Let me explain what I’m talking about specifically rather than just offer a generalization that could be quite appropriate.  The most recent ‘outing’ of the C.I.A. Station Chief in Afghanistan by the White House is just the latest in numerous events that appear to be expose gross incompetence or purposeful transmitting information to our enemies especially Al Qaeda and their operatives.

             How many remember under the George W. Bush administration the ‘outing’ of CIA Agent Valarie Plame the wife of Congressman Joe Wilson?  The late Robert Novak wrote a piece in 2003 that stated the Iraqi attempts to procure uranium from Niger false and identified the CIA agent by name making this assertion, Valarie Plame.  He refused to reveal his sources and the media took to this like stink on a June bug and would not let it go.  They blasted the Bush administration for their carelessness, incompetence, and evil with regard to Plame and we found out that the key leaker was none other than Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State who was a subordinate of Colin Powell.  No one went after Armitage but the media and special prosecutor went after Scooter Libby and convicted him and never even glanced at Armitage who alone with Powell were Anti-Bush on many levels.  The media continued this for two years focusing on Bad Bad Bush.   Yet, when it comes to Barack Obama this latest disaster is just a ‘misfortunate slip’ and nothing noteworthy.  Really?  This is a virtual death sentence to the Station Chief and while called accidental leakage I contend there is no such thing when it comes from our own government.  They knew it and it appears to be a bone thrown to the terrorists to appease them, which it never does or another attempt to harm America.


            Let’s back track just a bit and do you remember the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA find and capture Bin Laden?  While I cannot prove it concretely, the preponderance of evidence seems to indicate that it was the administration that leaked his name and therefore became complicit in his arrest.  It is another case of ‘use them’ then ‘lose them’ and places America in a position in the eyes of the world as someone who cannot be trusted.  How about the identifying of the names and other information about the Seal Team that actually carried out the raid.  That was an immediate ‘target’ on their backs and that of their families and this can be traced to Barack Obama himself and made it a political campaign issue not what ANY PRESIDENT should have done and most would have done.

             Now with the history of this administration prosecuting ‘leakers’ that do them damage how will they, respond to this latest incident?  My guess is NO ACTION.  I don’t know if names like, Shamai K. Leibowitz, Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, Thomas Drake, Pfc. Bradley Manning, Jeffrey Sterling, or John C. Kiriakou mean anything to you but they have been prosecuted for  much the same thing.  So, Mr. Obama, who in your administration, is going to suffer the fate of Scooter Libby or these individuals?  My guess is NO ONE.  But then I only have 5+ years of history to base my presumption on.  If the media were truly a news outlet not a shill for the administration we would have answers to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the NSA, IRS, and VA scandals and much more.  In fact, Barack Obama would have been forced into the fate of Richard Millhouse Nixon and would not be in Washington, DC as I write but he is and will remain there unscathed.


            We have never had a president so protected and excused as this one and I hope we never have another one.  If a president does wrong, violates the constitution, usurps his authority, and violates the law HE SHOULD NOT BE EXCUSED or PROTECTED and I don’t care which side of the aisle he identifies himself or herself.  We were given a Constitution and Bill of Rights with purpose.  We were given separation of powers with purpose.  It has been a slow erosion but America has witnessed the lines almost erased between branches of government, the rise of the executive monarchy, and the shredding of our constitution.  One promise that Barack H. Obama made going in he has been true to, his desire to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA.  Most could not believe he meant DESTROY but are waking up to the sad reality. 

            Benjamin Franklin’s prophetic declaration rings loudly today, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  Can we keep it?  Can we see it restored?  Can we stop the Unconstitutional Dismantling of America?  The answer lies in each of us.  It is up to you and I and I ask, ‘What Price Are You Willing To Pay To Have A Free Republic?”  Only you can answer!

             God bless you and God bless America!

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