ImageI will wax a bit nostalgic in this post but as I attended a funeral for my wife’s Aunt at the end of February I could not help but reflect on LIFE and more particularly LIFE IN AMERICA as I remember it growing up.  Her Aunt had just turned 80 in January and was a retired 1st Sergeant of the U.S. Army with 21 years of service.  There were the Military Honors presentation and the American Flag given to the family.  As I stood there I reflected on my youth, my America, and my thankfulness for those memories and experiences and wept at the same time for future generations and even this present generation who do not know and likely will never know what we knew and experienced.


            I grew up in rural East Texas on a small farm with a dirt road in front of the house.  We worked hard having little of this world’s goods but we were rich with love, respect, and tradition.  We learned that “hard work” was honorable and that to give “a day’s work for a day’s pay” was not just honorable but the only thing acceptable.  We learned to respect our elders and other people’s rights and property as well as the environment.  Oh, don’t misunderstand me we were not “tree huggers” but we lived off the land and respected it and wanted to keep it good for ourselves and those who would follow as the generations before us had done.  We helped our neighbors when they had a need and didn’t expect nor desire the government to become involved in our lives with money, regulations, or anything else.  We wanted to enjoy what the Constitution afforded us, the right to pursue – LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS.   What we had WE EARNED and appreciated it.  We didn’t have the technology that is available today and I’m not criticizing technology but when I see children today and even adults who spend almost all their time and energy on the computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, etc. I remember my youth and the time we spent outdoors enjoying God’s creation and nature while learning some incredibly valuable life lessons in the process.  We made most of our own toys, were creative in developing games to play, and learned survival skills that few people today have.  We were self-sufficient although totally dependent upon God’s grace and goodness and thankful for His provisions on a daily basis.


            I thought about how little true and real history our grandchildren know today due to the revisionist history taught in the public schools and institutions of “higher learning.”  I have shared some stories of my youth with my grandchildren and they are completely amazed and I have talked to them about some Texas and American history and find that not only they but many young adults today have little or no knowledge of TRUE HISTORY.  There was a time when there was integrity in the media and what you heard on the NEWS was truthful although not always complete.  Journalist actually tried to report the news not make the news and spin it to fit their particular political ideology.  Of course that happened, it always has but it was not a totally blind regurgitation of the “TALKING POINTS” of the President as we have today and that only if the President is a Left-Wing, Liberal Democrat!


            We lived in a time when a “handshake” was a good or better than a “signed contract” because a man’s or woman’s word was their bond.  It was WHO THEY WERE as my parents and grandparents taught me.  I look at all the government regulations with regard to parenting and wonder how we survived and how our parents didn’t spend most of their lives in prison if what we had and they did was SO HORRIBLE!  It was not uncommon to hear the preacher declare from the pulpit something critical of a governmental action that was in direct violation of moral principles and the Word of God.  They did not fear having their 501-C-3 taken from them and their “tax exemption” stripped.  In my view, if that is what it takes to speak the truth of God then take it please!


            A government that can tell me what types of firearms, how many, how often I can purchase one, how many bullets I can have or have in my firearm at any given time is a government that can dictate every facet of my life and it is not a government that I want.  It is not a government that our Founders wanted and not a government most of our former Presidents wanted.  If they can do the aforementioned what is to prevent them from telling us what kinds of cars we can own if we can own one at all and how many?  What is to prevent them from telling us what size house we can have and even where we must live?  What is to prevent them from telling us what type of occupation we can pursue and it’s location?  What is to prevent them from telling us what we can eat, where we can shop, how often and were we can travel?  All that I have mentioned is part and parcel of Agenda 21 and The Sustainable Development Initiative that Bill Clinton signed off on, George H.W. Bush endorsed, and Barack Obama is ramming down our throats at breakneck speed.  One of the first things that must happen is to take our firearms.  Notice I don’t call them weapons because they are not weapons until used as such.  It is not about hunting it is about personal protection, defending our families and property, and being prepared to stand against a Tyrannical Government as the Framers spelled out in their writings.


            Yes, I am “nostalgic” when I look back at THE REAL AMERICA that I grew up knowing and loving and long to see that America again.  I long for my grandchildren to know that America.  I long for their children’s children to know that America.  Should the Lord tarry His coming for generations I want each successive generation to know the America I grew up enjoying and to live in it unencumbered by a HORRENDOUS DEBT AND DEFICIT that CAN NEVER BE REPAID.   Will I be able to see that passed on to them?  Time will tell and what WE DO will determine that.


            May God stir your heart for America and Him and may He protect, defend, guide, and guard this nation against all enemies both “foreign and domestic.”  GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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