THE THREE “R’s” of 2016…

BLOG POST - Three Rs

Early in our history in American education focused on the “Three R’s” which were ‘reading, ‘riting’ and ‘rithmetic’.  We had a somewhat simplistic approach to the basics and one cannot ignore the influence of the Bible in our public education in our beginnings.  Those foundational principles were considered essentials for being able to function in the real world.

One of the things that were taught or encouraged was “thought” and using “cognitive skills” to solve problems and gather information.  The advancement of technology has, in some ways, diminished the pursuit of learning and has become more information resource based where if we do not know we “google it.”

This year we are involved in the selection of a nominee to run for the office of President of these United States of America.  The rhetoric is unceasing but often at the expense of information or substantive information.  I am becoming more and more concerned that what we see on the surface is not what lies beneath.  I am very concerned about “iceberg politics” where only a small fraction of the real is visible and, therefore I continue to make impassioned pleas for everyone to guard against being led solely by emotion or allowing our reason to be emotion or reaction driven.  I do not say that directed at any one candidate but to all supporters of all candidates.  This is far too important an election to allow anything but complete vetting be the rule and foundational in our decisions.

BLOG POST - Three Rs 2

There are Three R’s that I see on this matter that I will share with you.  If they resonate with you then consider them and find a way to mold your decision-making process using the suggestions.  I am not attempting to give a lesson in Psychology and that will be readily apparent based on the layman-like presentation I offer.  Consider with me the “Three R’s of 2016 Politics in America.”


When reason is our base we are usually calculating and facts driven.  We examine the pros and cons and often reject all emotional involvement and influence.  We sometimes discount the spiritual as well and in our strict adherence to REASON as our guiding force, we miss the doorways or pathways to “reconciliation” of ideas and actions.  Reason is a great foundation but cannot be the only characteristic or quality in our determination or decisions.  If reason is not a foundational part of our decisions we are highly likely to make mistakes missing the long-term ramifications. 


Emotion is a very big factor in today’s politics and that concerns me greatly.  My concern is not that we are emotional for we should be.  It is not that we are angry, we should be based on what is being and has been done to our Republic.  My cause for concern is that if we allow emotion to drive us to REACTION and much of the time that action is a reaction not logical, reasoned, thought-out and rational.  Frequently, if not mostly this is an extension of our emotional state.  I am incredibly angry about the condition and direction of our nation.  I am angry at politicians who have promised and reneged on their promises.  I am angry at the way our nation has seen her sovereignty weakened and our national security jeopardized.  I am angry at the incessant spending of politicians for political purposes.  But, is simply reacting in anger the solution?  Hardly.  We need emotion to cause us to become interested enough that we become involved but then we need to “reason together” as to the long-term effects and solutions.


What I mean by this is the reconciling of our REASON and REACTION reaching a conclusion that grips our hearts enough that we will stay the course but uses our cognitive powers allowing us to “think through” the process, proposals, and possibilities.  This, in my view, is incomplete without the religious factor of prayer and dependence on the guidance of the Spirit of God.  If we “count the costs” rather than just run because our emotions are stirred we will have a greater likelihood of achieving a RESULT that is lasting and beneficial long-term.

BLOG POST - Proud to Be American

In today’s political world I hear some who are totally focused on REASON and others who are gripped by EMOTION and REACTION to the point they ignore reason and somehow believe that by reacting we will achieve the ultimate goal.  There are a few who seek RECONCILIATION or the combination of reason and reaction and are committed to interceding for America and Americans.  They are reasoned and willing to react but with a clear objective that has a substantive rationale as its foundation.

My fellow American Patriots, we are in a battle that cannot be won with reason or reaction (emotion) alone.  Just being angry and lashing out will solve no problems nor will chiding others for being emotional without carefully reasoning.  We must be emotionally involved or we will grow weary.  We must be reasoned or we will flame out in the heat of our anger and emotion.  I am praying that the LORD will open our hearts to hear more than the surface, see more than the plainly visible, and be led in the right paths.  AMERICA must be preserved as the Constitutional Republic or all our anger will be for naught and our reason will fall by the wayside.  We are contending for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in our fight for FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM.

God bless you and God bless America!


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