Blog Post B - Generational Brain Washing

One of the reasons I am not supportive of the U.S. Department of Education is the complete erosion of factual history and the complete revision of other disciplines.  The revisionist of the left have virtually rewritten our history.  We now have a generation that has been exposed to the New History and New Science since Kindergarten and many of them now have college degrees and even advanced degrees and it has completely shaped their worldview.

The liberal left virtually controls Education, especially at the institutions of higher learning as colleges and universities are called.  Anyone that disagrees with their ideological beliefs and views is ostracized, shamed, ridiculed and made to appear ignorant, intolerant and failing to progress and evolve with societal changes and mores.  Innocent young minds are conditioned at an early age to ‘accept’ the leftist pabulum and believe that if it is in the textbooks it has been validated, examined, tested and proven as factual.  Professors become virtual gods and students parrot the dogma presented either out of fear of receiving a bad mark or failure to use rational reason.

When education becomes a ward of the Federal Government and Institutions of learning become factories of liberal, environmental and progressive thought it is dangerous.  When successive generations are funneled through that system without a counter argument from parents, media, educators, politicians and/or clergy the Generational Brain Washing is complete and effective.  Are we now at the place where a 2nd or 3rd generation of students have come forth?  If we are and I fear we are then Constitutional Conservatism will be dealt a blow that will prove to be incredibly difficult to overcome and the Republic is hanging by a thread.

Blog Post B - Brain Washed

           I saw a recent poll that stated that revealed that over 54% of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy and only 38% believe her.  However, 62% of those consider her a capable strong leader and presidential material.  In head to head polls with Republicans she beats them all which is mind-numbing to me.  How can you consider her dishonesty, untruthfulness, culpability in Benghazi and more and still support her for President of these United States?  Have we been so brain washed and our moral values so eroded that this is the state of American politics?

Let me state that I believe in Education!  I believe that the information presented to young minds should be factual, informative and create an environment for them to inquire, investigate, examine, test and process.  It should cause them to THINK not simply become parrots of an ideology or theory presented as Law and Gospel by those molding and shaping their young and impressionable minds.  We should be producing people who have a quest of truth and determined to test and prove theorems and theories rather than being echoes of their professors.

Generational Brain Washing has been the objective of groups such as the Fabian Socialist for over 100 years.  It is the demonstrated objective of many educational groups and organizations.  In my view, seeking to Brain Wash young minds is demonstrating a lack of confidence in your belief and fear that if allowed to think for themselves they will disprove your argument.  It is a cowardly approach to education and life.

Blog Post B - Education

            Education and being informed are incredibly important components for an individual or nation which makes honesty, integrity and transparency requisite for political office.  If something is true it will bear examination and exposure to differing views.  If it is not true and only a hypothesis rather than proven fact then it should be, no must be tested.  How are we to combat this societal and educational dilemma?  They reject us as lunatics and fringe thinkers so we have no inroad to educate them.  They consider any conservative news outlet, blog or educator as out of touch so they do not listen.  We are tuned out before we are able to present our argument and sadly many Republican politicians are incapable of articulating the conservative philosophy and come across as ‘deniers without a reasoned argument.’

How do we combat this?  We must outnumber them at the polls.  We must somehow get the attention of those elected to hear and heed our voices.  We must become a nation of prayer once again for I am convinced that short of a miracle from God we have waited too long to become active, engaged and enraged at the assault on our Constitution, Freedom and Nation.  If we do not wake up, rise up, and stand we have lost!   You may find politics distasteful and even disgusting but if you treasure Freedom and Liberty you sometimes have to wade into the mud and push the wagon.

            God help us and God bless America!


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