Recently I had a conversation with a group of people of diverse political ideologies, and we agreed on little.  We solved none of the world’s problems and yet remained on speaking terms and friends (I use that term loosely).  However, we agreed on a few things, and I believe it could be classified as a significant breakthrough. 

Everyone agreed that the economy is a disaster, but that is not what I am referring to as a breakthrough.  We agreed that the border was creating an untenable condition for the law-abiding, taxpaying public, but I am referring to something else as a breakthrough.  There were a few other things, but one loomed more significant than all the rest.

We all agreed that the federal government, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and many other entities had not been honest with us during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We disagreed on the viability of vaccines, boosters, and treatments. Still, we all agreed that the federal government was duplicitous in reporting on the virus, especially its origin. We did not agree on the source but agreed that the federal government had failed to be forthcoming with the public and had hidden facts that the public deserved to know.  

Included was the concern that there would be additional outbreaks of Wuhan-Style Viruses soon.  We agreed that many of the mandates had the appearance of trial balloons, and bureaucrats and politicians seized upon the opportunity to grab power and control.  Imagine that even some ideological leftists and staunch members of the Donkey Brigade politically agreed.  One even said, “We have been lied to from the start.” 

Have you heard of China’s Frankenvirus experiments?  We know that COVID originated in Wuhan.  We do not fully understand exactly how that transpired and if it was a biological weapon being devised.  I have an opinion; some will insist they have concrete proof, but I do not.  The evidence points to a lab-manufactured virus that was either accidentally or intentionally released.  The preponderous of evidence supports the theory that it was manufactured.

I am confident that China and other world entities have been deeply involved in creating biological viruses. There is no valid reason to do that unless the intent is to use it as a weapon of war.  We also know that China has been conducting research and experiments, one known as “Frankenvirus.”  The genetically modified insects were infected with the virus to study.  Why create a non-existing virus to study?  Why not study actual viruses seeking to find a cure? 

Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as “Batwoman,” was one of the key researchers in China, and it is documented that she supercharged hybrid “Frankenviruses” using HIV in experiments years before COVID.  The manipulation of bugs to make them more infectious to humans was part of that process.  In 2007, she and her colleagues published a paper in the Journal of Virology that showed how viruses could change to attack human cells by splicing them. 

In 2010 her team conducted additional research on how coronaviruses could infect humans by tinkering with the spike protein.  She and her team appear to have been conducting gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in another effort to soup them up and supercharge them just months before the COVID pandemic.  Is that a smoking gun?  It is more like a smoking howitzer.  It would be an invitation to disaster, even if it were not diabolically planned.

Many ethical scientists have called for banning super-bugs that are highly infectious and deadly to humans because of the danger of a lab leak.  If this were part of a diabolical plan to produce a bioweapon, there would be no concern about a leak, for that would give them more proof of their product’s effectiveness.  If there is no concern or value for human life, then this would present no problem for the researchers and those funding or ordering it. 

Lab leaks have been a part of China’s history.  In 1977 the H1N1 flu was believed to have been leaked from the Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin lab.  In 2004 in Beijing, two SARS lab leaks led to researchers’ hospitalization.  In 2020 in Lanzhou, the Brucellosis leak from a vaccine facility infected at least 6,000 people.  None of this is new, so when playing with deadly viruses in a lab, leaks are not uncommon or unexpected. 

A peer review scientific paper in 2010 suggested that the H1N1 virus reappeared after a twenty-year absence.  These things tend to go dormant, mutate, and reappear, often far more deadly than before.  Those desiring to see the world population reduced by one-fourth to one-third should be ecstatic about the prospects. The only concern is that the bug might bite them too.   That is not part of their plan.

The paper said:  “Genetic analysis indicated that this strain was missing decades of nucleotide sequence evolution, suggesting an accidental release of a frozen laboratory strain into the general population.”  The lab from where the leak could come has been identified.  You guessed it, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Why?  Because they have the most extensive collection of horseshoe-bat viruses, the possessors of and closest relatives of COVID. 

In my research, I came across a disturbing tidbit of information on a virus that is reported as potentially 75 times more deadly than the coronavirus and would possibly, if not likely, be the new pandemic the world faces.  It is called the Nipah Virus (Brain Swelling and Deadly).  It was first discovered in 1999 in Malaysia, and the death rate is reported as being between 40 and 75 percent.  That is beyond disturbing! 

There is even a pathogen labeled as ‘Disease X.’  It is said to have a long incubation period and would be worse than the Black Death of previous centuries.  Man’s toying with deadly diseases is opening pandora’s box. Rather than finding a cure, the nefarious who desire to control the world and eliminate entire populations see this as a perfect weapon.

Antibiotic resistance already causes more than 700,000 deaths yearly, with more than 200,000 infants in that number.  However, there are no known drugs for the Nipah virus or Disease X.  It is estimated that there are 1.67 million unknown viruses, and over 800 thousand could affect humans and animals.

In the 1300s, there was the Black Death; up to 200 million died.  In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed twice as many people as WWI, with estimates of up to 100 million.  The Plague of Justinian, believed to be the same bacteria as the Black Death, took over 100 million in 541 and 542 AD.  HIV/AIDs has taken more than 35 million lives since 1981.  The Third Plague (Bubonic) struck China in 1855 and spread, killing over 15 million.  Add to that mix Ebola, SARS, MERS, Rift Valley Fever, and now COVID, and you see our history of deadly viruses. 

What that says to me is not only the diabolical nature of some humans but our need to become totally dependent upon God and return to Him.  I believe that much more dire diseases, pandemics, and disasters are coming. Some of them will transpire naturally without man’s interference in genetics.  Others will be the result of a diabolical plan to control mankind.  In America, we have exorcised God from the public and many of our lives, and when we did, we hung out the open for business and welcome sign to the evil of the satanic.  Dismiss that if you choose, but I believe GOD is our only real hope. 

If we will return to God and make 2 Chronicles 7:14 a cornerstone of our daily lives, I believe we can see divine intervention.  If we do not, we will see plagues, famines, and disasters of epic proportions transpire shortly. I have written a much too-long article, but I am concerned about what is happening and the abject idiocy of our world, especially in politics.  The question of What, When, Where, and Why may not be answerable, but I believe manipulated disaster is coming! 

God bless you, and God bless America!