Blog Post - Cost

I believe that Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote is quite germane: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  Ronald Reagan said, “As government expands, liberty contacts.”  John Adams declared, “A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”  All should be warnings against the ever increasing rise in size, scope and power of the federal government.  The insatiable desire to tax and spend should cause the alarm bells to constantly ring within our hearts and minds in this great land.

The sad reality is that we appear to have evolved to a position and condition in American society where we want government to intervene when it can intervene on our behalf against anyone or anything in opposition.  We have groups today who clamor for the federal government to mandate everyone accept them or their ideological position.  It matters not to them that the pursuit of their perceived rights may well trample on the rights of another for only their rights are important.  It really does not matter what group or issue we are talking about when you seek the federal government to control and mandate that everyone comply with your platform you have entered a most dangerous realm.  A realm that will, at some point, prove to be your downfall and that of society.

There are those so desirous of assistance from the federal government in the form of cash, services, goods, or advancement of their cause they are willing to risk the impending loss of liberty that accompanies that control.  The federal government gives nothing without demands.  Are we really comfortable with allowing the federal government to regulate virtually every aspect of our lives?  Can we not see the ominous cloud that is rising with each abdication of our individual liberties?  Do we trust government or politicians to DO THE RIGHT THING?  No we do not and yet we want them to regulate and assist in our cause.

Blog Post - Liberty

            What are we willing to give up in order to continue to receive our monthly check from Big Brother?  What are we willing to give up in order to have our group or cause recognized and heard?  What are we willing to give up to have a temporary sense of security and safety?  What we are willing to give up is a drop in the bucket of what the Government demands.  The old saying, “Give him and inch and he will take a mile” applies perfectly to the federal government.

Power corrupts and the more power the more corruption.  Most people tasting power develop an appetite for it, seek to entrench themselves in it and become convinced they are destined and deserving of it.  Despots and tyrants throughout history have evolved to the place where the citizenry became or become nothing more than subjects whose singular purpose was or is to serve them.  If we produce they increase and if we fail to produce the desired quantity and quality we are expendable.  They can live in splendor while the world around them lives in abject poverty with no noticeable troubling of their conscience.

Blog Post - Cost of Freedom

            We have transitioned from a limited government in which the States maintained their individual rights and we the people controlled the government and policies of our State and thereby limited the federal government.  Today, the cart is before the horse and the federal government usurps the constitutional guidelines, national politicians enjoy position, power and privilege and WE THE PEOPLE are no longer truly represented and viewed as the true owners of the government as dictated in our constitution.

Mr. Franklin you were right and your warning has gone unheeded regarding our need to “Keep the Republic” you and our founding fathers so valiantly labored to provide.  God help us!  We are a society in which it appears there is a willingness to give up rights and liberties for whatever government assistance we seek.  It matters not if that is money, goods, services or elevation of our group or cause to the forefront.  If we get what we seek we seem willing to allow the federal government to take another piece of the Liberty Pie off the table.  How long before only crumbs remain?

            God bless you and God bless America!

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