Blog Post 2 - Elections Rigged

I have friends and fellow conservatives who truly hold the view that all elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined.  Therefore, they see no reason to go to the polls because, in their view, it does not matter.  I will not argue or even suggest that there is not massive “voter fraud” and elections are “stolen” but I will argue that it is still important to go to the polls and cast our ballots.

“If” the elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined, how does one explain the Republicans gaining control of the House and Senate?  That control was squarely in the hands of the Democrats and loyal Obama soldiers marching to his commands and advancing the liberal agenda.  Why would the riggers allow this?  I acknowledge that the Republicans have been anything but stalwarts in opposing this push but somehow in the midst of rigged elections we wrested control of both Houses of Congress from the Democrats.

“If” the elections are rigged and the outcome predetermined, how does one explain the statistical probabilities that Mitt Romney could have and likely would have beaten Barack Obama in 2012 had millions of Republicans not refused to go to the polls?  The statistical numbers indicate that had those millions voted in the varying states it would have been enough to swing the election to the Republican candidate.  Please understand, Romney was not my desired candidate but if my choice is Romney or Obama I will take Romney every time.  I can understand and appreciate people standing for their “principles”, I do and my core principles declare that that America is too valuable to allow my dislike or disagreement with portions of what the nominee stands for or might do and thereby allow someone I know will be destructive and Anti-American win the election.

Blog Post 2 - I Still Believe

At this juncture I am unable to accept that my vote is meaningless.  I still hold the belief that even if there is massive voter fraud a monumental turnout by those who desire a Constitutional Republic, Conservative agenda and Limited Government we can offset their plans and beat them.  Could I be wrong?   Of course!  I like to believe I am a “realist” although some would call me a “pessimist” and others would label this belief as “fantasy optimism”.  If we do not try we are guaranteed defeat.

What can we do?  More than we are in most cases.  I have friends who tell me, “I don’t like politics so I just ignore it.”  I don’t like it either but neither do I like cleaning the toilet in my house but if I don’t it becomes unbearable.  There are some things that are not optional and in this day and time politics is one of them.  Benjamin Franklin’s warning is so relevant today.  When asked what type of government was adopted he declared, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  The wisdom and foresight of our Founders is sometime astounding and the willingness to ignore politics and politicians is not just dangerous it is doom.

What can we do?  We can volunteer to be poll watchers and if not accepted we can become unofficial watchers and report all violations observed.  We can volunteer to work for the candidate of our choice.  We can invest our time and treasure in helping them win the nomination and then work to insure that the most conservative, constitutional and integrous candidate possible.  We can attempt to educate, investigate, vet and inform.  THEN, we can go to the polls and cast our ballot.  It is when I have done those things that I can face my children, grandchildren and fellow Americans knowing I have done all legally allowable.

Blog Post 2 - John Wayne

Some advocate a new revolution and that may one day become a necessity as Jefferson suggested but today I still believe we can through prayer, moral integrity, labor and voting make a difference.  Am I wrong?  Possibly but that is my view and all I ask is you respect mine and I will respect and defend your right to yours.  This article may cost me social media friends and if it does, it does.  I offer it to ask you to carefully consider what is at stake and determine the best course of action on your part.

            God bless you and God bless America!

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