BLOG POST - Warm and Fuzzy
Courtesy of the White House, the Democrats, and the Leftist! That’s right if you are willing to ‘check your brain’ at the door you get your own special ‘warm and fuzzy’ to comfort you in these troubled times. Now what on earth could I be talking about? The list is too long to be exhaustive and it would be exhausting to review them all so let’s take just a handful of examples.

BLOG POST - Kook-Aid
I thought Jay Carney was one of the prime Kool-Aid drinkers, detached from reality, spokespersons of this day but the new White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest advised us that this administration was truly one of the most ‘transparent’ in history. Oh I agree they are transparent in their intent but not transparent in being forthcoming with regard to the scandals and information requested by Congress and others even through the ‘Open Records Act’. They stonewall, deceive, lie, and fabricate stories rather than simple release the documents and tell the truth. Transparent? Yep, but not in the way Mr. Ernest meant or did he mean it just that way! He also declared with a straight face that the world was ‘much more tranquil’ under Obama. WHERE? Tranquil? I must not know the definition of tranquil because the world I see is anything but what I would call tranquil but the Kool-Aid crowd cheers and applauds when that spin is spun and pick up their ‘warm and fuzzy’ drifting off into their fantasy land of fictional tranquility.

Then Elizabeth Warren advised us that the ‘government shutdown’ was about ‘birth control’. It was the Republican’s war on women that prompted the shutdown and the primary focus was ‘birth control’. Really? You can’t make this stuff up! While I cannot believe they actually believe what they are saying, I do believe they believe we are too dumb, uninformed to know better and know the Media will run with their spin. Their belief in our gullibility seems to have no bounds. So once again, hearing that caused the Kool-Aid crowd to reach for their ‘warm and fuzzy’ and curl up in a fetal position nestling in the bosom of Big Brother feel safe and secure. All is well with that revelation.

BLOG POST - The Border Is Secure
Additionally Senator Harry Reid declared that IF we had passed “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” or AMNESTY we would not be having the Border situation because per Senator Reid everyone knows THE BORDER IS SECURE! Imagine that the ‘secure border’ is as porous as a sieve and people are flooding across including ‘gang members’, ‘criminals’, ‘terrorist’, and ILLEGALS from nations in the Middle East and around the world. In fact, a former Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol advised that 1 in 5 have criminal records and many violent crimes but they are welcomed with open arms by this administration. The morale of the Border Patrol is at an all-time low. I wonder why? But check your brain and pick up your ‘warm and fuzzy’ because Dingy Harry has issued his assessment of the situation and since the infamous leader of the Senate has spoken, the President has used his ‘pen and phone’, Nancy Pelosi has deemed this America’s opportunity we can take our ‘warm and fuzzy’ and be so secure.

Our borders are being erased and along with that our national sovereignty. Those coming in are now a drain on our economic system and will help facilitate its total collapse with the litigations, health care issues, housing, and jobs or joblessness. We have opened ourselves up for something far worse than 9/11 and I dare say that not only could the terrorist walk a ‘suitcase nuke’ across the border they might be able to transport a full blown nuke in our current situation (my brother made that statement recently). But, drink the Kool-Aid, check your brain at the door and get your warm and fuzzy because the ‘fundamental transformation’ and ‘remaking’ of America is speeding down the track at the speed of light.

Mr. Holder said of those of us who say, “I want my country back” we are using racist code. Never mind that’s what the Democrats said when George W. Bush was president but now if we say it we are racist. Again, your ‘warm and fuzzy’ is waiting for you and all you have to do to receive it is ‘check your brain’ at the door. Now don’t you fell all better?

May God help us and may He bless you and America!

BLOG POST - God bless

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