What is ‘this’ you ask?   Is the Republican Establishment strategy to alienate the Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives in an effort to ‘win’ the mid-term elections but only by a narrow margin and without the Tea Party or what they view as ‘right-wingers’?   If that is their strategy they are dumber than dumb and place the entire nation in jeopardy of not just another two years of liberal socialist left-wing rule but possibly eight to ten more years of it?  We can barely survive two more years and I’m not sure we can do that but eight to ten more years of this political ideological pathway we are on – NO WAY!

             Why would you pursue ‘AMNESTY’ although you are calling it ‘Immigration Reform’ and claiming that it is not a pathway to citizenship when you and the rest of us know that is exactly what this is or will be.  Why would you be so afraid of restraining Mr. Obama from his insatiable appetite for spending because you have vowed ‘no more shutdowns?’  Why would you ignore those that helped you reclaim the House in 2010 and want to alienate them?  WHY?  In my view there is only one logical conclusion – – You are Big Government Bureaucrats like the leftist and the only real difference is you have an R instead of a D behind your name on the ballot.  You want to feather your nest, secure you lofty position politically and financially, and you are more interested in power than people!  It is not ‘Power to the People’ but keeping ‘Power from the People’ that you seem to be interested in.


             I guess you, like Mr. Obama and the Democrats believe that we all have STUPID written across our foreheads and are!  It seems that you have lost sight of what the public really wants!  One of the things that a vast majority of the voting public wants is LIMITED GOVERNMENT or LESS GOVERNMENT.  Most Americans want the government less involved in our daily lives.  Most Americans want less spending and debt nationally.  Most Americans want our borders secured and America and Americans protected.  Most Americans want government out of their health insurance and health care decisions.  Most Americans want the Republic that our Founders established and we had for a very long time.  Of course, the recent elections and inattention to politics by millions suggests that you and the left are right.  We may not be STUPID but we have acted STUPIDLY.


            It would be criminal for parents to allow an irresponsible teenager access to the key of the liquor cabinet, keys to the car, and access to the bank account.  Yet that seems to be the approach we have taken in politics.  We have allowed irresponsible men and women who have demonstrated either a complete ignorance of the Constitution or an abhorrence of it to make policy, pass laws, and enact governmental edicts that are contrary to the Constitution and the Will of the People of this Republic.  Some of, if not much, of the blame for the condition we are now facing must be shouldered by those of us who neglected to stay informed and involved in the political happenings of our nation over the past few decades.  It may well be too late to reclaim this nation but WE MUST attempt to do so. 


            I, like many of you, have become completely disgusted with politicians on both sides of the aisle and want people in Washington that will be Citizen Representatives who will honor and respect the Constitution of these United States of America.  I wish I could offer a formula that was simple and easily executed to achieve this but it is more complicated that just saying “I will vote third party.”  We may be left with no choice if the Republican Establishment continues its self-destructive course which is abetting the statist leftist liberal socialist in the destruction of this nation or as Obama declared the ‘fundamental transformation’ of it.


            My plea is be INFORMED, INVOLVED, and NEVER give up the effort to restore the Republic!   America now and future depends on our efforts!  I am not fighting just for me I am fighting for my children, grandchildren, and their children.  I am fighting for posterity, for God and Right not just the political right!

            May God be with you guarding and guiding you and may God bless America again!


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