Blog Post A - Fortress America

I am hearing more and more the ideology that I can only term as ‘Fortress America’ mentality.  I have a number of friends and acquaintances who ascribe to the view that we should withdraw from everything outside our borders and simply ‘fortify’ America letting the rest of the world go their merry way without us.  I realize that I will likely ruffle a few feathers but may I point out my objections?

First, our borders are not and will not be secured in the foreseeable future either by this administration of the next.  If we were to engage in a policy today of having a totally secure border it would be a virtual impossibility to guarantee.  The borders are too vast, the means are too limited to guarantee that.  I fully support a  serious effort to secure our borders from ALL ILLEGALS regardless of their nationality or ideology.  That only addresses our land based borders.  What do we do about the thousands of miles of coastline that are impossible to monitor and guard.  The NOAA shoreline length calculation of 95,471 miles was determined by hand in 1939-40 with a recording instrument on the largest-scale charts and maps available at that time.  It would be relatively easy for a swimmer to come in from a submarine or small boat somewhere along those miles and bring things like suitcase nukes with them.  So trying to have a FORTRESS AMERICA is as much a pipe-dream as the Utopian ideology of this administration.  It is not accepting reality.

Blog Post A - U.S. Coastline

            Secondly, if we withdraw from all points outside the United States we place ourselves in a significant disadvantage if something threatens our national defense or threatens our friends around the globe.  I do not want America to engage in nation building or serve as the world’s police force but I also do not want us to give up our strategic position of being able to place boots on the ground or equipment anywhere in short order.  Could we scale back in some of our endeavors or bases?  Most likely but I do not want us to close them all for I believe that would negatively impact our ability to defend ourselves and take out the enemy before they were able to invade our shores en masse.

Thirdly, if we attempt to become FORTRESS AMERICA we convey to our friends and enemies that we are isolationist and not a nation to be relied on.  That position would endanger our friends and embolden our enemies.  I fully support having a foreign aid budget each year that begins at ZERO dollars and only give aid to those who are our friends and only in the amounts that can be justified with regard to national security.  I know that leaves a little wiggle room for politicians but totally cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world is not in our best interest, politically, morally, economically or nationally.  Our presence, the visibleness of our might, ability and willingness to take action will advance peace whereas isolationism will advance chaos globally.

Blog Post A - Isolationism

            Islamic terrorist are becoming more sophisticated in their training, equipment, technology and strategy and if we isolate ourselves we allow them free-reign to advance their evil and ultimately bring the war to our shores.  If we can prevent that we must, in my view.  We need an administration and congress with the backbone to stand against evil and if it becomes necessary to fight we must FIGHT TO WIN.  Wars are not won with leaflets and appeasement.  Wars are won by eliminating enough of the enemy that they cease their struggle and concede.  If we refuse to acknowledge the enemy or the existence of declared war against us we are doomed for failure.  We cannot fight this as a political war.  If war is to be waged it must be done militarily.  We have not fought a war with the determination to win since World War II and are paying a high price for our failure.

I want a president and congress who first and foremost want to keep America free and safe.  I want leaders who are strong enough to face down the enemy, uphold the constitution and demonstrate a patriotic determination toward America and the American people.  We do not have that at this time and only by the grace of God and diligence of those working to keep us safe behind the scenes have we avoided another 9/11.  That will soon change if we continue on the current path or move dramatically toward FORTRESS AMERICA. 

            God bless you and God bless America.

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