I find it amusing and somewhat befuddling to observe the attacks of the Leftists on Howard Schultz.  The view him as a pariah in stark contrast to their view and relating to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and most of the other billionaires of the Left and some who claim to be on the right.  Why?  I am convinced as are many others that it is partly because he is unapologetic about his wealth and how he became wealthy.  The Left wants the billionaires to pretend to be repentant for being wealthy.  They want them to pretend to want to give back the lion’s share of their wealth.  They want them to set up foundations and pretend that their children will not inherit their wealth but will receive a token amount, which is beyond what most of us can even dream of acquiring.  They want them to support higher taxes on the wealthy, even though Congress provides loopholes for them and their shelters protect their fortunes. 

Howard Schultz grew up in government housing in New York.  This is not a statement of support for him or his political views, but he is an example of what can happen in America’s Free Market Capitalism.  He is anathema to the Democrats now because he does not fit their narrative that White Privilege keeps everyone but the wealthy ruling class from succeeding.  If you are a woman, black, or in other minorities and ethnic groups the system locks you out.  You have to be part of the ‘Ole Boy Network to reach that stratum of economic success and then you must be repentant of achieving your wealth. 

I don’t hate the rich or the poor and I refuse to envy those who have massive fortunes.  My life’s path has taken me down a road that was not conducive to amassing a great fortune.  My life has been one of Christian service, not fortune seeking.  I am not complaining or trying to make it sound as if I am better or worse than anyone, just making a statement.  I would not trade my life’s journey, it has been incredibly fulfilling.

For almost 100 years we have witnessed our American Social Order majorly transformed.  We are witnessing a social stratification that is very class conscious and the development and establishment of an Elitist Ruling Class.  That Ruling Class is actively waging war on America and Americans not in the classification.  The Ruling Class deems themselves the rightful heirs of all Power and Control and are worthy to Rule Us!  Below them, in their view, are the laborers who make our economy work and below that group are those have become totally dependent on the government for their sustenance.  In a very real sense, they have been enslaved by the Ruling Class and the corruption of politics. 

The Societal Elites have controlled our educational system, entertainment, media, and politics for decades.  The result of that indoctrination and propagandization has been to ‘dumb down’ our society to the point that millions are nothing more than docile sheep following their political shepherd wherever he/she wants them to go.  The indoctrination through our classrooms has instilled false hopes and false beliefs that are designed to quell debate stifle critical thinking.  The use of common sense and deductive reasoning are the mortal enemies of the Ruling Class. 

Some who have great wealth and those who embrace the ideological positions of the Liberal Leftists that make up the Ruling Class.  They have been brainwashed in the Universities of our nation by the Leftists and truly believe their positions are morally and intellectually superior to anything offered by those following a more biblical pathway or a conservative and constitutionalist view.  They recruit the naïve in the classrooms and after four or more years of indoctrination in the cocoon of University Safe Spaces, those recruits are released into society.  Many of them are nonfunctional because anything that dispels their views and challenges their positions are so unacceptable they want the view and the person removed from society. 

The price of admission into their Society is one must attack everything that is remotely biblical or constitutional.  Someone said, “The majority of those in the Ruling Class are mind-numbed and eternal adolescents hell-bent on pushing the boundaries of ethical and moral behavior and viewing all political and policy issues as a war between their side and their mortal enemies.”  Their mortal enemies are all of us who oppose the fundamental transformation of our Republic into a Socialist Oligarchy and stripping us of our Rights and Liberties.  They believe and are fighting to achieve an All-Powerful Central Government which controls every aspect of people’s lives.

I had a renewal of Hope in the 2016 Elections and saw the prospect and some evidence that America’s Sleeping Giant had been awakened.  That Giant was the average American citizen who had had enough of the Socialism and overreach of government to control and dominate as was experienced under Barack Obama.  In 2018, I came away from the Elections wondering if the 2016 Awakening was only a slight arousal and the deep sleep of political slumber had returned with the grip of apathy in full force.  I hope 2018 did not reflect that, but I am concerned. 

There was a time, in America, where threats and intimidation were not acceptable or laudable traits and activities.  However, in 2019 America those tactics commonly employed by the Left are deemed not only acceptable but praiseworthy.  They take no issue with the calls for assignations, and ethnic cleansing of white males and conservatives, and violence by the Left.  The Right hears the demands that we are supposed to be tolerant and inclusive in all but when we are attacked by the Leftist they insist that their attacks are justified.

The Power Elitists are obsessed with destroying Donald J. Trump.  I believe the reason is not Trump himself, but because of the fear the awakening of the average man and woman in America.  They not only hate him but any of us who voted for or supports him in any measure.  We, to them, are Public Enemy Number One!  Hillary called us “Deplorable” and Obama lamented calling us “Bitter Clingers.”  Bitter Clingers of what?  Our Bibles and our Guns as well as our Constitutional Rights. 

If the Republicans in Congress backed this president we could have seen a significant draining of the Swamp and the Deep State dismantled, at least marginally.  If we buy the Hate Trump rhetoric and accept their definition of who he is and what he stands for we will enable them to continue their war on America and achieve their desired Fundamental Transformation. 

All I ask is that you THINK and consider what is at stake.  How much are you willing to lose to prove some personal point regarding a political candidate you do not like?  I ask that those of you who pray to join me in interceding for the Republic and become involved.  The Future of the Republic is in our hands and the fate of the Nation is at stake.  Ignoring the War and allowing political apathy to prevail is destructive and counterproductive. 

I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I also know that there are no perfect candidates or politicians, therefore I must come to grips with the reality that no one person embodies all that I desire or American needs.  Together we can see our Republic preserved and return to our foundational moral moorings.   We can defeat this War and become the nation in which, all are recognized as being created equal and become a nation in which everyone can pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness without undue restriction and regulation by the Federal Government.

God bless you and God bless America!



I saw a recent poll, dated January 23, 2019, that suggested that American’s preferred Universal Healthcare 52-42 percent.  How can that be?  Have we reached a point in our society where personal greed and/or the desire for FREE STUFF tipped the needle in favor of Socialism in America?  Is that where we are?  Have we reached the point in America where people just take an idea that sounds good on paper and run with it without counting the costs and thinking things through?  Have we come reached the point where we are so interested in instant gratification that we are willing to plunge headlong into the abyss without evaluating the catastrophic result of that position?  Have we?

That poll was done by the Kaiser Family Health Foundation and I will guarantee they are not an unbiased and objective observer simply seeking factual information. They have a vested interest in the world of medicine and unless they see a way to build their bottom line they are not interested.  On paper, Socialism usually has some redeeming qualities but in practice, it fails miserably.  If one evaluates the basic philosophy of Socialism or Socialized anything that the government runs they find it is so flawed that even the most elementary use of logic decries its implementation. 

The argument that ‘healthcare is a fundamental right’ is a flawed argument.  Everyone has the right to seek whatever care they can get and/or afford but it is not a basic right that the government must provide.  I want no person, regardless of who they are, to suffer untreated or ill health.  However, just like everything else in life, there are things I cannot afford, so I do not have access to them.  How far do we go in the idea of Healthcare being a Basic Right?  Do we include cosmetic surgery?  After all, a person’s self-esteem may be logically tied to their appearance so to deny them coverage for a nose job, face lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, etc. would be detrimental to their mental and emotional state, right?  Therefore, it would be logical to say, Everything is Covered for Everyone!  At what cost?

I hate to be the one to burst the bubble of the “Free Stuff Crowd” but nothing is FREE!  How many countries of the world and despotic regimes must rise and fall before people understand the simple truth that Socialism always fails, and costs more than any society can afford.  When people realize that Socialism doesn’t just cost someone else but costs them too, they revolt, at least when they can.  However, if we allow the decline to reach a certain point it is irreversible and irrevocable, and the government becomes so powerful and tyrannical we are trapped under their boot heels.  I keep beating this drum of warning and hope to awaken some.  We need everyone to become involved in this effort of information and sounding the alarm.

Let me walk you through some of the poll questions and you decide how far down the tubes we might be. 

  • Would you favor or oppose a national Medicare-for-all plan if you heard that it would guarantee health insurance as a right for all Americans?  That sounds so benevolent and righteous, I almost shouted, “Sign me up!”  But, then I am one who counts the cost, so I tapped the brakes and asked a few questions in my mind.  However, the poll reflected that 71% said Favor and 27% Oppose. 
  • Would you favor or oppose a national Medicare-for-all plan if it eliminated all health insurance premiums and reduced all out-of-pocket costs?   Hey, where do I sign up, right?  Again, the poll reflected that 67% Favored and 30% Opposed.  How can it not be 100% on that basis?  Wait, I know, the 30 percenters probably asked the same questions I’ve been asking about costs.
  • Since a Medicare-for-all plan would eliminate all private insurance would you favor or oppose it?  Again, for whatever root reason, 58% said Favor and 37% Oppose.  Maybe it is because many people believe that to get Private Insurance you must actually have a job and work. 
  • Since the Medicare-for-all plan will cost you a bundle more in taxes, do you still favor or oppose it?  I can only surmise that the reason for the huge percentile favoring this must mean that most of them do not pay taxes now and would pay none under this plan.  There were 60% in Favor and 37% Opposed.
  • Changing to this System or Plan would likely do great damage if not total destruction to the Medicare now being used by Seniors do you Favor or Oppose this move?  I guess it means, “Who Cares?” because 60% Favored and only 26% Opposed.

I cannot fathom how anyone who actually works and pays taxes would favor such a costly but apparently, a significant percentage of Americans do.  I cannot believe that people, who actually think and investigate would not realize that “Everything” and I do mean “Everything” comes at a price and requires a trade-off somewhere or in something.  You must give up something to get something.  Maybe they can make real ice cream, loaded with real sugar that has zero calories and we can eat as much as we want with no negative effects.  That makes about as much sense as the Medicare-For-All Plan of the Democrats.  Wake Up America!

Universal Healthcare is not excluded from a Life Truth that everything comes down to basic personal choices, cost-benefit evaluations, trade-offs.  With the millions of illegals in this country who will be included the cost burden on taxpaying Americans is greatly increased.  When you couple that with the millions who could work but won’t because our system allows them to be free-loaders the cost is astronomical.  The few of us who pay taxes will carry the burden for those everyone.  The Democrats are not telling the truth about the cost or how it will be paid for unless they slip and spill the beans.  One prominent Democrat let the cat out of the bag saying, “The billions in premiums now being paid will offset the cost.” 

Who pays for Universal Healthcare and Medicare-For-All?  We do!  That is, those of us who pay taxes.  Those who know how to game the system will get wealthy in the process.  Who pays?  The Middle Class not the super wealthy because the politicians and the wealthy know how to and can afford the loopholes.  The Middle Class, not the slackers who could work but won’t because the Welfare and Entitlement System allows them to enjoy their lifestyles without contributing.  Does that still sound like something you long for?  I have not touched on the delayed, diminished, and denied care that is part and parcel of this type of system.  I have not touched on the requirement to know someone or have connections to get a proper appointment with the physician you desire and need to see. 

Once again, I ask, “Have we lost our collective minds?”  Keep voting for the Leftist Socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans and we will witness the fruit of our misguided actions and continue to pay the penalty for our foolishness.  It is my position and view that we need Conservative, Constitutionalist in Washington at every level and in every office.  We also need them on the Supreme Court and the lower courts.  We need them in every department and agency of the government.  We need to see a restoration of Logic, Reason, Critical Thinking, and Common Sense as well as a return to our moral moorings and founding principles. 

God bless you and God bless America!


I bring this up not as a diversion away from the many events in Washingon, D.C. today but because of the insane push of the Democrats toward Socialism. Most of the Democrats who have thrown their hat in the ring to run for President in 2020 want between 70 & 90% increases in the tax rate. That alone should cause them to be defeated but it seems that millions are buying the rhetoric and ingesting the diatribe. How that is possible is still beyond me, but we see it every day.

The Democrats, in unison, echo the rant that the Trump Tax Cuts were tax cuts for the Rich or Super Rich and not the middle class or common man.  Are they right?  They decried the bonuses received by the average working American taxpayer were simply token crumbs, not real benefits.  I don’t know about you, but a thousand dollars is not crumbs for me, but then I am not, as are most in Congress, rich.

The rhetoric and spin that the Tax Cuts will explode the deficit and cripple our government is the Democrat staple.  Is that correct?  If you honestly examine the statistical data and the history of real tax cuts you find something quite the opposite.  Tax cuts were understood by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan as being means to spur the economy and were proven to increase federal revenue not decrease it.  That is an inconvenient truth that most Democratic politicians refuse to admit, and their followers mindlessly parrot their words rather than examining the facts.

I saw a report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which revealed that federal income taxes were $76 BILLION higher in the first half of 2018 than they were in 2017.  The U.S. Treasury Department has acknowledged that the expectation of an increase in federal revenues will continue to exceed revenue from 2017.  Both those reports are interesting and beneficial in examining the Tax Cuts and who they benefit. 

I hear many on the Left lament the $1 TRILLION deficit and I join them in decrying any such deficit.  However, you cannot lay the entire blame at the feet of President Donald J. Trump, for the programs and entitlements demanded by the Democrats and too many Republicans are to blame.  If we forget that the National Debt doubled under Barack Obama, we ignore the truth and forget the impact upon the budgetary process for years to come.  However, the Democrats refuse to lay any blame at the feet of former president Obama but seek to place the total blame on Trump.  That is dishonest at best and diabolical at worst.

Our massive debt and deficit is not the result of the Tax Cuts but the propensity of Congress to spend and the profligate spending demanded by Congress.  Tax Cuts increase federal revenue rather than creating a deficit.  On the other hand, Medicare for All or Universal Health Care would increase the debt by about $31 TRILLION over ten years and would annually add over $3 TRILLION to the deficit.  How can one argue for Universal Single-Payer Healthcare that carries that kind of price tag and reject Tax Cuts that benefit every American and increases federal revenue?  Only if you are blindly following the rhetoric of the Left. 

Another consideration is that the increased federal income tax revenue touches only those Americans who pay taxes.  Those on the government dole and pay no taxes are not impacted by the Tax Cuts and therefore argue that the Tax Cuts are for the Rich.  No, the Rich benefitted less from the Tax Cuts than the Middle-Class and all Working Americans. 

If we use the IRS data from 2015, an Obama year, the latest information available from the IRS.  The report reveals that the top 1% of wage earners made about 21% of the nation’s income but paid 39% of all federal income taxes.  They paid more federal income taxes than the bottom 90% of wage earners who paid approximately 29.4% of the federal income taxes.  Isn’t that a bit disproportional?  If we take this a step further we find that in 2015, the top 50% of wage earners paid 97.2% of all federal income taxes.  The top 1% had a tax rate of 27% and the bottom 50% had an effective tax rate of less than 4%.  Isn’t that a bit disproportional?

The Trump Tax Cuts lowered the Corporate Income Tax Rate from 35% to 21%.  The Democrats claim that is simply a Tax Cut for the rich and must be reversed.  I remind everyone that Corporations do not pay taxes!  Corporations are simply legal fictions and do not pay taxes, people do.  If a tax is levied on a corporation, it will likely result in the increase in the price of the product, goods or service.  It could and probably will result in the layoff of workers and lower dividends to the shareholders.  Politicians love ignorance on the part of voters because it allows them to perpetuate their fabrication and engender the hatred for anyone having money.

I’ve heard it illustrated many times using the following analogy.  Suppose a politician came to you and said, “I’m not going to tax you but I’m going to tax your land or property.”  Who are they taxing?  Not the land because land is an inanimate object and pays no taxes.  Who pays?  The owners of that property or YOU! 

This is another reason that I support a Flat or Fair Tax system.  Everyone would then have skin in the game.  Of course, there would be a threshold below which there would be no taxes but for the most part, everyone would pay a proportional share and have skin in the game.  In that system, the Internal Revenue Service would virtually become obsolete rather than being a weapon to use for political purposes.  It would still exist but the savings to the American Tax Payer would be enormous.  It would reduce the cost of filing your taxes and reduce the paperwork for the IRS.  Those two things alone would generate more revenue for the federal government. 

If you and I have more money in our pockets we tend to spend more and more spending is beneficial for the economy.  That is spending that is not debt-laden or debt generating.  If we have more disposable money and spend it EVERYBODY BENEFITS!

God bless you and God bless America!


If I asked everyone to give their opinion or belief as to whether or not America was founded on Christian principles or was founded as a Christian nation, there would likely be three distinct responses.  Some would say, NO! That would be a categorical rejection of that idea.  Others would say, ABSOLUTELY! That would also be an unequivocal affirmation.  The third response would be, I Don’t Know, or something to that effect.  There is a basis to argue from all viewpoints, however, my view is that America was highly influenced by the Bible and Christianity and most of the Founders and Framers believed the words of Solomon in Proverbs 14:34 – “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” 

Those who insist categorically that America was not and is not a Christian nation do so from the view that our founders were far more guided by secular thought, self and state interests than the Bible or Christianity.  They acknowledge that the Founders were religious but believe that they rejected many Christian doctrines because they were deists.  The deist argument is one of the most prevalent in arguing against any Christian influence in our formation as a Republic.  I don’t want to get into the minute of that argument but suffice it to say this argument believes that deism, not Christianity was the major influence in America’s founding.

On the other hand, those who contend that Christianity and the Bible were far more influential than any other documents and writings cite the many religious quotations of the Founders.  If that position is taken too far it becomes, “Any quote by any founder supporting religion makes him an orthodox or evangelical Christian.”  I don’t want to take a weak approach in my argument for America’s Christian Founding so let me proceed.

It is a factual reality that in 1776, every European American, except for about 2,500 Jews, identified themselves as being a Christian.  At that time about 98 percent of the colonists were Protestants and the remaining 1.9 percent Roman Catholics.  What kind of Christians were they? Where they committed to the principles and cause of Christ?  Where they superficial in their following of the Christian teaching?  There are those that argue, based on their denominational or doctrinal view that many were not Christians because of their personal failures or omissions such as church membership.

Some were influenced by deism, but the majority were heavily influenced by Christianity and the Bible.  If you research history, you will find how difficult it was to become a member of the Calvinist churches in 18th century America.  If the standard by which we judge whether these men were Christians or influenced by Christianity is ‘moral perfection’ there has never been a Christian.  I would contend that Christianity was not the only influence on the Founders and the Framers of our American Constitution but it was a major influence. 

Historically, it would be difficult to deny that the Puritans who colonized America were not serious Christians.  Their desire and ambition were, in the words of Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop, to create “a shining city upon a hill” (a direct reference to Matthew 5:14).  The Puritans separated the church and the state but believed that both should work in tandem to support, protect, and promote true Christianity.  Were greed and the idea of personal gain involved in any colony?  Of course, it was and that might have been the major influence or motivator for Jamestown.

How can we overlook those fabulous words in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”   The references to “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” and the documents close by “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world” and noted that the signers were relying on “the protection of divine Providence.”  How could one argue that does not ring of heavy influence by the Bible and Christianity?  There were calls by our Founders to prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving issued by the Continental and Confederation Congresses. 

How can we overlook the fact that although the Constitution says little about God or religion the hints are there that they viewed America as a Christian nation?  Before you protest let me continue.  What about the inclusion that a pocket veto occurs 10 days after a bill is passed by Congress, Sundays excepted?  What about the directive of Article VI that prohibits religious tests for federal offices? 

Barry Alan Shain in “The Myth of American Individualism: The Protestant Origins of American Political Thought” makes a broad-stroked argument for the influence of Christianity on our Founders.  He received support from Donald Lutz, who examined 15,000 pamphlets, articles, and books on political subjects published in the late 18th century.  He concluded that the Bible was cited more than any other book, article, or pamphlet. 

Let me borrow from the Heritage Foundations research and argument that although the Bible or Christianity is not mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, the Founders were influenced by both.

James Madison wrote in Federalist 51, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external or internal controls on government would be necessary.”  That understanding and Christian influence helped them steer away from utopian concepts.  It helped them turn from what many Enlightenment Thinkers of that day supported, “a strong centralized government run by experts.”  God deliver us from the so-called governmental experts of our day. 

Also, they believed, as do I, that God has ordained moral standards and that all legislation must be made in accordance with those standards.  In their writings, it is easy to discern that they believed that moral law took precedence over human laws.  I also believe it is easy to ascertain their view of liberty was heavily influenced by Scripture and Christianity.  Supreme Court Justice James Wilson said, “Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression.  Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and become licentiousness.”

I’m sure this will upset some who do not believe in God or Creation, but our American Founders believed that human beings were created in the imago dei – the image of God.  I am equally convinced that many of them were devotedly convinced that religious liberty was a prize and right that must be protected extensively.  However, there were many who expressed their views that civil authorities should encourage Christianity. 

If you choose to cite the 1947 Supreme Court Decision of ‘Everson v. Board of Education’ and argue that the Founders intended an impenetrable wall of separation between Church and State let me suggest a consideration.  Consider the many Founders who made public statements and took governmental action to demonstrate their views were eons away from the modern view.  They believed that Religious Liberty was a Right and had to be protected.  I refer you to George Mason’s 1776 draft of Article XVI OF Virginia’s Declaration of Rights. “That as Religion, or the Duty which we owe to our divine and omnipotent Creator, and the Manner of discharging it, can be governed only by Reason and Conviction, not by Force or Violence; and therefore, that all Men should enjoy the fullest Toleration in the Exercise of Religion, according to the Dictates of Conscience, unpunished and unrestrained by the Magistrate….”

James Madison did not like the use of the word toleration and contended that it implied that religious liberty was a grant from the state and could be revoked and had it reworded, “the free exercise of religion” is a right, not a privilege granted by the state.  They also argued that religion belonged in the public square.  I refer to Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist Association.  It is argued that Jefferson insisted on a wall so prohibitive that nothing of religion could be in the public square.  However, if you research history you will find that Jefferson issued calls for prayer and fasting as Governor of Virginia.  He even drafted bills allowing the governor to appoint “days of public fasting and humiliation, or thanksgiving” and to punish “Disturbers of Religious Worship and Sabbath Breakers.”   

Jefferson suggested, as a member of the Continental Congress that the nation adopt a seal containing the image of Moses “extending his hand over the sea, causing it to overwhelm Pharaoh.”   He included the motto: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”  The separation that bans anything religious from the public square won’t square with that.  We could cite George Washington and his numerous references and appeals for focus on God both publicly and privately. 

I believe that our Republic as a society and as a government has drifted from the founding principles.  Our Founders believed it permissible and even encouraged the national and state governments to encourage Christianity.  That may not be prudent today, but to ban the influence of God, Christianity, and the biblical moral virtues and principles from all things public is to invite problems we could avoid.  Most of us would like to see an America where people are treated with respect and viewed as equal under the law.  Most of us would like to see an America where our government allows us to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness without undue influence, regulation or control.

I am not calling for Christianity to control the government or the government to attempt to control the Church.  I am calling for all who believe and follow Christ to pray for this nation and pressure our elected officials to return to allowing states and communities to determine how much or how little of the Bible they want in their public sectors.  I am calling for everyone who prays to pray for America and our leaders.  I believe we were founded on Christian principles but also that our Founders wanted you to be free to worship or not worship as your heart dictates.  I believe in America and I believe in God!

God bless you and God bless America!


I view what is transpiring in my beloved United States of America, the land of my birth and the nation to which my patriotic loyalty lies, with a heavy heart.  I weep because of the seeping and creeping drift, shift, and erosion of our core founding principles have been so diminished and tarnished we no longer resemble the Republic the founders envisioned and established.  You may disagree, but if you take a step back and take a deep breath and look at what is happening with an honest heart, you will see that there is validity in my argument and lament.  I have a deep love for my native land and the foundation upon which it was established.  I believe that many, if not most of you, share that sentiment. 

You may be an avid “Never Trump” zealot and devotee and believe that you are taking that stance for all the right reasons.  You may believe that America would be better off with the Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, or Robert O’Rourke in the White House.  Name any other leftist Democrat and the storyline is the same, more taxes, less freedom, open borders, and more government regulations and control.  If you truly believe that we would be better off in that environment and under that governance, I cannot understand your reasoning but defend your right to the position you have taken.

The “Anti-Trump Hysteria” of today is one of the darkest moments in our American history and we have had some dark moments.  I do not want to sugar-coat our history, nor do I want to revise or rewrite it.  I want us to learn from our mistakes, make the proper adjustments and proceed with the pursuit of the prize the founders gave us, the Free Constitutional Republic that recognizes and defends our inalienable rights.  I want to return to being, a nation in which all the legal citizens are afforded and allowed the right to Live (LIFE), be Free (LIBERTY), and pursue our Dreams (HAPPINESS).  I cannot imagine anyone not wanting that for All Americans, but some want part of America exterminated, silenced, and suppressed.

 I believe that in the decades to come, President Donald J. Trump will not be remembered as the maniacal monster he is portrayed as being by the Left.  That is unless the Leftist and Anti-American Powers control the writing of history, but if history is truly written his accomplishments will be noted.  Will he be deemed by history as one of our greatest presidents?  I cannot answer that, I will leave that to the historians.  Remember the Flower Children and the Peace Movement of the ’60s?   They grew up and many matured into reasonable and responsible adults who directed their energies to productive things.  Some did not but many did.  I have met some of them and had them apologize to me and thank me for my service in Vietnam. 

  All that is happening now in the ANTI-TRUMP era is not because Donald Trump is some wild-eyed right-wing radical but because those, behind the scenes, who want to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic are manipulating, motivating, and buying the hysteria.  The claim that Trump is Hitler should be laughable but sadly, some well-meaning and good-hearted Americans have bought the spin and rhetoric, and, in their deception, they react.  I’ve had seniors express their fears, arising from the seeds of the Democrat fear-mongering that they will no longer have medication or their social security because of Trump, so they vote Democrat, some for the first time in their lives.  The hysteria fanning the flames of fear and paranoia is working on far too many and that makes me weep.

Until recently the Democrats were for a Border Wall but since Trump became president they are in opposition.  What changed?  Only the party in power and the person occupying the White House.  That makes me weep.  Even their hero, Barack Obama, who did everything he could through Executive Fiat to undermine and cripple our immigration laws said, “we cannot allow people to pour into the U.S. undetected, undocumented, and unchecked.  Americans are right to demand better border security.”  That was in 2006, but what changed?  Only the party in power and the person in the White House and that makes me Weep!

When the Democrats including Schumer and Pelosi were for a wall the activists were not screaming to the heavens that a wall was immoral.  That only came about when Donald Trump became president.  That makes my heart heavy and my eyes run over with tears!  If you do a little fact checking and statistical analysis you will find that in the 2016 election more Hispanic, black, and Asians voted for Donald Trump than for Mitt Romney.  For anyone to claim that Trump is a racist and has an agenda to suppress all, but white people are not reflected in the voting of 2016 or in the polls of today.  With the continued drop in unemployment among all ethnicities, the growing economy, and the lower taxes people in all walks of life are seeing a brighter future.  That is not Hitler and not a monster’s work, it is the work of a person who wants America to succeed.  He may or may not be right on all fronts and may even be misguided from time to time, but he, unlike former presidents is willing to stand alone, if necessary, to achieve that objective.

Let me offer you a tidbit you might or might not know.  Mitt Romney won 54% of the votes of those who earned over $100K annually and 38% of those in the $50K range.  Trump, on the other hand, won only 47% of the $100K group and 41% of the $50K group.  In case you missed it, there are a lot more in the lower end of the economic spectrum than in the higher one.  Trump proved to be a candidate that appealed to people on both sides of the aisle who saw that America was headed in the wrong direction and wanted something definitively done in Washington.  They wanted lower taxes, secure borders, less government regulation, a strong national defense, and our rights and freedoms protected.  I cannot imagine any American not wanting those, but apparently, some still don’t want them.  I wonder how many are returning their tax cut to the government because they don’t like it?  I suspect the number is hovering around ZERO.

One more note, from the statistics I have seen, it appears that during these past two years of the Trump presidency the millennials’ support for the Democrats has dropped about 10 percentage points.  That is not good news for the Left and another reason they are so adamant on keeping the borders porous.  They need the illegal votes and need to make them citizens so they can become the new voting base of the Democratic Party. 

As a believer in God and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I long for America to return to our moral and spiritual moorings.  I long to see an America that values all lives including those defenseless ones in the womb.  I long to see an America that is color blind and values achievement based on merit, not skin pigmentation or religion.  I long to see an America where the federal government lives within its means and we reduce both the debt and deficit.  I long to see an America where we can disagree without resorting to violence and vitriolic rhetoric.  I long to see an America like the one I grew up in and our Founders envisioned and established.  My heart is heavy but filled with love and hope.  Will we see it?  I believe we will because I believe in God and the power of prayer and in the benefits of personal involvement in life.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


No, I am not talking about the political jockeying in Washington and the incessant drive and desire of the Democrats and the Never Trump Crowd to destroy the president.  In that, we probably should be alarmed and even angered, but that is not my subject today.  I want to address, once more, ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Manmade Global Warming’ or whatever they are calling it these days.  There are some legitimate questions that need answers and I hope to point you in a direction that might help you determine the answers to the questions.  I will, however, offer my view and couple that with a $10 bill and you can get a cup of coffee even at Starbucks.

I keep hearing former presidents, liberals, leftists, and even some Republicans arguing that the scientific community is unanimous in their consensus on the matter.  They have bought the arguments of the Global Warming Activist or Hucksters and embraced the idea that fossil fuels are ultimate evils and must be eliminated.  That leads to many questions but let me offer two or three and you take it from there.  Is the scientific community really united and in agreement on this issue?  Can we truly harness solar and wind energy sufficiently to take over for fossil fuels in the foreseeable future to a level that would allow humanity to maintain our modern level of productivity and convenience?  Remember we have a world of 7 billion people.  Another question that must be addressed is, has CO2 caused any real harm, yet?  Let me capsulize those questions with one answer – NO!

When someone says that 97% of all scientists agree, I shake my head in disbelief.  Disbelief because I’m not sure you could 97% of any group to agree on anything, much less something so lacking corroboration as ‘man-made global warming’ and ‘climate change’ because of man’s activities.  I don’t believe it and keep finding evidence that the claim is another Fuzzy Math Manipulation by the Leftists and Global Warming Activist in an attempt to give credibility to their argument. 

Someone suggested that if the scientists had been asked, “Do you believe that the Earth’s climate is changing, and does mankind have any effect on it?”  The percentage would likely have been 100%, not 97%.  Likewise, had the question been, “Is burning fossil fuel such a threat that there should be a major and emergency effort to stop it?”  I believe the response would have been 50% or less. That’s not what they ask or how they ask the questions.  Like all polls, the questions are skewed so they the responses will be in accordance with the desired, not factual reality or honest evaluation.

The scientific community is and will always be very divided on this issue.  There was a petition circulated by Friedrich Seitz, the president of the National Academy of Sciences disputing the ill effects of CO2 on the climate.  It was signed by 32,000 scientists and in that number were over 9,000 Ph.D. scientists.  An excerpt from Steven Koonin, director of the Institute for Urban Studies at NYU, in the Wall Street Journal, April 17, 2017 highlights that divide.  “The public is largely unaware of the intense debates within climate science.  At a recent national laboratory meeting, I observed more than 100 active government and university researchers challenge one another as they strove to separate human impacts from the climate’s natural variability.  At issue were not nuances but fundamental aspects of our understanding, such as the apparent – and unexpected – slowing of global sea level rise over the past two decades.”  Can we depart from the 97% and realize that it might well be 50% agreeing with the activist such as Al Gore?

In 1998, about 86% of the world’s energy was from fossil fuel, and 9%, nuclear, solar, and wind.  In 2017, about 20 years later and hundreds of billions spent, ($150 Billion in the U.S. alone), we find the numbers are now 85% and 5%.  That should tell you how unlikely it is that wind and solar power will not replace fossil fuel in the near future.  The cost is too astronomical to pursue on a scale needed to do that.  Imagine what a decrease of 85% in energy would mean to you personally.  How would that affect your lifestyle?  If you are willing to give up your automobile, lose your air conditioning, high-tech goods, and medicines, lose virtually all air travel, and most electricity as well as manufactured goods, then it’s a good thing for you.  I am not in the number.

The melting ice we are told is a clear and present danger and proof of man-made global warming.  The problem is that rather than losing ice mass in the Antarctic there has not been a loss of ice but the formation of 80 billion tons per year.  It is just in a different location than the previous.  Melts in one area and forms in another.  That is not melting ice that is going to raise the sea levels microscopically.

Regarding CO2, we can’t live without it.  It is beneficial.  It is not, as they claim, a pollutant, but a vital nutrient for plant life.  Do you realize that without atmospheric CO2, life on this planet would not be possible?  NASA’s report of the past 40 years of satellite measurement reveals that the Earth is ‘greening’ not dying.

Climate statistics and data for the past 118 years demonstrates the fallacy of using ‘climate models’ to predict or promote the climate change alarm.  From 1910 to 1940 the Earth warmed and that was not a response to CO2 released into the atmosphere by man.  We don’t know why it just did.  But then I am a believer in God and that His creation has cyclical changes for reasons known only to Him.  From 1975 to 2000 there was similar warming and the apologists of Man-Made Climate Change insisted it was exclusively the blame of CO2.  It wasn’t in the earlier period but was in that period.  What is their proof?  They wanted it to be, so they manipulated and reasoned within themselves, it must be so. 

There are, in my view, and for what I can discover, many unknown causes for warming and cooling of the planet.  CO2 and greenhouse gasses do have an effect, how much, we really don’t know.  But beyond those, there is the overturning circulation of the oceans, the magnetic field of the sun, the periodic cycles of ocean temperature, and the chaotic variation that occurs.  The idea that the Pacific Islands will be flooded and underwater because of melting ice is not substantiated by their own scientific calculations.  For example, they survived the sea level rise at the end of the Ice Age.  Why?  Because coral islands grow upward as the sea level rises.  That is not a secret, but the Global Warming Advocates don’t want you to think about that truth.

There are many many reasons to reject the alarmist claiming that our planet is on the verge of destruction because of man-made global warming.  It is not, and it will outlast all of us and generations to come.  I, as a believer in God, believe that He created this Earth knowing what would transpire and His promise that as long as the Earth remains there will ‘seed time and harvest, cold and hot, winter and summer.’  I trust God, not computer models of manipulated science.  Believe what you will, but if you trace the roots of this hysteria you will find two things at its heart – Money and Power!

God bless you and God bless America!


At least, by those on the Left, for they seem to have lost sight of the Original Intent of our Framers and Founders and the Colonials fighting for the Free Constitutional Republic they gave us.  Maybe, they haven’t lost sight of it at all but have shifted in their ideological positions to the point they no longer want what our forefathers gave us.  Maybe, Socialism, Progressivism, the Deep State, and Totalitarianism is what they now believe in and desire.  If that is the case, the War we are engaged in is far more serious than most Americans seem to believe.  If that is what they believe and desire, this is truly a Fight to the Finish for Freedom!  I cannot decide for you, but I hope I can offer some insights that will help you understand where we are and how we got here.

Mark Levin, lawyer, former Reagan DOJ official, now radio conservative commentator, and an author has written a new book that I highly recommend.  It is “Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism.”  It was released in 2017 so it is over a year old and many of you may have already gotten and read it.  It is worth the price and time to do so.  Mr. Levin, in my view, is always insightful and pulls no punches when it comes to America and our need in this fight for Freedom.  He is a staunch constitutionalist as I believe I am, but he has the educational and historical background to see it in a way that many in the public sector do not.

If we were to, as Mr. Levin has, go back and research the phenomenon of the beauty of and need for limited representative government, we would be appalled at where we are today in America.  This is not the America of our Founders and not even the America of our grandparents.  I would say parents, but all who read this have not attained the chronological travel through time as I.  The 19th and 20th Centuries produced some significant enemies of our system of government and made Benjamin Franklin’s statement poignant in a new way.  He said when asked what kind of government they had produced, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  That is the question of the hour, can we, or will we?

The drift or shift, as described by Mr. Levin in our ideological, social, moral, and understanding of what a Republic is has produced serious dangers and pitfalls for our future.  The shift to mobocracy rather than representative democracy has and is crippling our ability to self-govern with any semblance of success or sanity.  When those driven by personal ambition and lacking in moral fiber gain power, as is representative of our government for the past fifty or more years, the Republic is damaged.  When we lose sight of the intrinsic value and inalienable right of freedom and the necessity of recognizing natural law and its inseparable elements we endanger our Republic.

The Founders and Framers approached the formation of our Republic and its government from a strong natural law, traditional morality, with individualism, capitalism, property rights, liberty, freedom, and rejection of tyranny.  Today, those in Washington, especially in Congress and many of the bureaucracies desire a tyrannical oligarchy and seem to believe the “know best” and we are the ignorant plebs or deplorable elements of society.  They are the elite and believe themselves to be entitled to dictate to the rest of society what we can and cannot do.  That is the face of the Democratic Party today and there are far too many Republicans who have boarded that train. 

Today, for whatever reason, the Left seems to be embracing the views of statism/socialism and even communism.  This is what the progressivism of today embraces with full allegiance.  Mr. Levin walks the reader through the progression and postulations of 19th and 20th-century progressives and the damage they have done.  A warning that must be heeded by all who desire to see America remain the Free Constitutional Republic with limited government our Framers and Founders established.  Their views and those of today seem to be heavily influenced by Plato, Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx. He introduces a new name to me and possibly you, Herbert Croly, a father of modern liberalism and progressivism in America.  If we consider the damage done to our Republic by the administrations and influence of Wilson, Dewey, Roosevelt, and others we can discern how people like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were elected. 

We have been on a multi-generational path and plan through our educational system to destroy conservativism and constitutional originalism in the minds of our children and now their children.  John Dewey was a chief proponent of using education as a means to ‘counteract and transform’ the individualist tendencies prevalent in America.  He saw education as the primary tool and powerful weapon to replace our Americanism and Individualism with the embracing of the ‘cooperative and collective.’

Mr. Levin suggests, and I believe he is correct, that a Progressive is one who believes in the perfectibility of man by governmental tinker and control.  He also suggests that they believe that if the tinkering and control do harm, the good intentions of their ideology and agenda immunizes the well-intended progressive.  Balderdash, is what I say to their mindset!  People like Wilson sought to create an incredibly expansive and powerful activist and interventional government.  He called his desired system, “unbounded activist government.”  Now doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy?  An All Powerful and Expansive Government dictating our lives.  That is not the America we need and why I say we may need to rediscover America.

Today, the impasse in Washington has everything to do with the conflict of the views of the Progressive, Globalist, Socialist view, versus the Constitutional view.  However, it is a sad commentary that too many of the GOP have no clue what true Constitutionalism really is.  They too have morphed into Big Government Advocates and the only difference between them and the Democrats is they maintain a smidgen of loyalty to the Constitution.  None of them seem to realize or remember that this is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  They believe themselves to be the only wise and noble in society and we (citizens) do not know what is best or even what we want.  The fact that we keep sending the same bunch back to Washington might be a validation of their views.

If we don’t resist the resistance and insist that all our elected officials regardless of party, follow the Rule of Law and protect and defend the Constitution we are aiding and abetting the destruction they are proposing and perpetrating.  What can we do?  I sound like a broken record but Pray, Pray, Pray is the first order of business.  The second is to become involved, informed, and Vote!  I did not say vote, vote, vote but VOTE.  We cannot allow voter fraud to shift elections if we hope to save the Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!