Who and what am I talking about?  The Who that I am speaking to is those on the conservative side of the equation largely found in the GOP.  The What of which I am speaking are the upcoming 2022 elections and then the 2024 elections.  Why would I plead with them not to screw this up?  Because in the past they have managed to shoot themselves in the foot by allowing the Left and Media to intimidate and allow the RINOs to take the wheel. 

Around the first of July, I saw a generic poll that indicated that the GOP held the same lead in voting preference as they did the week before Roe was overturned or returned to the States.  That poll was a Rasmussen Poll and gave the GOP a slim 5-point lead.  It indicated that in the week before 47% of the voters said they would pull the lever for the Republicans and 42% said for the Democrats.  In the week after it was 46% and 41% respectively, which is razor thin and I am pleading with the Republicans, “Don’t Screw This Up!” 

The poll indicated that the week before the Republicans were ahead by 14% among Independents and 29% said they preferred the Democrats.  That changed little the week after with 45% saying yes to the Republicans and 30% to the Democrats.  The poll indicated that 62% of Black Americans will vote Democrat and 23% Republican.  Other minorities indicated that 42% would vote GOP and 41% for the Democrats.  Again, all this is cause for concern with the history of cowering and caving and the treachery of the RINOs.  Please, do not screw this up, America has only one shot at moving back in the right direction and averting the destruction now being inflicted. 

Please, understand I am in no way suggesting that the Republicans are a cure-all politically, but the dedicated destruction being pursued by the Democrats makes them a necessary vehicle back to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. 

When you have a Biden advisor admitting in his attempt to explain the gas crisis revealing their purpose, it should send every voter who cares about freedom to the exit door of the Left and the entrance of the Right.  He said, “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.”  Any World Order and especially a Liberal World Order is not in the best interest of America or Americans.  I continue to plead, “Republicans, don’t screw this up!”

When the Left admits they are only concerned about their agenda and do not care about our pain or how to resolve the crisis we are in trouble.  Unless!  Unless we unitedly and uniformly reject them and demand that our elected officials pursue what is best for America and restore freedom and liberty to all legal American citizens.  We must return to Constitutional governance, or we will become a member state of their Liberal World Order. 

That advisor, Brian Deese revealed that the plan was for this to continue for years to come.  When the military and economic analysts as well as the Director of National Intelligence say this will be measured in terms of years not months, it reveals the direness and dangers we are now facing.  It is unsustainable, and they know it.  The plan seems to be to render us incapable of taking care of ourselves fiscally and therefore make us dependent upon the government.  If they provide, they control. 

He indicated that everyone must be cognizant that this is a vehicle for their transition to Green Energy and away from fossil fuels.  The lunacy of that is beyond any need to even address.  To produce the vehicles needed for the capture and storage of their Green Energy requires massive amounts of fossil fuels.  The stranglehold they have forcing prices at the pump to skyrocket as well as everything else makes us easy marks for their coup.  God help us.  Republicans, “Please, please, don’t screw this up.”

The insanity of the rabid followers and worshippers at the altar of global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or whatever it is called today has been dealt another inconvenient truth.  On June 25, 2022, a Norwegian Cruise ship headed toward an Alaskan glacier hit an iceberg.  But wait, that should be impossible since the glacial ice is melting and the hot temperatures of late would make icebergs extinct, right?  Nope!  The global ice is increasing not decreasing and they continue to insist that man’s greatest threat is Global Warming or Climate Change! 

Do you remember that in 2015 there was so much accumulation of sea ice that scientists had difficulty reaching their destination in Antarctica?  In 2013 there were recorded 19,000 Manhattan-sized islands of sea ice newly formed.  How can that be, the Arctic Ice Cap and all the sea ice were supposed to be gone by 2013.  However, documentation reveals that it grew by 553,000 square miles!

What concerns me is the incredible treachery by people like Texas Senator John Cornyn and other RINOs as they continue to side with the Leftists and push agendas that are antithetical to our Constitution and the best good.  Cornyn backed the Leftist gun control measure, has been collaborating with them to create amnesty for the illegals and has now taken another step in the wrong direction.  I am a Texan and declare we need a true Constitutionalist to unseat Cornyn in his next election.

What is his latest act?  He is backing the Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA).  It opens the door for the leftists to impose their desired Critical Race Theory on all public schools. It would allow the Secretary of Education to award grants to “eligible entities,” including non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, and states which would use the money to offer subgrants to local educational agencies.  What’s wrong with that?  Thank you for asking.

The bill states that among its goals is the support of “local educational agencies, elementary schools, and secondary schools in selecting and making available to all students innovative, engaging curricula and programs.”  Those programs are those that pertain to civics and the American government.  The purpose is so that they can “diversify the civics, history, and government education.”  What?  What is wrong with teaching the constitution as it is, explaining our system of government, and not inserting their sanitized and revised version?  Cornyn where is your head?  Do not answer that, please.

The National Association of Scholars opposes this legislation and has urged Cornyn and the other Republicans to withdraw their support.  Cornyn, as usual, is unwilling to respond to calls for explanation. 

America, Joe Biden is unlikely to be the nominee in 2024 but some potential players include Michelle Obama and other Leftists who have a track record of hating our system of government.  We have the opportunity to close the floodgates of destruction and return to a semblance of what we are supposed to be in 2022.  The control of the House and Senate must be wrested from the hands of the Leftists or there may not be an America in 2024.  Yes, I believe it is that dire.

God bless you and God bless America!


That seems to be the mindset of multitudes today.  I sometimes become amused at their denial or pretense that they are the misunderstood victim.  The image of the TV Steve Urkel on TV sitcom Family Matters.  His famous line was, “Did I do that?”  Yes, Steve, you did it and yes, people we are responsible for our actions. 

I laughed some time back when P.J. O’Rourke declared: “Liberals have invented whole college majors – psychology, sociology, and women’s studies – – to prove that nothing is anybody’s fault.”  Now, I am not suggesting there is no value in those studies but his statement that the objective was to give everyone a free pass from responsibility and accountability was what triggered my response.  I laughed because he had the daring to say it and cried because that condition is so prevalent it is frightening.

We are in an era where the weaponized intelligence and law enforcement arms of the federal government are being employed to destroy some and protect others depending on their status in the ‘Old Boy Crony Community’ in Washington.  We have witnessed the media become transformed from news reporting agencies to news-making propaganda arms of political parties and activism objectives and causes.

The incessant projecting and blame-shifting that is transpiring is more than troubling it is dangerous and a threat to our Republic and Freedom.  The hatred for Donald John Trump was so pronounced that the political establishment utilized every tool they could find to destroy him and anyone supporting his objectives.  I agree he can be quite caustic and crude, but he attempted to do most of what he declared he wanted to do for us, the American citizens.  He, like Ronald Reagan, sought to restrict the government rather than allowing the government to continue restricting us.  I believe that was the intent of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

The media was the voice of the FBI and the Leftists spreading the lies that were debunked regarding Russia Gate.  They have not stopped, and they keep adding to the list of things they spin all designed to restrict the citizen and strip us of our inalienable rights.  They are hell-bent on ensuring that Donald J. Trump will never again be able to run for president.  Will they succeed?  I don’t know but with the turncoats like Romney and others in the Republican Party, they may well succeed. 

We have witnessed the ‘mostly peaceful protests’ as the media and Democrats describe the riots, looting, burning, and destruction in America.  The reaction of law enforcement, district attorneys, the Justice Department, and the media is to decry any violence and justify those actions, and insist it is not the fault of the rioters, but the fault of those of us who support the Constitution, the Bible, and Life.  We are the oppressors in their view and those committing acts of violence and crimes in protest are the victims.  It’s not their fault and they have no accountability.  That mindset will bring down the Republic.

The more recent event in Waukesha, Wisconsin where the inane or insane act by the District Attorney to grant no bail or low bail to Darrell Brooks, Jr. resulted in his driving an SUV into a Christmas parade, killing innocent citizens.  This is one of the dozens of events that resulted in the loss of life or property by innocent people because of the woke mentality of white oppression being the blame for all crimes and problems regarding racial relations and within minority communities.  Whatever happened to personal responsibility and holding the guilty accountable?

Now, let’s consider the infamous Alec Baldwin.  His assertion should win him an Oscar for playing the part of an innocent victim.  He blames the evil gun for killing Halyna Hutchings.  He says that he never pulled the trigger although others on the set said he did, and the trigger pull was not part of the script.  He admits to releasing the hammer but denies pulling the trigger.  I’m sure he will find a way to blame Trump or those of us who support him.  After all, It’s not his fault, he is an innocent victim.  Yeah, and pigs fly over my house daily bothering my unicorns eating green cheese from the moon.

How about Stacey Abrams among others that although she lost the election insists, she actually won.  Maybe it’s because she identifies as the governor of Georgia.  At the same time, she was claiming that she won but the election was stolen from her blasted President Trump for his challenge to the way the presidential election was handled in Georgia.  Seems like speaking out of both sides of the mouth to me.

We faced a Christmas season where organized theft rings in San Francisco and other municipalities in America, mostly in Democratic-led cities stripped stores of their products.  The state Attorney General shouted that his successful prosecution of some of the criminals and believed it would deter others.  Rob Bonta successfully navigated the court to sentence five of the six thieves he prosecuted. Thieves who stole and fenced millions worth of merchandise.  What did they get?

Danny Drago, one of the thieves has not been sentenced but according to the record, Flower was sentenced to three years in state prison, but the judge agreed to spare her from that time behind bars if she completes two years’ probation and spends 364 days in San Mateo County jail.  Morales and Villanueva were sentenced to probation. Villatoro was sentenced to probation and 30 days jail time.  Wow!  I’m impressed with those heavy sentences for theft of millions, the destruction of private property, and the disruption of the lives of the community around them.  I hope you can see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek and sense my sarcasm.

The illustrious Attorney General Rob Bonta believes this will deter others from committing crimes.  His assertion to such made me laugh, cry, become angry and I had to restrain myself from throwing something at my television.  When you add to that the Soros-funded policies of District Attorney Chesa Boudin to release people from jail unless they threatened public safety.  Non-accountability for crime resulted in the forced release of a woman who stole $40,000 worth of merchandise.

America, we are living in a time where everyone (one the Left) is a law to themselves and doing what is right in their own eyes.  That is a dangerous situation because human beings are not angels and in our era of moral failure that endangers every law-abiding, God-fearing, morally conscious citizen.  When marauding bands of criminals can rove through cities and communities with impunity and find the media, the woke prosecutors, and politicians insisting they are not at fault but victims, we are in danger of losing the Republic. 

I can envision a time when every citizen must be armed to the teeth to protect his or her home, family, life, and property.  The idea of victimization being advanced by the woke community is a dire threat to peaceful existence and will disrupt our Republic.  If we want to keep our Republic and Freedom, we MUST oust the corrupt and incompetent politicians and bureaucrats and restore America to Constitutionalism and restore our moral mooring.

God bless you and God bless America.