It will, in my view, prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the Republic.  Apathy will produce the death of Freedom and I will not sit idly by and watch that transpire.  Hate me for my stance, if you please.  I only ask that you carefully vet all the news you get, and dig deeper than the surface, if possible, to determine the truth.  I ask that you consider all sides of the issues and determine, in your heart, what is best for the Republic.  The sanitization of history is not the right path nor is total obstructionism.  America is more than political parties, ideologies, and agendas its foundation is revealed in the motto, “In God We Trust” and in the declaration of our Great Document that our purpose and desire is that ALL PEOPLE have the right to pursue, LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS.

The Republican Party of today is no longer the Party of Lincoln or Reagan and the leadership of the Party is anything but Constitutional or Conservative.  You can blame Donald Trump for the demise of the Party but I contend that he did not cause the problem but exposed it.  Someone said that the Republicans are not the Party of Conservativism but the Party of Stupid and there is some validity in that argument.  I have formed that view based on the actions of the GOP leadership for the past 8 years and the first half of the first year of Donald Trump’s administration.  I am convinced that the Establishment leadership does not care one wit about what you and I think or want.  They think we are simply dumb loyalist to the point of blindly voting for them regardless of what they do or fail to do.  I PRAY THEY ARE WRONG!  They have been right in the past but that is changing and changing rapidly as will be seen in 2018 and 2020 if they continue their present course of action.

Donald Trump often appears to be the only one in DC trying to get anything done.  They are spineless feckless wimps and in a great measure frauds and need to be called out.  Ted Cruz was vilified when he called the GOP leadership liars but he was spot on in his argument.  The Ole Boy System of Political Elitist could not abide that kind of talk and exposure and they sought and are seeking to oust Senator Cruz and anyone who stands for Conservative principles.   The GOP leadership and those aligning themselves with them are betraying half the population and the base that voted to elect them.  I believe they are also betraying the Republic.

The present GOP is allowing the minority party to control the debate, direct the agenda, and stand with them in all the ridiculous antics to destroy Donald Trump.  Someone suggested it was an example of Stockholm Syndrome but I believe it is far worse than that and it is an example of Protectionism of the Status Quo, the Ole Boy Network, and a thirst for Power that is driving them to do all they can to keep everything business as usual in DC and reject all efforts to do the will of the people.  It is about them not about us or about the Republic.  They knew and know that the constant Russia thing is a farce but it gives them a basis to attack Donald Trump and attempt to paint him as the problem in the minds of those who are gullible enough to buy their spin.  I don’t care if Donald Trump’s personality is grating to you, he has demonstrated that he wants to keep his promises to the voters.  Has he made mistakes?  OF COURSE!  Will he make more?  WITHOUT DOUBT.  Sadly, many in his administration would be perfectly comfortable working for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and that, in my view, is a huge problem.

What will happen in 2018 and 2020 if they continue their current path?  There are several possibilities and most of them not good for the Republic and Constitutional Values.  Those that got onboard the Trump Train and voted against Hillary might just decide that the GOP is so worthless they will stay home and not vote.  That would lead to a Democrat victory of epic proportions.  They may, and I hope they do, seek to get rid of all the GOP Leadership in the primaries.  Another possibility is the center-right base may become so angry they push back in the way the left is pushing and that would mean that the cold civil war becomes white hot and that would be tragic.  NO, NO, NO, I am not endorsing violence but I am very concerned that is where we are headed.  People are angry.  People on both sides are angry and UNLESS the politicians begin to do what they promised, which would result in a better economy, a safer Republic, and more Freedom for the citizenry, the voters are going to become even angrier.  Anger that sees no possibility of reaching a peaceful and positive resolution usually results in violence.  WE MUST AVOID THAT.

We are facing enemies from without and within.  The world is a seething cauldron about to explode and without a strong healthy and prosperous United States will descend into chaos.  No, I do not believe that America is to be the Policeman of the world nor that we have the right to impose our values and system of government on others.  However, I do believe the America of our Framers and Founders, the America of WWII, and the America of Reagan provides an example to the world of a better way.  Our strength deters those who would abridge the freedoms of others from advancing their agenda.  Our prosperity inspires others to reach higher and strive to achieve more.  When we lose our moral moorings and our Constitutional foundations become fractured we lose our ability to influence the world positively and keep peace within our borders.  I FEAR THAT IS WHERE WE ARE TODAY.  We continue the path we are on, to our hurt or we regain control of our government and begin the long slow and difficult task of RESTORING AMERICA.

God, bless you and God Bless America