Blog Post - Big Picture

America is in deep trouble on almost every front and sadly most of the focus by the Main Stream Media, politicians and public are “hot button issues” which often divert attention from the dire straits this country is in overall.  I care about all the issues or most of them but I care about America more than I care about winning a battle on any isolated “hot button issue”. 

It seems, to me, that each time we begin to make progress on bringing to the light the plight of America with regard to National Defense, the Economy, Constitutional Rights, the Federal Budget and Deficit, Immigration, etc. there is a new scandal, hot button issue that diverts our attention from the whole to the isolated.  Frankly, I have come to believe that is by design and both parties are complicit in this excursion in to deception.

Blog Post - Not In Labor Force

We have over 92 Million workforce age citizens not participating in the workforce in this country.  Even when we discount those who are retired and truly handicapped and unable to work we find that there is, in reality, at least 15% unemployment and most honest analyst and statisticians believe it is over 20% in real unemployment picture.  That is a problem of major proportions and is largely ignored today by all politicians.  It is not ignored by those in that situation who WOULD WORK if they COULD FIND WORK.  Sadly, there is a significant portion of the unemployed who NO LONGER WANT TO WORK.  They are satisfied to receive a handout rather than a hand up and find it more lucrative to sit idle than to work 1-3 jobs to make ends meet.  I can understand but cannot condone their choices and that is a problem in America.

Our National Defense through the systematic weakening of our military is worse than it has been in decades and possibly ever.  I resist declaring that this administration wants us open to attacks but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and looks like a duck it just might be a duck.  We have consistently alienated our friends and long term allies and aided those who openly declare “Death to America”.  That is unconscionable to me and should be to any American who loves liberty and having a free constitutional republic in which to live and work.  Our borders are so porous that anyone can virtually walk across unchecked and unimpeded.  That means that terrorist have open access to our borders especially our southern borders and can and possibly have smuggled in weapons of mass destruction ready to use on our sovereign American soil.  That is a problem of epic proportion.

Blog Post - Rights

The assault by this Administration on our Constitutional Rights and Liberties including speech, religion and the constant press to regulate to a dictatorial degree our right to keep and bear arms should be a concern.  It seems that if you are a follower of Islam you have a right to demand that federal prisons serve what you want to eat, provide you with all the tools to practice your religion but if you are a Christian operating a business you have no rights to follow your religion’s beliefs and obey your conscious.  No, your rights are subordinate to the declared rights of those who practice lifestyles or religions contrary to your beliefs.  We are in grave danger of pastor’s being ordered to conduct same sex marriages in violation of their convictions or face imprisonment.  That should be of major concern to everyone regardless of your religious or lifestyle views.  If they can do this with in one area what is to prevent them from making broader and more sweeping rulings that strip every one of their constitutional unalienable rights?

We have an administration that has and is using various federal agencies as a virtual Gestapo and targeting all who hold differing views ideologically.  This has been done in violation of law, the Constitution and moral reason and the elected officials, main stream media and many within the public simply yawn or wink at it and say, “Oh well.”  No it is not “Oh Well, it is a road to Hell” for the nation and we must become alarmed and refuse to lose focus.

 Blog Post - Spending

We have a debt and spending problem in America that cannot be resolved in our lifetime and is a threat to our grandchildren and all future generations.  It is not an easy fix and cannot be resolved by increasing the entitlement spending and freebies politicians are so prone to offer and press for.  Allowing our votes to be purchased is literally taking the hammer and driving nails in the coffin of the Republic.  Somehow many are so deluded and in such a state of denial they do not think this house of cards will crumble in their lifetime and seem to have little concern about future generations.  That is not the America or the American spirit which birthed this nation and has made her great for generations. 

Benghazi is important, illegal emails are important for they speak to character.  The IRS, Planned Parenthood, Fast and Furious, Unconstitutional Executive Fiats, Veteran’s Administration, Bergdahl, Iran Nuke Deal, Obamacare and more are all critical issues but individually they are not the Big Picture and we must keep the Full Picture in mind when we decide who is to represent us as President, Senator, Congressman/woman, Supreme Court Justice, etc.  America is dependent upon her patriots to rise to come to her rescue and if we fail the America our Founders gave us, and we have known will be nothing more than a memory.

Will you become distracted and caught up in “hot button issues” or will you stay focused on America and steer her on the right course for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?  God bless you and God bless America!

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