Once again, I am going to tamper with the sacred cow of man’s man-made extinction and offer some of my own thoughts.  You may embrace them, reject them, laugh at them, scorn them, or whatever you please.  My opinion and a sawbuck will get you a cup of coffee in most places.  It is my opinion based on what I have researched, some statistical data, and gleaning from the insight of some more invested in this study than I.  Shall we take this journey?

Before I get into the last part of my title theory, let me address some of the incredibly suspect postulations regarding man-made global warming and climate change.  If the science is truly settled on this issue, why were the predictions offered in the past not more accurate?  After all, settled science should be consistent should it not?  The statistical data indicates that although weather forecasting is often the brunt of jokes, it is reasonably accurate.  If snow or rain is predicted it frequently falls.  It may produce more or less than predicted but its occurrence is usually factual. 

Climate, as one meteorologist said, “cannot be predicted with any more accuracy than flipping a coin.”  He was speaking of the long-term weather, the climate.  Some of the predictions over the past few decades have been terribly off the mark, yet the climate alarmists insist this is ‘settled science’.

I can appreciate our Pentagon being invested in predicting the weather for military purposes, but when they offer their climate postulations, they enter the arena of the illogical and unpredictable.  I hope they do not prepare for battle with the same reliability as they predict the climate’s changes. 

In 2004 they offered the dire warning that over the next 20 years we would experience a global catastrophe due to climate change that would cost millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.  In that secret report, which was suppressed by our defense chiefs predicted that major European cities would have sunk beneath the rising seas and Britain would be plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020.  They predicted that the abrupt and dire climate changes would move the planet into anarchy and due to dwindling food and energy, the threat of nuclear war would increase exponentially as nations sought to provide for their own and defend themselves.  They considered ‘climate change’ a more dire threat than terrorism. 

The weather for London on New Year’s Day was in the mid to upper 40’s and Novosibirsk, the largest city in Siberia was 23 degrees F.  The climate alarmist’s prediction that there would be massive flooding due to the rising sea levels in 2005 failed to occur.  If we go further back, we have the direst of predictions and as we progress through time discover the failure of those prophets of gloom and doom. 

Paul Ehrlich, in 1968, predicted hundreds of millions would be starving by 1970 and of those 65 million would be Americans.  He predicted that England would not exist by 2000 and declared in 1970 that sometime in the next 15 years ‘the end will come.’  The Bible would call him a false prophet, but the climate alarmist insists he was just off by a decade or so and his predictions are still relevant.  Seriously?  This is the ‘settled science’ they expect us to embrace?

England’s Prince Charles has long been a prognosticator of the planet’s destruction.  In 2009 he predicted that we had only 96 months to save the world.  Let me see, that would have been 2018, right?  In 2015 the good Prince extended his deadline by 33 years.  Hey, if you get it wrong and want to remain relevant, you are required to modify your prophecies of doom.  He has now changed that again and said in 2019 that we had a mere 18 months before the human race would become extinct due to climate change, global warming, or whatever they are calling their ‘settled science.’

There is something that concerns me about the possible extinction of the Western World, and it is not man-made global warming, climate change or any of their postulations through the faux settled science.  Something has been happening that increases my concern regarding the potential Islamic world domination and the continued existence of the Western World. 

What I am talking about is birth vs death rates in the so-called First World Countries.  Statistical data indicates that the birthrate in Japan in 2019 fell to a low not experienced since 1874.  The birthrate was recorded at about 900,000 and the death rate was 1.4 million, which is a net loss of 512,000 and 2020 is expected to produce an even greater net loss. 

If it were only one country, I would not be concerned but it touches many more.  Bulgaria’s population had decreased from 9 million at the end of the Cold War to 7.1 million in 2017.  The predictions are that at this rate by 2050 their population will have decreased to 5.1 million.  The predictions are that Ukraine and Poland will both decrease by 6 million and Hungary will lose 1.5 million.  Do you see a trend?

Lithuania and Latvia have been declining in population and the U.N. demographers predict the population of Russia will decrease from 145 million to 121 million by 2050. On the other side of the equation, the population is not decreasing in Muslim countries but increasing.  According to demographers and those predicting population growth, the Muslims will make up 26.4% of the world’s projected population of 8.3 billion by 2030.  The population growth in those countries is predicted to be twice the rate of non-Muslims over the next couple of decades.  What we are seeing is a significant increase in Islamic nations and a decrease in the traditionally Christian West. 

As a Christian, I am not willing to surrender to fear or paranoia because I believe God is still God and able to guide us through the ups and downs of civilization.  However, the view of many today is that children are a negative weight and more and more of the younger generation are either waiting later to have children or not having them at all. 

What I am concerned about is not how many kids a family has but why they are opting to have no children.  I am concerned about the increasingly pervasive selfishness of many, which is also reflected in the demand for abortion on demand.  I believe this condition is one of the reasons that the New Democratic Socialism is appealing to more and more people.  Tragically, people are so deeply invested in their own greed, envy, jealousy, and selfishness they cannot or will not consider the dangers, perils, and warnings of history.

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) admits: “The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”  Let me predict the obvious – “The Climate changes over time.”  That’s right!  I believe in climate change, just not man-made.  The climate is cyclical and cooling leads to ice ages and warming melts the ice and that has been occurring on the planet since its creation.  It is not our SUVs, hamburger grills, oil and gas, cow flatulence, or anything else that man is doing that is driving this change. 

I have a question, “How do we know what normal climate is?”  If we were to consider the question, “Is today colder or warmer than normal?”  I do not mean over the past year, ten years, a hundred years, but since the beginning of time?  This issue has become far more about ‘redistribution of wealth’ and ‘control’ than about saving the planet.  Therefore, I am far more concerned with the cause of the decline in populations in Western nations than I am about some unsettled ‘settled science.’  God help us to wake up and take a close look at ourselves and realize that we are destroying ourselves by rejecting God and the growing focus on self. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Many of us have been warning over the past several decades and are keenly aware of the problem in our public education. Let me avidly state that I support good teachers.  I support the teachers who truly seek to teach the truth, history, and the basic educational tenets needed to survive and thrive in this world.  I support educators who view their calling or vocation as more than a paycheck and resist the politically correct lunacy that is pervasive in today’s liberal agenda.   That agenda is rooted deeply in Socialism, Marxism, and Anti-Capitalism.  It is the opposite of what we were founded to be and have been for over two centuries. 

Years ago, while attending secular college with the intent to go into education in conjunction with my call to preach, I encountered some disturbing trends.  Those trends and mandates from those determining the direction of our educational process and curriculum caused me to divert my educational pursuits in a different direction.  I continued to pursue history as a prime base for my secular education and incorporated Psychology and Business as second-tiers in my pursuit of credentials.  I knew that I would be unable to satisfy the demands of those in education, so I decided to work toward private or religious education, not the public venue.  My biblical training has been invaluable as has my pursuit of truth in history and education.

There is something afoot that is going to push our educational system more in the direction of darkness and political correctness than we should be willing to allow.  I do not mind both sides of an issue being taught in school.  In fact, I encourage it.  However, I do not want the religious and factual to be limited or omitted in favor of the authorized version of revised and sanitized history and philosophy. 

If we are going to allow the teaching of evolution in the public venue, then I contend we must also allow creation to be given equal time and consideration.  I had a Biology professor in college say, “I am a devout Evolutionist and a devout Presbyterian, and my religion and evolution do not conflict.”  I got in trouble by telling him, “Mine does.”  I was persona non grata the rest of the semester.

That of which I am sounding the alarm is “Deep Equity” which is being developed by the Corwin company.  It is rapidly becoming the new standard curriculum taught in our public schools.  It is now in San Tan Valley in Arizona; Chicago, Illinois; Louisville, Kentucky; the entire Cleveland, Ohio public school district and in charter schools in Californian and other places.  It is also in Canada and is gaining a significant foothold in the world of academia. 

Their website describes it in the following manner:

“The Deep Equity framework, based on the work of Gary Howard, helps schools and districts establish the climate, protocols, common language, and common goal of implementing culturally responsive teaching practices.

The Deep Equity approach is based on the belief that scholastic inequities are symptomatic of institutional biases and norms that must be directly challenged through systemic, ongoing, and authentic work.

Deep Equity is a comprehensive and systemic professional development process aimed at producing the deep personal, professional, and organizational transformations that are necessary to create equitable places of learning for all of our nation’s children.

This capacity-building program helps educators dismantle disparities through sustained, collaborative efforts and courageous leadership”.

If you missed it, you should go back and reread and pay careful attention to the PC and Politically Woke language and phrases used.  Let me list a few of them and give a translation. 

Disparities.  Which is translated – The monolithic gap in education between disadvantaged people and those who are privileged. 

Culturally responsive teaching practices.  Translated to mean – If you are not white you will receive more leniency in matters of academic performance. 

Institutional biases.  Translated to mean – Institutions that operate in a manner that oppresses certain social groups while favoring others.  For example, they argue that institutional racism victimizes blacks, Hispanics, and Asians while favoring whites. 

Organizational transformations. This was one of Obama’s favorites ‘fundamental transformation of America.’  Basically, it is substituting the current white privilege-based curriculum with a new Marxist one.

What are they seeking to project?  They want us to view America as a deeply racist nation with systematic racism and an institutional hierarchy of various oppressions. It seeks to demonize whites, halt all debate on issues, and demand that teachers reject and resist parents who disagree.  That does not sound like the Free Constitutional Republic but a Gestapo and dictatorial style of education.  It is indoctrination, not education and that must be resisted. 

It is a deeper plunge into the world of political correctness and social justice that wants to portray anyone white as evil, inherently racist, and undeserving of freedom.  It is a one-way street to destruction and destroys all that makes America the greatest nation on earth.  It strips freedom from some as it seeks to create a new highly inflamed division of our nation.  It promotes what it calls “intersectionality”.  Merriam-Webster defines intersectionality as the idea people whose individual identities overlap with a number of marginalized groups experience multiple, overlapping threats of discrimination. 

It has been expanded to include all races, genders, and classes.  In this system and ideology, each one is assigned a number of oppressions they are automatically subjected to by education and society.  This is being mapped out by Marxist professors using Venn diagrams.  This is nothing more than a political move to indoctrinate our youth and shape the thinking of future generations.  It is designed to advance a particular political ideology rather than educate with the needed tools to function in society and advance in this world.  The new advancement tool is being politically correct not having knowledge and skills.

Arizona state representative Kelly Townsend said, “Before we spend $400,000 plus on a Deep Equity program, we first need to invest in the basics to address our own academic neglect. For example, more than half of our 3rd-graders are unable to read proficiently, and yet we prioritize social engineering.”

“These programs may please the politically correct, but it is academically wrong to spend time on anything else while our students are failing,” continued Townsend.  “Let’s get back to basics.”

I agree and if we continue to lose on the academic front, we will soon be overrun with the PC mandates and the patrolling PC Police will stifle all Freedom of Speech and eradicate all true history in America.  If we are willing to allow this, then vote Democrat and if not vote against them at every opportunity. I believe we need to get government out of education and teachers, parents, and God back in.

God bless you and God bless America!


Maybe another way of asking that is, “Are we near the end of our Republic and if we are, how near are we?”  If that is more palatable to you, then please rephrase my question to be more palatable to you. You may be one that believes all that is happening in politics today is nothing more than a passing season and as with the climate, this is cyclical and nothing to be concerned about.  I wish I could ascribe to that view, it would be much more effective in easing my mind.  I wish I could see the antics of the Democrats and those following the ideologies that are a pathway to the destruction of our republican system of government.  I wish, but unfortunately, what I sense in my spirit, and see with my eyes will not allow me to take a ‘rose-colored glasses view.’

When Barack Obama declared, “We are just days away from fundamentally transforming America,” I cringed.  I’ve heard the wind blow before from political blowhards but something inside me said, “Take him seriously.  He is not proposing something that he does not believe can become a reality.”  

I had read the excerpts from his books and those he had associated with and realized that his previous history suggested that he was far less pro-America than he was pro-globalism and supported the Islamic jihadist facilitators more than anyone should have been comfortable with. 

I considered the church he had spent 20-years in and the anti-Semitic and anti-American views of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright.   That Reverend stunningly declared, “Not God Bless America, but God D*** America.”  That made me cringe and weep! Those factors disturbed me in ways that I could not positively prove.

Since the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, my concerns have not abated but have escalated.  During the eight-years of Obama, I watched our race relations deteriorate troublingly.  He was lauded as the ‘first black president’ and I have no problem with a black, a woman, a Hispanic or any ethnicity being president so long as they demonstrate support for the Constitution and a pro-America view.  If they seek to ‘fundamentally transform’ this Republic into something that destroys our national sovereignty, shreds our Constitution, strips us of our inalienable and constitutional rights, I cannot and will not support them. 

The actions of Obama, Biden, Clinton, and those in control during the attack on our embassy in Benghazi was somewhat the last straw for me.  Their push to weaken the pillars of our founding is the culmination of a 100-year journey by the Left.  It extends far beyond 100-years, but that is a relatively clear period we can track and see how the Democratic Party has evolved into a Party of genocide, racism, socialism, and frequently demonstrate the characteristics of being Fascist.  If I am correct in that assessment, then what is happening is not a ‘bump in the road’ but a planned assault on our Republic.  What is happening cannot be passed off as a cyclical season of politics but a War that must not be ignored and must be won.

The Left has been progressively moving toward the precipice of destruction for decades, but their determination and commitment to the cause of American Revisionism is escalating.  By that, I mean Revision of the Republic into a Socialist Oligarchy where the Government is in Total Control. 

The Democratic Establishment has demonstrated its fundamental view that there is no such thing as private property or individual rights.  Well, maybe they do believe in those but not for anyone who disagrees with their ideological agenda and refuses to worship at the altar of Climate Change and Entitlements.  If we refuse to support abortion and the genocide they have proposed, we are deemed unworthy of any rights.  If they could, they would round us up and incarcerate us in reeducation camps to adjust our attitudes and program us to be their docile sheep.  Many of us are unable to bow at that altar and surrender our God-given inalienable rights and allegiance to the God of the Bible.

The past year, 2019 has been very revealing and I believe that 2020 will present even more challenges to the Republic.  The only hope we have of stemming the tide of that destructive tsunami they desire is to win both House of Congress and the White House this November.  If we fail, the price may be far greater than even the most pessimistic fear.  I pray that enough Americans awaken from their political stupor and unite to vote for America by voting against the Leftists.

When I look at the new faces and voices in the Democratic Party, I have great concern for America.  Many who study politics devotedly believe that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Squad are the new faces of the Progressive Movement and the Democratic Party.  If they are correct, and those members of Congress are reelected and more like them added to their number, we have a grave problem.  If they can proselytize enough members of their Party and win the White House, they can push through legislation that is destructive for America.  If you consider that simply a cyclical moment, I suggest you consider the consequences of ignoring this situation.

With the presence of people like Talib and Omar, openly pro-Islamist there is a genuine danger for the Constitutional Republic.  With the rise of teenage terrors, living privileged lives but given a world stage to spew forth their rhetoric, diatribe, and vitriol, there is a genuine danger. 

With the rise of people like Eric Swalwell, we have people on the Left who have expressed a willingness to eradicate their opposition.  He even declared that using nuclear weapons against those of us who disagree with his and their views.  That cannot be ignored. 

With media members such as Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, and those who pose as more moderate wage war on Christians, the biblical view of genders and marriage, and spread malicious lies regarding this President and those of us on the Right, there is a problem.  They seem to know no bounds and believe that they are free to fabricate, do and say whatever they please with total impunity.  That is a problem.

When I consider the views expressed by the Democratic hopefuls to become President, I am deeply disturbed.  The very fact that any poll would indicate that they are viable opponents to President Trump is concerning and signifies a genuine danger to our Republic.  When the totally partisan witch hunt and kangaroo court conducted by Schiff, Nadler is praised it is troubling. The willingness of celebrities to call for vile actions against Trump and his family and indirectly against all of us who oppose their ideology, is disturbing and dangerous!

Therefore, I ask my question again, “How Near the End Are We?”  I am not speaking of the Last Days of the Bible, I believe we are in those days.  I am asking regarding the Republic – “How Much Time Do We Have as the Free Constitutional Republic?”  Hopefully, I am unduly concerned, and my trepidation is unwarranted, but in my spirit and my view, watching what has transpired over the past decade, I am deeply concerned that the answer is, “One Election Away.”  That would mean that we can stay the final verdict by defeating the Democrats in November and reclaiming control of Congress as well as keeping the White House.  I ask you to join me in fighting to maintain our Republic and our Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!


Uh, no they won’t and the Fascist on the Left who call their opponents Fascists will be lauded as Freedom Fighters and Justifiably Angry and their actions excused.  How long will that last?  How long will the toxic liberal philosophy of Socialism exist in the political arena in America?  That’s how long this will continue, and I see some very dark clouds rising over the horizon causing many to predict WAR of epic proportions in internal America.  I hope those predictions are wrong, but I think they are right.

I keep seeing and hearing statements by educators, political pundits, activists, and politicians they justify the actions of groups like Antifa and others.  We have, or should have been watching this, for longer than most of us have been alive.  It is not a new phenomenon but is, at least 100-years old and has grown in strength and support in the past decade. 

Left-wing terrorism has deep roots dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.  The terrorism of the modern left-wing has been labeled ‘political unrest’ giving it a more justifiable and palatable identity.  We watched the Weather Underground commit horrific acts of terrorism in the name of ‘political unrest’ for what they deemed unjust and unfair.  We have endured the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) rise and commit atrocious acts of violence.  We saw the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) engaging in criminal activities in the name of ‘political unrest’.  There was the New World Liberation Front with their pipe-bombs in the 1970s. 

The United Freedom Front was active in the 1980s.  There has been the Black Panther Party and now the New Black Panther Party and today’s Antifa and funding for the various violent activist groups coming from non-profits claiming to exist in pursuit of peaceful co-existence and justice for all.  Sadly, those violent groups target conservatives, people wearing MAGA hats, and anyone not embracing their philosophy or being of the same skin pigmentation. 

I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone can justify violent actions against political or ideological opponents.  Are we, as a society, gravitating toward the view that it is a justifiable path to commit acts of violence against people we disagree with?  If so, the prognosticators of a coming Civil War are far more correct than they may think.  If we lose the concept of Freedom of Speech and civil disagreement, we are doomed as a society and blood in the streets will be the result.

I had a person on the Left attempt to justify the violence by quoting the Old Testament.  He said, “Well, even God said, an eye for an eye. Therefore, these groups have God’s blessings as they stamp out the evil of conservatism and force everyone to tolerate everyone and everything.”  Wow!  When I took them to the New Testament and the directive of our Lord Jesus to “Love, thy neighbor,” they wanted no part of it and made a snarky remark about antiquated religious views of Christians.  Basically, it was, “You either believe as I do, or you are wrong and worthy of whatever bad happens to you.”

Our Founding Fathers understood the age-old reality that if we were going to have and maintain a Republic, we must guard the ability and right for everyone to enjoy freedom of speech.  They understood the value of open discussion and debate on issues.  They expressed the recognized benefit of differing opinions to be voiced, enabling both sides to potentially learn from the other and find common ground.  They would be appalled at the condition now existing in American politics and society and wonder what they fought for and why.

It is somewhat ironic that those who support Antifa, mob violence, the end of freedom of speech, and demonstrate an unbending and unyielding intolerance of any opposing view call themselves ‘Progressives.’  The truth is their views are not progressive but regressive.  Their views date back to the time of kings, dictators, street brawls, and total political chaos with assignations a common occurrence in the political.  Those views date back to a time when dissent was not tolerated and any person could be attacked, imprisoned, or killed. 

If you examine history, you will discover that the rise of Fascism came about in the 1920s under Benito Mussolini.  The communist coined the term ‘fascist’ to identify renegade socialists.  Those who claim that Fascism was a right-wing movement are devoid of factual understanding of history.  It has always been a subsection of Socialism or Communism and will always be.  The fascists like the original Antifa were an example of one left-wing group fighting another left-wing group. 

History reveals that the National Socialists in Germany and the Soviet Union wanted to eliminate social classes and advance a social experiment to achieve their desired utopia.  Interestingly, the Germans and the Soviets still called them Fascists and considered them rivals within the same mindset and ideology. 

The heart of Communism and Socialism is a totalitarian, one-party state, with forced collectivism and centrally planned economies, where individual rights were given by the all-powerful government.  They did not believe in ‘inalienable rights’ because they truly did not believe in God.  They saw the government as god.  Today’s Antifa and the left-wing radicals are pushing for the very thing they accuse those of us on the Right of pursuing.  They want government control and suppression of freedom of speech for anyone opposing their ideological views.

Antifa and other left-wing violent activist groups claim to be fighting us because we are oppressive and violent, but they are the ones engaging in oppression and violence.  They openly express their admiration for tyrants and despots like Joseph Stalin, a mass murderer of epic proportions.

The members of groups like Antifa hold an ideology that is reflected by the hammer and sickle.  They justify their violence because they claim to have been victims of the evil white, conservative, Judeo-Christians of the Right. They attack those of us who want less government, more freedom, and individual rights.  The views we express and embrace would achieve what they claim to want in a far greater measure than their violence and hate.  If anyone cares to investigate, they would find that the ‘hammer and sickle’ is a gruesome reminder, or should be, of the Socialist-Communist terror that has slaughtered over 120 million people. 

Hey, America, those of us who resist our Republic being transformed into a Socialist, Politically Correct, Freedom-less nation are not the fascists.  We are not engaging in the actions of Fascists, Communists, or Socialists we are fighting for Freedom.  I pray that enough Americans will awaken in November of this year to help us save the Republic for the Tyranny of the Left. 

God bless you and God bless America!


I’m serious, folks, the things that some of the politicians, media types, Hollywood faux intellectuals, and the rabid activist say is beyond comical.  Sadly, what they are saying, they believe.  Like the Georgia Democratic Representative Hank Johnson’s highly intellectual expression of fear that the island of Guam would capsize if too many people resided there.  He said it, in 2010 and called the Jewish people ‘termites’, but he is not anti-Semitic and deemed highly intelligent by the aforementioned groups.

From my own state of Texas, the illustrious and possibly infamous Democratic Congressman, Al Green said, “I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”  So, Congressman are you saying that the primary reason you and your party impeached and tried to remove from office was to prevent him from re-election?  I thought it was supposed to be because he actually committed ‘high crimes and/or misdemeanors?”  I guess not!

When I watched as Robert Mueller testified before Congress it was apparent that he had likely never read his own report.  The term “Fusion GPS” was not included in his report and he confessed he was not familiar with the term.  Seriously?  That was the heart and soul of their allegations and he was ‘unfamiliar.’  Wow! 

How about, the myriad of gaffes made by the former Vice President and current Democratic hopeful to become Commander in Chief saying, “We choose truth over facts!”  What?  Don’t facts support truth and reveal the truth?  Maybe that was a Freudian slip revealing what is in the hearts of the power-brokers on the Left.  They seem to believe that “truth” has quasi-religious implications as they continue to replace and reject God, the God of our ancestors, and facts. 

Does anyone remember Lawrence O’Donnell’s claim to Rachel Maddow that he had a single source to confirm that Trump’s loans were co-signed by Russian oligarchs?  He had to retract that the next day, but the narrative continued, and millions believed it because they heard on MSNBC, CNN, etc.  The Democrats all seem to believe that, we the people, are clamoring to pay more taxes, regressive taxes, and exorbitant taxes.  We want to be taxed into oblivion and into the poor house to fund their ridiculous plans and freebies.  I have a news flash for the Democrats, WE ARE NOT!

Of the many ludicrous things that Biden, Sanders, Warren, and others have said, we have Joe’s belief that kids long to touch the blond hair on his legs while in the swimming pool and that kids love jumping on his lap.  The man sounds like a pedophile, not a presidential hopeful. 

He and Bernie want to jail oil, gas, and fossil fuel executives because they do not prescribe to the Left’s demand for worshipping at the Climate Change Altar and embrace their New Green Deal.  Joe even said, in Pennsylvania that coal miners who lose their jobs because of his policies could learn computer programming.  He said, “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well.”  

In New Jersey, he said, “Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”  Wow!  His intelligence is impressive, right?  I would suggest that it is impressive only if you have flipped the off switch on your brain and your IQ hovers somewhere around freezing on the Fahrenheit scale.

If we turn back the clock just a few years we will discover that these dangerous but comical gaffes by the Democrats are not a new phenomenon they are a continuation.  It is also reflective of the usage of brainpower or the lack thereof of millions of voters who rabidly support them.  Hillary Clinton contended that it is not corporations or businesses that create jobs.  That goes hand in hand with Obama’s assertion that “If you’ve got a business… you didn’t build that.”  I guess they skipped any economics classes while in school.

How about the Democrat Mayor of Opelousas, Louisiana, Don Cravins, saying, “If you voted early, go vote again tomorrow.  One more time’s not going to hurt.  Tomorrow we are going to elect [Democrat] Earl Taylor as [District Attorney], so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice.”  Wow!  That is great respect for the Law and an incredible indictment on the character of the man wanting to be the District Attorney. 

Do you recall the former Democratic Assemblywoman from New York, Patricia Eddington’s argument for gun control?  She said, “Some of these bullets, as you saw, have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat-seeking device.  So, you don’t shoot a deer with a bullet that size.  If you do you could cook it at the same time.”  I laughed until I cried and the wept because I knew people would believe her and buy her stupidity as factual reality.

Can I offer another the fact-checkers should have been all over, but I heard some Leftist repeating?  Terry McAuliffe as Governor of Virginia said we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”  Wow, Governor, with less than 400 million we have less than a week before man, in America becomes extinct.  He said, “If we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence, how many days do we have to pass a gun control bill before we run out of people to sign it?”  If it’s that massive and the carnage that prolific, Governor, it’s over, so no worries, just live the next few days as though they were your last, because, in your five, they are!

How about, former President Barack Hussein Obama’s unbelievable declaration that was not immediately laughed at and discounted.  He said, “it is easier for a 12 or 13-year old to purchase a gun, and cheaper than it is for them to get a book.”  I don’t know where he shopped for guns or books, but I can’t buy a gun for less than $20 but I can buy books at that price all day long and so can my grandchildren.

Just for grins, I remember the mental giant Sheryl Crow speaking on Climate Change and Environmentalism saying, “I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in one sitting.  Now, I don’t want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 or 3 would be required.”  Hey Sheryl, why use paper at all, just use your hand because that’s what you’d be doing anyway.

Al Gore created the Internet.  Obama visited all 57 states in America.  Joe Biden told us that Obama’s jobs plan was a three-letter word ‘J-O-B-S”.  How about Marion Barry, the former mayor of Washington, DC, “If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very low crime rate.”  How about former Senator, Chris Dodd saying, “Eight more days and I can start telling the truth again.”  That was on the campaign trail.  Wait, you mean you were not telling the potential voters the truth?  What a confession.

The list is endless and yes, Republicans have made stupid statements too, but with this crop of geniuses on the Democratic side, if we like our Republic and want to keep it, we must REJECT THEM!

God bless you and God bless America!


Call what, what it is?  It is time to call the pandering to illegals, the shredding our Constitution, ignoring American citizens, and failing to govern in the best interest of America and the American people INSANE and DIABOLICAL!  Let me say, IT IS TREASONOUS!  That’s what I am talking about. 

It has irked me from the first evidence of the individual states issuing driver’s licenses to illegals.  Some of those states allow them to register to vote at the same time and afford them the opportunity to, with the blessings of the state, commit voter fraud.  The states taking steps to abet the commission of a felony is felonious and should be actionable resulting in indictments of the officials who become accessories in the commission of a crime.  It won’t be but it should be.

Approving driver’s licenses for people who have illegally entered the United States is a slap in the face of every legal immigrant and every U.S. citizen.  It is an abandonment of rational reason.  They call these illegals ‘undocumented persons’ not illegals.  When did the idea that an illegal act should become acceptable and rewarded?  What kind of lunacy and deranged mind concocts that notion?  Better yet, who are the people who vote for those lunatics?  I’m sorry for my harsh language but this is infuriating and incredibly dangerous for America and Americans.

I was taught at home and in school and through studying the Bible I have learned that “Rewarding bad behavior encourages more bad behavior.”  It never encourages change and correction.  If you are rewarded for ignoring the law, why pay any attention to it.  If a child is rewarded for throwing tantrums in private or in public, why would they not continue that behavior? 

If a person cheats in business and lies to gain what they want and is rewarded, why would they take an honest and ethical position?  There must be a penalty for violation of the law.  There can be no coddling or rewarding of those breaking into our nation illegally.  There can be no rewarding for cutting in line and skipping the legally mandated process for immigration.  That is lunacy and will eradicate our borders and strip us of our national sovereignty.

The Democratic hopeful, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has advanced the idea that we should give ‘reparations’ to illegals in the tune of $2.2 Trillion.  Wow!  He is the self-described so-called moderate Democrat in this race?  If that is moderate, I’d hate to see liberal.  He said that the United States owes compensation to the children separated from their families at the southern border.  He also declared that he would put them on a fast track to citizenship.  Basically, he would obligate the United States to pay the illegals an amount equal or more than all the taxes that will be collected in 2020.  So much for a booming economy, it would be history and our national debt would not double it would quadruple under his administration.

The Democrats apparently view the illegals as their new ‘voter base’ or ‘supplemental base’ hoping to replace some of the control they once held and are losing over other ethnic groups. The Constitution, America, Americans, appear inconsequential to them and what happens to us of no importance.  They seem to view being elected and ascending to a position of Total Control paramount in importance.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.  If it means the destruction of the Republic, that to them seems a small price to pay for Control.  America, we must not allow them to reclaim power.  If we do, we will witness, first hand, the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic and America as the Land of the Free will be no more.

It is amazing how the Democrats are not only willing but determined to afford illegals more rights, benefits, and privileges than American citizens.  U.S. Citizens can lose their driver’s licenses if they break the law, but the plan of the several states now issuing them driver’s licenses elevates the criminal above the law-abiding legal citizen.  Is that really what you stand for if you identify as a Democrat?  That is the national policy of your party, and that would be enough to cause me to reconsider my political affiliation. 

I have heard this called a victory for the immigrant community, but I insist that it is a victory for the illegal immigrant community, not those following the law.  Lawful immigrants already had the right to obtain driver’s licenses.  Some politicians insist that this is the only sensible and moral approach for it will make it easier for them to travel and get jobs to support their families.  That is a problem, in my view, because it is ILLEGAL for them to work now.  It is ILLEGAL for any employer to knowingly hire an illegal.  Therefore, the sensible and moral argument goes out the window.  It is anti-American and anti-Constitutional.

These Leftists state governments are passing laws, offering edicts, and mandates that are a clear attempt to impede the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents from doing their legally mandated jobs.  These efforts by those states is an affront and a direct violation of federal law. 

The U.S. Code is unambiguous in its declaration that no individual, agency, state or local government entity or official can interfere with federal law enforcement efforts to collect, receive or share information regarding a person’s immigration status.  It is against federal law to harbor or conceals fugitives from federal law enforcement.  Where are the indictments?  America, the madness of Sanctuary cities and states and the rewarding of criminal behavior is causing harm to America and Americans and it must end.

When states or cities notify and warn illegals that the feds are on their trail and abet them in hiding or avoiding detection and capture, they are breaking the law.  The Democrats have been howling for over three years about interference in our elections and are opening the door for an incredibly large amount of voter fraud.  If they were truly concerned about legitimate elections and only those truly and legally qualified to vote, they would abandon this lunacy immediately.  The fact that they have not abandoned it but are escalating their pursuit of making it legal to break our laws suggests to me that they are only interested in buying votes, enjoying the quid pro quo of votes for benefits, and power.  America and Americans are not their primary interest.

This is another of the many reasons I am unable to consider voting for any Democrat.  I have friends, very good people, who are life-long Democrats as were their parents and grandparents.  Many of them are still unable to see what is truly happening and even though they do not approve of these measures, they believe that the Republicans are evil and plan to vote for their Democratic candidate. They insist it is the ‘lesser of two evils.’  I love America and want the best for this nation and her people.  That is why I will vote to defeat this lunacy and keep America the Free, Legal, and the Constitutional Republic it has been and should remain.

God bless you and God bless America!


With so much hoopla over the Impeachment and the State of the Union Address and happenings, I decided to write about something else. I decided to focus on something that is deeply troubling and incredibly dangerous regarding the survival of our Republic. The Federal Law Enforcement’s Violation of the Law!

America, we are at a juncture in our Republic where it is imperative that we make some, possibly quite difficult and unpleasant, decisions in our government.  There are so many of those that to highlight one or two is almost an example of too little, but we must begin somewhere to achieve any restoration of our system of government and justice. 

Since the campaign for the 2016 election and subsequently, we have endured the most blatant abuse of the Law, the Constitution, and Ethics I have ever witnessed.  The animus toward Candidate Trump, then-President-Elect Trump, and now President Trump has grown steadily by those on the Left.  Prior to Trump’s election, they almost uniformly decried the relevance of the American Constitution.  They expressed, as did Barack Obama, that it was too restrictive and a document of negative liberties.  What he meant was it was too restrictive on the government and hindered him and them from freely doing what they wanted in his desire to ‘fundamentally transform’ this nation.

Now, they claim to be the defenders of our most precious governmental document, the Constitution. They does this all the while ignoring it, bypassing it, shredding it, and violating it in their quest to oust and destroy Trump.  Their vitriol is beyond the pale and is dividing this country so completely we may never recover.  During the eight-years of Obama, we witnessed a regression of race and class relations.  We have witnessed an increase in the political correctness insanity, the growth of Utopianism, the push for acceptance of socialism, and a direct attack on our foundational faith. 

Our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights are being tampered with dangerously and in direct violation of the Constitution.  We have witnessed our 4th Amendment Rights trampled on by the abuses of the FBI and the FISA Courts.  I find it difficult to identify what I see happening in any other terms than “War.” 

We are beginning to become privy to increasing revelations about the abuses of the FBI and certain members of that organization. We are witnessing the vastness of the Swamp and the Deep State and seeing how determined those in Washington’s inner circle are willing to go to protect their own.  Why?  In my view, it is because so many of those in Congress have dirt on their hands or skeletons in their closets that would possibly cost them their positions if exposed.  Therefore, protect they do and protect they will. 

The IG’s Report indicated that there were seventeen specific violations that most believe, if intentional, were criminal.  They were abuses of the law whether intentional oversights or premeditated attempts to wage war against Trump’s campaign.  Neither is acceptable.  The FISA Court needs to go away, because of these abuses and the prospects of abuses in the future.  I am very pro defending against terrorism and international espionage, but I am adamantly anti-stripping Americans of our Rights and Constitutional liberties. 

We know that the former FBI director James Comey and his associate Andrew McCabe were at the head of this corrupt FBI Machine that abused and violated the law.  Why are they not under indictment and will they be in the future?  I would hope yes, but history does not lend itself to the fulfillment of those hopes.  However, I remain hopeful that John Durham and William Barr will see the incredible danger of failure to prosecute.  America’s future may well be hanging in the balance of their decisions.

Many, including myself, have been deeply disappointed that the FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer’s rebuke of the FBI is largely toothless.  If this results in nothing more than a slap on the wrist and an order to clean up the corruption, we will witness even more egregious violations in the future.  The FBI, a law enforcement agency, will become more of a Gestapo than a police force.  They will become, what they largely have become, a weapon against political opponents, and that is detrimental to our Freedom and our Republic.

The message being conveyed by inaction and wrist-slap injunctions is, “You can lie to the FISA Court with impunity.  There will be no punishment or accountability and if you get caught you will get slapped on the wrist and told ‘shame on you.’”  Demanding that they correct their infringements going forward is not a fix it is a cover and that lends to my view that the FISA Court has outlived its usefulness.  I say that considering the deviousness of those at the helm of the FBI in recent years.

We know that as far back as 2002 there were FISA violations by the FBI that Robert Mueller, the FBI Director at that time, promised to correct.  He clearly did not, and the FBI continued their abuses and expanded them as they sought to prevent Trump’s election and then in their effort to oust him from office.  We know that there were more than 70 violations in 2002 and Director Mueller promised ‘new procedures’ to fix the problem and prevent it from happening.  I guess if by ‘fix’ you mean to stack the deck against political opponents, he fulfilled his promise.  Otherwise, he failed miserably if he attempted at all.

In 2016, President Obama’s administration his DOJ dropped hundreds of violations against the court.  No consequences, no punishment, and no accountability resulted.  That opened the door to the most egregious and nefarious political dirty tricks to become reality.  No one in the FBI fears the FISA Court because they have learned over the past several years that they can lie to the court with no fear of punishment. They will continue to do the same if Attorney General Barr does not hold them accountable. 

America if we allow our federal law enforcement agencies to trample on the law, we will witness the destruction of our Republic.  It has escalated far beyond a two-tier justice system. We have and are witnessing the weaponization of national law enforcement and various bureaus of our government.  If we allow this to continue, we will destroy ourselves. 

America, we must somehow find the courage and determination to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington.  With the surety of voter fraud, illegals voting, dead people voting, unqualified people voting, and voting in multiple locations we face an uphill battle.  However, if we will commit ourselves to intercessory prayer, invest our time and money, and get out the vote WE CAN WIN!  Let’s show them that America still belongs to The People and We the People are Taking it Back!

God bless you and God bless America!