BLOG POST - Pro Rasslin

Having worked in situations, competed in athletics, ventured into business, and been in combat I would suggest that none of those even remotely compare to today’s politics. As I watch the antics of politicians in Congress and the White House it often reminds me of ‘professional wrestling’ or as they called it back home ‘rasslin’. We were aware that frequently the opponents arrived at the arena in the same vehicle, played mortal enemies, left the arena to have a beer with their buds, counted the money, laughed at the crowd and planned the next event. One would have thought that they were mortal enemies during the match and many are shocked to learn it was all a ‘show’ and some still deny and are true believers.

In anything I have ever done, including the ministry, I did not find it a normal thing to hang out with people who publicly denigrated me and what I stood for. I did seek to have forgiveness in my heart and treat them civilly but to go golfing, out to eat, or to visit their homes. That was not on my ‘to do list’. When the President and the Democrats call Republicans a greater threat than Al Qaeda, hostage takers, haters, racist, and revile them so completely and vehemently how can the Republicans then find it palatable to go out to dinner with them, laugh, joke, share stories, and golf, etc.? HOW? I can answer that without needing ‘rocket science’ levels of intelligence – They share the same vision and goal – POWER!

BLOG POST - No Professional Politicans
They envision themselves the rightful owners of America and see their position as one that affords and entitles them to RULE while exempting themselves and their cronies from the repercussions of the edicts they enact. In a very real sense they are ‘entertainers’ on the stage of politics and we are the dolts who watch mesmerized by their oratory and wisdom (sic) because they are the Elite and we are then Uninformed. They are the ones destined to rule and we are the ones needing to be ruled over, at least in their view.

I have no doubt that our Founding Fathers understood the problem with Party Politics and many of them warned us of the danger but alas even some of their ranks fell into the trap of embracing. Some of that was done, in my view, to try to protect the nation but was done so with a mistaken interpretation of the climate of society and what the result would be. Power hungry people and groups will always seek to CONTROL and those in Washington, DC are no different. They are flawed human beings who have been afforded some power and thus the insatiable thirst for more and more surfaces very shortly after an individual tastes the perks of power in Washington.

BLOG POST - Professional Politicians
If politics were not so serious it would be an entertaining comedy but it is far too serious for laughter. When those elected officials have the power to completely transform our world, socially, economically, medically, financially, and politically we dare not become amused and must become engaged. As Benjamin Franklin declared we have a “Republic if we can keep it.” The questions today are, “can we and will we?” How much is the Republic worth to you? How dear is your Freedom and Liberty? How much are you willing to tolerate from the Political Ruling Class that has emerged over the past century? When will we the people say ENOUGH?

You can blame the Republicans and exempt the Democrats over the so-called gridlock in Congress but when the Democrats shut the Republicans out of the room, refuse to negotiate, and call them a greater threat than Al Qaeda would you expect the Republicans to just comply? NO! But too frequently they just cave and concede only to have the Democrats use their concession against them further illustrating the illusion of bipartisanship. All this creates a situation in Washington that more resembles Professional Wrestling, as seen on TV, than it does serious political activity.

God help us if we don’t wake up and take all necessary steps to reclaim our government and once again make it a government ‘of’ the people, ‘for’ the people, and ‘by’ the people! May God be with us and may God bless America!

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