POLITICAL SUICIDE – Is That What We Signed Up For?

Blog Post - Political Suicide

I know I didn’t and do not believe that you did either.  However, with the trajectory, we are currently on, the divisiveness, the implosion, and the infighting in the Republican Party that may well be what we have.  The demise of a political party is never pretty and the fallout for the citizens is sometimes very bad.  However, the Republican Party came into existence as the Whig Party disintegrated and the new Republican Party had Lincoln as their candidate.  Sadly, with the money, machine, and media forming a new party with success will not be as easy as in the middle of the 19th century.  I completely understand the disdain people have for politics and political parties because of the professional elitist who control the helm of them but in today’s situation, it can be catastrophic.  If WE THE PEOPLE allow the Republican Party to implode from within and commit political suicide we will have permitted the Leftist, Progressive, Socialist, Democrats to not just “fundamentally transform” America but effectively “destroy”  or render the “ineffective” the Constitutional Republic.  That will have far more dire consequences than many, including politicians, seem to realize.  I keep asking, “Have, We Lost Our Collective Minds?”

Blog Post - Fighting Each Other

Although many attribute the quote, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” to Abraham Lincoln but it was first found in the Bible in Gospels, spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself.  Saul Alinsky and other activist and tyrants promoted the idea of “Divide and Conquer” as a viable and effective means of winning battles and wars.  I wish I could say that it is the Democrats who are causing the division and creating a “divided house” but it is not.  We are doing this to ourselves and for that reason I question if this is “political suicide” we are witnessing.

I have NEVER seen such polarization and venomous attacks in my lifetime politically.  It is not just the candidates, but those following them.  The Republican Party Presidential Primary has, in my view, reached critical mass, in illustrating our division.  We cannot survive if we continue on this path.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND, I am not saying that candidates should not question an opponent’s policies, ideas, and/or stances but when it becomes personal to the point that friendships, business relationships, churches, and marriages so strained they are being torn apart IT IS UNACCEPTABLE.  I appreciate the devotion to your candidate and your belief that you are standing on principle.  However, if we commit “political suicide” who rescues the nation?  The Democrats have no desire to rescue the Constitutional Republic they want to “fundamentally transform it.”

Blog Post - Einstein

Albert Einstein said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”  That encapsulates the situation perfectly.  I am sorry if this offends, but it is being anything but wise to so alienate those of differing preferences about who would offer the best hope for America that we can never come together against the real enemy we face.  It is insanity to think that after the varying camps have gone to nuclear war with each other, attempting to totally annihilate the character of the opponent and issued such vile statements and charges that this will somehow magically disappear later.  IT WILL NOT!   I personally know a number of people who have vowed emphatically they will NEVER VOTE FOR, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.  Some have said that about Rubio who has become the attack dog toward Donald Trump.  I know people in the Trump camp who seem to literally hate Ted Cruz and some in the Cruz camp who vow they would never vote for Trump.  WE CANNOT WIN unless we somehow are able to lay aside our differences and unite around the eventual nominee.  Is not defeating Hillary Clinton and the Leftist Agenda of the Democrats important enough to call a truce in the viciousness of personal attacks?  We are fighting for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  We are fighting for America and I do not believe that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or John Kasich want to destroy this nation.  However, I do believe that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders want to take a path that will.  THAT CANNOT BE ALLOWED!

Blog Post - Franklin

Therefore, I say this with a heavy heart, barring a miracle we are in grave danger of becoming, if we have not already, so fractured we cannot win in November. That angers and frightens me.  I am literally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick for my nation.  I pray that each of us has our eyes open and realize that this is a path to defeat.  Vote for your candidate. Speak for your candidate.  Talk of their positives, policies, plans, agendas and leave the personal insults, attacks, innuendos, and vitriol out of the conversation.  Most of all I PLEAD with everyone who prays to seriously and earnestly pray for America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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