Transformation or Moderation of Islam???

Blog Post 1 - Transformation

           What major Muslim personality is calling for this?  The vast majority of the followers of Islam, as a religion, agree that the Koran authorizes, condones and commands Muslims to kill, behead, and bring into subjection anyone who does not convert to Islam.  Saying terrorist have ‘radicalized’ Islam is a false presupposition and argument.  They have not radicalized Islam they have chosen to follow it in its strictest interpretation and are not shamed by the so-called moderate Muslims around the world many times it is the opposite.

Why are so many so concerned about ‘offending’ those who follow Islam and unconcerned about ‘offending’ those who follow Judaism or Christianity?  Why is there a demand for tolerance and protection toward Islam but not from Islam?  Has Christianity had its dark times?  Of course, and most will cite the Crusades as a prime example I will not attempt to defend any atrocity committed in the name of any religion.

Blog Post 1 - Not Allowed To Criticize

Refusing to identify and label Islamic Terrorist as Islamic is, in my view, indefensible.  Yet this administration continues to walk carefully around the issue in some strange contradictions.  When the terrorist of late scream things like, “We have avenged the prophet Muhammad!  Allah Akbar!” it is difficult to divorce their beliefs from their actions or somehow claim they are not Islamic.  This administration has attempted to separate groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Hamas and other terrorist groups from Islam but failed when you look closely.  Mr. Obama even said, “No religion kills innocents.”  He and we know that is absolutely untrue now and in past history.  In 2009 he attempted to separate Al Qaeda but then when a U.S. Seal Team took out Osama bin Laden identified as the head of Al Qaeda the burial was reported and even lauded by the White House as in ‘strict compliance’ with Muslim precepts and practices.  WHAT?  If bin Laden, was not a Muslim why the overly careful effort to treat him as a Muslim?

In Gitmo the detainees are, as one official stated, “the most pampered prisoners on the planet.”  We know that they are allowed up to four choices of halal meals, have a $750,000 soccer field, issued prayer beads, prayer rugs and a copy of the Koran.  If that were not bad enough the care to appease them is revealed in the small hammock they are issued to keep their Koran from touching the ground when not in use.  If any person who is not Muslim touches the Koran they are terminated but there can be no Bibles visible for that might ‘offend’ the detainees.  If we are detaining them on the basis of their terrorist involvement or potential involvement why are we concerned that we do not offend them.  Does 9/11, Paris, Fort Hood, Boko Haram, the Boston bombing or any other terrorist act offend anyone?

Blog Post 1 - Radical

I hear that only a small portion of the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide are practitioners of the brand of Islam that the terrorist follow but reports and estimates indicate that upwards of 300 million do.  That is no small number and poses a significant threat.  When the so-called moderates within Islam who reportedly want to live in peace and tolerance remain silent, provide supporting funds and cover, and join the chorus for Sharia Law for Muslims in all countries I find it difficult to believe that there is not widespread agreement, in principle, with the terrorist.  I see no discernible  move toward moderation or transformation of the bloody practices they carry out.

When the president of the United States can stand before the United Nations and declare, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” we should have concerns and questions.  There should be concerns that he makes no similar defense of the Jews or Christians.  There should be the question, why he stands in defense of Islam and not all religions?

Blog Post 1 - Consitutional Republic

America is a Constitutional Republic and our 1st Amendment guarantee is “Freedom of Religion.”  I will defend the right of any religion to practice their religion so long as it does not infringe up the right of individuals to “Life or Liberty.”  If any religion threatens life or liberty of another they void their 1st Amendment guarantee and cannot be accepted or tolerated.

Terrorism is terrorism and should be identified and resisted with all we have at our disposal.  If one is a Muslim, Hindu, Jew or Christian that is their right to believe what they believe right or wrong.  However when you allow your religion to transcend moral decency and violate the unalienable rights of others to believe what they choose you should no longer be afforded any constitutional protection.  That is my view you have a right to yours.

It is time that we insist upon our leaders preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of these United States of America.  May God bless you and may He bless America again!  

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