Blog Post - Illogical Logic

The recent terrorist slayings in Paris brought another round of the illogical logic of the leftist.  Instead of condemning the Islamic jihadist who carried out a military style slaughter they used it to launch another ‘gun control’ rant.  Yep, gun control was the problem not blind hatred and devotion to a bloody religious fervor.  Somehow that makes sense to them and for the life of me I cannot figure out how.

Blog Post - Art - Hate

What part of terrorist and criminal do these people understand?  Banning guns or passing stricter gun control legislation will not prevent these people for obtaining and using guns.  How is placing the law-abiding in more danger by limiting their ability to defend themselves a good thing?  Gun control will not work as a means of preventing violence it will only make it worse.  Does anybody recall the history of that little experiment called ‘prohibition’?  Did it prevent alcohol from being consumed?  Nope, it made people law-breakers because many if not most did not quit drinking.  It caused an escalation in violence throughout the land rather than diminishing the consumption of alcohol.

Have our laws regarding drugs prevented the distribution and use of drugs?  Hardly!  If the gun control advocates somehow got their way and no private citizen could own or possess a fire arm what would be the result?  Instead of ridding society of guns and violence it would make many law-abiding citizens law-breakers because many would find a way to obtain a firearm.  We know the criminal and terrorist are not going to voluntarily give up their weapons.  If private citizens have no means of self-defense they become even greater targets.  It is the illogical logic of the leftist that promotes this craziness.

But, what is the real motivation of those in power wanting to disarm as many citizens as possible?  Since they know as well as we that banning guns or restricting them more severely will not prevent the criminal and terrorist from having and using them, why do they push this?  I suggest that those in power, not necessarily the Kool-Aide drinkers, push this to insure that we would be limited in our resistance as was the case in Nazi Germany.  A major move in despotic regimes is to disarm as many citizens as possible. 

Blog Post - Logic Free Zone

If the current laws were enforced uniformly and fully it would be more a deterrent than disarming law-abiding citizens.  In cities and nations where the strictest gun controls are in place we find the most gun violence.  In cities and states where citizens have the right to concealed carry gun violence has gone down.  Let me also state that the 2nd Amendment was not addressing ‘deer hunting’ it was addressing the citizens as comprising the militia and was focused on our ability to protect and defend our lives and property.  That defense included defense against a rogue government.  So please give the deer hunting argument a rest that dog won’t hunt.

You may hate or fear guns and have a core belief that guns are evil but are axes, knives, hammers, automobiles, and any other item that has been used in killing or harming others also evil?  I know it is an old cliché but the problem is not the gun it is the human holding it.  Would it help if people were better trained to handle and respect firearms?  Would it help if people were more careful with loaded firearms?  Absolutely!  Everyone who owns a gun is not a rabid radical dangerously close to going off the deep end and committing mass murder.  I have a healthy respect for guns and tried to instill that respect into my children.

I would hate to be faced with the need to use my gun on another human being but if a criminal or terrorist comes with the intent to harm me or my family I want to be able to exercise that choice.  Having studied our founding documents and the writings of the founders and citizens of that era I find no justification for any assault on our right to ‘keep and bear arms’. 

Blog Post - Powder Dry

 Keep your powder dry and your eyes open.  May we find a way to elect more people to high office who will support, protect and defend the Constitution of these United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic!  May God bless you and may God bless America. 

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