Actually I do not but I need a good laugh and cry daily so as I listen to what they say, read what they write, and watch what they go I get my dose of ILLOGICAL LOGIC and move on.  It would be hilarious if it was not so serious and when I remotely consider the possibility that they truly believe what they are promoting IT IS FRIGHTENING!

             The incredible spin from the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) report that at least 2.5 MILLION jobs will be destroyed by Obama-care and that is somehow liberating and good is no longer amusing it is amazing!  When did not having a job become better than having a job?  When did not taking care of your family and depending on someone else become the norm?  When did being unable to find a job become fashionable and desirable?  When?  When this president and the politicians decided that they wanted to grow the Federal Government to a new ALL POWERFUL place, completely dominate our lives, redistribute what we have earned and saved, and punish hard work, ingenuity, integrity, and responsibility.  If this is an acceptable position in America and the World we are farther up the proverbial creek than I thought.  If this is acceptable politically, socially, economically, morally, and spiritually WE ARE IN DEEP STUFF!


            Then I hear the infamous Chuck Schumer Senator from New York promote the idea that as a compromise the Republicans should agree to pass the AMNESTY bill and it would not be enforced until Mr. Obama is out of office!  WHAT?  That sounds a lot like Queen Nancy’s proposition, “We have to pass it to find out what is in it” debacle known as Obama-care!  We know where that has gotten us, so why in the name of sanity would we want to take that path again?  The timidity of the Republicans is more than disturbing it is appalling!  When they have the opportunity to show the ‘contrast’ between conservatives and liberals in a way that is unmistakably positive they offer timidity, insecurity, uncertainty, and indecision!  C’mon Man!  The iron is hot STRIKE!


            What in Obama’s first five years suggests he would allow a golden opportunity such as a piece of legislation sit idle without using Executive fiat and Administrative Action to enact the legislation?  He would simply refer to it as what is effectively ‘the law’ therefore enacting it now would be the right thing to do.  The Democrats would line up to sign on and the Republicans would cringe in the corner cowering in fear.  That is how they have reacted thus far so why would I think now would be different?  I DO NOT!

             The Attorney General from the Department of Injustice as it should be called is using his office to legislate things to the States that are beyond his constitutional authority to do and directly violate the Constitution but no one seems to be willing to take him to task.  Where have all the constitutional legislators gone or do they exist?  Oh, I acknowledge that there are a few brave souls still in Washington but it seems that they fail to have consistency and gradually evolve into part of the problem rather than being a breath of fresh air for the constitution and WE THE PEOPLE!  


            I pray for our elected officials!  I do not pray for their success in pressing their agenda but for their person.  I pray that somehow they will see the light and realize how vital the constitution is to America’s survival.  I pray that somehow they realize that the preservation of our liberties and freedoms is more important than their retirement, legacy, and political, social, or economic position.  I pray for America, her people, and her survival.  I pray that people will come to a place that political ideology takes a back seat to what is in the best interest of preserving a Constitutional Republic as the founders established. 

             We are on the brink of the complete collapse of our economy, our Republic, and our way of life.  I see this as much more serious than ‘just politics’ I see it as LIFE or DEATH!  Therefore, I will continue to plead for the constitution to be honored and for the election and selection of individuals who are not professional politicians but Citizen Representatives!

             America I love you and want to see you preserved!  May God bless you and may God bless America!

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