On October 10, 2013 George Will’s column entitled “JFK and the Dawn of Punitive Liberalism” set me to thinking about what drives the liberal establishment and political elite in America.  Mr. Will’s article is interesting and thought provoking.  Is it correct?  I would say, largely yes!  He references a book written by James Piereson of the Manhattan Institute in 2007 entitled “Camelot and the Cultural Revolution:  How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism.”  Mr. Will states, “Hitherto a doctrine of American celebration and optimism, liberalism would now become a scowling indictment:  Kennedy was killed by America’s social climate, whose sickness required ‘punitive liberalism.”  That being a liberalism that would PUNISH America for her sins, injustices, and ills going all the way back to our founding.  It was a belief that would be advanced in a more pronounced way that ‘punitive liberalism’ would be required to purge this nation of those who were other than liberal.


             Punitive liberalism would transform or undergo a metamorphosis into the doctrine of grievance groups who believed they are owed redress for cumulative inherited injuries inflicted by the nation’s flawed history, poisonous present and ruinous future. It would become, in its view, the sole legitimate conscience of the nation because those on the right and less committed liberals had allowed the culture and society of this nation to descend into a state so toxic that it could murder a beloved president.  From that time forward to be a good liberal would require one to be one whose task and mission would be to scold and cajole anyone in opposition.  Those they deemed guilty would of necessity be punished and made to pay for their errors.

             With that analogy in mind when one views the likes of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi it is easier to understand what is going on with them and why this president would want to MAKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FEEL THE PAIN so he could blame the Republicans for our economic woes.  But, I am convinced that this is simply a tool that Obama and his handlers use allowing them to draw into their alliance those who follow liberalism and more directly punitive liberalism.  It allows them to deceive and dupe countless groups and cement them as solid voting blocks for the left and the Democrat party.  Those who believe they are ‘entitled’ to redress, reparation, and should be able to ‘punish’ all of a particular race or group who do not agree.  Forget the fact that the Democrat Party has long had a history of being other than supportive of ‘civil rights’ and interested in the ‘middle class’. 



            Yet, the core of liberalism certainly has been much more determined to revise history, force the nation to pay for the perceived sins they believe should be paid for, and propel them into a more solid position of power.  The core of ‘punitive liberalism’ seeks to ‘fundamentally transform America’ into something other than a Constitutional Republic and are willing to sacrifice virtually anyone or anything to achieve their objective.  I will acknowledge that from the time of the Kennedy assassination to the present liberalism has been much more aggressive in his pursuit and we have witnessed the transformation of the left politically into ‘style’ rather than ‘programmatic’.  Liberalism has consistently become more and more concerned with lifestyle rather than material well-being.


            However, it is my contention that the modern ‘punitive liberalism’ that we are witnessing goes much further back than the Kennedy assassination and has been in the works for over 100 years and finds its roots in Fabian Socialism to name one group that it has evolved from.  It is not truly interested in America because it views America as a flawed and evil nation.  It is not interested in individual liberties because it believes that an All Powerful Federal Government is the answer to the problems of the nation.  It is not interested in the Constitution because it considers the Constitution a hindrance rather than a guide or rule by which we operate.

             The Democrat Party, for the most part, certainly the National Party has so completely adopted the view of ‘punitive liberalism’ that it has become the enemy of a free nation.  I am not saying every person that calls or identifies themselves as a Democrat follows that philosophy, but many do.  Likewise I am not saying that anyone who calls themselves a Republican is good, moral, Constitutional, or desirous of an advancing Free Republic.  There are bad eggs in both parties.  The Republican establishment has become so like the Democrat establishment that it is in dire need of transformation.  In fact, what it needs in the absence of a formidable alternative is to be ‘reclaimed’ by the rank and file as it was under Ronald Reagan.  You can blast the ‘Tea Party’ and trash those like ‘Ted Cruz’ but if you truly follow what they promote you will find that their interest is America and returning to a Constitutional Republic.  You either support that or you do not, there really is not gray area in which to stand at this time. 


            I support a return to a Constitutional Republic that is governed and guided by the Constitution of these United States of America and will continue to recognize God’s hand in the formation and development of our nation.  I will give myself to the cause of any candidate that truly demonstrates that as a foundational principle in their political philosophy and belief.  We do not have to agree 100% of the time but we most assuredly must agree on the core critical points of that pursuit.

             May God bless you and may God bless America again!


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