BLOG POST 2 - End Game

What dots are you talking about Roy?  Thank you for asking and allowing me to discuss something that has been troubling me for a number of years and is resurfacing in some intriguing ways.  The United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative includes the belief and theory that the population of the world must be reduced by approximately one-third for the planet and race to survive.  Those in modern society who embrace that doctrine want various forms of controls to be placed on governments and individuals to limit the birth rate.  Some of the policies being advanced by certain segments are incredibly like the “Super Race” objective of Hitler’s Nazi Germany it is frightening.  Of course, they do not go quite as far as Hitler in his blatant actions but their backdoor approach is designed to accomplish the same thing.

In recent history with the advancements of science and the ability of assisted reproductive technology including gestational surrogacy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and cytoplasmic transfer many are embracing Eugenics.  I am aware of families who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to have the PERFECT CHILD whose genetics makes them the prettiest, smartest, or most gifted athletically. There are those who want that PERFECT CHILD who will not be genetically subject to many diseases.  The child that does not possess the genetic qualities desired or displays evidence of some handicap is deemed unacceptable and thus the push for abortion on demand to guarantee the family is not burdened with that less than PERFECT CHILD.  We have those who push for sterilization to prevent the reproduction of the LESSER, as they deem them.  This is another attempt of man to play God and place value on certain characteristics and qualities thereby devaluing those who do not measure up genetically.  How is that different from the Nazi pursuit of their SUPER RACE?

Eugenics comes from two Greek words meaning “well-born” and I’ve heard that term in so influential circles to refer to people of their perceived socio-economic level and to stigmatize and show disdain for anyone not “well-born.”  I had a man tell me once that our church needed to attract “quality people.”  That made my blood boil because who among us is qualified to determine who is “quality” and who isn’t?  I asked, “What quality were you before you were saved?”  He got my point and backtracked but the idea, whether benign or malicious is dangerous and plays into the hands of the Population Control proponents and opens a back door for Global Eugenics and Euthanasia.  It opens the door for the United Nations and Globalist who want to systematically reduce the population of the planet in the name of humanitarian good.  It neither humanitarian or good and I consider it an attempt to usurp God’s power, position, and authority as Creator.  If you do not believe in a divine creator you may have no problem with Eugenics or even Euthanasia UNLESS it touches you personally.

Not to single out Bill Nye, who is not worthy of being the spokesperson for anything remotely akin to the Scientific, but he is attempting to lead the charge for a form of Eugenics.  He argues that there are too many people and parents, at least in the developed world and nations should be punished for having too many children.  In his Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World” he suggested that the government should punish people for having too many children.  How many are too many?  Is this an equal standard for all countries?  Who decides how many are too many?  If those questions were answered I believe there would be an outcry against this proposal, but they will never be truthfully answered.  He argued that the average Nigerian emits 0.1 metric ton of carbon annually but the average American emits 16 metric tons.  Therefore, the average of two children per household in America is a far greater problem than the seven children per household in Nigeria.

The Climate Change Activist are directly linked to the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative, Eugenics, and even Euthanasia.  But, the back door of those in America and around the globe who want to have ‘children to order’ is one step from those practices and ideologies.  Planned Parenthood is a major player in Eugenics either intentionally or by virtue of finding a ready market.  If you examine the data of abortions among blacks you will find that nearly one in three black babies died in the womb in 2010 and amounted to approximately 36% of all abortions.  If you realize that blacks represent about 12.8% of the population you will see a specific targeting of a segment of the population.  In New York City reports for 2012 indicated that there were a greater number of black babies aborted than birthed with 55.9% of black babies killed before birth and 42.4% of all the abortions of NYC were blacks.  Who is the racist now?  Not the conservatives and the pro-life crowd who want to protect life it is organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Soros Groups, the United Nations, and others.

Population control is tyrannical and whether they are attempting to build a Super Race of genetically perfect people or lower the carbon dioxide emissions it is CONTROL and DIABOLICAL.  The ecosystem of our planet was carefully designed by our Creator and works marvelously.  Carbon dioxide is the basis for all plant and animal life on the planet and the hype about overpopulation is just that hype.  The danger for man is people like Bill Nye, the United Nations, Al Gore, George Soros, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and those who seek to protect the planet by eliminating people.  Who decides who is worthy of living and who is not?  Who decides what countries are to be targeted?  Who decides which children can be born and which cannot?  I say to all of those following the philosophy of Climate Control, Eugenics, or Systematic Population Reduction – YOU ARE NOT GOD and you never will be.  We either believe the words of our Founders and Framers that each of us is endowed by our Creator with the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  If you believe that you should be alarmed by the dangerous and diabolically evil ploy being advanced and the attempted resurrection of the philosophy of Eugenics and Population Control.

God, bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Tax Rates

Jesus said, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her!  How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.  Behold your house is being left to you desolate!”  (Matthew 23:37-38).  I almost feel the same way regarding America, politicians, pundits, and the proponents of Tax and Spend and Spend and Tax that prevails in Washington.  Resisting reality, ignoring the truth, and living on lies and engaging in continued denial will result in America being abandoned by sound economics and leave us desolate.

I wish political lies would die soon after they are presented and assuredly after they have been debunked and exposed, but they do not.  I will not attempt to explain why and I probably could not, at least not sufficiently or exhaustively.  What I do want to address, the issue of the Liberal Leftist Democrat and RINO lie of “tax cuts for the rich.”  Every time we move toward actual ‘tax cuts’ that cry is the immediate sound that comes from the shadows of the Left, echoed by the Media, and embraced by the gullible and haters of anyone with anything they do not have.

How can this lie survive when it has been refuted by facts dating as far back as the 1920’s and as one writer said this mantra could and probably should be called “tax lies for the gullible.”  How many have heard and maybe bought into the distortion and fabrication that the Regan Tax Cuts were “tax cuts for the rich” and led to massive federal government deficits.  They hated and hate “supply side economics” which normally leads to higher federal revenue via the pathway of lower tax rates.  Why would they hate that?  Because it would strip them of the weapon of class envy and they fear losing power and know that fear enslaves people.  The facts, check it out for yourself, are that every year of Reagan’s term of office the revenues collected by the federal government were higher than income taxes during any previous years.  HOW CAN THAT BE?  After all the Left tell us that if you cut taxes the deficit increases and any tax cut must be PAID FOR by some other means.  NO, a true tax rate reduction results in increased revenue and every American should applaud that happening.  It helps individuals at all levels of the economic spectrum, businesses small and large, and provides more funds to the federal government to waste.

In the annual Economic Report of the President, we find the history of federal revenues and expenditures over several decades.  That is just one place you can find the truth if you are inclined to look for and are able to receive it.  It may leave a bitter taste in your mouth and not be the normal liberal Kool-Aid you are accustomed to but if you can take it, the Truth will, open your Eyes and liberate you.  Ronald Reagan’s Tax Cuts resulted in higher federal income tax revenue. That happened under President Coolidge as well. But let’s not stop there and we will discover that under Presidents Kennedy and George W. Bush revenue increased as tax rates were reduced.

I find it most interesting and believe it is rooted in jealousy and envy rather than reality to argue that the Rich are not “paying their fair share.”  They pay more and even more proportionally than most especially the 47% who pay nothing.  When people are allowed to use more of their money, especially the rich, they invest more and thereby earn more which results in paying more in taxes.  No, it is not as simple as that but that points to the reality that the lie is based on fabrication and falsehood as well as envy and jealousy.  The rich not only paid higher total taxes after the ‘tax cuts’ were enacted and they also paid a higher percentage of all taxes.  So much for a ‘tax cut for the rich’ as a justification for keeping the monstrosity of the Internal Revenue Service which is a Gestapo-like weapon of the leftist.  Imagine the disdain of the Left when the New York Times issued a front-page story on July 9, 2006, reporting “An unexpectedly steep rise in tax revenues from corporations and the wealthy is driving down the projected budget deficit this year.”  BURN THE PRESSES that cannot be allowed to be reported, at least not in the minds of the liberal leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans.  You must keep the lie alive in order to keep people in the dark, enslaved, and fan the flames of CLASS ENVY. 

I personally am convinced that if we had a flat tax of 10% with no deductions the tax revenue would increase dramatically.  I know many on all sides will gnarl at that proposition because, to some, deductions are more important than the tax rate and tax amount owed.  I have faith in the American people and believe that historically we have proven to be a very charitable people meaning that a no deduction tax rate of 10% would not hamper charitable contributions but would very possibly increase them because people would have more disposable income from which to give.  Please stop demanding that a Tax Rate Reduction is only good for the rich and that if we reduce the tax rate we must PAY FOR THAT CUT and thereby hurt the people on the lower end of the spectrum.  It has and will produce MORE REVENUE, not LESS and you pay for a Tax Cut with a Tax Cut.  It pays for itself!  The data supports that argument and I urge you to consider the prospects of having more dollars in your pocket each payday and each year at tax filing time.  I believe that if you ever see it you will DEMAND IT.

God, bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 3 - Rights

The Founders and Framers recognized this basic human right as being among our inalienable God-given rights.  No government or society has the authority to abrogate that right their obligation is to protect it not nullify or abridge it.  Society has the right to require the life of an individual in certain violations of civil and moral law, but only after a fair and impartial trial of his/her peers and with sufficient evidence and witnesses to validate the charges.  The Declaration of Independence uses three specific ‘unalienable’ rights to emphasize the value of human rights and their validity and the first of those three is LIFE.

I go to the Bible as my final authority on all matters of life including government and then turn to our Constitution.  It is upon looking to Scripture that I discover that included in the sundry civil laws our Creator gave concerned our homes and the protection thereof.  In Exodus 22:2 we read, “If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed.”  You have the Right of “Self-Defense” and the Right to “Protect Your Castle” which is your home, your family, and your possessions.  Our Founders and the Framers felt so strongly about this they developed what is known as the “Castle Doctrine.”  James Wilson, a founding father and signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and was an original justice on the Supreme Court declared:

“Homicide is enjoined [required] when it is necessary for the defense of one’s person or house… Every man’s house is deemed, by the law, to be his castle; and the law, while it invests him with the power, [places] on him the duty of the commanding officer [of his house].  Every man’s house is his castle… and if anyone be robbed in it, it shall be      esteemed his own fault and negligence.”

 Let me be careful to assert that I would never want to condemn anyone for being robbed.  You might be away from your home and not be able to prevent the intrusion.  What Justice Wilson was proclaiming was that each of us has a personal responsibility to PROTECT and DEFEND our Homes, Families, and Property and to use whatever force is necessary for doing so.  That would demand that we have the ability to protect that castle.  If you are one that is so averse to firearms and so opposed to engaging in any physical defense of yourself, your family, or your possessions you may find yourself at the mercy of the thief or intruder and dependent on the police to arrive providing you can notify them.  Our Founders and the Framers believed that this was more than a Right it was a Responsibility.  Thus, any argument they wanted to deny citizens the right to keep and bear arms falls short of honest interpretation.

The Right of Life is more than ‘self-defense’ because life is more than simply breathing and being alive.  Life, in the biblical sense and based on what I believe was the objective and understanding of the Founders and Framers is the ability to pursue your life’s ambitions and purposes.  That links this Right to the other two mentioned (Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness) in an unmistakable manner.  The Founders and Framers recognized some important things which I feel compelled to bring to our remembrance.  Their statement in the Declaration of Independence and throughout the Constitution recognized the existence of God our Creator.  They recognized that He gave some rights that are inalienable to each person. They voiced their belief that the government exists first and foremost to secure to every individual the exercise of his or her God-given Rights.  Simply, we have Rights that did not come from government and therefore cannot be taken away by the government.  Only despotic tyrannical governments suspend or deny rights, not Constitutional Republics.  When government attempts to infringe upon our rights it violates the spirit and letter of the Constitution and assumes a god-like position of authority.  I SAY NO!  I stand against any politician, government entity, edict, or policy that does so.  I SAY NO to any politician who will not protect and defend the Constitution and thereby our rights and am committed to helping them return to private life.

The Right of Life is for ALL PEOPLE and that most assuredly includes that unborn baby in the womb.  That person, yet unborn, cannot defend him or herself and must rely on those of us who are mature and responsible adults to protect and defend them and their rights.  When government enacts laws that violate that person’s rights that law is unbiblical and unconstitutional and should be rejected, reversed, and/or repealed.  You may disagree but unless you deny that baby is a human being you will have incredible difficulty making a valid or reasoned argument.  Do the God-given inalienable rights not also extend to that person in the womb?  There are moral, biblical, and even legal arguments and considerations when Life is the determining factor as to who lives and who dies during a pregnancy.  I shudder to think of the heavy burden and weight that the mother, father, and family must make when faced with the question of the life of the mother versus that of the unborn baby.  But in the matter of Abortion on Demand and convenience, I see no wiggle-room morally, ethically, constitutionally, or biblically.  That is my view and you have a right to yours.  You must settle that issue within your own conscience if you can.

Our Founders and the Framers recognized that every human being has the RIGHT to LIFE.  It is my prayer that we return to limited government and lift the regulations that are stifling our ability to enjoy LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUE HAPPINESS.  May we return to a constitutional state where everyone is protected under the law and everyone’s rights guaranteed.

May God, bless you and may He bless America again is my prayer and desire!



BLOG POST 1 - Non Investigation

Why would I say non-investigation investigation?  Well, that is simple and complex but I’ll try to give a few reasons for my statement.  I would also like to highlight the incredible disparity between the “so-called” investigation of Hillary and her emails on an unsecured server and the Russian Connection of Donald Trump and how Russia stole the election from Hillary and the Democrats.  Those who know me know that I do not believe the latter and do not believe there was a genuine investigation on the former point.  There you have the nutshell of my assertion.  But that does not suffice for inquiring minds so let us dig a little deeper into the mystery of the Grand Jury subpoenas but the absence of a true Grand Jury investigation.  What a tangled web they have weaved in their attempt to deceive.

There is a devoted effort to investigate the Russian involvement in our 2016 Election but not a smidgen of concern over the Justice Department’s meddling in a criminal investigation by the FBI?  I don’t think I have to address the reason for that very deeply but it was POLITICS and nothing less.  Thanks to Judicial Watch we have learned that the Obama Justice Department and the FBI actually used Grand Jury subpoenas regarding BlackBerry service providers during the “investigation.”  That fact contradicts the previous reporting of the DOJ, FBI, and Clinton herself that NO GRAND JURY was involved.  That would be a bit difficult to defend since there were Grand Jury subpoenas involved, wouldn’t it?  I guess not if you are a liberal Democrat and have the political arm of the Justice Department and FBI at your disposal.

It appears that the subpoenas were limited, sketchy and low-risk.  WHY?  Because they did not want to actually uncover anything they could not hide or walk away from.  There were no subpoenas for Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson to provide access to their private computers which were used to review Hillary’s emails.  There is firm evidence that they had access to classified emails on those computers which are UNLAWFUL.  Rather than using subpoenas, the DOJ made promises not to use the evidence uncovered against them in exchange for access.  THAT IS PHONY and reveals that it was not a true investigation but a sham to give cover and find out what needed to be hidden and suppressed.  There was no deep investigation, no subpoenas for her cronies and subordinates in the State Department and Campaign.  WHY?  You dare not dig too deeply in an area where you might uncover the unwanted truth.  This investigation was conducted very differently from the normal criminal investigations and therefore I call it the “non-investigation” investigation.  It was for show not seeking substance and truth.

Maybe you were aware that prosecutors are no longer required to meet with a grand jury or even ask permission to issue a subpoena.  Also, there is almost always a grand jury in session in virtually any federal court district so no need to convene a special one for this investigation.  When the subpoena requires a witness to turn over information to the FBI or law enforcement they often do not have to show up personally, the physical evidence is taken and evaluated.  The catch is that it is a genuine expectation that the prosecutor will eventually present the information for grand jury action.  NOT SO it would seem in this investigation but alas, it is a “non-investigation” investigation.

We know that in 2015 the Inspector General for the U.S. intelligence agencies revealed that CLASSIFIED information had been transmitted and stored on Hillary’s private server.  That was the signal to the FBI that crimes may have been committed and an investigation would be opened.  That is the norm.  The DOJ acknowledged that they had received a criminal referral from the IG but later backtracked and softened the referral to simply a concern about the emails and attempted to make Hillary the victim, not the perp.  But what else would we expect?  Hillary continually proclaimed that this was not a “criminal investigation” but a simple “security review.”  Seriously?  The FBI is now conducting Security Reviews for politicians.  Sorry but that dog won’t hunt.  As this progressed the FBI Director James Comey virtually had to rewrite the statute in order to avoid charging Hillary with a crime.  Charging her would have been unacceptable to the Obama administration, therefore the lapdog Comey, as any good soldier, toed the line and manipulated the system.  And some wonder why the rank and file citizen does not trust our justice system.

I have learned from some legal eagles that the issue was or should never have been Hillary’s intent to transmit or receive classified information but KNOWLEDGE.  If she knew, and she did then she could and should have been charged, at a minimum, with willfully mishandling classified information or for gross negligence.  Both are serious crimes, but no such charge for Director Comey said, “No problem, she didn’t intend to do any harm.”  Sorry, Director but that is not what the law states and you know it.  Compare the actions against Hillary and those against General Petraeus and you see the hypocrisy and why I would call this a “non-investigation” investigation.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the myriad of others who acted illegally are not and will likely never be brought to justice, at least not on earth, for their crimes and unethical activities.  Congress in its current makeup will never have the spine to tackle that issue and I do not believe that President Trump will push for the proper and just conclusion of a genuine investigation on the matter.  President Trump will continue to endure the endless and incessant accusations about Russian collusion and virtually nothing he does will absolve him, in the minds of those who want him guilty.  AMERICA, it is up to us, the citizens, WE THE PEOPLE, to address issues such as this and the best way we can do so is AT THE POLLS.  Voting is important and unifying for America is essential.  How bold, brave, and determined are you?

God, bless you and God bless America!



This has gone on for so long it has become a norm in Washington and among politicians to skew the data to advance their agenda and paint them in a more appealing light.  Phony is phony and helps nobody.  It does not put food on the table, clothes on the backs, roofs over the heads, or provide the needs of the families or individuals.  The only way the phony national unemployment numbers that were continually reported as trending down under Obama could find traction is rooted in FREEBIES, BRIBES, and OUTRIGHT LIES.  It required and requires complicity and collusion from the MSM, the politicians, activist, and various talking heads.  It requires the masses to check their cognitive reasoning powers at the door, drink the Kool-Aid, and embrace the spin and rhetoric.  It also endangers our Republic in more ways than simply the economy, it is a national security threat and a national sovereignty threat.  IT IS UN-AMERICAN and I want it to stop and stop now.

The truth may hurt but unless we face the cold hard facts we will not alter our course and take the needed steps to resolve the problem, restore the economy, strengthen our national security, and preserve the Republic.  The year 2016, was another disastrous year for WORKERS or those who are NOT WORKING.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their report for 2016 and a glaring fact that will not be reported by the MSM, acknowledged by the Democrats, and will probably be ignored by some Republicans must be brought to light.  The BLS reported that NO FAMILY MEMBER was employed in 16,069,000 U.S. families or 19.6% of ALL FAMILIES.  How does that stack up with the unemployment rate of 5%?  The two cannot be reconciled.  The report indicated that the number of families with NO FAMILY MEMBER working increased by 19,000 in 2016.  Yet, we are told that the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE decreased.  THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE without using smoke and mirrors, skewing the data, and twisting the truth.  Someone said, “But, that’s politics.”  It may be but that does not make it right and is something that needs to be harped on so loudly and long that it cannot be ignored.  AMERICA IS HURTING and politicians are playing spin games with the truth.  How does that help anyone except the politicians? 

The report indicated that black and Hispanic families were more likely to have an unemployed family member in 2016.  The data indicated that 10.9% of black families had someone unemployed and Hispanic families were 8.7%.  White and Asian families were listed as 5.7% and 5.6% respectively.  They also indicated that having children, under 18 years of age in the home was a factor in the members of the families being more active in looking for work.  We found that 80.4% of families with children under 18 participated in the labor force, compared to 56.7% of families with no children under 18.  An economy where 20% of ALL FAMILIES have ZERO people in the labor force is not a sign of a strong economy but rather should be a warning sign that something is dramatically wrong.  We were told that the policies of Barack Obama had restored our economy and enabled us to turn the corner economically, but those statistics indicate the opposite.

Allow me to offer a tidbit you may or may not know but should get your attention.  It is reported that there are 5.7 MILLION job openings, millions which pay $50,000 or more per year.  Why aren’t the filled?  Many reasons come into play but among them is the government has made it more lucrative to NOT WORK than to accept a job paying less than government subsidies, entitlements, and freebies.  THAT IS DESTRUCTIVE TO THE ECONOMY.  There is also the problem of skills to fill those positions.  Some people are unwilling to accept a position paying less than what they were making previously or believe they should be awarded.  Just because you think you should start at mid or upper-level management does not mean you should.  If the government is going to invest itself in anything it should not be more entitlements which encourage idleness but investment in community work programs that enable people to engage in vocational training to equip people to fill those $50,000 jobs.  Rather than imposing a $15 minimum wage we should be seeking to enable people to climb the ladder to a more productive career.

If we truly want to help people we must FACE the FACTS and rather than pointing political fingers trying to advance a position we should admit that we are in difficult times.  Instead of insisting that Illegals are doing jobs no America will do we should curtail the FREEBIES and we might discover that people are willing to do those jobs as they fight to dig their way out of their situation.  As long as someone or a government enables idleness we will have the problem, unemployment will not truly decrease, and our Republic will remain in grave danger within and without.

STOP THE PHONY REPORTING and TELL THE TRUTH!   It is not compassion that enables a person to remain imprisoned in the plight.  Compassion tells them the truth and offers to help them help themselves.  Compassion is proactive, not reactive.  Compassion exposes lies that imprison and reveals the light that sets free.  AMERICA, it is high time that we look in the mirror, face the cold hard truth, and return to those principles of Limited Government that will enable people to become more self-sufficient and thereby restore our American Economy.

God, bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - Truth

 Before you freak out let me address the title and insert my agreement with the Word of God and reality that TRUTH, God’s Truth makes us free.  However, there are some admissions that reveal some truths that DO NOT SET FREE but if the actions of those truths are allowed to persist enslave and destroy.  I’m not trying to be coy but there was a revelation by MSNBC’s stalwart, Chris Matthews as he was being interviewed by Chuck Todd that is TRUTH but the actions of that truth are incredibly detrimental to the Constitutional Republic and future of America as a Sovereign and Free nation.

I will confess I was shocked to read and then listen to his rant.  No, I was not shocked by the revelation of what they were doing and intend but his openness and honesty in admitting it.  He said, “This president (Donald Trump) has gale-force winds against him.  He comes in with the media killing him every day.”  He continued and said, “The New York Times does enterprise pieces, four or five a day against him.”  News Flash, SO DO MANY OTHERS!  He went on a rant about how John F. Kennedy won by only 100,000 votes but when he came to power the media championed him and shaped public opinion to drive poll and approval ratings upward in his favor.  He argued that many did not vote but after the election, virtually everyone claimed to have voted for JFK.  His argument was that virtually NO ONE will admit they voted for Trump.  Mr. Matthews, might I suggest you are asking the wrong people and using another skewed poll to champion your cause and make your case.  I recall that after Barack Obama’s election it was not long before one found it difficult to find anyone who would admit voting for him, but the media made him appear as the champion and choice of ALL THE PEOPLE. 

Messrs. Matthews and Todd went into the typical leftist rhetoric, diatribe, and spin decrying the intelligence of Trump supporters while suggesting that we were emotionally driven without intellectual foundation.  Of course, they argued that those on the Left were not driven by emotion but rational and intelligent thought.  Seriously?  I wonder if either of you has actually watched the riots, demonstrations, protests, the college campuses, and listened to the media reports or the arguments of Democrats in Congress?  Rational and Intelligent thought?  HARDLY, what we are seeing are the flames of emotional hate fanned to a dangerous level and that is THE TRUTH.

Chuck Todd then lashed out at President Trump saying, “I think the first 100 days are the easiest period of a presidency.”  Normally, that is correct but we have a situation today we have NEVER had in our history where before Day One it was decided to wage war against this president and prevent him from achieving anything and block the fulfillment of his campaign promises.  Despite that opposition and obstructionism, there have been some achievements but due to lack of Unity among Republicans the Democrats, Media, Protesters, and Activist have been successful in KILLING TRUMP, as they say, is their objective.  Mr. Matthews admitted that he found it almost impossible to refer to Donald Trump by his proper title, President of the United States of America.  This is the same man that said, Barack Obama was the finest president America has ever had while ignoring all the scandals, fraud, deception, lies, distortions, and damage done by his administration.  They have long ceased from being NEWS AGENCIES and MEDIUMS to being a POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE for the Democrats.

THE TRUTH that is destroying America is what the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, Activist, and Liberal Politicians are doing.  They have vacated any premise that they are interested in America and revealed they are interested in their agenda, partisan politics, and ideology and if America suffers as they attack that is acceptable collateral damage in their minds.  THE TRUTH that will set us free is to acknowledge what is happening and take steps to rectify that condition.  If we need to boycott the media and allow them to crumble financially, may we find the resolve to do what is necessary.  If we need to vote out of office every politician in Washington, at State and local levels who are more interested in ideological partisan agendas than America, then may we find the resolve and unity to do it.  If we want to reclaim our Republic we MUST face the Cold Hard Truth of what the media is all about, what partisan politics is all about, and the fact that remaining a HOUSE DIVIDED will result in our destruction.

How much is the Republic worth to you?  How much are you willing to sacrifice to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and thereby keep America as the Free Sovereign Republic?  Will you PRAY fervently and effectively?  Will you LABOR devotedly and tirelessly?  Will you INVEST your time and money in pursuing the best good of America?  Will you demand TRUTH and reject RHETORIC?  That cuts both ways and I want a return to the media being news reporting agencies, not political arms that seek to make the news or offer personal political opinion designed to shape and shift public opinion.  I want a return to being ONE NATION, under God, where the pursuit and desire are that we have Liberty and Justice for all as we are allowed to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

God, bless you and God bless America!


AGREEMENT – America’s Downfall…

BLOG POST 2 - Agreement

No, being in agreement is not and will not be the cause of America’s demise, destruction, reduction or lapsing into something other than the Constitutional Republic designed and desired by the Framers and Founders.  It is the LACK OF AGREEMENT or being a HOUSE DIVIDED that will bring about our calamity and continue to impose on us the direness of darkness politically, socially, morally, economically, and spiritually in America.  Please do not take that statement to mean that I believe we are doomed, I do not.  We are not doomed providing we alter our course and return to some of the founding principles upon which this nation was founded and operated for many decades before the common era.

We are not ONE NATION.  That borders on my being Mr. Obvious but let me continue and explain.  We are not in AGREEMENT in America and the DIVISION is more pronounced than I have ever witnessed in my numerous decades on the planet.  I will concede that we have NEVER been in total agreement in America but have found the pathway and cause to come together for a common purpose in the past.  I’m not sure that is possible today because of the DIVISION now existing and being nurtured in our society.  We were not in total agreement in 1776 but there were sufficient numbers of citizens who believed in the cause of Freedom and embraced the vision of a Free Constitutional Republic to enable us to stand, having done all, and stand firm in faith and with the conviction to fight to the finish.  We were not in total agreement in WWI or WWII but sufficient numbers of Americans rallied around the cause of preventing despotism from controlling the known world and we made the national commitment to fight to the finish.  We AGREED that stopping the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan in WWII was more important than our political, social, or ideological differences and we UNITED to Win.  We were not in total agreement on 9/11/2001 but there was visible evidence that the spirit of American Patriotism was alive and well and we crossed party lines to speak against terrorism and united, at least for a time in sufficient numbers to demonstrate to the world WE WERE AMERICA a Republic of United States, and that was refreshing.

The UNITY diminished and in November 2008 we woke up to realize that those because too many who were conservative, desired the Constitutional Republic of the Founders and Framers were either apathetic or had drifted from their resolve and Barack Obama became President.  That occurred again in 2012 to my dismay for I could not imagine a nation inflicting the kind of pain and wounds upon itself a second time with all the evidence of that administration’s plans of destruction and the facilitation of our enemies and desertion of our friends.  There were lies about Benghazi, fabrications as to the state of the economy, denial of the extent and impact of Islamic terrorism, and many other factors.  Once again, millions of those who should have gone to the polls exercised their right to protest by not voting and America suffered.  The DIVISION grew racially, socially, economically, morally, and politically and by the time 2016 arrived there were sufficient numbers of America citizens who said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and rejected the Democrats and their Liberal Progressive Socialist position and candidate and elected Donald Trump, the Republican nominee as the 45th President of these United States of America.

It has not been the Leftist alone who not only oppose President Trump but hate him with such a passion they are willing to do anything to stop, impede, and/or destroy him.  The Never Trump Crowd is standing with them in resistance and our DIVISION has produced an impasse that nothing short of a miracle of God can bridge.  We are a DIVIDED HOUSE and the biblical and historic warning is that if we remain so WE WILL FALL.  Jesus explained in Matthew 12:22-28 that any kingdom divided against itself is brought to ultimate ruin and falls.  We find in Amos 3:3 the truth that two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement.  The question I feel compelled to ask is, “To What Extent Are We to Be in Agreement to Succeed as A Republic?”  We will never be in TOTAL AGREEMENT nationally or individually.  That is a human impossibility and even with a sweeping revival from God, total agreement will not be a reality on earth so long as man rules man.  But can we bridge the chasm of division and find enough foundation for agreement, that we can advance the cause of freedom and liberty in this nation and work together for the good of the nation?   I hope we can, but the evidence of today in the funded protests, the collegiate insanity regarding free speech or the lack thereof, the determined obstructionism of Congress and the Never Trump supporters to DENY him any success is daunting.

America, we have enemies that are salivating over our division and long for an opportunity to strike in our weakness and distraction.  There are those who have vowed to destroy us and have learned they can accomplish more from within than by frontal assault.  They have infiltrated our government, bureaucratic organizations, the MSM, and our college campuses.  They have a platform for promoting division and disseminating discord and misrepresenting truth fanning the flames of DIVISION.  America is more important than our personal preference in elected officials.  I wonder who the Never Trump Crowd would be fully satisfied with?  I wonder what President most have every been fully satisfied with?  The Liberals would only accept a radical leftist so it is not they who cause me to ask my question. We will NEVER be in total agreement and if we reject the policies and agenda of this president based on our dislike for him personally we will do harm to the Republic that may not be repairable.  I do not ask anyone to like Donald Trump only seek to find it within your heart to lay aside your personal dislike and rally behind those things he advances that are good for America.  I believe it is possible to become so determined in our rejection of a person’s person that we fail to hear or see their actions that are positive and good for the nation.  I know that some will take offense to that assertion and demand they are only standing on principle and because of the character of the person the politician must be summarily rejected and all he stands for or advances unacceptable.  I disagree and believe that America is more important than my preference.  That disagreement does not mean we cannot find common ground and WORK or WALK TOGETHER for the Good of the Republic.  I urge you to join me in evaluating every proposal of this administration and if they are in the best interest of America, rally behind them.  I also ask that you join me in praying for America and our leaders that they will make the right choices and that Congress will awaken to the reality that America is more important than partisan politics.

God, bless you and God bless America!