ADVOCATES OF CIVIL RIGHTS – Democrats or Republicans???

BLOG POST 1 - Racist

To be completely fair, in a very real way, neither, but in viewing the larger picture it is beyond my ability to comprehend how anyone can say it is the Democrats.  Now that I have alienated a portion of those who read what I write, let me present my argument regarding the covert racism that has been conducted by the Democrats for decades.  Allow me to also argue that virtually all actions that have actually benefitted the black community and minorities has come from the GOP side of the ledger.  Now, I have really infuriated some and only ask that you hear my argument before you brand me, as is typical of all Leftists, a racist because I disagree with your position.  I heartily endorse the plea of Martin Luther King, Jr. that we should “judge a man not by the color of his skin but the content of his character.” 

In today’s political world the black community votes about 90% of the time for the Democrats.  WHY?  What is the underlying reasons for that kind of guaranteed voting bloc?  I ask that because I have studied history, examined true facts and statistics, including education, housing, employment, abortions, single-family homes, and more.  The more I study this situation the more I am amazed that the black community would allow themselves to become such pawns of the Left and vote Democrat regardless of the candidate.  WHEN did the black community and many other ethnicities become such staunch Democrats?  Is there anything in our American history that would support the guaranteed Democrat vote?  When did it begin?  Is it based on fact or perception? 

If you examine the history of the Democrat Party pre-1964 when Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, the Democrat Party was an incredibly racist and even white supremacist leaning party.  No, not every Democrat was a racist or white supremacist but many if not most were.  The KKK’s roots are linked inseparably with the Democrat Party.  Lyndon B. Johnson, the champion of Civil Rights, as he is called, supported no civil rights measures from 1937 to 1957.  Something changed but was it a change of heart or a realization that overt racism could no longer thrive and in order to secure the black vote their racism had to become covert?  In 1947, President Harry Truman sent Congress a proposal against lynching and segregation in interstate transportation and Mr. Johnson called it a “farce and a sham – and effort to set up a police state in the guise of liberty.”  In 1948 he gave a speech in Austin, Texas as he began his run for the U.S. Senate and declared he was opposed to Truman’s attempt to end the “poll tax”.  WHY?  He supposedly wanted to defend State’s Rights to run its own elections.  Amazing, he thought that until he was in the White House and suddenly that changed.

As President, Lyndon Johnson said regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “I’ll have these “N’s” voting Democrat for 200 years.”  He frequently used the “N-Word” and most of his political career was overtly opposed to equality and supportive of segregation.  Yet, he was an astute politician and knew that the Democrat Party, could not win without the black vote and to secure that they had to effect a change in the mindset of the black community regarding Republicans.  If you remember it was under Abraham Lincoln that the emancipation of the slaves took place, a Republican President.  Pre-1964 and the Civil Rights Act most black families were two-parent families and the illegitimate birthrate was low, but today over 70% of black children are born to single mothers.  The unemployment rate among blacks before Johnson’s Great Society was low but today it is astronomical.  However, it has been dramatically reduced under President Trump, a Republican.

Between 1954 with the Brown decision and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, legal racism had been dismantled and the economy was great. In the first five years of the sixties, the economy generated over 7 million jobs.  As the entitlements grew and the government replaced the need of fathers in the home and virtually became the fathers the idea and acceptability of abandoning responsibility became acceptable.  Government Entitlements created a new occupation and over time many realized that it was more lucrative to be on the federal dole than to work.  I blame everyone for this condition, not just the blacks or Democrats.  Society failed because adult behavior in society is learned as children and today we have generational welfare families with little hope of breaking free of that bondage and obligation to the Leftist who buy votes and souls with money.

I believe, as do people like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, that programs such as “Affirmative Action” have done more harm than good to blacks in America.  It is racist in its premise because it suggests that blacks are not capable of competing with whites without slanting the playing field in their favor.  I don’t know about you but when someone is condescending to me, I am offended.  If I don’t measure up, don’t give me a handout.  Education in black communities is tragic because it locks many blacks and other minorities in an educational black hole that affords them no opportunity to excel.  In cities like Detroit and Washington, D.C. the educational system is atrocious.  There was a voucher program in D.C. that would have helped many black students break free from the chains of a lacking education, but Barack Obama squashed that deeming it racist.  REALLY?  It gave black students an opportunity to receive a quality education, but your action forced them to stay in the void they were in.  Which is racist, the vouchers or your actions to further trap them?  Housing in cities like Detroit in the inner city is virtually a war-zone and no one, including the blacks that desire freedom wants to live there.  They fear for their lives and it is the Democrat Run Governments of those cities and the Democrats nationally that perpetuate that condition.

You can call me a racist because I am not a Democrat until you are blue in the face and it will not make it true.  You can call Donald Trump a racist because he wants to give everyone an opportunity to pursue the America Dream and wants to secure our borders thus enabling America and Americans to have a sovereign nation, but that does not make it so.  You can insist that the Hollywood elites, the MSM, the Activists, the pundits, and the Protesters are the only true purveyors of truth and that does not make it a reality.  I believe that the only way we are going to turn the tide in America is a return to Spiritual and Moral Values.  We must find a way to get government out of our homes and refuse to allow the government to replace the fathers, recognize that the highest rate of abortions is through centers located in black communities and STOP the covert racism of the Left.  Our founding fathers declared that it was their belief that “All MEN (People) are created equal…”  I also believe that and do not consider any ethnicity inferior to any other.  I long for a world where education is returned to the local communities and parents become involved in their children’s education.  I long for a world where skin pigmentation is no longer a weapon used by those seeking power and control and the stereotypes of the past or rendered meaningless.  I long for a world where people of all skin colors THINK for themselves and the generational fear, distrust, and hate is countered with truth and we once again value people by the “content of their character” rather than anything else.  I long for a world where we return God to society and allow His influence to change our hearts and thus our minds and relationships.

If I were to fully present my arguments that is overt racism of the Democrat Party and now the covert racism of that Party, nationally, that is perpetuating the problem in America along racial lines, it would require a book.  Therefore, I ask that you examine the history of the Parties, consider what has helped and people.  Examine the policies of both parties and view how those policies have affected people economically and in all areas of life.  If you believe Freebies help, then my arguments are moot, but if you have enough pride and drive that you want to provide for yourself, you may well be inspired to THINK and if you do, I believe you will see my point and may well move to my position.  I want everyone to enjoy the American Dream and be free to pursue it without undue interference or involvement of the federal government.

God bless you and God bless America!



AMERICAN POLITICS – A Shakespearian Tragedy or SNL Skit???

USA Democrat Vs Republican Election 2016 Cartoon - The Fight Club

Believe me, I am very serious!  When I watch the antics of politicians and the political hacks in the MSM, Hollywood, Academia, and Congress I want to laugh but it is so serious and dangerous I cringe.  I saw two political cartoons that depict the way that each side sees things and how they try to spin their spin to keep their partisans in line.

Let me offer them and make my commentary:

The Cartoon from a Conservative Cartoonist:

BLOG POST 2 - Memo 1

Those of us on the Right who consider ourselves Constitutionalists and Conservatives saw the MEMO and it, to us, clearly revealed the collusion, corruption, criminality, and even the possible treasonous activities of the DNC, FBI, DOJ, Obama, and Clinton.  I would love to see the entire report that the MEMO was written from but realize that will never happen.  The FBI has offered no factual rebuttal nor has the DOJ.  The preponderance of evidence is sufficient to require a Special Investigator, hopefully, an unbiased one, to investigate the activities of Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, the FBI, and the DOJ.  Will that happen?  As I alluded in my title, the State of American Politics is such that it is likely that the follow-up will be noise but no action or as a friend likes to say, “All foam and no beer.” 

The MEMO sheds enough light on the happenings prior to the election and subsequent to it to demand a full investigation.  The suggestion that there is no documentation of wrong-doing by the higher levels of the DOJ and FBI as well as the Obama and Clinton teams, as claimed by the Democrats is ludicrous.  They insist that it should not be ignored.  There was the argument by the FBI, DOJ, and Democrats that releasing the MEMO would endanger our national security, reveal secrets and sources used by the FBI that would damage their ability to gather intelligence and endanger our agents in the field, it did not of that.  Their cries were empty rhetoric in an attempt to keep the public in the dark.

The Cartoon from a Leftist Liberal Cartoonist:

BLOG POST 2 - Memo 2

As you can see from the cartoon, the Democrats and the Left believe that the MEMO was a “nothing burger.”   They insist that it did absolutely nothing to raise concerns about the activities of the FBI, DOJ, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, Peter Strozk, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Are they right?  If we allow the MSM who are the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party to control the narrative, the in the minds of millions the answer will be – YES.  The Left has and will leak information or, as in the Dossier, false information in an attempt to do damage control, CYA, and spin the spin favorably to their side.  The MSM does not believe that the average citizen is intelligent enough, informed enough, or concerned enough to investigate or understand what has happened and the ramifications to our Republic.  They believe this because we have allowed the Leftist to return to Washington time and again and millions believe that whatever the MSM presents is factual and NEWS.

The Democrats in Congress will NEVER agree to a Special Investigator or Prosecutor to investigate the FBI, DOJ, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or the DNC.  The Republicans history has been to back off rather than pushing the matter to a conclusion and letting the chips fall where they may.  Why is a question that should be asked of both sides of the aisle!  Democrats, why are you so afraid of a true investigation?  Republicans why are you unwilling to press the matter to its final conclusion?  I suspect that the answer is both are afraid that dirt will be exposed on their hands and the public will react negatively to them, jeopardizing their Position, Power, and Purse.  That is another reason for my title and my question regarding the Politics of America.  The ship of citizen representation sailed long ago, and we have endured decades of Professional Politicians who are Big Government Globalist and interested in being an oligarchy rather than Representatives of We the People.  WE NEED CHANGE IN WASHINGTON but not the kind that the Professional Politicians are advancing.  We need a RETURN to Representative Government and a RESTORATION of Constitutional Law where EVERYONE including Politicians is amenable to that law.

It is my plea that each person stays alert, pay attention and let’s join forces in November and send as many of those elitist home as possible and take steps, even if they are baby steps, toward RESTORATION of the Republic to its constitutional status.  WE CAN DO THIS!  It won’t be easy, nor will it be quick, but WE CAN DO THIS!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!



BLOG POST 1 - Survive

Before you pigeonhole me as a kook and doomsday theorist let me complete the question.  Can we survive without dealing with corruption in government?  My first response is NO but then I must place an addendum and say, “Not as the Free Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders established.”  We have a choice or there is a matter before us, that could ultimately require the assertion of Thomas Jefferson in his letter to William Stephens Smith in 1787, “…the people cannot be all, & always, well informed. the part which is wrong … will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. we have had 13 states independent 11 years. there has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state.  What country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.  The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them.  What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?  The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.  It is its natural manure.”   PLEASE BE ADVISED – I am not calling for armed rebellion but for the commitment and determination that gained us Independence and has kept us a Free Sovereign Constitutional Republic for over 240 years!  WITHOUT THAT SPIRIT we will succumb to the corrupt politicians and drift into an oligarchy or despotic tyranny in a very short time.

Ronald Reagan understood this and declared rightly, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected, and handed on to them to do the same.”  Today, as has been revealed in the MEMO, we are in a Constitutional crisis.  That’s what the Democrats contended would be the result if the MEMO was released. They are partly right, the MEMO did not create a Constitutional crisis it revealed that one exists.  The MEMO did not reveal collusion with the Russians by Donald Trump but did reveal that there was collusion.  That collusion was in the FBI, DOJ, the Obama administration, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign.  The MEMO revealed that, at the highest levels of the FBI, the DOJ, the Obama administration, and the Clinton camp corruption had not set in but was producing fruit that will destroy our Freedom and Liberty if let continue.  It revealed that the highest levels of the FBI, NSA, DOJ, HOMELAND, and the Democrat Party there was such corruption and criminality that our very system of government is in danger of such subversion that we could lose our Republic.  There has been, in my view, TREASON and it was not Trump or his team that betrayed America.

If there was nothing to be learned from the MEMO then why did the Democrats, DOJ, and FBI fight so hard to keep it out of the public view?  If there was no wrongdoing, then why have six senior leaders in the FBI or Justice Department been reassigned or fired based on the facts that have been revealed through the work of the MEMO committee and Inspector General of the Justice Department.  If the plans for an INSURANCE POLICY was simply rhetoric with no substance, then why were 5 months of texts conveniently missing for the time period following that call by Peter Strozk?  The Trump/Russia Dossier called “salacious and unverified” by former Director of the FBI, James Comey and paid for by the Clinton team and the DNC was the sole piece of “evidence” used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump or his team.  The judge was, apparently, not informed of who paid for this research or fabrication.  The FBI determined it was unverifiable and that would make it unusable as Intel, yet they diabolically used it and MSM reporting on it as documentation to get the warrants and have a Special Investigator to find something on Trump.  Christopher Steele reportedly wanted to do all he could to prevent Trump from becoming President and has even called himself a liaison for the Russian government.  The allegations on Trump’s character was given by Russian operatives.  HOLD IT A SECOND… Russian operatives provided the unverifiable information on Donald Trump?  If that is true, and it has been documented that it is, then HOW WOULD THAT BE COLLUSION WITH TRUMP TO GET HIM ELECTED?  That would indicate that they were working to keep him from being elected and get Hillary elected.  COLLUSION? Absolutely but not by Trump, the GOP, or his team.  COLLUSION?  Yes, and it deserves investigation, but the target should immediately shift from Trump to Clinton and indictments for her, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and many others should be forthcoming.  I AM NOT HOLDING MY BREATH ON THAT ONE…

Let’s examine the vocal Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA).  He is acting as though he is the only defender of the Constitution and trying to protect America from endangerment.  In March 2007, the illustrious Congressman Schiff announced that he was “deeply troubled” by what he called “abuses of authority” by the FBI in acquiring personal information of U.S. citizens.  He has called for restrictions on the ability of the executive branch to get information on Americans’ phone calls.  In the interest of “protecting privacy and increased transparency,” he called for ways to reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – the very court that the FBI used to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump.  His hypocrisy is visible because now he considers the FBI pristine and Trump evil therefore whatever they did is okay.  SERIOUSLY, Congressman?  SERIOUSLY???  He and the Democrats cried wolf in their claims that the release of the MEMO would reveal “sources and methods” used by the FBI and endanger our national security and our agents in the field.  IT DID NOT!

Let me reiterate, THERE WAS COLLUSION.  We know from the MEMO that much of the “salacious and unverified” material in the infamous dossier came from the Russians.  The lies about Trump’s personal behavior came from Russian operatives.  There is NO QUESTION that it was the Clinton campaign, DNC, Christopher Steele, the FBI, and the DOJ who colluded with the Russians to rig the presidential election.  HOW DID TRUMP WIN?  I believe that millions of Americans WOKE UP and said, “Enough of the Crap” and voted for the platform that promised to Drain the Swamp, Dismantle the Deep State, Repeal Obamacare, Reform the Tax Code, deal with the ILLEGALS, Secure the Borders, and return the oversight of Government to the People.  We have moved toward that and if we will STAY THE COURSE we can achieve much more in the next 3 to 7 years.  We must stay engaged.  We must not grow complacent.  We must not relax.  We must not fail to VOTE.  Allowing the Democrats back in power would be tantamount to surrender of the Republic in its Constitutional form.  PATRIOTS ARISE and REKINDLE the SPIRIT OF 1776 and let’s Reclaim and Restore the Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Insurance Policy

When I first heard that FBI investigator Peter Strozk had texted his lover referring to “an insurance policy” against President Trump I was curious and disturbed.  Later, as I began to piece together bits and pieces of information regarding players in the phony “Trump/Russian Dossier” and how some of the reported contacts with the Trump team was immediately followed up by the Russian agent informing the FBI about the meetings, I smelled a rat!  How, I must ask, did Fusion GPS get that information?  It had to either have been they were working with the Russian emissary to ‘entrap’ Trump or the FBI forwarded the information to Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.  Now, I have seen even further corroboration that the “insurance policy” was THE DOSSIER and the unfounded, unverified, and unvetted allegations and fabrications.

Peter Strozk, Christopher Steele, Lisa Page, Deputy Director McCabe, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Jon Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and a myriad of others were attempting to STOP TRUMP from being elected and once he was to OVERTURN THE ELECTION and remove Trump from office.  This is certainly immoral, unethical, diabolical, and illegal if not treasonous and if nobody goes to jail this is a gross miscarriage of justice.  But, alas, we know that Peter Strozk wrote the exoneration of Hillary Clinton BEFORE she was interviewed by the FBI. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the Swamp Denizens in the DOJ, the FBI, and Congress will protect their own and UNLESS there is a massive house cleaning in those sectors NOTHING WILL BE DONE.  Hopefully, it will result in a massive ouster of the Leftist and RINO’s in Congress and Attorney General Jeff Sessions will grow some needed anatomical parts and place people who love America and honor the Constitution in positions within the DOJ to effect the proper outcome.

The MEMO has now been released and it is shocking.  The MSM, the Leftist, Democrats, and Activist are clamoring to CYA and done a complete about-face regarding Law Enforcement and the need to get information to the public.  In the Pentagon Papers, they applauded the releasing of information and in anything that has to do with the military, law enforcement not under their control or infested with their minions, as well as anything Republican or Christian they want any damaging information publicized.  However, when it comes to exposing their unconscionable act of usurpation they cry foul and are concerned about National Security.  Seriously?  When have the Democrats been concerned about protecting America or Americans?  NOT IN RECENT HISTORY!

In the MEMO we have learned that the FISA Court Judge was, at a minimum, deceived and misled, and at the worst blatantly lied to regarding the supposed intel to justify a warrant to spy on Donald J. Trump or anyone connected to him.  At least one lawyer has suggested that if this judge desired it was within the scope of his office and power to RECALL THE WARRANT based on those facts.  That would nullify anything used to secure an indictment and/or conviction against anyone.  Will that judge do so?  I seriously doubt it because the powers behind the scenes would guarantee his name was leaked to the press and he would then become a target if not for assignation for social, political, and political destruction.  Would the judge, regardless of his political leanings be willing to endure that abuse and the attacks and allegations made against him or her, whichever the case might be?  I DON’T KNOW.  I would hope the answer is yes, but with the mysterious deaths and the abuse by various government agencies such as the IRS, that judge might deem it too great a risk.

The MEMO reveals that the FBI obtained the initial FISA warrant targeting Carter Page and three FISA renewals.  James Comey signed THREE of the FISA warrants and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed ONE.  It goes beyond that for we now know that Sally Yates, Dana Boente, and Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of the DOJ.  McCabe acknowledged that without the dossier they would have had no basis or hope of obtaining a FISA warrant.  It seems incredibly clear that the entire operation was a Democrat operation from the beginning.  It is also clear that the so-called intel was nothing more than a figment of the imagination of a person who was reportedly determined to prevent Donald Trump from winning. That person was Christopher Steele and that is the person and organization that Hillary Clinton and the DNC sought out to write the “opposition research” or DOSSIER.  It is my conclusion that the INSURANCE POLICY referred to by FBI Investigator Peter Strozk was this phony Russian collusion scam.  Why would they think that would work?  There are a number of reasons including the reasonable distrust of the Russians by the public.  There was also the fact that they knew there were Leftist Minions entrenched in the various agencies of government including the DOJ, FBI, NSA, HOMELAND, and CIA to protect them.  They also knew that the Democrats in Congress and a number of RINO’s would have their backs because of the intense hatred and fear of a Donald Trump presidency.

How time changes perception.  The MEMO reveals that according to the head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, Assistant Director Bill Priestap an independent unit within the FBI deemed that the dossier was “minimally corroborated.”  In January, Director James Comey briefed President-elect Donald Trump on a summary of the dossier, even though according to his June 2017 testimony it was “salacious and unverified”.  Yet, that same FBI and Director Comey used that dossier to obtain a FISA warrant treating it as verified intelligence.  Where is the spay, the dead rat smell is overpowering? 

What we have is a clear attempt by a political party to dismantle and overturn a legitimate American presidential election based on unverified allegations many of which have been proven to be fabrications.  We have a political party that appears more willing to do damage to Donald Trump and the Republicans than to do good for America.  We have a political party that appears to be more interested in achieving its return to power than to follow the constitution, the rule of law and PUT AMERICA FIRST in their political actions.  Is that what the voters elected them to do?  Not according to our Constitution but with the political correctness, the infestation of liberalism and socialism in the Democrat party, the MSM, many agencies of government, and even Academia.  It may have been what many of their constituents wanted but not what the majority of Americans want.  THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AMERICA?  Yes, I commandeered a phrase the Democrats love to use in castigating and shaming everyone into doing what they want.  This new revelation via the MEMO should result in the immediate dismantling of the Trump targeted investigation and redirect it towards the FBI, DOJ, DNC, and Hillary Clinton and her campaign team, not to omit the Obama Administration.  The Left will not give up or give in but will attempt to dilute, divert, distract, and rewrite the revelations coming forth.  Will they succeed?  I HOPE NOT but with the condition of political correctness, entitlement, and hate existing today, I AM NOT CONFIDENT. 

What can we do?  We can PRAY and seek God’s help regarding our Republic.  We can WORK to inform as many people as possible of the truth.  We can PRESSURE our elected officials to do their jobs and lastly, WE CAN VOTE in the primaries and in the general election in November.  LET’S TAKE AMERICA BACK and take a massive step toward DRAINING THE SWAMP and DISMANTLING the DEEP STATE.  Patriots and lovers of Freedom I call for you to join this fight.

God bless you and God bless America!









BLOG POST 3 - Who Is First

You can’t have it both ways you either place Legal Immigrants and American citizens first or you place ILLEGALS, DACA, and AMNESTY first?  I will acknowledge, up front, that the children of illegals and illegals who are breaking no other laws present a difficult situation. Blanket Amnesty for ALL ILLEGALS is not the answer and Total Deportation of everyone may not be either.  I realize that some of my friends on the Right will find that objectionable but there is blame to be laid at the feet of politicians for their being here for the length of time they have been.  Therefore, in my view, at this point, I suspect that the solution lies somewhere between blanket amnesty and total deportation.  That being said, I am opposed to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and totally reject the idea of BLANKET AMNESTY!

The fact that for generations we have had a porous border and allowed people to virtually come and go as they please is OUR FAULT as a nation.  No, that is not a justification or excuse for breaking our laws, but had we had a secure border they would either not have been allowed to come or would have been apprehended and dealt with within months of coming not years and possibly decades later.  The Republicans, at least a portion of them, wanted cheap labor for their donors and the Democrats want that as well but they also want a liberal bloc of votes through those flooding our shores.  BOTH ARE TO BLAME!  Ignoring the problem, kicking the can down the road, using rhetoric rather than action has made the problem larger and one that has no easy solutions.  What is the solution? 

I heard a conservative talk show host attempt to tackle this issue and his solution, without going into the details, was to immediately deport, any and all who are incarcerated or have a felony record.  We have enough problems without adding to those problems with people who can rightly be called UNDESIRABLES.  He then said, regarding those who had been here for years, who were brought here by their parents or the adults who came seeking a better life and have been law-abiding except for illegal entry should be given consideration.  My issue with that statement is if they are paying taxes they obtained a social security card fraudulently and if they are not paying taxes they are breaking our tax laws.  In both cases they are committing another crime, therefore they are not living violating no other law than illegal entry.  His thought was to insist that they IMMEDIATELY register, get a driver’s license, social security card, pay a fine, and go through a process of obtaining legal status.  However, not all of them desire to become American citizens but want to be here on a “work visa”.  I can see the pros and cons of that position and confess I do not have this issue totally resolved in my mind but I stand firmly for LEGAL IMMIGRATION.  I do have a concern that if we give blanket amnesty to the ILLEGALS we will have shifted the political landscape irreversibly to the Left and Liberal meaning the Democrats will be entrenched in controlling our Republic for the foreseeable future.  Sadly, some of them are voting now, ILLEGALLY and that should disqualify them from citizenship.  What is the waiting period, amount of fine, or penalty for ILLEGALLY entering our sovereign republic?  I am still weighing that in my own mind and heart.  He argued that the Illegals were doing what we let them do and the real blame is ours.  You have to weigh that yourself, I’m simply repeating what he suggested.

Congress is supposed to deal with Immigration and they have refused to do their job.  Thus, the illegal DACA program that former President Barack Obama instituted enabled them to dodge the political bullet and not deal with the problem.  President Donald Trump has placed the ball back in their court and given them a deadline to DO THEIR JOBS.  Will they?  I seriously doubt it.  That brings us to the current state of affairs regarding Amnesty, Illegal Immigration, Secure Borders, and the Sovereignty of the United States of America.  The Democrats are working hard to muck up the process in an attempt to gain TOTAL AMNESTY.  They plan to use “Government Shutdown” and every other stonewalling tactic they can while seeking to blame the Republicans.

The Democrats led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have successfully blocked the 2018 budget for another month in hopes they will so exacerbate and exhaust the President and Republicans in Congress they concede to their demands.  The “Continuing Resolution” passed gives Congress until early February to come up with an agreement.  The Democrats are adamantly demanding a Clean Amnesty or Immigration Bill, and that must not happen, or they will SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT again.  The Democrats are using public displays of faux or real emotional appeals claiming any opposition to Amnesty or allowing the Illegals to stay is Racist, Xenophobic, Evil, and Diabolical.  Senator Schumer has insisted that the only way President Trump can prove he is not a racist is to support DACA.  Seriously?  If he supports Legal Immigration, he is a racist?  If he supports a sovereign America, he is a racist?  If he puts America first, he is a racist?  THAT IS NOT TRUE, Senator and you know it.

Right now, I’m not sure it would be well for the GOP to let them Shut Down the Government and allow the voters to make the final decision in November regarding Immigration.  The influx of illegals has helped to freeze American wages since 2000 and if we are going to have a strong economy and a sovereign nation we must SECURE THE BORDER and that means making some difficult decisions regarding illegals here now.  I support legal immigration but oppose allowing people to break our laws with impunity.

Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL, the leader in the Attack Trump of late, says now that his SOLE FOCUS in Congress is to make sure that illegal aliens are given amnesty, so they can remain permanently in the United States of America.  Thanks, Senator Durbin, for protecting and defending the Constitution you swore to uphold. Thanks, Senator Durbin, for ignoring the plight of people in your State.  Thanks for making sure that an even greater drain on our economy will transpire if you are successful, increasing the number of people on food stamps, welfare, and entitlements.  It is estimated that if given AMNESTY, one in five of the illegals under the DREAM ACT would end up on food stamps and one in seven would end up on Medicaid.  HOW IS THAT GOOD FOR AMERICA?  Senator Durbin, you and those like you are becoming a bigger problem than the illegals and they are a big problem.

American, patriots, and lovers of freedom, we have a problem that has been ignored far too long.  We MUST deal with it but before I am willing to consider any pathway to citizenship other than Legal Immigration, the border must be secured.  We MUST begin fully enforcing the Law and end Sanctuary Cities.  We MUST restore our National Sovereignty by securing our borders to keep Americans safer.  We have far too many incidents where an ILLEGAL has murdered or raped an American citizen.  THAT MUST END!  In an issue that has many caveats and considerations the one thing that cannot be overlooked is that Americans have dreams too and our national security and national sovereignty demands that we SECURE THE BORDERS and ENFORCE OUR LAWS!

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Confusion

As I listened to President Donald J. Trump give the “State of the Union” address I was impressed, encouraged, and disturbed by what I saw and heard.  I watched the selective times that the Democrats stood and applauded and the times when they looked as if they were sucking on a sour pickle and had incredibly painful hemorrhoids causing them incredibly anguish.  The President highlighted some many of the problems and progress during the past year and beyond and pointed to some beautiful solutions.  The Republicans were jovially supportive, during the speech, but have failed to demonstrate that same support when the rubber has met the road in Congressional deliberations.  The Democrats were openly antagonistic during the speech consistent with their avowed determination to “take down” this president and “reverse” the outcome of the 2016 election.  In that, I saw nothing I did not expect, but the disappointment still rose to a new level in my heart as I thought, purely partisanship will not benefit America.  It was reaffirmed in my heart and mind that the ideologically driven agendas that are more focused on Party and Power than the Constitution and America are destructive.

I heard President Trump say some things that resonated deeply in my heart.  I heartily agree that those nations who openly or clandestinely harbor, aide, sponsor, and abet terrorism and anti-American activities should not be recipients of our foreign aid.  The only caveat would be in a time of natural disaster for humanitarian purposes.  A nation that will give American a thumbs down or some other gesture while holding out their hands for our money should be given a handful of something other than money in response.  That is another reason that I support a budgetary process that Congress will never approve, ZERO BASED BUDGETING.  I am encouraged that we have a president who demonstrates a willingness to move toward a policy that does not reward those who are not our friends.  We cannot buy friendship and support and the sooner we wake up to that fact the better off we will be.

I heard the President speak of the advancements we have made and many of them are undeniable, yet the Democrats want to discount them.  Juan Williams typified that ideological position as he lamented that Trump took credit for everything that has been positive.  Mr. Williams, what did your president Barack Obama do?  That is what every president does and in many respects, they are right for they are the one who will be blamed if it goes bad, so should they not be given credit for the leadership to get things done?  The economy has prospered under the Trump administration.  Unemployment including historic lows among African-Americans and Hispanics should get the notice of everyone in those communities, but likely will be tarnished with the hate that is continually spewed forth by the ideologues and activist of today.  If we do not secure our borders we will continue to place Americans in harm’s way and will continue to damage American workers in both job security and wage rates.  Our infrastructure must be addressed and the idea of including the various States and even private sector investments is a very wise and positive step, in my view.  Standing for our military, the police and first responders, our border patrol agents, and ICE is a right move.  Ending Chain Migration and the almost unlimited net that those coming here can include must end.  The President mentioned an end to both policies and I applaud that.  I am troubled by much of the pathway to citizenship because I see the potential of this number that has doubled and tripled from the first-mention to escalate to a number in the multiplied millions.  ASSIMILATION must be a part of the package or the package is detrimental to the Constitutional Republic our Framers and Founders gave us.

I listened to part of the Democrat response in Joe Kennedy III and was not surprised in the rhetoric, spin, and Democrat liberal leftist talking points.  It was, in my view, chock full of falsehoods and fear mongering allegations.  The policies advanced by President Trump and the Republicans is not a choice between a coal miner and a single mother or anything of that nature.  The tax cuts are not for the rich, but every American will and is receiving benefit from the Tax Bill passed and signed.  It is not perfect, but it is far better than what we had.  The respect for the flag is not a negative but a powerful positive for this American and many others who love America and/or have served in the military.  Congressman Kennedy repeatedly, as do all the Leftists, declared THIS IS NOT or THIS IS WHAT we are all about as he insisted on the endorsement of same-sex marriages, citizenship for illegals, dreamers, and the myriad of other Democrat talking points.  I agree with the President that Americans have dreams too.  Congressman Kennedy, let me express to you WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AS AMERICANS.  We are among the most compassionate people on the planet.  We reach out to countries and peoples in crisis sending them monetary aid, equipment, supplies, and even invest our time and energy in helping them.  However, we are a sovereign nation and to remain so and continue to be able to help others around the world MUST have a secure border and a reasoned immigration policy.  We dare not throw open the doors to anyone and everyone declaring as some have, “If you are human you are not an illegal because you are a citizen of the world.”  Try that in the countries you have fled from and see how that works out for you.  I can assure you it will not end well.

We come together, as the President said, in times of crisis and that reveals WHO WE ARE but those who are driven by their quest for position and power continue to drive wedges in our society and that UNITY is short-lived.  We need to develop the resolve of 1776 and that demonstrated in World War II and was briefly exhibited after 9/11.  When Americans pull together and seek the best good of the Republic we have demonstrated the ability to overcome any obstacle and achieve great things for America and the world.  We are faced with mid-term elections in November of this year and it is critical that we do not relinquish any gains we have made to the Leftist ideology.  I am disturbed greatly by the growing number of Republicans, some very conservative, stepping down and no longer seeking office.  I don’t know why but their timing is suspect and if those in Congress do not have the stomach for the fight facing us and we do not find competent replacements we are in trouble.  I pray that we find competent replacements and those remaining become strong in their resolve and willingness to do what they were elected to do.

THE STATE OF THE UNION as described by the President is hopeful.  THE STATE OF CONFUSION as expressed by the Leftist is ominous and filled with danger for America and Americans.  I vote for the UNION, not the CONFUSION and will continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I ask that you join the fight for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness and let’s see America restored to her proper state as the Constitutional Republic fought for and established by our Founders and Framers.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 2 - Belly Laugh

Okay, I am aware that my title, this picture and what I’m going to say will possibly offend some who are entrenched in the thought process of Albert Gore and his followers, but here we go.  Early this month, the infamous Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. the “Global Warming Guru” said, “Bitter Cold is exactly what we should expect from global warming.”  He said it with a straight face and in all seriousness.  NO, I don’t know if he was high but to make that kind of statement, in my view, one would have had to have checked their brain at the door when entering the room.  He cited so-called Climate Scientist, Michael Mann of Penn State University who declared that bitter cold is exactly what should be expected in global warming.  Pardon me professor, but how do you get COLD out of WARM?

I find it questionable and even laughable that Mr. Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” failed to warn us of giant snowstorms and bitter cold.  Instead, the 2006 Oscar-winning documentary prophesied a 20-foot sea-level rise in near future.  When is the near future?  I’m sure that is a moving target as is the changing way of identifying Global Warming calling it Climate Change and in some circles Climate Disruption, whatever all that means.  He told us that the snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro would be gone and that there was some unverified scientific study that revealed polar bears drowned because they swam upwards of 60 miles to find ice.  The ice that has only decreased in some areas to increase in others.  Mr. Gore, I’m sure you recall the Inconvenient Truth that British Judge Michael Burton in October 2007 ruled were inaccurate.  The judge also ruled that your documentary was not an impartial analysis of climate change, another Inconvenient Truth, which you and your followers ignore.

Do you remember when the chameleon Al Gore declared in 2010 that “increased snowfalls are completely consistent with man-made global warming?”  Unfortunately, Mr. Gore had said months earlier in 2009 that the snow and ice around the world were rapidly disappearing.  Thanks for the belly laugh Mr. Global Warming.  You change your position so much I’m not sure you remember what position you are supposed to be supporting.  Anything, to continue the perpetuation of your unproven, and in my view, erroneous theory. After all, where would you get your money to buy your mansions, jumbo jets, and massive SUVs?  Hey, gotta keep the gravy train rolling!

I laughed heartily when I read and heard some of the proponents of Global Warming, Climate Change or Disruption declare they don’t understand the process that leads to the weather events at the close of 2017 and beginning of 2018 in the Northeast especially.  They ADMIT that they “don’t understand” the process, but they still want us to curtail our lifestyles, cut our CO2 emissions, and simply believe whatever they declare as law and gospel.  Thanks, Mr. Gore and your cronies, I needed a good laugh.  I confess I am one of those who believes that God created this planet and the entire universe, and He did not create a fickle planet.  Sorry, but I believe Him when He says we will always have “seed time and harvest, cold and heat or simply the seasons.”  The Climate is cyclical, and I’ve observed that throughout my numerous decades on planet earth.  There is no consistent pattern and I believe that one of the reasons for that is God has a purpose and possibly a sense of humor knowing the Climate Crowd would spin the spin they are spinning.

There are numerous scientist including Meteorologist Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr. who exhibit common sense saying, “For those who claim USA/Canada nor’easter is stronger because of ‘global warming,’ they apparently do not realize that it’s so strong because of especially strong horizontal temperature gradient in the troposphere. It ‘bombed’ because of usually cold air!”  Imagine that!  Another meteorologist Joe Bastardi went a step further calling the claims that the Bomb Cyclone was caused by global warming “flat-out insanity and deception.” He added of such declarations, “it’s not science; it’s witchcraft.”  I like that guy!!!  But, there are others who disagree with Albert Gore and his cronies including the University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass saying, “Such claims make no sense and are inconsistent with observations and the best science.” Mass concluded that “The frequency of cold waves have decreased during the past fifty years, not increased. That alone shows that such claims are baseless.”

The Gore-ites had a friend in the White House in Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren who, in 2014 released a video claiming that the “Polar Vortex” of that year was directly connected to that dastardly global warming phenomenon.  An Inconvenient Truth for Mr. Gore and his followers is that Mr. Holdren later admitted that the video was not based on science but his own personal opinions.  No matter how debunked their claims are they continue to trot out the same old tired argument that no matter what happens, it is man-made global warming’s fault.  It can get bitterly cold or stiflingly hot and it’s the same culprit.  We can find evidence that there is “global cooling” and it is the fault of global warming.  I guess bitter cold is the new hot in the Gore World.

All I can say is “Thanks for the laughs Al, I believe that laughter does good like a medicine” and if I take your claims the way I believe I should they are therapeutic because they make me laugh.  Please understand I truly believe in being good stewards of the planet and resources we have been given.  I never want to see people waste resources or trash the planet.  I love the outdoors and have hunted and fished all my life.  I’d ten times rather be outside than confined within the four walls of any building and enjoy God’s creation.  However, I believe that it is just that GOD’S CREATION and puny man is not going to so disrupt the climate that mankind is destroyed as a result.  There is coming a time, according to the Bible when God will destroy this world with fire.  Could He use man to bring that about?  Of course.  Is that what causes it?  I seriously doubt it.  If He created the planet He is capable of taking it apart, so I trust Him and refuse to live in fear from the hysteria the Global Warming Alarmist continue to advance.  Go, ahead laugh or yell at me but before you demand that I agree with Global Warming as a man-made event, bring me proof, not theory and doctored data as has been used.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!