I know, I know, that statement makes me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ regarding this administration and the left’s desire and push for gun control legislation.  It is going to come either as congressional legislation or an executive order issued as an emergency measure under the guise of stemming the violence taking place across our land.  You can doubt this if you choose but I fully believe a last ditch effort toward total confiscation of firearms from the citizens will take place before Obama’s term is up in January 2017.

Blog Post 1 - OBAMA Gun Control

Will that push us into a total civil war when law abiding private citizens are faced with the choice of complying with a law or edict from Washington to turn in their firearms or resist and stand on their unalienable rights?  Will it be that the vast majority passively or complainingly comply while a few million resist?  Will it result in the incarceration of many 2nd Amendment supporters who are largely conservative in their politics and further solidifying the voting advantage for the leftist?  Will America survive if they are successful?  These are all questions that cannot be fully answered but I have little doubt each of you has an opinion if you allow yourself to speculate in the scenario aforementioned.

Blog Post 1 - Terrorism

      This president and the left ignore the incredible number of homicides within the inner cities of our nation where much of the crime is black on black as young blacks are mercilessly slaughtered by other blacks.  However, let a situation where the police shoot a black man regardless of the circumstances or a horrific situation like the AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina and the IMMEDIATE push is to label guns as the problem.  That is ludicrous!

I tread lightly as I in no way want to even hint that I am less than horrified and angered by what took place and condemn the actions of Dylan Storm Roof a 21 year old white male who apparently out of racial hatred, paranoia acted.  We know he was possibly on some mind altering substances before this took place as well.  Would he have committed this act without the drugs?  Who knows?  Is he to be condemned?  ABSOLUTELY!  Any act of terror is to be condemned and has no justification!  That is not the point I am approaching this from.

The tragic fact that something like this draws an IMMEDIATE reaction from Mr. Obama and the left that ‘guns are the problem’ is disturbing.  Forget the myriad of murders in the inner cities.  Forget the acts of terrorist and criminals using guns, knives, bombs, etc.  Forget all that and take advantage of the fact that a white male used a gun.  That means we must ban guns and if we have a law that controls or bans guns there will be no more gun violence.  I KNOW YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT!   Criminals and terrorist will not comply with the law. 

Blog Post 1 - Crisis

            Mr. Obama’s declaration that things like this do not happen in advanced countries is absurd.  He must not be aware of any acts of violence in any country in the world to make that statement or maybe he knows he can ignore facts and spin his agenda and those who support him and the media will jump on it like stink on a June bug.  America if we allow them to ‘ban guns’ for private law abiding citizens we will see the quick eradication of most if not all of our other constitutional rights.  I won’t go so far as to say that taking our guns would result in a Nazi-like move by the tyrants and would be gods in politics but they will strip our constitution to where it is a meaningless piece of paper and thereby enslave all.  I am fully convinced their agenda is to go far beyond guns but let it suffice to say the next move would be free speech, freedom of religion, unlawful and unreasonable search and seizure.  Just go down the list and check them off for our unalienable rights will be systematically and quickly eliminated.  We will be like the proverbial frog placed in a pan of water and the heat slowly turned up.  Rather than jumping out of the pan we will be boiled to death constitutionally or unconstitutionally.

THIS COMING ELECTION is about more than just who occupies the White House although that is critical.  It is about our constitutional rights and that means we MUST elect people to Congress who will rigidly defend the constitution and protect our rights afforded or identified by it.  If we fail to evict those who have shown signs of faltering on that front and send people to Washington and the State Houses who will protect and defend the constitution we are signing our own death warrant constitutionally.

I am convinced that in the wake of Charleston, SC and whatever subsequent police situations or other shootings take place Mr. Obama will do whatever it takes to make possessing or owning a firearm so tedious that many will give up the effort.  What will likely happen is enough citizens will resist that we will move to the next step calling it a National Emergency and via martial law declare guns in the hands or homes of citizens illegal.  That will leave the military, police and criminals armed if we comply.

Blog Post 1 - America

            FULL ASSAULT ON THE CONSTITUTION IS COMING!  Label me whatever you please but remember what I am saying and watch what sneaky steps take place over the next few days, weeks and months.   We are on the precipice of losing our Republic totally and forever.  Will we keep it?

God bless you and God bless America!

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