BLOG POST - Objective

The more I watch, read, and listen to the Republican candidates the more I wonder, “What is the Real Objective?”  Is it to simply become the GOP nominee for president or is it to become president and alter the course of this nation averting the sure destruction looming before us?  I am perplexed by what I see and how the masses are responding to what we all hear and see.  I have heard many possible reasons for the paradox being witnessed but none has satisfied my inquiring mind.


I understand being angry, for I too am angry.  I am angry at the assault on the constitution and the spinelessness of our elected officials to stand in the gap for America.  I am angry at the insatiable appetite Washington has for spending us into oblivion without regard to future generations.  I am angry at political promises made and not kept.  I am angry at the systematic erosion of our constitutional and God-given rights and liberties attempting to “fundamentally transform” America into a nation that in no way resembles that described and provided in the Constitution.  I am angry at the facilitation of the moral decline, the dumbing down of the young through educational manipulation and brainwashing, and the rejection of reason and time-honored traditions and beliefs that have made this nation strong for over two centuries.  Therefore, I understand the anger, but is anger enough or do we need real answers that are prayerfully thought out and implemented?

As I have watched the debates I keep wondering if anger is the reason many applaud rudeness and rhetoric without substantive details as to how the promises are going to be kept.  When I talk to people about whom they support I continue to be surprised at the reasons and how willing many are to embrace their choice not based on substance but presentation and appearance.  I have some tell me they consider it a breath of fresh air to have someone present an image that is in a continual attack mode.  I guess our Political Process has evolved to the place that candidates resort to name-calling, half-truths, innuendos, and character attacks and that is more productive than SUBSTANCE and DETAILS.  Candidates, I really don’t care who called who what first, escalating the back and forth of name calling is juvenile and what we have experienced over the past seven years.  Each of the candidates has their soundbite 15-second statements they use over and over and sadly their chosen words seem to resonate with people even without hearing the HOW.  I am puzzled because my view of America, where she is, where she is heading, and where she should be will not allow me to be swayed by emotion but demands that I see the details.  I want to know if the promises are truly possible and have a reasonable possibility of becoming realities.  Just my view and you have a right to yours.

BLOG POST - Substance

I agree with something Donald Trump said after the last debate regarding Dr. Carson’s treatment by the moderators.  He said, “I don’t think it was fair and they didn’t ask him enough questions.”  That is true and in this particular debate Dr. Carson and John Kasich offered more details and substance as to their views than I have heard heretofore.  I expected Marco Rubio to be the attack mode toward Donald Trump and knew that Trump and Cruz were going to go after each other.  Although I understand what and why the three of them are doing and what they do in the debates, but for it to become a shouting match is troubling.  In private conversations or public debates, I do not like to hear people talking over each other and resorting to name calling and all three did that to one degree or another.  In a true debate, which it almost became at times, one person states a position and another counters and the back and forth often leads to a revelation of positions.  However, in these formats for that to happen we almost have to have the shouting matches where the moderators are ignored and the candidates engage in debate.  That being said, when the debate is not substantive but rhetorical it turns me off.  Again, simply my opinion and preference and may not be yours.

BLOG POST - Target

I heard things that troubled me, things that angered me, things that raised new questions, and things that sent me to my knees.  However, back to my original question, “What is the Real Objective?”  If it is rescuing America then it is time for each of the candidates to tone down the personal attacks and name-calling, rudeness, and rhetoric and begin to detail in clear terms what they plan to do, how they plan to do it, and when we could reasonably expect their objectives to be accomplished.  Tuesday will be incredibly revealing and we will, quite possibly, know who the Republican nominee will be or if we will be heading to an Open Convention, which I doubt.  I am hopeful and prayerful that we will see a coalescing within the GOP and a presentation of proposals with details that we can all gravitate to and support in opposition to the leftist agenda of the Democrats.

My continual plea is, “Let’s not forget the Objective.”  America is in need of her patriots to rise up, and stand in the gap more than any time since 1776.  We face the full and final “fundamental transformation” of this nation if we do not find some way to unite and defeat the Progressive, Liberal, Leftist, Socialist, agenda of the Democrats in November.  God help us if we fail or refuse.

God bless you and God bless America!


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