What I mean by my title question is when a crisis, any crisis strikes the nation, is there a potentially greater danger lurking in the shadows that we frequently fail to note?  I saw an article recently by Judge Andrew Napolitano that I agreed with.  In the course of studying what is happening politically, socially, morally, and financially in today’s world I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with people from all spectrums of the political arena.  I suppose my view on this could be described as Libertarian Leaning but I believe it is squarely Constitutionalist.  You decide what you think as I offer my two-cent thoughts for consideration.

Any time people face a crisis, the looming monster of FEAR rises and can become the dominant force.  Is that where we have been and are in this time of the crisis imposed by the COVID-19 or coronavirus?  Have we stepped over the line of surrendering our Freedom for the government’s offer to provide safety?  Can the government keep us safe from a virus or a disease?  Are the actions of the federal government, the proposed actions of Congress, and those of individual state governors constitutional?  Are we in danger of surrendering our Liberty for the hope of Safety and not truly enjoying either?  The jury is still out on that and it may be sequestered for some time. 

“The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times and under all circumstances.”   – Ex parte Milligan, U.S. Supreme Court (1866).  This brings to mind several examples of the government’s overreach regarding our Freedom and Constitutional Liberties.  Although presidents and legislators have overstepped their constitutional authority from time to time, the massive tryannical overreaches have been few.

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln incarcerated some from the North who challenged his wartime decisions, in the name of public safety.  The Supreme Court unanimously rebuked him, as they should.  This current crisis is ravaging parts of the world and disrupted life for most humans on the planet.  It is serious but is there a greater danger regarding our Inalienable Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms?  Again, I want us to be safe and do what is needed but can the government truly keep us safe?

We are supposed to have a free-market, but when it comes to healthcare, I would argue that we have only a limited free-market.  Let me explain what I mean.  There are so many regulations, restrictions, and governmental mandates imposed on doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc. that, in a very real sense, we have government-run healthcare in America.  No, we do not have single-payer or boards of bureaucrats making decisions, but the regulations are sometimes detrimental, and the wheels of progress are slowed to a crawl.

We possibly could have and should have responded quicker to this virus, but the federal controls made that a virtual impossibility. The efforts to blame Trump are ridiculous because this condition has existed for a very long time.  The various states could have, should have, and wanted to do their own testing, but the CDC (the Feds) would not relent. 

It took weeks to change that stance, largely thanks to the President’s leadership it changed, and we are moving forward with much greater efficiency and speed.  If you want to see what micromanaged healthcare looks like on steroids vote for Universal Healthcare.  What we have seen in this should be a clarion call to reject it and return the power to the States that the Constitution affords them.  That would put us more in control of our own healthcare than we are now.

I understand the paranoia and fear because nobody wants to contract a disease that could or might kill them.  We want to be safe and our willingness to allow the government to impose on us conditions they declare will keep us safe, opens the door for a danger that will not quickly pass with the ending of the threat of the virus. 

Various governors, mayors, and country officials are mandating closures of businesses, restricting travel, and imposing a brand of ‘martial law lite’ on their citizens.  Is that constitutional?  Is destroying the economy and plunging a million or more citizens into unemployment, the best approach?  I find myself conflicted on this issue.  It is a complex issue.

The Judge and others have reminded us of several Constitutional provisions that cannot be ignored.  The ‘Contracts Clause’ of the Constitution prohibits the states from interfering with lawful contracts, such as leases and employment agreements. 

The ‘Due Process Clause’ of the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits states from interfering with life, liberty, or property without a trial at which the state must prove fault. 

The ‘Taskings Clause’ of the Fifth Amendment requires just compensation when the state meaningfully interferes with an owner’s chosen lawful use of his property. 

Therein, the hidden danger is embodied.  On the one hand, we want to be safe and keep everyone safe and on the other, we must balance that with Freedom and Liberty.  It is a problem!

Let me insert a provision of the First Amendment that we may not be considering, and you decide what you think.  I am sorting through these thoughts carefully and will continue to do so.  I want our people to be safe and at the same time, I want us to remain Free.  Someone said to me, “Well, Roy if you are dead your inalienable rights don’t mean much do, they?”  They were challenging my concerns and telling me that I should just submit willingly to the government’s edicts without question.  I have difficulty with that because I believe in Inalienable Rights and the Constitution.

The First Amendment includes the right to associate and provides the judicially guaranteed right to travel.  I would contend that both are natural rights.  I can see a caveat where restriction of association and travel might be justified, but are we at that juncture in this situation?  Historically, we have been willing to comply with the edicts of the government and trade liberty for safety in times of great fear.  But, can the government truly keep us safe and is that supposed safety worth the relinquishing of our liberties?  You are required to answer that for yourself.

In the 1790’s we adopted the ‘Alien and Sedition Acts’ due to the fear of a second revolution.  During the Civil War, we had Lincoln’s fear of Congressional dissent, in World War I, President Wilson suppressed speech, and in the Great Depression, President Roosevelt seized property without compensation due to a Fear of economic calamity.  After 9/11 we opened the door for governmental overreach in the Patriot’s Act.  I list those to ask, “Is there a greater danger behind the danger we face in a time of Fear?”

The Judge asked a question that each of us needs to ask our elected representatives, “If liberty can be taken away in a time of crisis, this is it really liberty; or is it just a license, via a temporary government permission slip, subject to the whims of the politicians in power?”

I have offered no real answers, only raised questions.  But I believe they are questions that should weigh heavily on our minds and we must never lose sight of the reality that inalienable rights must be protected.  My liberty and yours are personal.  You may surrender yours, but do you have a right to force me to surrender mine?  I stand firmly for Faith, Family, Freedom, and the Constitution. We all want safety and want no one to be infected with this or any other deadly disease, but dare we not consider the entire picture?

God bless you and God bless America!


Our Founding Fathers were adamant that all people had certain inalienable and unalterable rights that came directly from our Creator, not the government.  In our Declaration of Independence, this was specified.  The words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” leave no question as to their recognition of certain rights and their unwillingness to accept less.  Why should we be any different today in America?

Those incredibly wise and detailed men continued saying, “…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  It is astounding to me that some in politics today believe that the government has the right to trample, suspend, or modify those rights.  THEY DO NOT! 

The government has no right to tell any American citizen what they can think or even what they can say.  The only caveat is that if what we are saying is inciting riots and inducing sedition thereby endangering our Republic and our people the government can and should intervene. Intervention is a difficult task because it can only mean keeping the public safe not developing a politically correct thought and speech police force.  If anyone becomes a threat to others, they are impeding that person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

The government our Founders established was to always intended to be ‘by the consent of the governed’ not ‘vice versa’.  The government exists and operates, with the consent of the governed.  We are the ones charged with the oversight of the government, not the government charged with the oversight of us.  That is what the federal government has morphed into and poses a serious threat against our liberty and our designed system of government.

Politicians of all stripes seem to have developed or adopted the idea that they are our overseers and in the words of some, “the guardians of our democracy.”  The fallacy in that view is, in part, due to the fact that so few seem to understand that we are not a ‘direct democracy’ but a ‘republic’ with representative government.  A second, fallacy in that line of thought is that the elected politicians seem to think that they are our lords and ladies.  They are not!  They are elected to represent us not to rule us.

One of the roots from which this type of thinking has grown has been our modern educational system where Civics, Government, and History are taught incorrectly or inadequately.  I have discussed our system of government with people holding Ph.D.’s in history. Some of them teach, in our universities but do not understand our system of government.  Let me rephrase that, they may understand it but they disagree with it and their failure to teach true history, civics, and government are dangerous.

When our youth enter college, they are usually at an age and life experience that opens them to deception far more than people with larger life experiences.  They are at a time in their lives when their minds are pliable and moldable.  That is one of the reasons the Bible instructs in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  That’s why in Deuteronomy 6 and 11 that we are to teach our children and family all the time and everywhere.  The directive is to make God and His Law a part of everyday life and use life experiences and situations to impress upon our children God’s Principles of Life. 

The principle upon which our American Revolution was fought was rooted in the idea and ideal of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  It often seems that we have lost sight of that objective, principle, and guide in our lives, government, and interpersonal relationships.  Sadly, politics and politicians have devotedly sought to eliminate God, the Bible, and all things related to our Judeo-Christian heritage from the public square.  We have banned God and symbols representing God and the Bible from the public square insisting that we are following the Founder’s desire of ‘separation of church and state.’  I contend we have done so wrongly and without fully comprehending what they proposed and desired.

Without getting into a debate on the doctrine of ‘separation of church and state’ let me address the three basic principles expressed in our Declaration of Independence and interwoven in our Constitution.  Those are, “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Maybe I should say “the Inalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  The right that did not and cannot come from government but comes from our Creator.  That is a higher law and our founders recognized and acknowledged it.

The insistence of our Founders was that the government should never be allowed to ‘touch’ those rights.  The government did not give them, and the government cannot take them away, constitutionally, biblically, or morally…  Today, politicians on both sides of the political aisle seem to have completely lost sight of that truth and our founder’s intent. 

It is a growing reality that many in politics and among the populace seem to no comprehension of those three things.  If everyone has the right to “Life”, what do we do with abortion or other forms of genocide?  If everyone has the right to “Liberty”, what do we do with attempts to strip us of our Rights of Freedom of Speech, Assembly, self-defense, private property, and thought?  If everyone has the right to “Pursue Happiness”, we need to comprehend several things. 

What is happiness?  That is probably the most subjective of all three founding principles.  What is happiness for one is not for another.  Some even have the idea that it is the government’s task to ‘make us happy.’  Benjamin Franklin’s statement is germane and apropos, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.  You have to catch it yourself.” 

It would be beneficial for us to study each of those principles and understand that embedded in them is the idea of “Freedom.”  Freedom to Live.   Freedom to enjoy Liberty.  Freedom to Pursue Happiness.  Freedom is part of the founding fabric of our Republic and if we lose Freedom, we lose everything.  Our Founding Fathers and the patriots of our Republic we willing to risk everything in the pursuit of that precious gem of life.

If we are to be Free and enjoy and employ our Inalienable Rights, we must cast off the tyrannical restraints of despotic government.  We must reject the idea of an all-powerful central government that has the ability to do what only God can do.  We must reject the idea that we are servants of the government rather than the government being created to serve us.  One major Political Party more than the other wants “Massive Government” the other a somewhat “Less Powerful Central Government.” 

We have a mountain to climb to reach the pinnacle of Freedom that we had and can have again in America.  In today’s world there can be no such thing as ambivalent apathetic citizens.  There is, but if we are to be the Free People and have the government our Founder’s established, we must become involved.  I ask you to become involved and vote for Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!


I said to a group of acquaintances recently, “There is a revolution coming in America.”  Although some of them nodded knowingly and in agreement, they all asked, “What kind of revolution?”  That is a valid question and one that must be addressed if you are to understand what I am asserting.  I wish I was as wise as that sounds, that I would be able to articulate the problems in America, what is coming, and how we solve the problems.  I see in part, as do all others.  I see the piece of the puzzle that I see, but none of us see the entire picture. 

The American Revolution was fought, in part, over ‘Taxation without Representation.’  That was not the whole nut but a sizable part of the dissension in the colonies.  Our Founders objected strongly to the taxation policies and imposition of the King while having little to no representation in Great Britain.  They wanted our money, but not our opinion and silenced our voice in Parliament and the Place.  That was repulsive then and is repulsive now in America. 

If we take a journey back into the annals of time, we discover that the taxation they so vehemently objected was a single-digit tax.  Imagine that!  Compare that to what we have in America and the tax imposed on them almost seems insignificant.  The taxes imposed on Americans may well be justification or the catalyst for revolution, but the amount of tax is less repulsive than the lack of representation that comes with it.

Who do our elected representatives represent?  I challenge you to prove that it is us.  Most of them have been bought and paid for by special interest groups, activists, and foreign entities and their focus is not ‘we the people.’  We have devolved into a system where the Party in Power becomes a virtual Gestapo and we endure One Party governance for two to four years.  Is that what the Founders envisioned?  Thomas Jefferson’s “Tree of Liberty” quote would answer that.  NO!

When Barack Obama was president and the Democrats controlled Congress, they rammed the misnamed Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare) down our throats with zero support from the Republicans.  It was One Party Rule, partisan politics at its height.  The Republicans have rarely gone to the lengths the Democrats have, but they are not blameless in their brand of politics.  Neither side appears committed to the representation of their constituents but those who provide the dollars to their coffers and enhance their power.  That is abhorrent to this American!

This recent virus COVID-19 has brought a plethora of plans to the table and few of them truly represent the representation of ‘we the people.’  I was opposed to previous stimulus package and felt it was a band-aid approach to a problem that only the Free Market could resolve and I feel much the same way about Trump’s signing off on the idea of another round of Government Money thrown at the problem.  Yes, I want the Americans who are being devastated by the regulations, rules, restrictions, and shutdowns to be able to survive, but I do not see gambling with borrowed money as the answer.  You may, and that is your choice and right to disagree.

I am concerned that any appearance of bipartisanship in the fight against the COVID-19 virus is only superficial.  I am concerned that beneath the surface the nefarious plans schemes and agendas are being advanced.  I am always concerned when I see a move for the government to nationalize private businesses and determine where, when, and how we can function in our daily lives.  We are supposed to be a Free Constitutional Republic, not China, Cuba, Russian, Iran or any other nation.  Yes, we need to be safe, wise, prudent, and cautious but can we afford to destroy our way of life over what might be? 

I am over 70 years of age and my wife has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, so health is a concern to us.  The inconsistencies of many of the mandates in how and what people can function does not seem to be logical.  I understand that limiting social contact is one of the only ways to prevent or deter, to this or any virus.  However, I continue to ask, “What makes this one so different from the H1N1, or the seasonal flu that takes thousands of lives annually?” 

I have seen reports from John Hopkins University on the COVID-19, known as the Wuhan Flu regarding the number of cases in America and around the world.  There is no question that the epicenter of the epidemic or pandemic, is China.  They have reported upwards of 81,000 cases and over 3,200 deaths.  Italy has reported over 31,000 cases and over 2,500 deaths.  South Korea, on the other hand, a nation with direct and frequent contact with China has reported slightly over 8,000 cases 80 deaths.  Why the difference in numbers and results?  How have those countries responded?  I cannot fully answer the differences but hopefully, our leaders are taking note.

I have seen reports that indicate that the United States is the leading nation in numbers of critical care beds available per capita.  Some of the Islamists immediately chanted that it was the finger of God that unleashed the virus on China because China had declared war on Islam and Muslims and persecuted Uyghurs.  That falls flat when you realize that Iran, a Muslim nation, has the third most reported cases of the virus with over 16,000.  They are claiming that it is a biological weapon unleashed by America on Islam.  China has nefariously has also tried to blame the U.S. Military for their own failures. Lunacy always prevails in crisis times and today is no different.

I am always concerned about lives and fully support precaution, reason, good hygiene and sanity.  I am also concerned that politicians will use this to make the Deep State more expansive, the Swamp more dangerous, and infringe on many of our inalienable rights and constitutional guarantees. 

If the politicians capitalize on this crisis and impose their will on us, they could push us to the point of revolution in America.  If the paranoia and fear that is being promoted by the nefarious and even the well-meaning reach the height it is being directed, a revolution may occur in America.  If people are quarantined for long periods, they get cabin fever.  If all the children in America are kept home for long periods, we will see chaos and discontent like we have never seen before.  If our needed or perceived needed goods, supplies and services are rationed or become unavailable there will be rioting, looting, and violence beyond what we have witnessed. That is dangerous and possibly as dangerous if not more dangerous than the virus. 

I am concerned about what is happening far beyond the potential impact of this virus and the necessary health concerns.  I am concerned about where America and the world go from here.  If we, as a nation, return to God, pray and seek His face we will overcome.  If we refuse to live in Fear and let Hope prevail, we will overcome.  I believe in God and trust the resolve of the American people, but not the politicians.

God bless you and God bless America!


It might be better asked, “Is America for sale politically?”  Of course, in this presidential election, I could easily be referring to Michael Bloomberg’s clear attempt to ‘buy’ the presidency or control of the Democratic Party.  I could, but my focus extends far beyond his overt attempt to change the outcome of the election by throwing money around like it was raining hundred-dollar bills.  I could be talking about Bernie Sanders endless list of ‘freebies.’ But this is more than a few politicians, this is extensive.

Are we willing to ‘sell’ our Republic for personal benefit, financially?  I am not speaking directly to the examples where people have sold their votes for a few dollars.  Rather, I am focusing on the incredible personal greed that has become more than a little evident in our society.  It may be more than evident and be prevalent, and it is a definite issue that each of us who desire electoral integrity should be concerned. 

I have talked to and listened to people with massive ‘student loan debt’ who are avidly in favor of the government eliminating their debt.  I do not disagree that student loans are exorbitant and highly usurious.  I do not disagree that the cost of secondary education is out of control and has escalated far beyond reason.  Those are entirely separate issues, in my mind. 

I keep asking people who adopt the view that is being advanced by the Democrats that the government should provide ‘free universal healthcare’ and ‘wipe out all student loan debt’ and more “who ultimately pays for that?”  I have had some who argue they are conservative and constitutionalist as well as the liberals who ignore that question.  Some seem to believe that there is more than enough money to pay off the debt or we can just print enough to do the deed. 

Who pays?  What would that approach do to the value of our American dollar?  What would that do to our economy?  How would that affect inflation or hyper-inflation?  What would that do to our national security?  There are many questions that cannot be simply ignored.  One of the greatest problems of today, as I see it, is that too many people do not think things through to their logical conclusion.  The personal greed with the ‘What’s in it for me?’ attitude has the potential of destroying our Republic.

The Entitlements now provided by our government are tools the politicians use to ‘buy votes.’  Who wants to bite the hand that feeds them?  Who wants to touch the golden goose?  Who wants to look their gift horse in the mouth?  When it becomes more lucrative to stay at home and draw benefit checks than to work for a living are, we driving productivity or inactivity?

I would love to argue that America and Americans are not for sale, but the proof is in the pudding by the millions who vote a particular way to ensure their monthly benefit checks keep rolling in.  I have had people argue that they would be crazy to work when they make more net income from government entitlements than working on a job. 

Have we reached the place that Political Parties and Politicians have become imprisoned politically by the adept ability of them to use our tax dollars to buy votes?  Entitlement programs are massive, and the costs are enormous.  They touch virtually every sector of American society.  They are anything but ‘self-funding’ and the operating costs of those programs have grown exponentially over the past two or three decades. 

I did a little research into the projected costs to make the entitlement programs solvent over the new few decades.  The most conservative estimate was $40 Trillion.  We know from government reporting agencies that the cost of mandatory spending in 2012 represented 65% of our total outlays and that by 2022 it will represent 75%.  That is not sustainable.  No politician wants to touch that golden egg because with the right advertising, marketing, and articulation it translates into votes. 

Is human greed and envy the answer as to why people become enamored with politicians who insist that, if elected, they will raise the minimum wage to $15-22 per hour?  Is it the answer as to why universal healthcare, free college tuition and the elimination of student loan debt is so appealing to many? 

Politicians, largely Democrats, are somehow able to sell the idea of tax increases as a punishment for the rich and making them pay.  Is class envy so powerful that people will sell their votes for the prospect of wealth redistribution, sticking it to those who have achieved success and wealth?  Are we for sale?

Foreign nations are buying our real estate, corporations, and media outlets.  They are not oblivious to what is happening in America and some are incredibly astute at manipulation and marketing.  If you control the money, you control the government and if you use the government’s money to your advantage you can buy any election. 

Few would argue that politicians are not political prostitutes who sell their votes for favor, finances, power, position, and prestige.  If politicians do not have the integrity to put up a ‘not for sale’ sign at their office door how can we expect those filled with greed, envy, and desiring a ‘free ride’ to resist the temptation to ‘sell out?’

I believe that America has been for sale for a long time and I do not see that changing in the immediate future.  George Washington’s letter to Major General Robert Howe in 1779 contains a powerful observation.  Washington said, regarding the double-agent Elijah Hunter, “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”  He reminded General Howe that the British, “have it more in their power to reward certain services than we have in the way which is most tempting.”

In American politics and life money, benefits, and entitlements often speak louder than integrity.  The prospect of ‘something for nothing’ or something with little to no effort is more powerful than ingenuity, drive, and the inner satisfaction derived from personal achievement.  I’ve seen it in church, business, and politics and observed that those flocking to the ‘freebies’ do so until there is a better offer of ‘free stuff’ elsewhere.  If we sell our political and national souls, what is the true cost?

Yes, I am ranting!  You may not share my concerns, but I am very concerned that we (collectively) have sold our Republic, Freedom, and Liberty for a few pieces of silver.  Can we fix that?  Yes, we can and no we cannot.  We can only by finding politicians who are not for sale and electing them.  We cannot if we continue to return to office those who engage in buying America through government handouts.

God bless you and God bless America!


That is the catchphrase that many on both sides of the political aisle, in business, and other dimensions of life use, claiming that is what they offer.  If America’s ‘Best and Brightest’ is reflected in the offerings of the Democrats for President in 2020, then America is in deep trouble.

I realize that I just lit the fuse of Facebook, all Social Media, The Main-Stream News Outlets, and the followers of the rabid toxic liberal ideology being presented today.  Ronald Reagan understood that most of the time, if not all the time, the ‘Best and Brightest’ are not in politics.  Reagan said, “The best minds are not in government.  If any were, business would steal them away.”

When I consider the offerings of the Democratic Party in this election cycle, I scratch my head and ask, “Is that the best you’ve got?”  If that offends you, I’m sorry you are offended, but I believe it is a legitimate question.  You probably say, “Well, what the Republicans are offering is far from the ‘Best and Brightest’.”  I would not argue with you that, in most cases, the pool we are left to choose from politically is far from the ‘cream of the crop.’ 

Some politicians seem to be dumber than a box of rocks and their continual gaffes have transitioned from humorous to deeply troubling.  I am truly concerned about the mental health of the new Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden.  In many years I have been aware of him in politics, ‘smart’ is not a term I would have ascribed when speaking of him.  He proclaimed on Monday before Super Tuesday that the next day we would be voting in ‘Super Thursday.’ He corrected himself, but the gaffe cannot be overlooked. It is not the only one he has offered. Was that a minor slip of the tongue or a warning of something deeper and more troubling?

Biden attempted to quote the Declaration of Independence and botched it badly and then referred to our Creator as “The Thing.”  What?  He committed a cardinal sin of the Left in referring to inalienable rights because they do not believe in any rights other than what they deem appropriate.  Referring to the Declaration of Independence and referring to inalienable rights and our creator is anathema to their philosophy, so Joe was treading on forbidden ground. 

Honestly, I am less concerned about him infuriating the Democratic Establishment than I am about his inability to know where he is, what he is addressing, and successfully cite references important to the office of President.  Is it just, Joe being Joe or is it evidence of something more serious?

In a Super Tuesday speech in Los Angeles, California he appeared to confuse his sister Valerie for his wife Jill.  He grabbed his wife’s hand and introduced her as his sister.  Unless he is engaged in an incestuous relationship and she is his sister, which is deeply troubling.  He blamed it on them switching places.  Okay, maybe, but if you cannot tell by looking, which is which, what is going on? 

How can we trust him to deal with foreign leaders and members of Congress?  He might mistake the North Korean Dictator with one of our allies and make a tragic mistake.  How about if they put a piece of legislation before him that was deadly for our America and he mistook it for something good and signed it?  That would be disastrous.  Yes, I’m being overly dramatic and facetious, but the concern is there or should be.

With Bernie Sanders, we have a very angry old man who hates almost everything about America and our system of government and economics.  His economic plan for ‘free everything’ is so beyond reason it causes me to wonder about his mental acuity.  His plan, a plan that even liberal economists say, will end in disaster is to be paid for by massive taxes and he has suggested through lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry and executives.  Seriously?  That is your plan? 

Bernie’s website claims that his plan would save $70.4 trillion over 80 years.  That’s right, “80 Years!”  There would be nothing left by that time, but then, neither he nor most of us would be around to witness the ultimate end of his plans.  Wait, I believe that many of us would see the demise of America if he were to become president because it would probably take only about four-years to bring about the apocalypse of economic destruction. 

The anger that Bernie projects and conveys are producing some incredibly rabid and violent followers.  His praise for Castro and other Communist of the past is more than a little troubling.  His attempts to ignore the disasters in places like Venezuela while claiming that Denmark is a prime example of Socialism succeeding is troubling.  Even Denmark’s leaders took exception to that insisting they were not Socialist but Market Driven Economies.  Bernie does not seem to know the difference and that causes me to question, “Is he the best you’ve got?” 

Elizabeth Warren cannot keep things straight and I don’t know if it is a mental or moral issue with here, but, “Is she the best you’ve got?”

Before someone blasts me and says, “Well, Trump certainly isn’t the ‘best or brightest,’” could I tell you what I see and am praying for?  I do believe that Donald J. Trump has been good for America.  I do not believe that the divide in our nation is healthy or good, but I reject the notion that it is his fault that we are divided.  We were severely divided before he was nominated and became president.  We regressed under Barack H. Obama in areas of race, economics, and international relations. 

I would never suggest that Donald Trump is the brightest man on the planet. That was and is how many on the Left attempt to present Barack Obama.  I do believe that Donald Trump loves America and truly wants America to prosper and be restored to her deserved place of prominence in the community of nations.  I believe that, despite receiving little help from his own party and the 24/7/365 resistance by the Democrats in Congress, he has achieved much good for this nation.  We are not where I would like to see us, or even where he would like to see us, but we have moved in the right direction. 

I would like to see the ‘best and brightest’ run for office.  I do not just want the brightest but those who are also the best in every area.  I want to see a return to Republicanism and Constitutional governance of this Republic.  I want to see limited government with reduced taxes, and a dramatic reduction in the overreach of government in restrictions and control. 

I believe that to reach that place we the people must do some deep introspection and decide that we are going to demand that our elected officials follow the rule of law, the constitution, and do what we elected them to do.  We must reject all who are power-seekers and more interested in their position, power, prominence, and purse than America.

I am tired of politicians who have never held a job other than ‘Elected Official.’ I desire to see a return to ‘Citizen Representation’ in Washington and the State Houses.  I want a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  I want to see a return to a position and view that “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  I want America to return to being America and not some Sanctuary for those who hate us and want our wealth, not our best good.

God bless you and I pray you will vote for America in November and if you do, you will, in my view, reject the lunacy being offered by those followers of toxic liberalism.  

God bless America!


In today’s world with the politicizing of everything fear is a prominent part of the process.  Sadly, common sense or rational reason are often absent and incredibly uncommon.  I write from the perspective of my faith in God as well as my love for America and confidence in our resoluteness and ability to persevere.  You may or may not agree with my perspective, but I offer it hoping to encourage some and challenge others. 

We have the option of living our lives ‘controlled’ by those who have the rule and those who control the airwaves of information or misinformation or we can think for ourselves.  It is my view that, after a few decades of educational transformation, many have lost the ability to deductively reason or engage in critical thinking.  In short, we have made common sense uncommon.  My father would have called it “horse sense” and my view is a horse has more sense than some of the things some are suggesting today.

The Democratic Party is employing the reasoning of former Obama staffer, Rahm Emanuel, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  That view was the outgrowth of political ideology and philosophy that is rooted in Alinsky’s teachings.  It is a view that feeds on paranoia and fear.  It is a view that seeks to cause people, out of fear, to abandon reason.

The Coronavirus paranoia is another of the myriad of fears the Left has been using to attempt to ‘Stop Trump.’  I am not saying it is not serious and reasoned caution needs to be employed. I am saying, it has become a tool or a political weapon the left is using to advance their agenda. The Left-Wing Media has seized upon this virus and weaponized it politically to attack Trump.  Some of them, if not most of them, have been openly hoping that the virus will become a pandemic and create such havoc on our economy and society that people will abandon Trump and choose the Democrat’s pathetic offering as a leader. 

The openness by the Left of hoping for a recession if not an economic depression is appalling to this American.  Who, with a smidgen of moral fiber, want their fellow citizens to suffer to achieve a political goal?  Who?  Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, et al. 

The Democrats refused to adopt the President’s suggestion of a waiving of the payroll tax for the rest of the year. Why? That would be a way to lessen the potential recession and that is not their desire. The media pundits and talking heads have been shouting from their soapboxes that the Market is plunging because of Trump’s ineptitude in responding to and handling the virus.  They know that is a fabrication but with the absence of ‘common sense’ and the presence of ‘paranoia and fear,’ they are succeeding in tilting the minds of the non-thinking and fearful to their view.  It must be true, after all, it was on the Internet and the News, right?

The claim by the Democrats that they are the Party of Compassion is infuriating.  The talking heads are declaring, “This virus might be an opening for the Democrats.”  I am appalled when anyone applauds the suffering of others.  I wish no ill on any human being.  I may detest everything they do and what they are, but I am completely comfortable leaving them to God’s judgment in eternity rather than hoping for and enjoying their suffering. 

I have a biblical basis for that beyond, “love thy neighbor.”  My basis is found in Proverbs 24:17-20 – “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; 18 Or the LORD will see it and be displeased, and turn His anger away from him.  19 Do not fret because of evildoers or be envious of the wicked; 20 For there will be no future for the evil man; the lamp of the wicked will be put out.”

The Stock Market’s drop or plunge was in part due to ‘oil’ not just fears over the coronavirus or COVID-19.  Saudi Arabia was once the kingpin of the world’s oil production but that has shifted.  America is no longer dependent on the oil production of OPEC.  Now that Saudi Arabia has declared war with Russia over the price of oil, the Markets are in a panic and plunging like a rock as people scramble to cover their losses and bases in the short-term. 

We are no longer energy dependent on OPEC and Saudi Arabia for our oil and gas, but we are not unaffected by what happens in that arena.  We can take care of our own needs thanks to many of the moves of President Trump and allowing our technology and industry to flourish and produce. 

However, since Russia is a totalitarian state, it does not produce oil like America or for the same reasons.  They produce so that the government has money, not so that individuals or corporations prosper.  Therefore, they seek to ‘control’ the price to enable them to make more on less production.  They care not about their citizens, only about their control.  Saudi Arabia’s oil is owned by the royals and they want more and more and more and realize the more they produce the more they make.  Whoever controls the price of oil wins in the world’s economy.

But it is more than oil and gas or the Coronavirus that is ripping to shreds the fabric of our Republic.  It is the pandering of Paranoia and Fear!  It is the absence of Common Sense, Rational Reason, Logical and Critical Thinking, and Deductive Reasoning.  That seems to be a lost commodity or trait in far too many today.  No, I do not think I am smarter than anyone else, but I THINK!  I may think wrongly at times, but I THINK!

I am cautiously optimistic that the Fear-mongering and Paranoia spreading weaponization of the Coronavirus will bite the Democrats in the gluteus maximus in November.  I could be wrong, and the economy could tank and when you touch people’s money you affect their attitude. 

The Democrats are hoping for an epidemic outbreak in America with a million deaths, as one former Obama staffer has suggested. That is troubling on so many fronts, it causes me to weep.  Pelosi and Schumer claim falsely that, “President Trump continues to manufacture needless chaos within his administration, and it is hampering the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.”  They offer no facts, no evidence, and no proof, but then they don’t have to because the Media takes it and runs with it and the non-thinking simply receive it as empirical truth.

They have claimed that Trump cut funding for the CDC and thus hampered the ability to respond to the virus.  However, if you go to the CDC’s website you discover that the doctors overseeing the pandemic preparations are of such character and reputation that they would never allow chaos to prevail. 

It is highly likely that by the time November arrives and we vote, the truth about the virus will reveal that it was less severe than reported by the Leftists and we have taken dramatic steps to corral and control it.  I find myself feeling that the paranoia and fear-mongering of the Democrats and Media is far beyond truth and reality. I also find myself thinking that we are not being told everything and probably for good reason and that it is not simply a passing situation. I believe there is cause for concern, especially if you are older and have underlying health issues. However, I believe that rational reason, caution, and precautions will enable us to get through this.

On the political front, there are 31 Democratic representatives occupying seats in districts that Trump won in 2016 and they could be in jeopardy.  We know that of the 18 districts that the Republicans need to flip to regain control of the House, the President won 16 of them by 5-points or more. We need to stay focused and win the White House, take back the House of Representatives and provide a filibuster proof Senate for President Trump to work with in the next four years.

The U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said recently, “We now know more about who is at risk. Average age of death for people from coronavirus is 80. Average age of people who need medical attention is age 60. We want people who are older, people who have medical conditions, to take steps to protect themselves, including avoiding crowded spaces, including thinking very carefully about whether now is the time to get on that cruise ship, whether now is the time to take that long haul flight. For most people, you’re going to be fine.”

I am not suggesting that there is no concern but rather than allowing fear to reign in our hearts and minds let’s embrace, incorporate, and exercise ‘Common Sense.’  I am praying for America and praying for everyone to VOTE for America in November and stop this lunacy!  

God bless you and God bless America!


There are those on the Left and on the Right whose blood curdles, and they become rankled at the mere mention of the name Donald Trump.  That condition is often described as “TDS” or Trump Derangement Syndrome.  That moniker also causes the heads of those who hate him to explode and they frequently become verbally if not physically violent and abusive.  This is not an attempt to attack them, only an attempt to discuss the phenomenon or enigma of Donald John Trump in American politics.

Some have ascribed to him Superman status and even a few that have elevated him to Sainthood.  That is beyond what I consider reasonable, so I do not go that far.  I have been called a cultist for supporting him, a bot, a deplorable, a racist, a bigot, and other less than flattering names.  Those have come from the Left and some on the Right who truly hate him with blind hatred that boils over in a desire to punch somebody in the face or lop off their heads when is name is breathed publicly. 

The more I have watched the scene play out over the past three years the more I believe God raised him up for such a time as this.  No, I do not ascribe righteousness or saintliness to him, but he is, in my view, being used as an instrument in the hands of God to save America from the toxic liberal destruction desired by the Left.

Some find it offensive that I would attribute any part of Trump’s political ascendancy to God.  However, I know of no other human being in any political party that could have endured what he has endured and kept on working to achieve his promised objectives.  That is not only impressive, but it is also appreciated.  I, like many if not most Americans, love America and want to see the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders established flourish. 

I do not attempt to overlook any flaws in his character, actions, past or present.  I only look at the results.  Some call him a hero and ascribe to him the status of mythical heroes.  I do think some of what he has endured has been heroic and his consistent and determined effort to keep as many of his campaign promises as possible laudable.  He has been elevated to hero status by the actions of the Democrats, the Media, and Hollywood.  That was not their intent but that has been the result for much of America.

President Trump has endured the hardship of incessant attacks, the expressed desire for this destruction beyond that any president in our history has faced.  He has not been literally assassinated as have some, but the attempted annihilation of him and his family has been endless and continues. 

The Left labels him a narcissistic lunatic who poses a grave threat to the survival of our way of life.  A narcissist, he may well be.  But what politician is not, to some degree self-centered?  However, in stark contrast to the label, he has demonstrated another quality they Left refuses to acknowledge.  He is a lover and defender of America and heroic Americans. 

In the past State of the Union Address, he shifted the focus from himself to our true heroes.  He brought to the hearts and minds of all the world, the mother and son who suffered the loss of husband and father as he paid the ultimate price for America.  He brought before us those who sacrificed their own lives for others.  He reminded us of the American fabric in the man who refused to let his brother’s murder go in vain because the officials of California care so little about the lives of its citizens. 

He reminded us of the heroics of our law enforcement, border patrol, ICE agents, and the fight for the life of a baby, a drug-addict fighting to reclaim a stolen life, and our military.  He brought before us the reminder of men like those of the Tuskegee Airmen and reminded us of our great country and its worth.

Two of Trump’s messages to America were asking us to never forget this beloved nation’s greatness and our incredible destiny.  When I was a young man and beyond that would not have attracted much attention it would have been expected. However, in today’s politically correct climate and the pursuit of the fundamental transformation of this Republic through the toxic agenda of the Leftist his words were a shot of adrenaline for the lovers of freedom and a call to awake and into the battle.  Someone said that his most Herculean feat was to remind all Americans and the world by shining the Light of Freedom and Hope on who we are as Americans.  Yes, we have made mistakes and will make more, but America and our American heritage are one of destiny and greatness. 

For those who think me and any who support this president members of a cult, I say, “You must not be paying attention.”  I wept when I heard the words of Republican presidential candidate the former one-term Congressman, Joe Walsh.  He said that he would vote for a Socialist over Trump.  That is disgusting for this veteran and lover of freedom.  He argued that Trump makes every day about himself.  I wonder what State of the Union Address he watched.  It could not have been Trump’s but must have been Obama’s.

George W. Bush just took it on the chin day after day and never responded.  That is how Republicans have been trained and conditioned to respond to the Democrat attacks.  That is how the Democrats expect and demand that Republicans respond.  To fight back is deemed to be ‘unpresidential’ and makes a Republican unfit for office.  That is not Trump’s style and not in his DNA.  He is a street-fighter and when pushed pushes back.  You may not like his style, but it has benefitted America on many fronts worldwide.  Our enemies fear us again and our friends, though not what you hear, are demonstrating respect and stepping up to the plate to carry a larger share of the load.

I am all for taking the ‘high road’ whenever you can, but when it comes to war and the fight for freedom sometimes it is not possible.  If you keep getting hammered and defeated by taking the ‘high road’ then it might be time to get in the trenches and fight fire with fire.  The Democrats and the haters of this President call him a dictator or a would-be king.  They want someone to do what they way and ‘just take it.’  The Left never ‘just takes it’ but the Right is supposed to do just that.  Trump is not doing what they want he is doing what we want and fighting for America. 

Cultist see no fault in their leaders, and most of us see Trump for who he is and realize that he has kinks in his armor and warts, like the rest of us, but he is fighting for us and winning on many fronts.  There is a time to turn the other cheek politically and times when you must fight for the right. 

The Democrats and Media are experts as faux outrage.  Someone said, “If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage.”  The Left wants no part of unity they want total dominance and control.  With Trump what you see is what you get, and we voted for him eyes wide open and will vote for him again the same way.  We know the destruction of the alternative and we want our America back. 

The enigma of Donald Trump is that he is demonstrating that even a man with personal flaws can do heroic work for his country.  He does not regard us as peons, serfs, and deplorable bitter clingers.  He views us as Americans who deserve better than what we have been getting.  The Left and Trump haters cannot comprehend that and how deeply it resonates with the average American.

God bless you and God bless America!