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In the world of politics the past is used as a negative or a catalyst to advance an agenda, spin a narrative or make a particular politician or party more palatable than the other.  If the candidate or party’s past on any point is negative they attempt to make it inconsequential and suggest there were any number of mitigating circumstances that the general public either could not understand or is not privy to.  If there is even one time in their history where they were on the positive side of an issue that is a hot button to the voters they tout that one instance as the entire history of their past ignoring the other times they sidestepped or hurled missiles at the issue shipwrecking or hindering it.  The politics of the past for politicians is to spin the spin they desire the voter to remember and focus on.  Politics of the past for those of us who are deeply concerned about America should provide a plethora of information to enable us to question, investigate and focus on where we believe that candidate or party will take us in the future.

Blog Post - Present

In the world of politics the present it is difficult for a candidate or party to ignore but as in the politics of the past they attempt to diminish the negative while enhancing the positive in the minds of potential voters and contributors.  The present is a result of the past and sometimes it appears we forget that reality.  My past has shaped my present and that is true in politicians, political parties, nations and peoples.  If our history is one of taking positions contrary to the constitution of the United States, advancing agendas that restrict, diminish or repeal the rights and liberties of the citizenry the present will be reflective of that as well.  When a candidate is auditioning of a political position they attempt to change the spots of the leopard and virtually become a Chamaeleon adapting to the particular crowd, ideology or environment in which they find themselves.  Their antics and spin are often an insult to the intelligence of any voter who exercises their cognitive abilities and think.  If we view the present through the lens of the past we will often find that we have a better grasp of present reality without being deceived by the veneer often offered.

Blog Post - Future

In the world of politics the future is more often than not a fictional presentation designed to garner votes and dollars rather than a genuine commitment.  Politicians frequently want us to ignore the past, disregard the present and drift into a world of fantasy as in the “Hope and Change” mantra that has been anything but positive for our nation.  The future is a reality achieved from the events of the past and the actions of the present.  What I have done in the past has led me to my present and how I handle my present will determine my future, at least in the immediate.  I never fail to acknowledge that God can and will make our future bright regardless of the past or present if we turn to Him but that is generally not the world of politics.  Politics is often a presentation of a future that is not remotely consistent with the history of the past or the reality of the present.  It is a promise designed to propel them into the position they seek not a commitment to serve the voters or honor the constitution.

In today’s America we have a significant number of people willing to ignore the past, disregard the present and dream of a future as presented by politicians without attempting to connect the dots, weigh the information or consider the possibilities or probabilities of their promises.  It is a mistake to assume that a politician, person or political party cannot and does not change, they do.  It is a mistake to assume that a mistake in the past did not provide the necessary lesson to alter the ideology or agenda for the future.  However, if we examine the past in light of the present and seek to determine if any change in the present is truly ideological or only an attempt to persuade potential voters and contributors we will better determine the future with that politician or party.

Blog Post - Worth

I would hope that every voter invests the time and resources they have to examine the history of the politician and party, review their present position and actions asking why the change or when the change occurred.  If I know where a candidate has stood and what they have done I can evaluate where they now claim to stand and what they are now doing in a better light enabling me to predict their political course in the future.  Therefore, it is important that we review the past, examine the present and consider the future as honestly and realistically as we can.  That is why I attempt to uncover the voting record, public positions and associations of the past as well as examine any shift in the present.  When did they modify their position and what prompted that modification or shift?  Was the change prior to announcing their candidacy or has it evolved during their pursuit of the nomination?  What were their associations of the past? What are their associations of the present?  Those will help me to identify the probable associations of the future.  Leopards do not change their spots and although people do change their views, birds of a feather typically continue to flock together.  Therefore, if a politician has changed their position I desire to examine their actions in the newly identified position as extensively as I can to determine if the change is genuine or politically motivated.

America’s future hangs in the balance and if we want the America envisioned by the founders and afforded by the Constitution it is imperative that we examine the past, acknowledge the present to gain a realistic view of the future.   It is up to us to reclaim this nation as a Constitutional Republic but that will require much work and an unrelenting commitment.  Are we willing to make that commitment?  America’s future is at stake.  What say you?

God bless you and God bless America!

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