HEY HILLARY – What Is Broken That You Want To Fix?

Blog Post 3 - Four More Years

I don’t know about anyone else but I find it almost laughable that Hillary Clinton is trying to tap dance through Obama’s policies acknowledging that there are things that are not working without saying the past seven years has not worked.  Bernie Sanders, to his credit, is not saying he does not believe things are working simply they are not going far enough or fast enough to suit his Socialist mentality.  He thinks more spending, more government regulations, more and Bigger Government throwing money around like it grew on trees is a good thing.

I thought Chris Matthews asking Hillary to explain the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat was priceless but not as priceless as her inability to answer the question.  He tried to give her an out and she finally said, “I don’t know what one is but I’m not one.  I’m a progressive Democrat who likes to get things done and work together on solutions.”  Seriously?  You don’t know what a Socialist is but you are not one.  How do you know?  Also, claiming you want to get things done and work with people is so generic it deserves no consideration as a viable answer to any question.  Hillary said, “We need to get the Economy going.”  Really?  If the policies of the past seven years are working and good why do we need to fix the economy?  Hey, Ms. Clinton, you are a liberal Democrat, right?  Why not run saying, “Elect me and you get four more years of the same policies, ideology and agenda you have had for seven years.” 

Blog Post 3 - Hillary

Why isn’t she doing that?  Because she and her handlers pay attention to which way the wind is blowing and a significant percentage of Americans believe we are headed in the WRONG DIRECTION and that means they do not believe the policies are or have worked.  Therefore, without telling us how she would get the economy going, she says we need to.  The sheep of the left drink that in and say, “Hillary is right.”  Of course, no thought is given to how the past seven years have fixed nothing but exasperated much.

Barack Obama ran declaring he would be the Great Uniter and the nations who have heretofore hated us will once again respect and love us.  He went on his apology tour throughout the Arab world apologizing for the evil sinful America of the past and proclaimed that a new day had dawned, the sun was shining and the birds chirping because He would bring America down to size and show a nice side to the bully nation. (His view not mine).  Sadly, we are less respected today than we have been in my lifetime.  Those who once feared our superior might no longer consider us anything but a paper tiger because of his unilateral reduction in our military strength.  He has significantly reduced our nuclear arsenal claiming that if we did that the other nations would know we were not a threat and they would either disarm or cease seeking nuclear weapons.  Imagine that!  How has that worked out?  Russia and China have disarmed, right?  North Korea has ceased production on nuclear weapons, right?  Of course, Iran would never seek to have a nuclear weapon and we can trust them so much we let them police and inspect themselves.  Well, that is NOT EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!   Please do not forget the recent action by the Iranians with regard to our Navy boats and  how this wonderful ally responded.  Friends?  Trustworthy?  Wanting to work together?  HARDLY!  America is in greater danger today militarily than ever.  I say that as one who is a combat veteran and greatly respects our military but the so-called Commander in Chief has hamstrung much of our military and that is not just bad or dangerous it is diabolical.

Blog Post 3 - Socialism

Hillary, why is it that you are not touting the ideology and policies of this administration as wonderful and vowing to give us more of the same?  You believe what Mr. Obama believes.  You are a disciple of the same mentality as he so why distance yourself, even slightly?  If what he and the Democrats have offered is so wonderful why not step up and declare FOUR MORE YEARS?

Why?  Because you know his policies are abject failures.  However, if you were elected we would not only get FOUR MORE YEARS but our borders would be completely eradicated, there would be far more than 50% of America on government entitlements, the assault on our 2nd Amendment Rights would escalate and Government would become larger and more intrusive than under the two terms of Barack H. Obama.

Ms. Clinton, we have a broken America or one that is dangerously close to being broken beyond repair.  You have lied about Benghazi, your incredibly dangerous use of private email servers and repeatedly avowed to do even more than Mr. Obama in pushing America to the left.  I can only hope that the FBI forces the DOJ to do the right thing and hold you accountable.  It is clear that the Republicans in Congress have no willingness or stomach for that fight.  I can only hope the American people recognize the dangers and failures of FOUR MORE YEARS breaking the Greatest Nation on the planet and reject you and those who follow your ideological agenda.

God bless you and God bless America.  I stand firmly for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM!



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