I’m going out on a limb here stating publicly something that I have been sensing in my heart concerning America and the upcoming elections!  As things stand now, even Nate Silver is predicting that the Republicans will reclaim the Senate and keep the House of Representatives.  Many are acknowledging the complete disaster and failure of Obama-care and the plunging poll numbers for Mr. Obama.  America, on some fronts, is showing signs of awakening from her slumber and all that would mean a ‘bad outcome’ for the socialist, statist, leftist, progressives, and Democrats.

            Our founding fathers realized, based on history, their perception and insight into the nature and character of man, that this Constitutional Republic experiment in Republican Democracy would always be dangerously close to the precipice of destruction and they believed that if the Republic fell it would be an ‘inside job’.  As we look at the political landscape today we can readily see what we should have seen over the past 50+ years, the systematic destruction and eroding of the Constitution and American system of government.  The Fabian Socialist over 100 years ago implemented a plan to bring this about, the Communist regimes of history, the Socialist of this nation along with the Statist, Progressives, and Big Government politicians have been working tirelessly often under the radar to bring this about.  We are on the brink and sadly hindsight is 20/20 whereas foresight is often 100/200 or worse.


            I have heard many ‘conspiracy theories’ and some of them are too plausible for comfort.  I am suspicious of the antics and actions of this President and Congress.  I shudder when the likes of George Soros, is implicated in some action by the government knowing some of his philosophy and how Anti-God and Anti-American it really is.  I am disturbed that we have a President who considers his greatest heroes are Despots of history.  He has offered friendship and displays kinship with Dictators who are at their core evil and shuns, offends, insults, and turns his back on those who have been our friends and allies.  He and his wife have trashed America and continue to apologize for this nation at a time one would hope they would be extoling the good that this nation has represented for long decades.  Do we have faults?  Of course, we are flawed human beings but the foundational core of this nation has been biblical principles and a genuine interest in freedom and liberty.  It has been and to a great degree still is the ‘land of opportunity’ with hundreds of thousands still desiring to immigrate to America.  There is much to applaud and yet we still hear the rhetoric that denigrates this nation from her sitting President. That is disturbing!


            When Barack Obama said, ‘if Congress does not act I will go it alone for I have a pen and a phone’ I cringed because that which I’ve been sensing came blindingly to mind.  This man is capable of such heinous actions to keep power NOTHING is off the table for him and his followers.  America, we must pray and work to avoid the possible fate that seems to be looming upon the horizon.  Where will it end?  I do not know but I do know that those who love liberty, freedom, and value the American Constitution and our Republican Democracy will not and cannot silently allow it to transpire!


           I have a sense that sometime between early summer and October of this year something will transpire that totally reshapes the political landscape of America.  What that entails I do not know but put nothing beyond this administration, the statist, and political elite of our nation.  Those who want to see the demise of our Republic and see it transformed into a Nanny State Socialist Nation totally embrace the Alysnky model of ‘the end justifies the means’ and nothing is beyond them.  If this President and the Left truly believe they will lose control of Congress they will, in my view, take some action that will dramatically impact the elections if they are allowed to occur at all.  I am quite concerned that there will be some kind of ‘terroristic activity’ or ‘anarchical activity’ that will necessitate or allow action on the part of the administration to so control our process that our political world will be fundamentally and forever changed.  Therefore I issue this plea – PRAY like never before, WORK like never before, and VOTE no matter if you have differences with the candidates who are supposed to be in opposition to the diabolical policies of this administration.  America can be saved or she can be lost and what happens over the next few months will largely determine which.

             May God be with you and may God be with America! 


3 comments on “THE NEXT SHOE IS ABOUT TO DROP…..

  1. Greg Mathers says:

    “and VOTE no matter if you have differences with the candidates who are supposed to be in opposition to the diabolical policies of this administration.” The heads of both parties are working for a one world government. Only if we can get the right people elected in the primaries will we be able to turn this around. I don’t believe the American people are discerning enough to tell the good guys from the bad.

    • roybeaird says:

      Greg I do not totally disagree with you but in some ways I do not agree. I do agree that the establishment Republican Party is a Big Government entity however I cannot fully ascribe sameness to both Democrats and Republicans 100% of the time. I do agree that the primaries are the key but if we do not get the candidate we want in the primaries do we just throw in the towel and surrender? I cannot and for me to say well they are the same what’s the use, I feel would be surrendering without a fight. I agree that many are not discerning enough but not all and while I am frequently disgusted with Republicans I feel that to allow the Democrat whom I know is seeking policies that are counter to the Constitution would be sure defeat. Therefore, I continue to hitch my wagon to hope and even if I am vainly fighting the good fight at the end of the day in my heart I know that I’ve done all I could to turn the tide. It may be in vain and you may totally disagree but I must keep hope alive that somehow we can, over time, slow this thing down and either reformat the Republican Party or create a viable party to oppose both Democrats and Republicans. However, I do not see that being possible until after the 2016 elections and then it will be an uphill struggle. Thank you for your genuine concerns and statements. God bless you!

  2. Greg Mathers says:

    I still contend that the real fight is in the primary. Once the political elite has both Democrat and Republican positions filled the people have no real choice.

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