I have some friends who totally buy into the class envy scam advanced by politicians, activist, academia, and the mainstream media.  Sometimes, it seems, they consider anyone who has wealth evil but when we peel the onion we find that it is not their moral objection to the greed, graft, and/or corruption but envy or jealousy that is driving their view and willingness to blast everyone with wealth.  One person recently told me, “It’s just not fair!”  My question was, “what has fair got to do with it?”  Life, in general, is not fair and was never intended to be a socialistic society where everyone is equal regardless of their production, contribution, or risk.  Our Constitution recognizes our God-given right to the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  It does not suggest that EQUALITY or WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION is a right or a path we should desire or pursue as a governmental mandate, edict, or policy.  Risk and reward is and has always been a part of life.

In this current political campaign, both Democrats in the race desire “higher taxes” and, therefore, the fan the flames of class envy and take advantage of the jealousy and envy of those of us who could be called the “have-nots” toward those who “have.”  I readily acknowledge that some, if not many, of those with wealth and power have achieved some if not much of their wealth and success on the backs of those who labor.  Yet, the benefit we “have-nots” gain from their creation of personal wealth is a job.  If they were forced to pay a wage beyond what the market would bear that increase would and does result in fewer jobs and higher prices.  The man on the bottom of the scale pays more for products which often if not most of the time is more than their increase in wages.  We have witnessed the reduction of hours due to government mandates and regulations which hurt those of us who are identified as “have-nots”. 


When it comes to TAXATION, the idea of “socking it to the rich” may provide some personal gratification at the idea that the wealthy or being forced to PAY their “fair share” but, in reality, it does nothing for you and me.  The reality is that while there are many loopholes, and deductions that those of wealth can take advantage of because they can afford the CPA’s, attorneys, make investments, etc. that the average Joe cannot.  However, if we truthfully examine the TAX ISSUE we find some very interesting things regarding FAIR SHARE.  The Democrats will not address those issues because they want more money and are willing to appear to want to go after the wealthy, many of which are deep pocket supporters of those very candidates.  That brings to mind another question.  “If the Democrats are truly trying to sock it to the wealthy, why are the wealthy supporting them?”  That would be incredibly nonsensical, would it not?

BLOG POST 2 - Fair Share

In a report for 2012 released by the Internal Revenue Service we find:

  • The Top 1% (1.37 Million Taxpayers) earned at least $434,682 per year and paid 38% of all federal income taxes.
  • The Top 5% were identified as those earning, at least, $175,817 per year paid 59% of all federal income taxes.
  • The Top 10% were identified as those earning, at least, $125,195 per year paid 70% of all federal income taxes.
  • The Top 25% were identified as those earning, at least, $73,354 per year paid 86% of all federal income taxes.
  • The Bottom 50% were identified as those earning no more than $36,055 per year paid less than 3% of all federal income taxes.
  • The Report estimated that over 45% of American households paid ZERO federal income taxes.

Think about the fact that the threshold for being in the hated ONE PERCENT begins at $434,682 per year.  And imagine how being called a TEN PERCENTER feels to someone earning $125,195 per year.  You do realize that earning $4 to $5 hundred thousand per year is not Lear Jet and Luxury Yacht type money, don’t you?

The clamor about corporations and taxes usually never includes the result of increased taxes on corporations.  If a corporation is taxed it has several options as to how to handle that tax incidence.  The corporation can shift the burden to another party, often in an effort to survive.  They can raise the price of its product, lower dividends or lay off workers or maybe a combination of all three.  Corporations are really tax collectors for the government.  Politicians tell us they won’t tax us but if we own a home they tax the land and property, which cannot pay taxes.  Who pays the tax?  WE DO!  The Left wants to keep and increase the Inheritance or Death Tax where the money is being double taxed.  This tax brings in about 1% of the federal revenue and while it is supported by some of those who identify as “have-nots” it negatively impacts our economy and often forces the heirs to liquidate their assets to pay these taxes and rather than advancing our economy it simply funnels money into the Big Government coffers enabling politicians to continue their spending and misuse of our money.

BLOG POST 2 - fair share 2

FAIR SHARE?  What is a fair share?  If we had a Flat Tax or a Fair Tax rather than a progressive tax system everyone could pay a FAIR SHARE by proportional participation and everyone would have skin in the game.  If you earn $10,000 and paid 10% you would pay $1,000 and if you earned $10,000,000 you would pay $1,000,000.  Now, I am not asking that a person earning only $10,000 pay $1,000 but use the illustration to reflect how this would be FAIRER than what we now have.

I refuse to allow envy or jealousy dampen my dream and joy.  I grew up dirt poor but rich in love and heritage and have never considered myself deprived because someone else had something I did not have.  All my life, if I have wanted something, I either found a way to save or earn enough to purchase it or I moved on.  What another wears, where they live, or what they drive impacts me only in causing me to dream and determine if I am willing to take the risk to have that reward.

God bless you and please do not politicians to suck you into the class envy but may God inspire you to dream dreams and reach for the stars through your efforts rather than attempting to have what someone else has.  I do not want what you have earned or inherited and do not want to be forced to give you what I have.




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