2 Timothy 1:12 – “…I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.”  NKJV

I believe in God and Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!  I am troubled over what I perceive to be a lack of commitment in much of the Christian community today.  I know that sounds judgmental, but I honestly do not mean it to be.  I just question and do not understand some of what I see.  I am startled by the lack of vision for the whole and the abundance of vision for self that I hear in churches and from believers.

I could allow myself to think as I used to think before I experienced the Christ of the Cross.  I have an option to either blend in with the crowd and popular thinking or I can opt to swim upstream against the current of much popular thinking.  I choose to invite the Holy Spirit to enable me to think God’s thoughts!

I have been amazed at how many people come into local fellowships declaring that God has called them to be there and then depart over frivolous things.  I have witnessed people starting churches only to find it difficult and declare that God said to shut it down.  My question is always, “Did God instruct, you to do it initially?”  If so, does that mean God is fickle and changes His mind at the first sign of difficulty?  If the difficulty is a justification to quit, how did the early church survive?  James suggested we both expect trouble and respond to trials with joy for it is helping develop our faith and courage.

I declare today that I do not have all the answers and sometimes wonder if I have any answers.  However, I realize that I do not have to have all the answers.  I know the one who does!  I can trust God to be who He declared He was and is and rest confidently in the fact that He knows my need before I even pray.  I trust Jesus to be Lord! 

I make the choice to think according to the Word of God and base my thinking on what God says not how I feel, desire, wish for, or prefer.  I choose to adjust my life to fit what He says rather than try to adjust His word to fit my life.  I choose even when I cannot see in the natural and it seems the promise is delayed or will not come. I choose to believe in and trust God.

I choose to stand against the powers of darkness, not in my strength but on the basis of the shed blood of Jesus and His Covenant revealed in His word.  I choose to roll myself onto God and trust Him in all things and at all times. 

I choose to allow God’s word to adjust my thought processes bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  I confess that I have had a lot of practice in wrong thinking and now invite the Holy Spirit to reprogram my thought life.  I ask that He convict me every time I drift toward the old thought patterns and bring me into conformity with the Word and thereby transform my life.

That is my declaration today!  What is yours?   

May God be with you as you go through your day!


The question at this time of year in an election cycle is, “What Kind of Government Do You Want?”  Maybe a secondary question is, “What Kind of Government Are You Willing to Tolerate?”  The latter question might be more germane to the current political scene.  Why would I say that?  Because of our more recent history of apathy, animus toward a personality, and willing blindness to the destruction being done.  If that holds true, then we are in for at least two more years of abysmal economics and assault on our liberties. 

I believe that one of the major goals in every American election should be the defeat of Big Government Socialism.  However, many polls indicate that the thirty-five and under crowd largely support socialism of some form.  I believe that is because they do not have the experience or the understanding of what those entails.  Sadly, they are not likely to gain either between now and November 8, 2022.

Focusing on individual candidates will not achieve that objective.  We may defeat Joe Biden or whomever the Democrats offer in 2024.  We may defeat some of the main Democratic players and that will not do the trick.  We must have a workable, definable, and obtainable plan to ensure that Big Government Socialism cannot survive in America. 

That means we must develop the party platform to mandate that objective.  The Democrats will advance their brand of Socialism and their anti-capitalism agenda.  They will harp on their perceived horrors of not being able to kill babies in the womb, at will.  They will insist that man is destroying the planet and we must end all use of fossil fuels, turn to green energy, and inflict carbon taxes on businesses and the public.  They will insist value of grooming our children into transgenderism, homosexuality, and gender confusion.  Then they will offer their plans to tax us into oblivion and strip us of our inalienable rights. 

That should be enough to send every voter scurrying to vote the Leftists out, but unfortunately, millions agree with that ideological position.  We have a greater racial divide today than we have had in decades.  We have more toxic liberal activism today than ever in my lifetime.  We have more politicians concerned about their position, power, and purse than ever.  We have the establishment on both sides of the aisle hesitant to trim spending and reduce the size of the bloated entity called the federal government. 

It is way past time for modest reforms and token attempts to reduce spending, reduce the deficit, and loosen the grip of the federal bureaucracy on our lives.  It is time to radically transform the current government, restoring it to what the founder’s original intent was.  It was to be a limited government with specified powers and we the people were to be the true overseers and owners of the government.  They are supposed to govern by the consent of the people. 

Today, they do not care about the consent of the people and believe that there are no inalienable rights, only those deemed applicable and acceptable by the ruling class of elitist politicians.  It is time for that to end!  It is time to get out the vote and get out and vote!  In just days we will be going to the polls and casting our ballots for candidates who supposedly will do our bidding in Washington. 

Unfortunately, if history repeats itself many of those vocal and promising fresh faces will become part of the system shortly after being sworn in.  It may be money.  It may be coercion.  It may be the taste of power.  It may be grandiose views of their own political value.  It may be the influence of dark forces that seem to operate freely in DC.  Whatever it is, too many caves and go along to get along and we are left longing for that limited government we were promised.

The Founders feared an overly powerful Centralized Federal Government and what we have today would make them turn over in their graves.  We could turn back the clock and study the actions of both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan in their drive to defeat Big Government Socialism.  Sadly, we have become a reactionary self-absorbed entitled society.  A people more interested in “what’s in it for me” than “what is best for the republic and posterity?”

If we have any hope of reversing the decades-long development of centralized power in Washington, we have to have a plan, and a strategy and articulate it as did both Thatcher and Reagan.  Thatcher condemned socialism as theft that was both unsustainable and immoral.  I agree with that assessment.  Eventually, you run out of other people’s money to pay the fare for free everything.  There are no free lunches, somebody pays for them.

Socialism has failed in every country that it has been attempted.  It is one of those ideas that may look workable on paper and even desirable until it is implemented and soon it wrecks the economy and destroys initiative.  In one of Thatcher’s speeches, she pulled out Friedrich Hayek’s 580-page ‘The Constitution and Liberty’ and slammed it on the podium declaring, “This is what we believe!” 

If we have any hope of salvaging the Republic known as the United States of America, we must develop a plan and articulate it everywhere.  We cannot be vague, and elected politicians must demonstrate a commitment to that vision.  Lip service is insufficient and will guarantee a rejection in the next election cycle. 

I am convinced that most Americans, at least those who work, pay taxes, and have to pay their own way are feeling the pinch.  I am convinced that most of those know that we had it far better before Biden.  They know that Biden’s plan is the Obama plan on steroids and is a train wreck.  Sadly, with Obama, it became an emotional issue based on race rather than actual policy and what was happening.  With Biden, those of us who oppose his agenda and that of his party are deemed, domestic terrorists, misogynists, xenophobes, racists, deplorables, haters, and semi-fascists. 

What do we need to do to salvage America, defeat Big Government Socialism and return to being the Republic our Founders established?  There are numerous things, and I cannot list them all, but some highlights would include:

  • We must control spending, bring down the cost of living and balance the budget.  That will never happen if we stay with baseline budgeting rather than going to a zero-based budgeting process.
  • We must restore our energy independence.  We can and should develop alternative energy, but we should not destroy our economy and lives by forcing the transition. 
  • We must secure the border.  A nation that does not have a secure border is not a nation and faces incredible national security threats daily.
  • We must enforce the law and keep violent criminals in jail and back law enforcement while making any necessary adjustments in policies or personnel.
  • We must focus on restoring the family and parental control of the lives of their children.
  • We must restore education to teaching real history not a revised, sanitized, or politicized brand.  The truth is the truth, and it will free us to move forward.

I plead with every legal American voter to examine the facts and stop allowing your bias to dictate your vote.  I urge everyone to reject the fallacious promises of the socialists and those who want to make America something other than what it was founded to be.  I urge everyone to carefully study the party platforms and then vet the candidates and be prepared to hold their feet to the fire.  We must reassume responsibility and become determined to hold ALL politicians accountable.

Lastly, we need to return to God and restore His rightful place in our society and seek to strengthen the family unit where there is a father and a mother in the home.  We did not get where we are overnight, and we will not dig our way out of this state of depravity and declension overnight.  We have a colossal task in front of us and I pray that as those patriots in 1776, we will rekindle the flame of freedom in America!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am sobersidedly serious about the dangers one living in a Free Constitutional Republic can face becoming a political prisoner.  One would expect that in Russia, China, Cuba, or many of the other despotic tyrannical totalitarian governments of the world, but America?  How can this be?  Why would we tolerate it for one nano-second?  Why would Congress allow this type of action to transpire? 

Just in case there is someone who has not been apprised of one of the many illegal and unethical actions of the man occupying the White House called the President is urging the FBI to find crimes committed by his political opponents.  What?  That is not America! Well, it is not what the Constitutional allows, but unless and until someone steps up to the plate in Congress, the Courts, or there is a unified action by we the people, this will only get worse.

Information has surfaced via several current and former FBI agents to expose this dilemma.  They revealed it to the Washington Times.  Joe Biden has been and is urging the FBI to target MAGA Republicans and label them domestic terrorists and he characterizes all in that category as semi-fascists.  His very actions are a prime example of fascism at work.  It is equivalent to the actions of Hitler in Nazi Germany and a myriad of other despots in history. 

The sanctimonious plea that he is somehow fighting for the soul of America is being exposed as beyond hypocritical it is diabolical and destructive.  They keep harping that the Republicans, Trump, and those who support him are destroying the foundations of our democracy.  (We are a Republic, not a Democracy).  This type of action is weakening our political foundations as a Free Country. 

I do not know whether to call this a shameless display of audacity or evidence of his dementia.  What I do know is that it is not only divisive and inflammatory it is deadly destructive.  If this is allowed, what is to prevent him or future presidents from issuing an executive order outlawing any dissent or disagreement?  If this is not challenged and forced to end, we are doomed as the Free Constitutional Republic of our founding. 

Scandals and targeting political opponents are not new, but this is so far beyond the scope of anything previously experienced in the past that it is frightening.  This is the first time, to my knowledge, that a sitting president has used governmental agencies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, DOD, IRS, Homeland, etc.) to actively target and harass political opponents and their supporters.  Have we truly plunged into the abyss of corruption and totalitarianism to the level that this is allowable? 

The FBI is charged with investigating crimes not going on fishing expeditions to find a crime and prosecute it.  That is so filled with dangers one could easily see how this could morph into the creation of crimes to accuse someone of committing.  It could become fraught with the dangers seen in communist and totalitarian nations where crimes are fabricated and incarcerations or executions the result.  Is that where we are?  That should frighten even those on the Left, for in totalitarian governments even those on the same side become targets if deemed a threat to the totalitarian’s power.

Not to stir the pot too much, but there has been at least one FBI whistleblower who has come forth with allegations that the FBI schemed to distort the January 6th situation into a nationwide ‘domestic violent extremism’ epidemic.  If that is true, we are nearer the precipice of destruction than I have been willing to believe. 

This individual alleged that the FBI failed to follow standard investigative practices for the January 6th cases.  The accusation was that they sought to make it appear that this was a nationwide epidemic of terrorism by those supporting Donald Trump.  The allegation alleges that the misrepresentation of data and the artificial categorization scheme allowed the FBI hierarchy to claim there was a significant increase in domestic violent extremism.  Of course, all the DVE (domestic violent extremism) is purportedly coming from MAGA Republicans while ignoring the rioting and criminality of the Leftist since and before the 2020 elections.

This individual made a shocking allegation.  He said that the FBI hierarchy inappropriately and unnecessarily prioritized the January 6th cases.  He alleged that they were told, “child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”  His allegations come on the heels of two other whistleblowers making similar accusations.

Are we living in a time when the political powers are overtly using the full force and power of federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies to silence all dissension?  We know that whistleblowers have informed members of Congress that “the Hunter Biden laptop was off-limits.”  We watched the nefarious protectionism in the 2016 elections as the FBI protected Hillary Clinton and her camp even in the face of glaring criminality, perjury, and obstruction of justice.  We no longer have a true federal law enforcement arm; we have a political weapon for the Left. 

I am stunned that polls would indicate that the majority of voters realize that Joe Biden and his party are dividing the country yet seem willing to vote for them again.  Are we so blinded by our political bias that we are unable or unwilling to see the truth and see the handwriting on the wall?  The age-old definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing expecting a different result.”  Are we so devoted to our political bias and so unwilling to admit error that we are willing to participate in our own destruction?

If 58.7 percent of the voters see this that should be a sign of our return to sanity.  However, that same poll indicated that 43.6 percent of the Democrats believe Biden has unified the country.  What country are they talking about, it cannot be the United States.  In that poll, 92.8 percent and 64.1 percent of Republicans and Independents respectively believe he is dividing dangerously.

It is incumbent on all freedom-loving and thinking people to pay attention and become involved in the process of government.  If we the people are the true owners of government, as the founders suggested, then our failure to give oversight and hold others accountable is to participate in the destruction.  We have lost all reason in this modern age and are allowing extremists activists groups to push their agendas with the backing of the power of the federal government to our hurt.  We have allowed the government to steal the rightful authority and responsibility of our children from the parents and place it in the hands of governmental appointees. 

We have abandoned true science, the Bible, and reason? Our religious freedoms are in the crosshairs of destruction.  It is becoming unsafe to use any language that is not PC-approved.  It is unsafe to stand for your religious and moral convictions.  It is unsafe to voice dissent toward the Leftists in power.  They use various agencies and social media to attack you personally, socially, politically, and economically.  What will it take for them to attack us physically?  Wait, in some incidences that are happening.

America, I ask, “Are We Willing to Allow Political Dissent to Be Made A Crime?”  Right now, that is dissent toward the toxicity of the liberal leftist agenda.  But, if this is allowed to stand, it could become a normal tactic of those in power.  That would be our end, or is it already our end?  We MUST not let this type of antics stand.  We MUST unite and reclaim our Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!


I frequently have people tell me that I am overreacting to what is happening, that politics is cyclical and that although it is bad right now, the pendulum will swing back the other way soon.  I wish I could embrace that Ostrich in the sand mentality, but I see so many things in today’s America that cause me to reject that philosophy. 

When evidence surfaces that the corruption in the Deep State and the Governmental Swamp has reached the level that even the FBI attempts to use bribery to take down a political opponent of the Left, I cringe!  In the testimony of FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian Auten, we discovered that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could produce evidence to support the ludicrous allegations of his ‘dossier’ on Donald Trump.  Have they engaged in that type of activity regarding anyone on the Left? 

When we consider the facts, observe the actions, and listen to the rhetoric of the Biden administration we realize, or should, that they are at war with the Constitutionally Free America our Founders established.  I refer back to Executive Order 14067.  Buried inside that overlooked and non-publicized Order is the provision to allow Biden and his team of destroyers to gain some alarming control.

This Order, if allowed to stand, will give the federal government unlimited control over our money and our freedom.  That should send shock waves up and down the spine of every American who has worked for a living and has sought to provide a nest egg for retirement.  It opens the door for them to have legal surveillance of ALL U.S. citizens!  They would gain total control over our bank accounts and purchases.  They would have the tools and authority to silence ALL dissenting voices permanently.  If that does not evidence that the idea of cyclical politics is a dinosaur, what is?

When the corruption and blatant disregard for the Constitution and the Rule of Law are exposed as in the acknowledgment and defense by David Preiss, former CIA Officer in signing the Hunter Biden Laptop Letter we are in trouble.  He reveals what he and the Left think of us.  They think we are merely pawns and stupid.  This man has written two books entitled, “How To Get Rid of a President” and “The President’s Book of Secrets.”  He reveals his political ideology and the danger now resident in the intelligence and law enforcement arms of the federal government.  Cyclical Politics?  I believe that ship has sailed.

When we consider the danger of unending ‘Emergency Powers’ we realize that we have afforded the President and his administration the tool whereby they can advance their desired objective of Authoritarianism and even possibly the suspension of elections. They have not achieved the last goal but are well on their way.  This administration has informed The Daily Caller that their plan was to renew the state of emergency again before it expired on October 13, 2022.  Does that sound like they have something sinister in mind for this upcoming election cycle?

We will, in my view, observe the deviousness in the upcoming elections, many of which will be hotly contested.  By operating in a State of Emergency, we could witness the sudden disappearance of millions of mail-in ballots and the sudden discovery of millions of ballots.  We will again witness the courts refusing to become involved and ignoring affidavits and hard evidence.  We will watch the Emergency Powers provision dramatically affect the election. 

How many more manufactured emergencies will we face before they deem it necessary to suspend the elections?  How many more political opponents will be jailed, harassed, and harangued before this blows up?  How many more attempts to silence all dissent before those on the Right become fed-up and push back as hard as they are being pushed?  If that happens it will provide the desired conditions for the Left to move in with Executive Orders and mandates that could lead to martial law and the total lockdown of America. 

We have watched, throughout the presidency of Joe Biden, the media’s attempt to dismiss, downplay, and soften the outlandish lies and fabrications of Joe Biden.  The man, it seems, would not know the truth if it bit him in the behind.  This is not new to Biden; it has been his pattern from his early days in Washington.  The man appears to be a pathological liar and spins yarns that defy reason.  Yet, the media covers for him and disses anyone who questions the veracity of his mythical tales.

I would not attempt to catalog the litany of his lies and incredible fairy tales about his life and accomplishments.  Some of his most outlandish include his lie about being raised in the Puerto Rican community, his academic record, being arrested when protesting civil rights, being arrested in South Africa, pinning a Silver Star on a Navy captain, and his traveling on Amtrak to visit his sick mother.  He is sick and clearly suffering from a diminished mental capacity, but he has always told these kinds of tales. 

One of the attempts of the media to cover for him was to insist that Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore and that exaggerations are only tools to make his claims more powerful to the audience.  What?  His exaggerations and veering into folklore (lies and tall tales) are okay because he is trying to impact his audience.   Seriously?  He even claimed to have been appointed to the Naval Academy.  His stories grow more preposterous with each telling, and yet it is ignored.  A person living in a fantasy world is sitting in the Oval Office and issuing Executive Orders, how can that be safe for Constitutional America?

I will resist the temptation to delve into the Hunter Biden cover-up and the intellectually dishonest push for an immediate transition into Green Energy to save the planet.  I will resist giving the mountains of factual data that debunks the claim that guns are the problem causing violence in America.  I will resist but with this caveat, the lies and misinformation are blinding the public to the real problem.  People, mindsets, ideology, mental illness, and evil in the human heart are the real problem, not the inanimate object used to perpetrate crimes and violence.

The claim that guns are used in 74% of homicides is fallacious.  The report by the FBI was that guns are used in violent crimes that are then claimed to be homicides.  However, the FBI includes many things in their definition of violent crimes and homicides equate to 1% of those crimes.  If you dig deep enough, you find that the FBI acknowledges that 78% of total violent crimes are committed without using a gun. 

The federal government, our federal intelligence, and law enforcement agencies are part of the distortion and misinformation.  All this combined causes me to realize that we are in a War for Freedom in America, and we have evolved politically well past any cyclical shifts in the political power and swings of the pendulum.  We must return to our founding, our moral moorings, and God.  If we fail to unite and restore constitutionalism to America, we will watch her succumb to the Authoritarian Despotism of the Left and Freedom will go the way of the dinosaur and the Dodo bird.

God bless you and God Bless America!


The so-called elitist ruling class of politicians has contempt and disdain for the rule of law.  They have no fear of being held accountable and having to pay for their abridgments of the constitution and violations of the law.  They have contempt for those of us who are subjected to the law, work for a living, and do not have access to insider information.  We are only valuable as votes and that has morphed into a condition where, if they cannot get our vote, they will manufacture their own.

If I allowed myself to plunge into the depths in which they dwell, their contempt for the law and the constitution would cause me to lose my grip on civility.  I would go berserk if I did not have a firm grip on reality and my rock-solid confidence in God.  Watching them react to potential damning discoveries of their transgressions is more than I can tolerate.  I find that I am best served, reading excerpts or transcripts rather than watching them.  Their clear contempt for us is deeply disheartening. When I see them on camera curling their lips with a supercilious smirk, making snide remarks, and sneering I want to regurgitate.  It is sickening.

The Durham report revealed numerous scandalous items that should have resulted in indictments or should have discredited them to the point they would scurry like rats into the darkness.  Rather, they scoffed at the report and reacted with a ‘yawn’ knowing that nothing would come of it and they, once again, would be free from legal scrutiny.  The media would cover for them with the necessary spin, the FBI would cover their tracks, and the establishment politicians would protect them.  They are, in that sense, above the law.  Not that they should be, but reality is reality. 

The liberal elitists and RHINOs in Washington will do everything in their power to protect the members of their political fraternity. They will unleash the full brunt of the federal government on anyone, not of their ilk, and will overreach and manufacture to prosecute anyone daring to challenge them.  That includes you and me.  That is one of the reasons for the 87,000-armed Internal Revenue Service Agents that are being employed. 

The Durham report, again, debunked the Democrat claim of Russian Collusion in the 2016 election.  The report should result in a public outcry demanding an ouster of all the corrupt politicians regardless of party, but it will not.  We have watched, dating back to the Clinton presidency the transitioning of federal bureaus of intelligence and law enforcement into political tools.  They once had a purpose and for a time served it well, but that ship has left the dock and the proverbial fat lady is lifting her voice informing everyone that the game is over.  They will not be held accountable. 

Unfortunately, this report, like those preceding, except when it is someone not a member of the elitist fraternity, will relegate the crimes or nefarious actions to the lesser charge of abuse of power.  It will be argued that these are disturbing actions but not prosecutable crimes.  I believe that, in itself, is a coverup and attempt to protect the power brokers in the political ruling class.  That is a tragedy and reveals just how far up the proverbial creek or into the abyss America has drifted.  We the people have no voice and no standing in their minds. 

The Leftists were the most vocal and adamant that there had been ‘election interference’ and the election was stolen from Hillary, but when 2020 arrived and there were charges, claims, evidence, and concern it was – “You are just sore losers, so shut up.”  In our present America and the dangers of election fraud makes it unlikely that we can ever trust any election again.  It has become a covert and at times overt war in the trenches.  Those who have control, tend to win and the threat of the strong arm of the government is enough to silence most.

The names, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, James Comey, and a myriad of others should be forced to give ‘under oath testimony’ at trial, but they will not.  This will be another of those picking the low-hanging fruit and hope that satisfies the voters who tend to have short memories in elections.  The mountain of evidence that not only alleges crimes but verifies them should be enough, but again it will be business as usual, and we will be tossed a bone to appease us.

The reality is that the only formal accusation that we will see is that of Igor Danchenko who will be tried for perjury.  He was the source man for Hillary’s team, he was the primary source for the infamous ‘Steele dossier,’ and was a confidential informant for the FBI.  Not informing on Hillary but for Hillary and against Trump.  He was hired by the FBI in 2017 even after peddling scurrilous ludicrous claims.

I suppose that we should be more concerned about what is legal in Washington and for the elitists in government than what is illegal.  It seems that those who have control make the rules and write the laws exempting themselves.  We know that from 2009-2011, Danchenko was under FBI investigation. That’s right, under investigation and yet they continually used him as a source.  He attempted to bribe people to provide classified information for money.  Yet, they continued to use him.  Does anybody smell a rat?

If the trial is allowed to play out it will reveal that Danchenko did not get his information from overseas operatives but in bars in DC.  We know that the Durham team interviewed the man listed as Source E in the Steele dossier.  He was the general manager of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow.  The man, Bemd Kuhlen, is a German citizen who does not even speak Russian.  Kuhlen insists he never even spoke to Danchenko.  If that is true, where did Danchenko get his juicy tidbits of dirt?  He got it from a Hillary Clinton supporter and operative.  But that will never see the light of day in a public hearing.

When we watch the Biden administration assault the Rule of Law, we should realize that they have no fear of the Law or even the public.  Biden’s illegal cancellation of student loan debt and this EPA rule that was struck down by the Supreme Court are examples of government gone rogue.  It is the seizing of power that is designated as solely belonging to another branch of government – Congress.

I do not care what you think about the January 6th incident, the unconstitutional treatment of the defendants is another example of the abuse of power.  Those defendants, in violation of the constitution, have been deprived of their rights, subjected to harsh punishment, and railroaded by politically motivated prosecutors, judges, and juries.  They are being used as pawns for political purposes rather than following the Rule of Law.  If we prosecuted all offenders equally, we would be well served. We do not and will not. 

We are witnessing the FBI go rogue at the behest of this administration and target the Left’s political enemies.  If there were any semblance of the equal pursuit of those on the Left, I would not be so incensed and concerned, but there is not, and I am deeply disturbed.

America, this election in November, which will likely have numerous bombshell activities and attempts to sway the public, will determine our fate.  If we leave those now in control, in control we can write Ichabod over the door.  We are in a war and the root of it is not political but spiritual and moral.  We are fighting for the soul of America but not as Joe Biden claimed or any of the politicians believe.  We are fighting but to win it will take a move of God on the human heart.  Unless the heart of man is changed the motives and actions will only change names with elections but not affect what transpires.

God bless you and God bless America!


I am sure that my title will send some scurrying to the exits because it would seem that I intend to bring something biblical and Christian into my post.  I do, so if you must exit then you must exit.  However, I hope that, with God’s help and some research, I will be able to expose a danger to our Republic that will inspire you to become engaged in the Fight for Freedom!  I hope!

I do not know how anyone who has not assumed room temperature could fail to see what is going on and realize that the time we are now living in is an evil hour.  We are not simply dealing with differing political ideologies we are dealing with evil.  I have been saying for some time that this is no longer simply a political struggle, but a spiritual battle, and Joe Biden was right and wrong in his statement about America’s soul.  He is right that there is a battle for our national soul.  He is wrong that he and his ideologues are the ones fighting to preserve, protect, and restore it.

The latest series of speeches by this occupant of the White House, the raids by the FBI, and the intensified push to force us into compliance scream of danger.  Even those who view themselves as faithful Democrats should be concerned about the overreaching actions and the vitriolic language being used.  Everyone should be concerned about the double standard, targeting anyone on the right and exempting those on the left.  The lack of transparency when transparency would bolster the claim of wrongdoing if it existed is a sign of our move toward a pagan mindset and making power our god.

When those in power use language and rhetoric that divides the Republic and incites violence, we see unambiguous evidence of evil lurking everywhere.  When the president, can, with intense anger toward those who disagree with him and his party, speak of his opposition as being ‘enemies of the state’ evil is alive and well.  We have reached a pivotal place where we either demand a toning down of the vicious hate or we will find ourselves with more than a few skirmishes within our borders. 

Many things cause me to believe that we have evolved politically into a condition where, as the despots from history, use the government’s power to squash and obliterate their opposition.  The evils of history scream warning and signal danger, yet it continues and escalates.  Many questions arise that are unanswered.  Why not protect the southern border?  Why would this administration signal our avowed enemies that we will make little to no attempt to protect our borders?  Why would actions be taken that suggest we are no longer a sovereign nation?

We have a troubling situation in the FBI raid, which largely ignored the 4th and 5th amendments in raiding Donald Trump’s private residence.  Why ignore all known precedents, laws, traditions, and the Constitution as well as leave common sense at the door? 

Why would those who embrace the ideological position of the Leftists and Globalists stand and cheer when the Blue States pass laws making it legal to kill the unborn?  Sacrificing children was a part of the pagan world of Molech or Baal.  They did so to gain favor with the gods in ancient history and today we abort for convenience.  A child in the pagan world was not safe either in the womb or after being born.  On this and many other fronts, we are inching nearer the abyss into a darkness that is irrecoverable. 

This administration has willingly and even gleefully embraced the Greenie World and purposefully cut off the supply of energy to the American people. Why?  On the other hand, the Republicans who purportedly support the Constitution have often been milquetoast cowards and nowhere to be found on the battlefields. 

I must ask, and this may irritate some, what would have been the reaction if Donald Trump had done what Joe Biden did?  What if he had called all the leftists ‘enemies of the state’ and the ‘greatest threat to our democracy?’  He would have incurred the ire of millions on all sides of the aisle.  Yet, we have Joe Biden issuing his superfluous diatribe laced with alarming vitriol and crickets from all sides.  Evil is gaining control and we are being transformed into paganism.

We have opened so many doors for evil to fill what used to be filled with an awareness of God, His providence, morality, and respect for others and the constitution.  We continue to tolerate that which will destroy us and because we have adopted the view that to be Christian, we must tolerate everything, and to not be a racist, homophobe, bigot, misogynist, or xenophobe we have to accept everything.  Some have even attempted to insist that All Faiths lead to God and Heaven.  Just be sincere in what you believe, and you will be okay. 

God commands us to Love one another, not to embrace the practices of those who promote evil and engage in abdominal behavior.  One of the things that pagan culture and the demonic principalities desired in their pursuit of transforming a culture was the children.  If they could not sufficiently influence the present generation, they sought the next one and as despots through history believed, if you can manipulate the minds of the young you can control society.  We are living in an evil world!

One area that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back is ‘Gender Ideology.’  We are on a pathway to moral destruction, and I see nothing short of a miracle of God to stop it.  Once, the groomers, globalists, and nefarious transformationists achieve their objective of erasing the lines of gender, we will be lost.  When we groom, condition, and manipulate the malleable minds of children we will see adults, in control, who have no consciousness of reality.  Our world will be so paganized that reality will be whatever the individual desires it to be, and that poses dangers beyond what I care to visualize.

On Dr. Phil’s television show, Matt Walsh asked the “trans” guest a simple but probing question.  He asked, “What is a woman?”  A legitimate and valid question that should be easy to answer and a question that needs to be asked.  He could not answer the question.  When a ‘trans-woman’ insists that he is a woman, he does not mean that he feels like a woman but that he is a woman.  It is not merely that he wants to be a woman, but he believes he is a woman.  Yet, he cannot define what a woman is.

God created us male and female and did not make a mistake.  Genetically males and females have different chromosomes and therefore a male cannot become a female and a female cannot become a male.  You may surgically and hormonally alter the appearance, but you have not changed the DNA. 

In Pagan mythology, the view is held things like maleness and femaleness are based on personal preference not biologically established genetics.  When we allow the distortion of biological, scientific, and biblical lines regarding gender and everything else, we adopt a pagan view of life.  When we push God and moral standards out of our government and society, we open the door for all the other pagan ideologies to prevail.  We doom ourselves.  Thus, I insist that the battle we are fighting in America is not simply a political one, but a spiritual, moral, and reasoned battle.  We are fighting for the ‘soul of America.’

I have not sufficiently stated what is in my heart and mind, but due to space and time, I will end this critique of where we are and why I believe we are being paganized in America.  We were a Christian nation, and in many respects still are, but we are moving farther and farther away from our founding biblical principles.  If we reject God’s providential and moral influence on our nation, we will perish, and it will be a dangerous place in which to live.

God bless you and God bless America!


We live in such a toxic world politically that the Diversity Chief of the Department of Defense is allowed to write scathing hate articles and say that she is “Exhausted with White People.”  Diversity?  Maybe that is the redefined practice of what most of us thought diversity was supposed to mean.  But, alas, we are living in the Unicorn World of la la land in 2022 and only the chosen definitions and ideologies of the toxic liberals are acceptable. 

The incessant, inane, and insane rhetoric about the imminent danger of Climate Change, Global Warming, or Climate Disruption and the demand that we immediately give up our guns, trash our combustion-powered fossil fuel-driven vehicles, and Go Green keeps meeting reality.  God, the Creator of All Things, will not be forced into a box.  Recently, I read a report that asked the question, “Where have all the tropical storms gone?”  It was referring to the strange absence of the normal amount of such storms.

Well, of course, it must be Climate Change, right?  Wait, that will not fit the narrative of the increasing horrific killer storms being produced because evil man is using fossil fuels.  In May the NOAA predicted an above-average number of tropical storms and hurricanes.  In their words, “the ongoing La Nina, above-average Atlantic temperatures set the stage for a very busy storm season.” 

The prediction was that we would see 14 to 21 named storms (with winds 39 miles per hour or higher).  They projected that we would see 6 to 10 hurricanes (winds of 74 miles per hour or higher), and 3 to 6 major hurricanes (category 3, 4, or 5 with winds of 111 miles per hour or higher.)  Remember the hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year.  Instead of the above-average number of storms we have had a very quiet storm season.  That is not to say we have had none, but less than normal.

Please understand, that I do not want to see storms and damage, but it is ridiculous to insist that we can predict the weather or near-term climate and that is even more difficult for long-term weather trends.  The cyclical nature of our climate continues to defy the so-called scientific certainty that what we have is due to Climate Change and will only increase year by year. 

However, that is not really what I want to address in this topic of Redefining Reality.  I have, for a very long time, been convinced that America is drifting into a moral abyss that leads to destruction.  I know, I know, I am putting on my preacher hat in the minds of some, but what I see is what I see. 

I believe there are answers to the issues that we are facing politically, economically, socially, morally, and even spiritually in America.  I do not, and this will disturb some, believe that we can fix the problem politically.  By that, I do not mean that we should not seek to restore order and limit government through the electoral process.  We most assuredly should.  However, draining the swamp and dismantling the deep state is not electorally possible, in my view.  You may adamantly disagree.

I have been thinking along this line for some time, and recently Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn authored a fascinating book addressing some of the issues I will mention in brief.  If I gave you his outline and it would express succinctly what I have been musing on for a long time and do so much more concisely.  But I will not, and suggest that getting his book, “The Return of the Gods.”  The gods of which he writes are with a small ‘g.’

Long before, I saw the rabbi’s book, I contemplated the decline of numerous institutions in America.  I grew up in an era when if a girl got pregnant, she and the man who impregnated her were expected to get married.  I grew up in an era when nudity on television and in public was not acceptable.  I grew up in an era when prayers were offered at the beginning of each school day along with the pledge of allegiance.  I grew up in an era when the Bible was not a foreign object for schools and when the ten commandments were not tossed aside in the public square.  I grew up in a time when the news was not totally invested in promoting a particular political ideology and functioning as a political propagandist. 

What happened?  In my childhood and teen years, even in my early adult life, marriage was considered honorable and two-parent families were the norm, not the exception.  Divorce was frowned upon, and discipline was still administered in the home and even in public school.  I had an audience with the board of education applied to my fundament more than once during my scholastic journey through public school.  Sometimes, I am not sure who was teaching whom, but I graduated.

Rabbi Cahn specifically cites the removing organized prayer from the public schools as the crack in the door for America’s drift away from God and drift toward paganism and influence by the dark principalities and powers.  I believe he is right.  Over four decades ago, I preached and taught that America was loosening her moral moorings and devaluing God’s influence and that was being evidenced in allowing governmental actions affecting our ability to fully exercise our religious freedoms.  I did not specifically cite prayer, but it was in the broad stroke of my brush.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s spoke of our shift from the moral principles of the Bible to a physical gratification mode.  It, to me, suggested that we were redefining our biblical views and even in the 1970s and 80s were seeing a clamor for ‘tolerance and acceptance’ and drifting from moral absolutes.  I watched as church adherents adopted philosophies that demanded more openness to ‘new ideas’ religiously.  That was, in my world, a response to the overt legalism of many within the denomination or movement I was a part of.

We began slowly to see and hear things on television, on the movie screen, in print, and in public that, at one time shocked us, and now we are bothered by them.  We have become anesthetized (numbed) to the use of profanity, nudity, perversion, and overtly using sex to sell products and promote ideas.  We shifted to a world where the perfected physique was sought at all costs.  The new ideal was that we had to be Mr. Atlas or Miss Universe to be acceptable and we shifted from worshipping God as the creation and celebrating our uniqueness to seeking to alter God’s creation.

That has led us to perversion, gender blending, openness to transhumanism, the deification of the physical, and a glorification of the sensual.  There was a term back a few years ago, “If it feels good do it.”  That idea permeated much of our society, and we have accepted and exposed our children to things that distort their view of God, life, marriage, and morality.  We opened the door and are paying an extremely high price for our laxity. 

Years ago, I preached from a verse that Rabbi Cahn used as his catalyst and did not carry it to the extent he did.  I made it personal, and he made it national.  The Scripture was Matthew 12:45 as Jesus used the parable or story about the spirit being cast out and wandering about finding no rest.  That spirit went back to the house and found it swept and in order and went and found seven spirits more wicked than itself and brought them to the person and his state was worse than before. 

My point was if you come to Christ and then drift from him and a principle in physics and life is that if something is filled with one thing it is emptied of another.  If you fill a room with light it is emptied of the dark.  If you fill a glass with water, you empty it of air.  In your hearts, if we fill ourselves full of God then the influence of the devil diminishes.  However, if you stop praying, stop meditating on God’s Word, and stop worshipping God, the very nature of man is to fill that void with something.  What happens is we become more susceptible to the influence of the devil, principalities, and powers.  If we seek God and turn to Him, we are enabled to resist the devil and the devil will flee because he is no match for God.

In America, I believe we have been emptying ourselves and our society of God, the Bible, the Gospel, and His influence, and when that transpired the diabolical found fertile ground and has crept in.  Now, it is not slowly eroding our culture it is traveling at the speed of light and destroying everywhere.  That is why I believe we cannot fix this politically, but it must be addressed spiritually. 

I am praying for an outpouring of God and that every parent will seek to teach and train their children in biblical precepts and principles and turn to God with a whole heart and become epistles known and read.  I pray for churches to once again, if they are not, preach the clear precepts of the Bible and warn of the dangers of drifting from God’s Word.  Come out from among them and be separate is not to isolate but to be distinctly different in this world.  Present reality to the redefined world we are being forced to accept.

God bless you and God bless America!


That title makes room for an article akin to what I heard a pastor declare years ago.  He took his text from an abbreviated quote from Romans 3:2 – “Much every way…”  He said that is what my message today will be, “Much every way” and it was. 

Let me return to focusing on the open door in America and the disaster that I foresee.  I have had an inkling in my mind and heart that shortages either natural or manufactured are looming on the horizon.  I believe that some nefarious players on the stage of politics in 2022-2023 want chaos to be the norm.  Paranoia and fear are often political assets to sway elections in a particular direction.  Painting reality with the brush of perception they are twisting the truth, distorting factual data, and causing angst in the hearts of the susceptible. 

With the draconian actions, we have endured due to COVID-19, we have watched many small businesses go belly up and throw in the towel.  Lifetime dreams and decades of labor became refuse (trash) in the wake of governmental actions that have yet to be justified with any empirical data to support them.  We have watched lockdowns and lockouts that have done great damage if not crippled many aspects of our economy, educational system, healthcare system, and employment.  The ease with which it transpired still confounds me.

There are many questions about the virus and our response that remain unanswered.  Recently over 400 medical doctors united to declare a crisis over COVID vaccines and recommended they cease immediately.  They said, “We declare that there is an international medical crisis due to the diseases and death co-related to the administration of products known as COVID-19 vaccines.”  Research from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University found vaccines could be up to ninety-eight times as dangerous for children compared to COVID-19.  They said that negative reactions to the vaccines have been alarmingly higher than any other vaccine and that is worldwide. 

We have observed the lack of supply due to energy prices, government regulations, and greed.  Yes, there is enough blame to be spread widely and should be spread.  I use the word spread not as in butter on toast but the stuff in the barnyard.  The stench is telling and yet, it continues and some in Washington have suggested that the pain we are feeling is a good result.  They are salivating over the prospects of forcing Americans to transition to Green Energy and away from oil and gas.

I like alternative energy when it is practical and affordable.  However, I do not like it when compliance is coerced, cost-prohibitive, and not yet sustainable.  That makes as much sense as playing with a venomous snake.  Just because the month is December does not mean the stream is frozen or frozen enough to cross.  Usually, allowing things to take their natural course is the most prudent pathway.  Research, development, and demand will dictate when or if we make their desired transition.  Global Warming or Climate Change is not settled science and destroying lives and believing you are saving the planet is not wise nor moral.

I read a report from May of this year, where the World Food Program chief David Beasley sounded the alarm that there will be catastrophic global food shortages in 2023.  I have suggested that on numerous occasions, not from a scientific position but a spiritual one.  Some will discount that and chant, ‘religious nut.’  Go ahead, but Mr. Beasley’s affirmation of what some of us have been suggesting should get your attention.

He cited fertilizer shortages due to the Russia-Ukraine war.  He said, “It is going to be a crisis beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.”  That sounds ominous.  We have already experienced numerous shortages in America, most of the caused by the ludicrous policies of this administration.  However, if we have a global food shortage, it will impact not only food but every aspect of life.  The chaos produced will result in marauding hordes roaming neighborhoods, stealing, looting, maiming, and even killing.  It could easily translate to cannibalism.  I know, that is over the top, right?  Not if you study famines in history.

When you cause people to fear not having anything to eat, you create a state of unrest, that will translate into the reality that no one and no home will be safe.  If the push to disarm law-abiding citizens continues and is implemented, even partially, millions will be left utterly defenseless.  There will not be enough police to stem the tide and in many areas, there will be no response from the police due to political policies.  That opens the door for more government control through actions that would further restrict us and endanger us. 

Mr. Beasley suggested that before the Russia-Ukraine war there were over 175 million people in danger of facing food shortages and now that has escalated to almost 250 million and over 50 million are now hearing the knock of famine at their door. 

I saw another article that reported that the winter wheat crop in America was the smallest since 1963.  The rice harvest in California is one-half the normal crop.  The tomato harvest was over a million tons less than normal.  The corn harvest is the worst in over a decade.  There were many more and 75% of the farmers acknowledged that the drought is crippling their harvests.  Beef production is down in some areas, such as Texas by as much as 5 percent.  It is not just in the United States but a phenomenon being experienced worldwide.

What happens if we have another pandemic or an alarming resurgence of the one, we have been facing?  What will happen if those who are seeking to force compliance with the New Green Deal and the myriad of other economic, political, social, educational, medical, and spiritual mandates that they propose, WIN in November?  If you genuinely believe that abortion should be universally available for any person, for any reason, and at any time, and you believe in the ideological position of the PC World, you will find my position anathema. 

We are seeing gas prices falling at the pumps in a timely fashion leading up to the November elections.  That is amazing since this president insisted that he could do nothing about the prices and now that they are being lowered, he is taking credit.  That is nonsensical and those who believe it are engaging in non-thinking. 

With the almost psychotic devotion and determination to force the world to comply with the Green agenda, what would make anyone think that after November the prices will not skyrocket?  If those now in power retain power, you can bet the farm that we will see the $7-10 per gallon prices they giddily longed for.  They are attempting to manipulate prices because everyone, even their devotees were feeling the pinch.  Something had to be done, or they were certain to get a shellacking in the election. 

This administration and the liberal party are pushing their chips to the center of the table in an all-out attempt to buy votes, create enough fear and paranoia, and engender enough vitriolic hate that they can win.  Some will refuse to vote out of their unmovable hatred of the previous president.  Some will refuse to vote out of fear of being targeted by the government or rabid activists on the Left.  Some will refuse to vote because they are disgusted with the process.  If we do not ALL exercise our constitutional rights, we endanger the Republic. 

I believe we are in a precarious position nationally and it would not take much to light the fuse sending America into a state of civil unrest that would guarantee direct intervention by the federal government.  I would not be surprised to see another virus before November.  I would not be surprised to see gas prices well below the $3 mark, possibly the mid-$2 range.  I would not be surprised to see indictments of key Republicans.  I would not be surprised to see more payoffs of various debts, even attempts to guarantee jobs and wages.  What I am saying, is NOTHING would surprise me in the attempts of politicians to maintain or increase control. 

America, God gave us the pathway to freedom, and we have largely ignored it.  It is time that we restore our moral moorings, strengthen the nuclear family, and pay attention to what is actually happening.  We can no longer allow knee-jerk responses where emotional reactions and personality preferences determine elections.  We must make the Constitution and for me the Bible, our foundational guide.  America can be saved, but only with God’s help and our commitment to the foundational principles of our Republican System of Government. 

God bless you and God bless America!


For all of those who might not like Country Music, please be patient with me as I unwrap this thought and present it to you.  It will have nothing to do with the song and I will not play it, but a line from it expresses a reality, warning, and danger for America and our Republic.

The song was by Hank Thompson and released in 1956, back when America was much different.  It had nothing to do with politics or with America or any government.  The title was, “Blackboard of My Heart.”  The line to which I refer is, “…tears have washed I love you from the blackboard of my heart.  It’s too late to clean the slate and make another start…” 

Now, let me unwrap my thoughts and how this relates to America.  The warnings about threats to our Republic and Republican system of government began at the announcement of the Constitutional Convention that we were a Republic.  Sadly, too many have failed to heed those warnings, and, in the process, we ceded our responsibilities of oversight to professional politicians and political elitists.  We did that to our own hurt. 

For decades, we have enjoyed the prosperity and freedom to largely pursuing our lives and purposes without feeling significantly threatened by the ominous overreach of the increasingly growing central government.  Too many were living unaffected lives and felt that the small infringements on our liberties and freedoms were deemed somewhat innocuous political shenanigans but not major threats. 

A warning in the Song of Solomon 2:15 regarding the ‘little foxes’ being the ones that spoil the vine.  The vine in America’s case is our system of government and our freedoms and liberties expressed in our inalienable rights.  We considered these incursions and infringements by the federal government a nuisance but not a serious threat to our system of government and our freedom.  All who thought that are now discovering the wrongness of that attitude and the results of ‘letting politics be handled by the politicians.’

In my early years and until just a few years ago, I would never have envisioned an America that would have more Armed Bureaucrats than U.S. Marines.  James Madison famously and insightfully warned, “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” 

Do you recall that just a few years ago there was a bizarre action by the various bureaus of our American government to amass weapons and ammunition?  Many of us, beat the drum of warning and asked “WHY?”  We received evasive and ambiguous answers and discovered that we were on the government’s watch list for our questioning.  Again, “WHY?”  Why would they need the weapons and ammunition and why would our questioning that action makes us a threat?

Before I continue, I address Hank Thompson’s song and why it made me think of America’s clear and present danger.  I believe that, if there was a time, and I believe there was, that Democrats had any love for America it has been washed away.  I have talked to some resolute adherents to the Liberal Agenda who wept crocodile tears over the slowness of the transition in America.  They have no love for America as founded but desire a Socialist, Globalist, Politically Correct America. 

Their tears made me realize that, if that mentality is pervasive in the followers of the liberal, progressive mind, then, “It is too late to clean the slate and make another start.”  If their ideological desire has become who they are, we may have no electoral pathway to restoration. 

The data available is that the IRS stockpiled 4,500 guns and over 5 million rounds of ammunition. Those included 621 shotguns, 539 long-barreled rifles, and 15 submachine guns.  Again, WHY?  What in the name of sanity could the Internal Revenue Service need with those weapons and especially ‘automatic weapons – submachine guns’?  But the story did not end there.

The VA (Veterans Administration) purchased 11 million rounds of ammunition. That calculates to about 2,800 rounds for each of their officers.  WHY?  They also purchased camouflage uniforms, riot helmets and shields, and specialized image enhancement devices.  Why would the VA need those?  WHY?  Again, asking questions places one on the ‘watch list’ and deems them a threat.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) purchased over 4 million rounds and 1,300 guns including 5 submachine guns and 189 automatic firearms for the Office of Inspector General.  WHY?  The Social Security Administration obtained 800,000 rounds for their special agents along with armor and guns.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) amassed weapons and ammunition and the Smithsonian now has over 620 armed special agents. 

With the new 87,000-armed IRS agents who must be willing to use deadly force one must ask, are we nearing a massive action by the federal government that will be nothing short of martial law?  Will all these bureaucrats, armed to the teeth be part of a government action to attempt finally and fully to disarm the law-abiding citizens?  Is this a precursor to TOTAL CONTROL? 

When I add to that incredible quizzical action the incredible push to sedate the public and cause us to mindlessly become docile sheep led to the slaughter, I weep.  The gender blending and push for a gender-neutral society is more than a benign threat to a healthy society.  I, as a Christian, am concerned about the diabolical and even demonic attempts to shred everything biblical, moral, and constitutional.  The incessant push to force us into compliance and to abandon our core convictions must be viewed as an ominous danger.  Silence in the face of danger is to enable the danger to achieve its desire.

Our American dollar is becoming increasingly devalued.  Hyper Inflation is destroying far more than a few pillars of our Free Market and pushing us toward Socialism.  The energy crisis or the desired demand that we transition to Green Energy, accept their theories of Climate Change and Global Warming, along with the devious attempts to hamstring real law enforcement are all serious dangers.

We are watching the ever-increasing push to take from us our Inalienable Right of Self-Defense in the push to disarm us and enact a total gun ban.  The efforts to utterly destroy our electoral system and make fraud an easy pathway to stolen elections are weakening our pillars of republicanism.  The educational system has been in the control of the devious for decades and producing disciples of the New World Order.

I am weeping for America.  I believe that we may have reached the place where it is too late to clean the slate and make a brand-new start.  I am concerned that even if we evicted every elected official and somehow drained the swamp and dismantled the deep state, we would find that the hearts of too many would still embrace the diabolical deception that has been and is being fed by the demonic globalist agenda. 

I am praying for a Great Awakening in America, religiously, politically, morally, socially, and economically.  I am praying for a move of God on the human hearts to bring us back to our moral moorings.  I am asking that God turn our tears into joy and enable us to be brave enough to resist the destruction.  Ronald Reagan’s powerful reminder is relevant and needed to be heeded – “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”  The modern government is not seeking to help but control. America, we have been warned, now we must act.

God bless you and God bless America!


The old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” seems apropos in trying to change the mind of a follower of toxic liberalism.  You cannot reason with them and when you try, they become intolerant and unreasonable.  They become the opposite of what they insist we must embrace tolerance and reason.  Figure that one out!

For the Left and some on the Right it has become, “If Trump and Conservatives are for it, I am against it.”  Evaluating the total picture, weighing the facts, the benefits, versus the negatives is not part of the equation, it is simply, “If he and they are for it, I vote NO!” 

The reality is that most Americans are suffering under the Biden administration and yet, those on the Left seem incapable of acknowledging that.  We keep ‘circling back’ to blaming Trump, the Republicans, Christians, Conservatives, White Men, Russia, or something.  When the simple math of what Biden-nomics is doing to America they remain willingly blind and if you present facts, they revert to Biden’s statement in the Iowa campaign stop, “We prefer truth over facts.”  That is beyond nonsensical for facts are truth and truth embraces the facts.  But not the liberal mind.

I have become convinced that the liberal mind is incapable of change politically.  Even when highly intelligent, factually accurate, and unbiased efforts are made to demonstrate how dreadful things are in today’s America, they remain rigid and their mind impenetrable.  The Leftist policies being enacted are counter to sound economics and are causing the loss of jobs, creating unreasonable prices for gas, oil, and energy, out-of-control inflation, and curbs on religious freedom and speech, and yet the Kool-Aid drinkers refuse to see the truth.  The water of truth is there, but they refuse to drink preferring the water from the septic tank.

I read a discussion by Keith M. Bellizzi, professor of human development and family sciences, from the University of Connecticut regarding cognitive psychology and neuroscience.  He explained that there are survival systems hard-wired in the human brain that causes stubborn adherence to wrong beliefs. 

He called it “belief perseverance.”  In that system of thought and condition even when one is presented with facts that suggest their current beliefs are in error, they feel threatened and often go on the attack.  The result is their errant beliefs become even more entrenched and they become incapable of listening to reason.  Basically, it is the old saying, “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind’s made up.”

The human brain is hardwired to reinforce existing opinions and beliefs, even if those cause harm to the individual or others.  For example, when one wins an argument, the body releases a rush of pleasurable hormones (dopamine and adrenaline).  If it is a high-stress or threatening situation, cortisol is released.  That release depresses the logical mind and triggers a more basic portion of the brain, which controls the fight or flight response.  The person begins to ‘see red,’ and becomes highly agitated often resulting in raised voices, clenched fists, and a willingness to become violent.  Reason exits stage left.  The horse is unwilling and incapable of drinking at the fountain of reality. 

Most humans tend to gravitate to those of ‘their tribe.’  We are more likely to believe what those of our ‘tribe’ report as truth than anyone we deem an ‘outsider’ or ‘enemy.’  The term ‘tribe’ is not a reference to ethnicity or religion but to a plethora of belief systems, such as Global Warming, abortion, and many other ideologies. 

It is a fallacious belief that people, by nature, are well-intentioned and that belief opens the door for one to hear a lie and believe it.  After, all those well-intentioned people would not distort, would they?  Sadly, the bigger the lie the more easily it is believed, too frequently. 

I have tried to reason with unreasonable people, and it is like dealing with a drunk. So long as the influence of the intoxicating substance is present, the drunk is unreasonable even when he/she is seemingly docile, compliant, and manageable.  They are incoherent and incapable of cognitive rationalization. 

I have tried some suggested approaches and frequently found them to be inadequate.  We can attempt to identify our commonality if it exists.  We can seek their permission to discuss matters, and usually, that only tends to an argument.  We can remain calm and that usually infuriates and exasperates them even more.  We can be well-versed and knowledgeable only to discover they are disinterested in logical factual information. 

The most recent displays of vitriolic rhetoric by Joe Biden and the Left should be an eye opener for all in America who genuinely want America to be great, productive, and successful.  His claim of fighting for “the soul of the nation” is deeply troubling and reinforces what I am saying about changing the mind of a liberal ideologue.  

Biden and the Left refuse to acknowledge any failures on their part.  Their hubris and arrogance are off the charts.  If they were to eat humble pie and acknowledge the shortcoming of their policies, the American voters would respond positively.  They have chosen the path of ‘Divide and Conquer’ rather than any attempt to ‘Reconcile.’  Sadly, they project the things they are guilty of and accuse their opponents of those. 

The deep anger within the heart and mind of this president elicits comparisons to the tyrannical despots of history such as Hitler and others.  His threats of harm to those who disagree pose a danger that should be addressed by those on both sides of the political aisle and the Department of Justice.  In his tactic and rhetoric, he is guilty of inciting violence, and I believe that his handlers know full well the danger.  In fact, I believe it is their objective to cause such chaos that people are distracted from the real and vote based on emotion rather than reality.

I had many questions flood my mind concerning the visual presented by the background in his hate-filled speech.  The ominous red hue and flanked by uniformed Marines made it look threatening, not encouraging.  His statement that Americans should, “unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy regardless of your ideology” is interesting.  Especially since his rhetoric is anathema to unity.  His lack of understanding of our true system of government is troubling but one shared by the majority of Americans so I will not address that.

We live in a time when those on the Left are actively seeking to divide the country and have anyone not agreeing with their ideological agenda labeled, ‘domestic terrorists.’  The attempt of this administration to establish a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ is incredibly akin to the methodology of Nazi Germany under Hitler.  The misinformation that has been promoted by the Left has repeatedly been proven fallacious, but the liberal minds will not those facts to change their minds. 

Another saying, I will conclude with could be applied to Biden and the Leftist.  “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties. Never regret.” – Frank Underwood.  We are being overrun with sex and human traffickers due to our open border.  We are being flooded by disease-ridden illegals and drug smugglers, and there are known terrorists among them.  This president and his family appear to be wholly owned by China and Ukraine and who knows what other foreign entities.

We are in a fight for the soul of America, but a deal with the devil will not fix our problems.  We need to return to God and return to insistence upon having a limited and constitutional government.  Anything else will prove disastrous.  What will we do?  That will be revealed after the ballots are counted this November.  Freedom or Tyranny, those are our choices.

God bless you and God bless America!