Among the other credits that the current occupant of the White House has received I would like to give him another award that being ‘The Most Calamitous President in American History.’  In reviewing the campaign and the past five years it would seem to me that most in the political world failed to truly see the promises made by Mr. Obama during the campaign as having any serious threat and were deemed to be nothing more than political rhetoric in an attempt to be elected.  They have been proven wrong on so many occasions that it would be futile to enumerate them or even try.  He has proven to be quite the traducer in his war on the Constitution and anything or anyone that respects it and holds to a conservative political view.  His Anti-American, Anti-Free Market credo has driven him to inflict noxious policies upon the America people with calamitous results which are still being realized.

            Many on the Right within the Republican Establishment contended prior to and shortly after the election that Mr. Obama would govern as a centrist he has done anything but that.  His temerity in the advancing of his virulent ideology and the recreant Republican opposition or response has allowed the trio of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama to ram laws down our throats such as the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obama-care.  He and they ignore the mandates of the Constitution, hide evidence concerning the many scandals and the perfidious if not outright treasonous actions of the Department of Justice and other agencies overseen by this White House is more than a little disconcerting at times it is downright frightening.  He has purposefully sought to cozen the voting public and it is arguable that his fraud and deception regarding Obama-care is a more liable act that that of Bernie Madoff.  Mr. Madoff deceived a few but Mr. Obama has deceived an entire nation and perpetrated a fraud on an epic scale.  He did it knowingly with malice and forethought and that is, in my view, treasonous and certainly calamitous.


            This president has beguiled millions and many of them still bow at the proverbial altar erected in his honor by the media and various groups seeking to advance their particular segment of ideological thought.  He is pompous, mendacious, and is incredibly sybaritic in his indulgence and devotion to himself and the life of royalty.  America is finding out just how nefarious and iniquitous his opprobrious ideology and character is as he besmirches any suggestion by the Republicans and brands them as ‘terrorist’ or some other equally demeaning characterization.  I only wish that the Republicans in Washington had the moral rectitude to defend the Constitution, represent the majority of the citizens who have expressed a disapproval of this President’s policies including but not solely Obama-care.  Until and unless we have people in Washington that will STAND against the virulent calamitous policies and ideology of this administration we will go over the cliff into the abyss of ruin as a nation.


            So, Mr. Obama I want to officially award you with the distinguished title of “The Most Calamitous President in American History.”  You were serious when you declared that your express purpose and driving desire was to ‘fundamentally transform America.’  Sadly, many did not fully grasp what you meant and hopefully more and more are finding it impossible to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what you are doing.  May God expose you and bring you to a place of decision regarding your fustian attitude clearly revealing your god-complex and desire to be emperor as you advance your designed dismantling of a free nation that still has as its motto: “In God We Trust.”  Sir, I still cling to the hope that America is a ‘Christian Nation’ not a ‘Muslim Nation’ as you and some of your associates have declared. 

             May God bless you and may God bless America!

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