Thank you for asking, but No I Did Not!  Let me explain why so you won’t think I am not interested in the positions of both sides, so I can speak to the differences.  I did not watch either of the first Democrat debates because I Read, I Research, and I Reason.  Of course, that invites more clarity and the defining of what I mean.  I realize that immediately some who are locked into listening and some on the Left will take offense to that position. 

So, let me go into a little more detail on what I mean. 


What I mean by that is I read, as profusely as possible, all the material I can find about the positions, conditions, and declarations of all political candidates that I can.  I love America so much and have invested enough of my life in defending her, I long for information that will enhance that fight.  I have, for decades, tried to educate as many as possible about the Constitution, our founding principles, and what is really happening, not simply political spin.

I read conservative articles and liberal articles attempting to wade through the minutia to uncover a little grain to go with the fodder.  I have long believed that there is a balanced position in life where moderation and sanity can provide progress and the betterment of all concerned.  However, some of the positions of the modern Democrats are so outlandish there is no common ground, no middle ground, and no balance.  Therefore, I find myself rejecting those positions summarily.


I have for a long time sought to know the real position of various political candidates, not just what they say in the soundbite moments of a campaign.  I am far less interested in what they say on the stage in a debate or more accurately, an audition than what the record reveals.  If they have served in any political office, I want to know how they voted, their long-term positions, and overall record.  Politicians have a nasty propensity to say what they think people want to hear at any given moment, so I’m not particularly moved or impressed with stage performance.

I want to know their positions on taxes, healthcare, abortion, the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment, the border, and national security.  That is not an exhaustive list but enough to identify what I research.  Once, I have determined from studying as large a swath of time as I can find information, I feel I then know the candidate and do not need to hear a television or radio audition in which they try to sell me some political snake oil or advance a flawed and failed policy. 

Additionally, I research, how many times they have stood in opposition to the standard party line and how many times, have they reneged on their campaign promises in order to be a good party soldier.  Those are important characteristics for me. 

Can a person change?  Of course, I have over the years, but my core positions may have morphed a bit, the core position of conservatism, constitutionalism, and faith have not.  I still believe that our inalienable rights come from God not government.  I believe that private property is, or should be, untouchable by the federal government.  In that, I believe that my thoughts are my private property, and nobody has the right to tell me how to think. 


I am deeply saddened, in modern times, at the absence of reason, common sense, and critical thought.  Students are no longer taught to think critically in school. I don’t mean be critical but think!  Frequently they are taught to buy the company line (the line of the professor and his/her political ideology) without question.  By critical thinking, I use the standard definition of “objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.”  Some have argued that the five basic skills of critical thinking are:  the analytical, communication, creativity, open-mindedness, and problem-solving.  I was taught that in the home and in school.

The Bible tells us, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Come now, and let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”  I would argue that it is impossible to “be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us” if we do not use logic and reason.

In my years of managing people and being under management, I have found that reason and critical thinking are a valued commodity in both the workplace and in life.  Therefore, to suggest it is not vital in politics would be contrary to rational reason and sensibility.

I endeavor to never make political decisions based on my personal situation but on the Constitution and what is rationally the best for the whole.  When I hear the Left trash this present economy as though we were in the throes of another Great Depression I find that both laughable and lamentable.  When I hear them insist that America and legal American citizens are obligated to provide healthcare and other entitlements to illegals, I both laugh and cry.  Critical thinking is clearly not a part of their repertoire

So, I did not watch the Democrat Auditions for the nomination of their party, not because I do not consider the Democratic Party a threat or the need to know what their positions are.  I did not watch because I Read, I Research, and I Reason.  I believe, without knowing specifically what each of them said in the audition, I know their position. Therefore, why subject myself to the health risks of anger which would elevate my blood pressure?  Why subject myself to attitudes that would cause me to have to repent? 

You must do what you believe is necessary for you to make an informed decision, I am and will continue to do the same. I have not budged from my position of defending and being willing to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

God bless you and God Bless America!



In our presidential elections, most of the time, if not all the time, our choice with the view of victory is binary.  There may be other options we could choose but if we have any hope of winning an election it is generally one or the other.  We can argue from any position we choose that our rejection of one or both candidates is the best course of action and the only principled option.  We may insist that our choice will send a message but not have any lasting or long-term effects on the nation.  We may, but I believe the dangers are far more significant today than at any time in our history.

When Jimmy Carter was the Democratic nominee I had many Christians, who longed for a Christian in the White House, insist that they had to vote for him because he was a Christian.  I tried to explain, from my perspective, that whether he was a born-again believer or not, he would be a very bad president.  We had just gone through the scandals of the Nixon administration and a bad taste was in the mouth of many.  Believers were crying for someone other than the typical politician to be elected and believed Carter was that man.  The groundwork of the Democrats during and after Nixon, which have continued to this day was and is to divide the nation and play on unfounded fear.

After four years of Carter, many Americans on both sides of the aisle woke up and realized that Ronald Reagan offered a different view of politics. He spoke of an America that was encouraging, hopeful, and refreshing.  We knew there would be challenges and difficulties and although Reagan was not perfect he was a respite from the destruction of liberalism and the disastrous economic and foreign affairs policies of the Carter era.

The “coup” of Ross Perot and those that bought his spin while rejecting George H.W. Bush as being too Big Government, too World Order, and too liberal gave us William Jefferson Clinton.  I had people tell me as they voted for Perot that they knew they could not win but Clinton would only be a temporary president and a minor bump in the road.  Although Clinton might not have been dramatically different than Bush, the Clinton era opened the door for the toxicity of liberalism to become entrenched in American politics. 

There was much that I did not like about H.W. but I am still experiencing some of the pain that came through the policies and actions of Clinton.  His supposed success economically can be largely attributed to the Republican efforts in Congress and the failure of the Democrats to impose the regulations and taxes they truly wanted to the degree they wanted. 

The Clinton liberalism and impropriety turned off enough Americans that we were spared the lunatic Al Gore and George W. Bush became president.  George W. like his father and predecessor Clinton did some things that drove me up the proverbial wall at times, but when I consider the choice between George W. and Al Gore, I rejoice that Bush won the election. 

The dual elements of Political Correctness and Fear gave us Barack Obama.  Of course, I add to that the distaste for both Romney and McCain who were anything, but conservatives gave us 8-years of Obama and the damage of that administration will never be reversed fully under our current system. 

I had people tell me in both those elections that Obama was a temporary blip in our American progress and we would, as we always have, survive.  We have survived, in a manner of speaking but Obama’s stated desire to ‘fundamentally transform’ America has and is having lasting effects.  He continues today to trash our American spirit and exceptionalism and undermines our system of government worldwide. 

My problem with conservatives and those of faith who insist that voting against or not voting for Donald Trump is in the best interest of the Republic is that we are not dealing with Democrats of the John F. Kennedy era.  We are dealing with a mentality that wants to strip us of our liberties, impose on us their definition of political correctness, and transform America into a Socialist nation.  Therefore, if we vote against or withhold our vote from the Republican candidate in the presidential election we are inviting more destruction than we can imagine.  Times have changed, and this binary choice is more imposing than at any time in our history.

There are things about the man, Donald Trump, that I do not like.  I have never argued that he is a true conservative. I have never argued that he is a righteous man.  I have never argued that he is not loose with his lips, at times.  However, much of the promised agenda is a good thing, in my view.  Has he been successful? Only partially.  Why?  Not simply because the Democrats put up roadblocks and seek to obstruct everything but because the Establishment Republicans have failed to back him.  We could have gotten healthcare done and I blame the Republicans in Congress as much or more than the Democrats.  We could have gotten the Border taken care of in a very powerful way, but the Republicans have failed to back him. 

I consider Donald John Trump a pragmatist.  I see him as a businessman who sees a problem and seeks to find a solution.  I see, in him, a man who wants solutions not simply another round of ‘can kicking.’  He has endured an assault like no president in the past and hopefully, no president in the future will endure. 

The Democrats have made it clear they have no intention of working with him and are hell-bent on destroying him.  They want more than his removal from office, they want his complete destruction.  Sadly, there are Conservatives, followers of the Constitution, Patriots, and Christians who so object to the man they truly believe they must help defeat him.  I ask, at what cost?

Trash me if you please for supporting this President.  He has demonstrated a propensity to fight back, not always as I would have preferred but he has not cowered into the shadows like previous Republicans.  I don’t know who the best president in my lifetime has been, but I do know who the worst has been.  The worst, hands down, in my view, was Barack Hussein Obama followed closely by Lyndon Banes Johnson and Jimmy Carter.  You may have a different list.  I loved both Reagan and Eisenhower and I am not ashamed to call Trump my president.

I will vote against the destruction of America by voting for the Republican nominee for president in 2020.  You have the same right to your opinion and choice as do I, so if we disagree we disagree but we are still Americans and hopefully seeking the same thing, Restoration of the Republic to her Constitutional Status.

God bless you and God bless America!

THE SUPREMACY OF SELF – Is The Death of Any Society…

I realize that my stance on this issue and my views may not be appreciated or embraced by some.  Some will think I’m overly religious, others think I don’t go far enough, and others reject it completely.  Each person must come to their own conclusions and establish their personal convictions about this matter and life.  I respect that but feel compelled to express my concerns, offer a warning, and make an impassioned plea to all who can and will hear.

I heard, as a child, and throughout my life, “You have to look out for Number One or Numero Uno.”  After I returned from Viet Nam and became a Christian my center changed, and I was no longer “Number One.”  I recognized that without God being Number One in my life, I was like a ship on a raging sea and drifting without the real power to guide my ship of life.  I also came to the realization that it was as I made life, mine and that of others valuable and gifts of God, I would drift into a state of self-centeredness that what I wanted and needed would allow me to be insensitive to the pain caused to others in the pursuit of my purposes. 

I have heard most of my life, “You have to look out for Number One because no one else will.”  When I was in Viet Nam, there was a toast that the guys would make that sounded funny then, but later became painful to my heart.  Please forgive my use of an expression that is not becoming to a Christian, but the toast went something like this. “Here’s to you and here’s to me and if we should ever disagree, to hell with you and here’s to me.”  That encapsulates the mindset of too large a swath of today’s society.  It is “me, me, me, me!”  I want, I need, I demand!  That is what makes the carrot of Socialism being dangled in front of noses today appealing.  It is rooted in the elevation of the supremacy of self and that is not just dangerous it is ultimately destructive.

Relationships cannot be built on Self.  Healthy relationships whether in romance, business, politics, or church must be rooted in service and concern for the others involved.  It cannot entertain as the foundational basis, ‘what’s in it for me?’ 

In prayer, some time back, the Spirit of God whispered to my heart, “Who we are determines what we do and what we do determines our future.”  Who we are more than influences our decisions and choices it necessitates them.  If I view my own desires as paramount and holding supremacy over those of society or anyone else, then I will pursue those purposes regardless of their impact on others.  In that view, a life, other than my own, is of secondary importance and easily considered collateral damage in my quest to attain my desired strata in life. 

That can be authenticated in Scripture because Jesus said Matthew 7, that by our fruits we are known or by our deeds.  Simply, What We Do!  He also told us that the words that come out of our mouths are first formed in the heart and our expressions are reflections of our hearts.  That should be arresting to each of us.  I hear people say things and then say, “Oops that just slipped out.”  I agree it did, but also insist that it could not have ‘slipped out’ had it not been there in the first place. 

Today’s society is rapidly moving to a condition where many view a ‘human life’ other than their own is virtually valueless.  When a baby in the womb can be considered in the same way as a tumor, a growth, an unwanted blemish the dangers are incredibly apparent.  We become conditioned to atrocity and over time that which is reprehensible and despicable becomes not only tolerable but accepted and even embraced.  Life is a progression and when we give supremacy to self we condition ourselves to reject all moral values and restraints.  After all, as was the term of the ’70s and other eras, “If it feels good do it” becomes “If I want it, it is okay to do what is needed to get it.”  The peril that follows is too obvious to dismiss.

In American politics today, the Saul Alinsky model is embraced by too many pursuing elected positions.  The idea of being a public servant has morphed into rulership and service is eliminated from the equation.  Rather than them serving us, they expect us to serve them in funding their objectives, obeying their edicts, and embracing a mentality of beholding to our benevolent benefactors in Washington.  That is foreign to both the Free Republic our framers and founders established, all moral reason, and biblical principles. 

If America continues, as a society, to afford Self Supremacy we will destroy ourselves. The societal and political cannibalism that follows will plunge this nation into a state of darkness beyond anything we have never imagined.  The District Attorney in Dallas County, John Creuzot recently issued a proclamation that he will not prosecute theft crimes below the threshold of $750.  His argument is that people steal because they are hungry, poor, or maybe just because he deems those of us that have as needing to share with those who do not have.  I’m sure that does not extend to his own property, but alas, he is making a point, he thinks will better Dallas County.  That mentality will increase theft on the lower end of the spectrum.  What is to prevent a criminal from taking advantage of that stance and rob a dozen places with each theft falling below that threshold? 

The idea that states that have abortion bans should suffer from Hollywood and other business relationships is hypocritical.  Those same filmmakers’ film in Muslim countries that devalue human life extensively, authorize killing homosexuals, and most ban abortions totally.  Yet, the hypocritical hypocrites of Hollywood still go there and do business.  When politicians can inspire activist to board the train of hypocrisy such as the supposed morality of an open border while allowing abortion on demand, the ill-treatment of our elderly and the ignoring of the needs of our veterans we are on dangerous ground societally.       

In America’s beginning, neighbors helped neighbors.  In my upbringing, we helped our neighbors.  In the church, we cared for the sick, the poor, the widows, and orphans.  We did not expect the government to be the provider of all things.  We were taught to respect other’s rights and property.  We were taught to live within our means.  I was taught to value the whole and realize that as my community prospered, so did I. 

Who we are is rooted in whose we are.  If we allow Self to become Supreme in our lives, we will become a society where the idea of “all being fair in love and war” will become “all is fair in my pursuit of my desires.”  If everyone does that, what will be the result?  There will be no personal safety or security.  There will be no pretense of civility.  There will be anarchy, chaos, and societal cannibalism beyond our comprehension.  We will witness the destruction of our Society and in that the destruction of our Republic.  Of course, it goes without saying, the destruction of our souls.

Agree or disagree, love me or hate me, this is my view and it with a sawbuck will get you a cup of coffee most places.  

God bless you and God bless America! 


No, I do not mean his personal computer but the problem of political correctness in today’s America.  The PC Police are everywhere and seem to be working 24/7/365 looking for violations from which to rescue us.  At least, in their minds.

I have laughed for days over the endless political cartoonist renditions of Trump in various aspects of his presidency.  If you add to that mix the Main Stream Media, Hollywood liberals, the Democrats and the Never-Never-Land-ers who hate Trump as much or more than the Left, you are surely laughing at the hypocrisy and the inane approach they are taking.

For example, I observed several political cartoons that depicted Trump’s launching of his campaign as a rocket ship propelled by vitriol.  I laughed because they took no issue with the two-dozen or more Democrats as they launched their campaign.  Virtually all of them were filled with hateful rhetoric, vile vitriolic language, and accusations, and through their statements inciting people on their side to engage in hate, bitterness, anger, and even violence.  Not a peep from the media and the cartoonist pens were ink-less.  I had to laugh.

The actions, good or bad, that Trump has taken with Iran is being portrayed by some cartoonist and media types as nothing more than a toy gun with the words, “bang” coming out the end.  However, everything he has done to this point has earned him their angst calling him a ‘war-monger’ not only in dealing with Iran but every other adversary.  Wow!  They had no problem with Obama’s elusive ‘red line’ but then, he was a liberal leftist and Trump represents the other side of the political equation.  But, I had to laugh at the hypocrisy and the inane diatribe being offered.

The Democrats in Congress insist that he not take military action, but when he doesn’t they insist that he is displaying a weakness that will do more harm.  What could he do that would satisfy you?  I do not want to go to war, unnecessarily.  I do, however, want to send a very clear message to Iran and any other despotic terrorist nations and sponsors that you cannot attack us with impunity.  Actions have consequences. 

That being said, I can appreciate the fact that I do not have all the facts, the intelligence data, and the knowledge those advising him and our military have.  I don’t mind caution so long as caution does not result in us being viewed, as we were under Obama, as a paper tiger.  We must never go back to those days.  I do not want the United States to be a world bully, as is Putin and others on the global scene so there is a fine line to walk and I am willing to bid my time and see how this plays out.

The Democrat election strategy seems to be embodied in ‘freebies’ and they want to appear as the party that cares about the poor and needy.  They want the federal government to clothe, house and feed everyone.  I suspect that ‘everyone’ does not include those of us who are deemed occupants of the “deplorable basket.”  Those of us who do not believe in the fear-mongering of their climate change hysteria, the concentration camp diatribe, and want to protect America and Americans.  We would probably not be included, but then I only speculate.

Their plan seems to be to give us a steady diet of Investigations, a continual push for Open Borders, Climate Change Regulations, Reparations, Gender Nullification, and Impeachment of the president.  Did I fail to include Socialism?  How could I have forgotten the key piece of their agenda?  Their desire for Socialism is not because they believe in Socialism but, so they can enslave the masses and make us subservient to Big Brother.  They want us to be every beholding to the hand that feeds us and for us to bow at the altar of their god, liberalism ever grateful for the rights they deem we are worthy of receiving.   I would laugh but my temperature is too high and if I laugh my head might explode.

The idea of reparations is interesting.  There is no discussion of the native American Indians in this plan or none that I have seen.  The idea is that the blacks captured in Africa and brought here against their wills should receive reparations.  The Indians clearly got the shaft but now we have given them casinos and both sides seem to have called it even.  The African natives also got the shaft, there is no question about that.  Who was truly the blame for it is another discussion, but they were sold into slavery and bondage for rum?  I guess the idea is that we should now pay reparations from that rum money with 500 years of interest compounded. 

Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ engaged in reparations of sorts. He did it by changing the rules of fairness and increased the taxes on us working class stiffs so that we could hand out welfare like it was candy. The increased issuing of food stamps as though it grew on trees, and offering more and more money each time an unwed mother had another baby were all a part of his reparations.  We have experienced the demand for racial quotas in what was called “Affirmative Action.”  Someone said we called it that because we like gentle aphorisms – e.g., “pro-choice” instead of “suctioning the limbs off a life.”  We called the terrible healthcare plan of Obama and the Democrats, “Affordable Health Care Act” instead of “Mandating that men pay for prenatal care health coverage just in case they get pregnant, which is a biological impossibility.”

The borders are a travesty and the Democrats act as Nero, fiddling and issuing superfluous diatribe as we are invaded by some good and very bad people for all sorts of reasons.  We are lectured that the illegals “have a right to be here.”  No, they do not!  Both sides are complicit in the border problem. 

President Trump has tried to take definitive action, but both Democrats and Republicans have dragged their feet.  The Democrats want the illegals as potential votes and the Chamber of Commerce and big donors on the Republican side want cheap labor.  Drain the Swamp is and should be a rallying cry for all lovers of America.  Patriots it is time that we unite and do everything in our power to clean house in D.C. immediately if not sooner.

If you listen to the hype and distortions of the Democrats you will believe that they have a plan, but you will never hear the plan or the price of the plan.  They targeted moderate districts and promised to fix healthcare, find a solution to the border crisis, rebuild infrastructure, and expose corruption in Washington.  They won doing that. Too many on the Conservative and Constitutional side of the political aisle either bought into their rhetoric or allowed their distaste and distrust of Trump to sway them into voting for the Democrat or not voting.  That is a costly mistake and one we will pay for going forward.  In 2018 we made that mistake, but we must rectify that in 2020 and reclaim the House, maintain control of the Senate and keep the White House.  America’s hope is in our success!

God bless you and God bless America!

THE STATE OF OUR NATION – Are We in Trouble?

No, I am not referring to the claim of the Democrats and Never Trump Republicans that Donald Trump is our crisis.  I am referring to something entirely other and something that is of grave concern to me as a veteran and a patriot.  I see signs and research the reports and statistics that come from our military as well as other governmental entities and am deeply concerned.  I hope and pray that we have not crossed the demarcation line of destruction and declension and are hopeless in the throes of national death.  You may not share my concerns, but they are deeply troubling for me.

Just a few days ago, I read a report by the Pentagon that revealed that of the 34 million Americans between the ages of 17-24 only 29% of them are eligible for military service.  The reasons for the 24 million who are ineligible range from obesity, education and criminal records.  That is troubling for this veteran and lover of America.  I, like others, wonder if the number of those ineligible is not higher but pray that it is not.  The reason I suggest it might be is because of ‘drug use’ among that age group.

How did we get in this condition?  What has happened in our America that has precipitated this crisis?  The reasons for ineligibility are not based on birth but choices.  In today’s snowflake enabling society with the insane political correctness that is persistent, I am not surprised but am troubled.  I told someone recently, America needs to ‘Grow Up.’  I, as many of you, was raised to take personal responsibility and to face the consequences of my choices good and bad.  That ship has sailed in much of America today and many should be wearing signs that read: “Beware Snowflake: Handle with Care!”

I’ve been watching the movement in Academia and witnessed firsthand the evolution of education which has been dumbing down America for decades.  I’ve watched the ‘participation trophy’ pathway where everyone gets a trophy regardless of success, involvement, or effort.  The ‘entitlement mentality’ is ripping us to shreds as a nation and has produced a generation or two of those who have no concept of personal responsibility.  If you don’t like something, simply scream ‘racism, unfair, or blame white privilege even if you are white.’  It is always someone else’s fault and when children are raised that way in the home, in the school, and sometimes in church, we doom them to a life of incredible failure and rob them of the success and joy they could have.

Have you seen the report that the College Board, the entity that administers the SAT college entrance exam has decided that the SAT test will assign an “adversity score” for each student?  What?  They will seek to determine social and economic backgrounds and then determine the score on the test.  Wait?  What happened to actually requiring the students to KNOW the material?  Who is to blame?  There is enough to spread around so I won’t try to lay this at the feet of any one institution or segment of society.  But, I will contend that it is an epidemic and a crisis that must be addressed if we are to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic and not get sucked into the insanity of Socialism or Political Correctness.

I believe the principles of the Bible and endorse ‘tough love’ and ‘tough parenting’ or parenting that demands their children learn personal responsibility and accountability.  Yes, we all want to give them more than we had, but is that the best approach?  Did we truly suffer from having to ‘earn it’ rather than having it handed to us on a silver platter?  Many of us learned the value of money through having to ‘earn the money’ to buy the things we wanted.  My first car was a 1959 Chevrolet that I paid $400.00 for and I loved that car because it was bought and paid for by me.  It was mine and if I broke it I fixed it, it was mine!

Which is more important my ability to perform a job, my knowledge, or my race, sex, ethnicity, or country of origin?  Who would you rather have performing surgery on you, someone who knew how to operate and knew medicine or someone who was awarded their degree and license based on race, sex, ethnicity or something else?  What do we teach kids if everyone gets a trophy for just showing up?  Doesn’t that strip away all desire and drive to achieve?  After all, if you get the same trophy for participating as the person who participated and achieved success why invest the time or energy?

It is impossible to make the playing field truly level in all areas of life.   Yes, I believe we are all created equal regarding liberty and the right to pursue our dreams, but we are not all equal in ability, determination, and drive.  I heard someone ask, “Should a person who thinks the same way at age 40 the same way they did when they were four be considered a grown-up?”  I laughed and then cried!  NO, a thousand times NO!  That is one of our problems today, millions of those chronologically adults are still adolescents and they are moving to the head of the line to govern and lead this nation.  That is alarming!

Our cessation of demanding that the young learn personal responsibility and accountability enables the Leftist, largely in the Democratic Party to manipulate our precious children and youth.  They are using our failure to transform our kids into idol-worshipping burdens and we will pay dearly for that abdication of responsibility as parents, teachers, and leaders.

Hillary Clinton once said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” No, she did not dream that up on her own, but she owned that philosophy.  Many of the Democratic hopefuls for POTUS also embrace that mentality.  In fact, Senator Kamala Harris believes that parents and teachers raise children.  I scream, NO!  Teachers are to TEACH our children, but parents are to PARENT the children.  I totally agree that every person involved in a child’s life should complement the efforts of the parent, but parenting is the responsibility of the parents!

I believe that the failure to Grow Up is very high on the list when describing the American Crisis.  I see nothing but failure if we allow the liberal leftists, largely in the Democratic Party regain total control of our government.  Our children will be molded into faithful soldiers of that agenda and once those of my generation and possibly the one following assume room temperature and depart this life, America will become a faint memory. 

God help us to Wake Up!   God bless you and God bless America!


That is true in every sector of life and regarding every topic, but I’m focused on something specific.  What is the fascination with Socialism by so many Americans today?  What is it in the packaging and selling of that magic elixir that makes it reasonable as opposed to Free Market Capitalism?  As I said in my title, understanding the inane is impossible using rational reason.  Therefore, to understand the appeal we must delve deeper into the mindset of the proponents of this failed philosophy, government, and economic system.  We must abandon reason and view it from the perspective of emotion, entitlement, victimization, and greed.  It is only there that we arrive at the foundational basis of the appeal of Socialism.

I did not say that it was reasonable or desirable but to grasp the ‘why’ we must understand the ‘who’ of the equation.  Recently Fox News Business conducted a town hall debate on Socialism and Capitalism.  Their forum solidified my contention that no facts from history, no examples of failure will dampen the appeal of Socialism to those who are limited in their ability to fulfill their unlimited needs or desires.  More specifically, when the satisfaction of those needs and desires comes through those viewed as the ‘exploiters of working people’.  The appeal becomes irresistible and the temptation to ascribe to that philosophy too strong to think. 

That debate, as virtually all discussions regarding Socialism and its failures, never entertained the ideological purpose of socialism and offered no clear definition of that system.  Instead, they focused on the blemishes and flaws in a capitalist system.  The major talking point seemed to be, as often is, the idea that capitalism is a flawed system.  Those desiring Socialism demand that it will make everything fair and equal.  The truth is that it will do neither, but then to arrive at that conclusion you would be required to use rational reason rather than emotion, embrace an entitlement mentality, consider yourself an exploited victim of the capitalist, and allow greed to take preeminence in your mind.

The egalitarian desires of the proponents of Socialism are never forced to explain how the fulfillment of their proposals would be implemented or their true cost.  They purveyors of this philosophy are preying on the minds of the brainwashed and those envious of others who have achieved.  They know their packaging and presentation of an egalitarian dream and touting the idea that Socialism will level the playing field, and everyone will be equal, produces votes.  The damage done to all of society is not of any concern to them, only winning elections.  They duped remained duped and follow the inane devoid of rational reason.

When you present a philosophy to an angry mob that feeds on their sense of lack, promising them those things they have been unable to obtain, you move from reason to emotion.  If you never explain the economic costs and how the share and share alike mentality does not elevate everyone but brings everyone down to a certain level you’d lose support, so avoid that at all cost. 

I hear those promoting Socialism advance the idea that China is an example of successful socialism.  The facts are, China is more of a dynasty engaged in a system of slavery than Socialism.  The Chinese government has been using forced labor to develop China’s manufacturing industry to become the manufacturing facility of the United States.  China’s reliance on the America market is indisputable.  If President Trump closes certain loopholes in the trade deals with China, we will witness the deflation of China’s economy.  The fantasy that China is a successful working model of Socialism will prove to be a wishful daydream.

I hear others touting the Scandinavian model of Socialism as the cat’s meow of economic systems.  I suggest that due to the size of those countries, the severity of the weather they have discovered that ‘collectivism’ is needed, in some form, for survival.  Unfortunately, the proponents of Socialism confuse the principles of collectivism with the ideas of socialism.  I suggest that if you examine the facts you will discover that the Scandinavians have always maintained their unique sense of identity and unique concept of social order.  I also contend that what was needed in the past is an impediment to the innovation required in the present regarding economic progress. 

America has always had a heritage of individualism.  For America and Americans to embrace collectivism we would witness and undergo a massive transformation in our basic way of life.  A change that would trouble both those who want Socialism and those who do not.  Moving from self-sufficiency to government-dependency is not something that the masses will accept voluntarily.  That was the idea behind the creation of the United States of America, not to be like Europe.

I borrowed this from a presentation by Alexander G. Markovsky and its value to me is immeasurable.  He offered some numbers that signify America’s greatness.  Just over 100 years ago, in the United States:

  • The average life expectancy for men was 47-years.
  • Only 14% of the homes had a bathtub.
  • Only 8% of the homes had a telephone.
  • Only 6% of all Americans had graduated from high school.
  • There were only 8,000 cars and 144 miles of paved road.
  • A three-minute call from Denver to New York City cost 11 dollars, while the average wage was 22 cents per hour.
  • The leading causes of death were tuberculosis and diarrhea.

Through innovation and individual prosperity, entrenched in the principles of capitalism we have advanced dramatically.  Who wants to go back to third-world status found in most socialist societies?   The socialist fail to grasp the reality that wealth and economic equality are mutually exclusive.  Economic equality can only be found in poverty, not wealth.  The proof in the pudding regarding socialism is that every time and every place it has been tried it has failed.  No amount of spin or ignoring the facts can alter that truth!

God help us if we do not reject in a resounding manner the Socialist of the Democratic Party and defeat them in November 2020.  America’s future and our individual prosperity are hanging in the balance.

God bless you and God bless America!

WHAT WILL IT TAKE – To Wake Up Rip Van Winkle America?

That is the image comes to my mind when I consider how millions in America on both sides of the political aisle are seemingly oblivious to the depth of the corruption and the imminent danger of ignoring the corruption in Washington. I have had conservatives who are staunch supporters of the Constitution but not strongly behind this president tell me, “this too will pass, so no worries.”  I have had liberals, who detest anything contradictory to their ideological position who tell me, “the only thing wrong in America is Donald Trump.”  They are both wrong!

Since the end of the Mueller Investigation, there have been bits and pieces of factual data emerging that expose the coup and debunk its premise. The information reveals the depth of the partisan corruption behind, during, and following this investigation by the Democrats.  No, I am not absolving the Republicans of any corruption in DC because I believe the Swamp is filled with denizens of both parties.  I see D.C. as a cesspool that is posing an extreme health hazard to the political health of all Americans and America. 

My question is and continues to be, “Are we Rip Van Winkle, politically?”  I guess I could ask as a friend said recently, “Do we really think we can just sleep off the condition like a bad hangover?”  America, the problem is deep, expansive, and the tentacles of corruption have wrapped their contaminated arms around every facet of our government.  That is a harbinger of destruction that cannot be ignored. 

Recently, the FBI finally released more documents that further incriminate Hillary Clinton and her team far beyond anything revealed thus far.  It continues to get worse and yet, I see little intestinal fortitude on the part of Congress (either party) to truly deal with the matter.  This taints the FBI, the CIA, Homeland, NSA, and the Obama administration’s malicious behavior and intent.  Yet, there is little desire to truly dig to the bottom of the pile of manure and hold those guilty accountable.  Why?  Birds of a feather flock together should sufficiently answer that why.

With these new revelations, it is impossible for anyone who truly believes in the rule of law to understand how she was not indicted.  The new documents conclude that “Hillary Clinton was in violation of basic server security with her home-brew server.  There is the distinct possibility that ALL and that is a capital ALL her emails were stolen.  She and her team illegally stripped the documents of the highest classifications demanded.” That is not just criminal it is treacherous and maybe treasonous.  It posed and poses a grave national security risk and threat.  Imagine, her in the White House and our enemies in possession of those emails and classified information. 

These new emails reveal that Sidney Blumenthal attempted to leverage his relationship with Hillary to get her to hand over a classified intelligence file that contained a ‘road-map’ to a $30 billion fortune!  I would argue that organized crime syndicates of bygone eras were no more corrupt than this team of Swamp Denizens.

We know that targeting data made its way from Hillary’s bathroom server to the ‘dark web’.  That jeopardized and jeopardizes our Intelligence Community in a way that others have and are serving prison terms for their violations and leaking names. 

The amazing fact is that former FBI Director James Comey and subsequently Special Investigator Robert Mueller did not deem any of this worthy of consideration.  Comey has even said that although there was ‘wrong’ or ‘criminal’ behavior on the part of Hillary and her team, “She didn’t intend to do harm.”  That was his justification for not indicting her and pursuing the matter further.  He is obviously clairvoyant or maybe he was engaging in a wee-bit of CYA trying to protect himself and cronies once she became president.   They all fully believed that there was not a snowball’s chance in Hades of Trump beating her, therefore, they had to protect, protect, protect and continue to do so.  Now, it is not so much for her as for their own rear ends. 

The FBI discovered in the emails and redacted the name of a man who had a ‘controversial history with the U.S. Intelligence Community’ who was working with Blumenthal through Hillary to cash in on “plundered assets” in Libya.  Who was that man and how is he and Blumenthal walking around free while members of the Trump team are in prison or have been ruined socially, politically, emotionally, and financially?  No, we do not wonder how we now must ask “How Long?”

The emails confirm the involvement of the Clinton Team in the Russian hoax from the beginning. The MSM won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.  There mimic the three monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” against the Clintons or any Leftist.  Now that we have weathered the storm of the infuriated Left for Trump and his supporters chanting “Lock Her Up!”  Now that Nancy Pelosi has reinstituted that chant and turned it toward Trump, I believe we can now engage acceptably in calling for Hillary and those on the Left involved in this Coup to be Jailed! 

Do I believe it will happen?  Not with the current membership of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Not with the current state of political corruption in the various law enforcement bureaus of the federal government.  Not unless President Trump is reelected, we reclaim the House and keep the Senate with true constitutional conservatives and place enough originalist on the courts.  If we do those things and continue to work, pray, and educate we just might get a few of the dirty denizens of the DC Swamp.  I truly do not care of they are Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, or Republicans.  I want America back!

God bless you and God bless America!