Blog Post 2 - Disciples

I have seen the “How To Create A Social State” attributed to Saul Alinsky and cannot find it anywhere in his writings.  I will not absolutely declare it was not derived from his teachings but when I try to verify it I am unable so I will refrain from using it.

However, if one reads the “Twelve Rules For Radicals” you will find much that would lend itself to the very plan listed in the supposed Eight Rules which include control of Healthcare, Income, Debt, Guns, Welfare, Education, Religion and the creation of Class Warfare.  All which the left are using proficiently in modern times.  I have no doubt they learned and developed this strategy largely from Alinsky’s teachings but will declare that this goes far deeper in history and are ideas belched from the pit of hell.

Blog Post 2 - Lenin

The ideas of Alinsky could rightly be viewed as simplifications of those of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin who is reported to have declared that his disciples were “useful idiots”.  I have read that the term was actually used by Lenin to describe Westerners duped into saying good things about bad regimes.  I can believe it was the mentality of Lenin and Stalin but whether he said it or not it is still applicable today.  Lenin and Stalin reportedly used the term “polyezniy idiot” or “useful idiot” to describe sympathizers in the West who blindly supported Communist leaders.

Lenin reportedly said, “The goal of socialism is communism.  Give me just one generation of youth, and I will transform the whole world.”  Winston Churchill declared, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”  The idea is that equality trumps all in socialism.  All, that is, except the corrupt politicians in charge!  They exempt themselves from the laws they create to control.

Among the interesting items to be found in Alinsky’s writings is this statement:  As an organizer, I start where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be. That we accept the world as and it does not in any sense weaken our desire to change it into what we believe it should be — it is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. — P. xix.   That would explain Obama’s press to create the Utopian World living within his mind.  Alinsky also said something that cause me to come to a screeching halt and ponder today’s climate and the rationale behind the push for “gun control” by the left.  He said, “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!” is an absurd rallying cry when the other side has all the guns.”  Xxi.

Blog Post 2 - Reformation

His definition of Reformation should cause alarm bells to go off in our sense of liberty and morality.  “A reformation means that masses of our people have reached the point of disillusionment with past ways and values.  They don’t know what will work but they know that the prevailing system is self-defeating, frustrating, and hopeless.  They won’t act for change, but won’t strongly oppose those who do.  The time then is ripe for revolution.”  Xxii. His prescription for young radicals was:  “…the answer I gave the young radicals seemed to me the only realistic one:  “Do one of three things.  One, go find a wailing wall and feel sorry for yourselves. Two, go psycho and start bombing — but this only swings: people to the right.  Three, learn a lesson. Go home, organize, build power and at the next convention, you be the delegates.” — xxiii

Blog Post 2 - Satan and Alinsky

A key philosophy of Alinsky and demonstrated by both Obama and Hillary is: “One’s concern with ethics of means and ends varies inversely with one’s personal interest in the issue.”  He declared, “The fifth rule of the ethics and ends is that concern with ethics increases with the number of means available and vice versa.  To the man of action the first criterion in determining which means to employ is to assess what means are available.  Reviewing and selecting available means is done on a straight utilitarian basis – WILL IT WORK?  Moral questions may enter when one chooses among equally effective alternate means. “- P.32.

 We have witnessed years of demonstrated discipleship to the Alinsky Model by the left and especially Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  They truly believe the “end justifies the means” and lives only have value if they advance the ideological agenda desired.  We saw that in Benghazi and see it regularly.

Knowing they are disciples of Saul Alinsky should be enough to cause hesitation and rejection of them and their agendas but it has not been heretofore.  Will it be in 2016?  I am waiting for that answer.  The connections to Alinsky, the adoption of Fabian Socialist ideas and agendas, the associations with people like Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to name a couple should Americans to realize that the left does not have America’s best interest at heart but desire to “fundamentally transform” this nation into something more aligned with Communist Despotism.  The fairy tale world of Socialism where everyone is equal and all share is a theory that is only workable on paper and theory not in reality.

God help us if we allow someone of Hillary Clinton’s mentality, ideology and ilk occupy the White House as a result of the Elections of 2016.  May God cause us to awaken out of our slumber, shake ourselves, rise up, step up, speak up and engage ourselves in preserving the Republic our Founders Established and God’s divine providence allowed!

God bless you and God bless America!

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