Blog Post - Responsible

It is the responsibility of every generation to refresh the tree of liberty!  That is especially true today for those of us who love liberty and a Constitutional Republic in America in contrast to the voices, forces and ideologies seeking to destroy it.  I am convinced that our founders based the Constitution, our system of government and judicial system on the presumption that those in leadership would work toward preserving the principles of Freedom.  I am not so naïve as to think they did not foresee the of potential tyrannical despotism.  I believe they attempted to place safeguards and sound warnings loudly enough that centuries later we would still hear them.

Our founders faced some serious problems in forming a new government for our fledgling nation and I believe did a remarkable job addressing those issues attempting to insert adequate safeguards against despotism.  Like most systems of government theory is not always practice and thus we have the problems our nation faces today.  Although some wanted to make the office of President a Monarchy the majority recognized the problem of placing too much power in the hands of one individual.  They also wanted a court system that was strong but not one that legislated from the bench so they sought to develop a system that gave the court strength but not extreme power.

Blog Post - Separation

 At the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 many were predisposed to developing a government that would provide ‘separation of powers’ where three branches were ‘co-equal’ in responsibility and power.  This was certainly not a new idea but one that had never successfully been established as it would be in America.  Its roots can be traced to the 4th Century with Aristotle, championed by John Locke, refined and expanded by Baron de Montesquieu.  The writings of those and others influenced many of our founders greatly as did the desire to safeguard against the monarchical system.  They wanted a strong executive held in check by a defined legislature balanced by a judiciary that reviewed matters from a constitutional basis.  That worked splendidly for decades but has been incredibly eroded over the past few decades and especially in the past few years. 

In our present condition we have an administration pushing the limits of presidential authority, a congress abdicating responsibility and a court where nine black robed persons virtually decide what is legal and what is not.  Instead of having a ‘balance of power’ where three branches are ‘co-equal’ providing checks and balances we have blurred lines and distortion.  Our founders warned us of the dangers of any of the three branches becoming too strong or weak and laid the ultimate responsibility at the feet of WE THE PEOPLE.  If every generation does not ‘refresh the tree of liberty’ we will find that we are truly ‘one generation’ away from losing our liberty.

Blog Post - Divider

When the president, attorney general and other major political figures encourage the disregard for our justice system from a purely racial perspective we invite disruption of the peace.  When they encourage people to disturb the Peace in violence and lawlessness rather than attempting to educate as to the process, the facts and maintain civil decorum it is an invitation to lawlessness.  When a president exercises power outside the constitutional scope of that office, ignores congress and disobeys the courts it is rightly called tyrannyWhen congress abdicates its responsibility to exercise the power of the purse, pass legislation and give oversight to the lawful exercise and observance of those laws we can rightly call them impotent.  When the courts render decisions that can only be understood as rewriting laws we can rightly accuse them of abuse of power.  We have each of those happening to greater or lesser degree in present day America.  I do not wonder what our founders would say for I believe they demonstrated that in the American Revolution, Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Convention.

The president, attorney general and other major political figures have been calling for those of a particular ethnicity to create havoc because they perceive a wrong has transpired.  The flames of hatred and racism are being fanned by those in leadership and will result in incredible chaos if WE THE PEOPLE fail to unitedly make our voice heard.  We must all realize that while our system is not perfect the constitution must be respected.  I am not calling for watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots as did Jefferson but I am calling for watering the tree of liberty with our unified voice demanding a return to Constitutional Republicanism and lawfulness.

Blog Post - Divided House

America needs, no requires, our UNITED VOICE of support for liberty in contrast to the voices of hate.  America needs leaders who protect and defend the constitution even if it is not what they would prefer.  America needs leaders who will follow the law, working to change any and all bad laws and serve as representatives of the people not purveyors of power and position.

            My heart breaks for my America and I plead, God bless America and God bless you!

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