Blog Post - Constitution

How you view the United States Constitution depends upon which side of the political aisle you stand.  If you are on the Democrat, liberal, leftist, socialist and sometimes moderate Republican side you view it as archaic and/or an ever evolving document.  If you are on the Republican, conservative or limited government side you see it as the foundational document that is timeless and the guide for the rule of law in America.

After years of studying history and this incredible document I believe that it represents and reflects the character of the founding fathers and that of the American people over the past two centuries plus.  In this third century we are seeing a significant erosion and shift in the mindset of many in the public.  Why?  I believe it is largely due to successive generations of indoctrination in the public school, liberal theological institutions presentation or the lack thereof of absolutes in truth, the main stream media and politician’s distortions and misrepresentations of the meaning and intent of the founders.  They have worked tirelessly to suggest and spin the idea that one cannot be a strict constructionist and be true to the intent of the founders.

At the core of this disagreement is often a struggle for power something the founders understood and sought to defeat.  The American Constitution has clearly defined boundaries for each branch of government and I truly believe it the conviction of the founders that each branch would be so jealous of and diligent to preserve its authority the three branches would provide a workable and desirable system of “checks and balances.”  Today, Congress has largely abdicated its role and transferred by silence or act its authority to the Executive Branch.  The Courts have also become complicit in transforming the Executive Branch into one that can only be described as a “soft tyranny” and dangerously close to being a “hard tyranny.”

Blog Post - Balance of Power

Congress has many recorded incidents where they have relinquished their power and authority to both the Executive and/or Judicial Branch.  In some respects, the Legislative Branch has become almost meaningless and one of the reasons many are calling for a Convention of States to rewrite the Constitution and restore the balance of power and place the oversight of government back in the hands of the voting public.  In the 1970’s Congress allowed usurpation of their power and responsibility by the Executive Branch in various agencies such as OSHA and the EPA.  Obamacare is a prime example of Congress failing to do its due diligence and that was reflected in Nancy Pelosi’s statement, “We have to pass it to find out what is in it.”  I can only imagine what Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and George Washington, to name a few, would have said about that.  The disaster know as Dodd-Frank in 2010 presented a heavy blow to the economy and we are still reeling from that punch.

Congress has gone almost beyond the point of no return in forgetting and/or ignoring its exclusive Constitutional Authority and Power as described in Article I, Sections 8 and 9 which deals with spending by the federal government and taxation.  This has led to a number of federal agencies collecting their own taxes and generating revenue extra-constitutionally.  Congress no longer passes annual appropriations bills, agency by agency.  What we have today are “continuing resolutions” or “blank checks” for the president to do what he will regarding spending.  Congress could have stopped many of the disastrous Obama policies via the power of the purse but the Democrats have no desire and the Republicans are afraid of their own shadows.  The result is WE THE PEOPLE paid, are paying and will continue to pay the price.

Blog Post - Restoration

We used to have “lame duck” presidents in the last year of their second term but this president is anything but, largely because the Republican controlled Congress has demonstrated no intestinal fortitude and seem to be oblivious to their actual powers, duties and responsibilities constitutionally and as Representatives of the American people.    What could they do?

  • Reclaim the taxing, spending and borrowing powers the Constitution affords them.
  • Immediately and consistently exercise the power of the purse in appropriations.
  • Become Representatives of the people and Legislators once again as per the Constitution.
  • Eliminate the Cronyism that is often reflected in the seniority system and put people in chair positions who actually have some qualifications and demonstrate a propensity to follow the Constitution.                                                                                               
  • Blog Post - WhereAre there more things that could be done?  Absolutely but at the voter level we must resolve to elect only those who will actually support and defend the Constitution.  At the Congressional level we must have members of the House and Senate who refuse to cave to the pressure inside the beltway, lobbyist and elitist and do what they were elected to do.

    The Constitution can be a tool or vehicle to lead us forth to restoration of the Republic or if we continue on the current path it will be transformed to meaninglessness and the Republic will be no more.  The question is, “How much is a Constitutional America worth you and me?”  We will determine that, in a great measure, in 2016.

    God bless you and God bless America!



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