Before everyone who is a loyal Marco Rubio fan turns me off, please allow me to explain that I used this picture because it offers a perfect Segway into something that troubles me in our society and is not about Rubio!  Most of our history and virtually all my life we were rewarded for winning or excellence not simply for participating.  Participation is a loose term that has come to mean if you were there, you win!  But is excellence about participating or achieving?  Did America become the Great Nation she has been by just showing up or excelling?  I THINK WE KNOW THE ANSWER! 

We have adopted, at least, the government has “Results Based Learning” and “Common Core” in our education system.  I was troubled years ago when the move surfaced and gained footing to virtually cease giving grades in school and keeping score in sporting events for the young.  I can assure you having raised children who played sports and having participated in sports most of my life, THE KIDS KNOW THE SCORE!  They keep the score even if the officials and parents do not.  How does eliminating winners and losers teach anything in life except the false narrative that just participating is good enough and exceptionalism is a bad thing?  How does it teach people how to handle life’s adversities when we try to level the field so that no one excels and everyone is brought down to the lowest level of those participating?

  • I am glad I grew up in an era where we learned the agony of defeat which made the thrill of victory even sweeter.
  • I am glad that I learned at an early age that life is not fair and things will not always go my way.
  • I am glad that I learned how to deal with adversity and strive for excellence and then when awarded the prize of excelling it meant something.  Blog Post - First LoserI laugh when I hear political candidates trumpet their success in finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th.  Is that the objective?  PARTICIPATING?  I think not and no matter how the PC Police attempt to convince us we know that finishing 2nd even a close 2nd is still SECOND.   It is not the prize sought and while it may make us feel better to declare that we are winners because we finished SECOND it will not achieve the desired objective.  Therefore, I would suggest to the candidates finishing other than 1st to realize that what they are doing is working only minimally and if they hope to ascend to the highest position on the podium they have to change something.  Hey, candidates finishing other than 1st WHAT YOU ARE DOING ISN’T WORKING.  You may be closing the gap and may be increasing the gap between you and the next position but you are still not in the lead so don’t try to make us think it is great you are a participant not a victor.

    I am not trying to pick on Marco Rubio for I’ve heard all of them except maybe Dr. Carson proclaim their victory in finishing other than 1st and laugh when I hear it.  I laughed last night when Fox News was interviewing Rubio and he kept spinning, “better days ahead” and “I’m really the winner”, and he could be right I don’t know.  He suggested, rightly, that if others were not in the race he would have done better and then Fox advised him that Governor Kasich said that because Rubio was in the race it was hurting Kasich.  I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!  Governor are you that delusional?  I continue to hope and pray that we will move beyond the personality issues and onto substance and details of WHAT and HOW the candidates propose to achieve the campaign promises and agendas.  I heard a Christian asked why he supported Donald Trump and he said, “Well, we are not trying to elect a Pastor nor a Sunday School Teacher but someone to lead this nation to where it needs to go.”  He felt that Mr. Trump was that person.  You may or may not feel that way but it does explain why some Christians overlook or look beyond some things.

  • Blog Post - Critical TimesI am convinced that this is the most critical election in my lifetime and one that we dare not get wrong or fail to win if we want to rescue America and see her thrive as the Constitutional Republic the Founders establish and intended.  It is time for the field to thin down to two but it won’t.  Kasich and Carson seem to be determined to stay in the race and only they and God knows why.  Neither Cruz nor Rubio is likely to drop out UNLESS Rubio loses Florida but after hearing him last night and on other occasions I doubt that would cause him to step aside.  Cruz is clearly in 2nd place in delegates and wins but unless one of the two of them steps down Donald Trump will be the nominee of the Republican Party, and that will either be good or bad in November.  I would prefer to have it a head to head competition for I believe that would result in a stronger plan to defeat Hillary in November and I do not believe that Cruz and Rubio both staying in will result in an for an Open or Contested Convention.

    I must say that I thought Donald Trump’s Press Conference reflected a totally different style last night.  He toned it down dramatically.  Is that a sign of things to come as the presumptive nominee and if so will that hurt or help him?  Just a thought, but I liked the change!  I SAY AGAIN, “Whoever is the Republican Nominee, I will vote for them or vote against the Democrat.”  AMERICA cannot survive four or eight more years of the anti-constitution leftist agenda.  Each of us has a preference in this process but I pray that once the process has run its course and a nominee is declared we will determine to defeat the leftist, progressive, socialist agenda of the Democrat side of the equation and VOTE.  This is about America, not simply about our personal preferences.  The Fight is for FREEDOM!

    God bless you and God bless America!


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