Blog Post - Saul Alynsky    I would venture to say that few, if any, have rivaled the impact that Saul Alinsky has had on American politics especially those on the left.  He, like the Fabian Socialist, was confident of victory and astoundingly patient understanding that the implementation and adoption of his ideology would not be quick.  They and their disciples, like nature cutting a path through a mountain persist in the never ending pursuit of the brass ring of the destruction of Capitalism, America and any nation that even remotely follows any democratic form of government.

The two most prolific disciples of Saul Alinsky in America politics today are Barack H. Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  One is president and the other desires to be.  The disaster of the Obama presidency should be enough to send up red flags over a possible Hillary presidency.  Bill Clinton was a politician who changed his stripes to maintain power but did not overtly seek to overthrow the American system.  That is not the case with Barack Obama nor would it be under a President Hillary Clinton.  She would not only continue Obama’s course but press it further to the left stripping the constitution of its power, relegating Congress to meaningless figureheads, and pollute the courts with their ideologues as appointees.  America may survive eight years of Obama but it cannot survive even four more years under Clinton.  WE MUST STOP THIS NOW!

Blog Post - Alinsky Disciple HillarySaul Alinsky was not just a socialist and anti-capitalist but a devious driven man willing to do ANYTHING to achieve his objective, the destruction of the American System.  He was a native of Chicago (where else).  He taught his disciples that their course of action was to infiltrate and change from within the system and that meant infiltrating churches, schools, and political parties.  His followers have done all three with amazing effectiveness and still many have no clue who Alinsky was and what his disciples truly believe and desire.

Saul Alinsky formed an alliance with influential Catholic clerics including Bishop Bernard Sheil.  He associated and formed a friendship with Al Capone’s second-in-command Frank Nitti which afforded him power and immunity on many levels.  Alinsky developed supporters and funders with names like Eugene Meyer, Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1930-33 and owned the Washington Post giving Alinsky positive press.  In fact President Truman fell prey to this propaganda when Agnes Meyer wrote a six-part series praising Alinsky for his work in the Chicago slums.

Blog Post - Alinsky and LBJHe infiltrated the Democrat Party even more powerfully under LBJ, became friends and allies with Senator Robert Kennedy via Hugo Chavez.  He recruited a high school student named Hillary Rodham who met him through her church group and they remained fast friends until Alinsky’s death in 1972.  Her senior thesis at Wellesley was about the Alinsky model and methods.  Saul Alinsky was so confident in his ability to persuade that he once claimed, “I feel confident that I could persuade a millionaire on a Friday to subsidize a revolution for Saturday out of which he would make a huge profit on Sunday even though he was certain to be executed on Monday.”    

            We dare not forget Alinsky’s commentLest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to now where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”  (Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals)

Blog Post - Obama Alinksy DiscipleBarack Obama was trained by the Industrial Areas Foundation (an Alinsky entity) and was a community organizer teaching the Alinsky methods in Chicago for four years.  He like Alinsky and Clinton believe and practice camouflage.  They hide what they are doing and work behind the scenes even using distractions to divert attention and scrutiny for their real efforts.  We are witnessing that today and it will not dissipate under Hillary but escalate.  Their desired objective is the complete dismantling and replacement of the Constitutional System that America was founded upon and operates.  When Obama was criticized in his early career for not attending church he found the most radical and racist congregation he could find under Jeremiah Wright and began attending.

If we are to salvage America as a Constitutional Republic and wrest power from the hands of the despots and ideologues who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ her from what she was designed to be into something other than a Constitutional Republic WE MUST BECOME INVOLVED.   Chide me if you will and tell me that nothing we do matters and I will say, ‘Tell that to the colonist in 1776’ and ‘Tell that to the nation of Israel in their continual struggles to survive.’  NO, what we do matters and the only hope we have of saving America is ACTION.

May God help us, bless us, guide us, and may He bless America again!

Blog Post - Saving America

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